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  1. Toss them, they retain water if you ever get a leaky window gasket it will act as a sponge. If you're not building a concours car, I would just cover both sides of that gap with sound deadening like fat mat or noico.
  2. I was a big dummy and fixed rust like this on a regular 74 2002 in my driveway. It's a lot of work, but it can be done. Trunk panels went NLA, but I think they're back again. If frame rails are solid, rear suspension mounts are solid and rockers are decent; you have a great starting point.
  3. When you remove the spacers, you should cover the top coil with rubber/plastic hose. You can buy clear hose in rolls from the hardware store and just slide it over the top coil instead of running metal on metal. I did that for a bit and then ended up putting rear spacers in because my rear end was sitting low. (talking about the car
  4. It should fit flush. Are you sure you have the correct horn button? Or the trim ring isn't the correct one.
  5. Toby, You installed a chevy Sprint alternator in a 2002? Any special brackets needed? Internally-regulated or no? Mike
  6. Scoob, You can remove the top cover without interrupting the mechanism inside and taking it out of the car? That would be an easy way to get all of the existing oil out. Thanks! Mike
  7. I had mine resealed last year and now it's leaking like a sieve. I really don't want to pull it out again. I'm thinking I might switch to a grease vs using gear oil. For now, I'm just topping off the box every couple of weeks until I get around to it. I'll have to find some type of pipette to get all of the oil out of the box first though.
  8. i registered. now to see if they give me a spot or not. I plan on checking it out regardless since it's not far from my house.
  9. had the same issue last year. i'd retighten and they would loosen over time. ended up using blue thread locker on the lugs and haven't had an issue since.

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