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  1. I would mount first and see how the they line up. You don't want to freshly paint something and then have to bang the hell out of with a hammer.
  2. If you don't mind the smell, use a propane/butane torch and burn them out. The rubber burns away and then you can push them right out with no struggle. I fought with mine for a while and then finally went with a torch. Super simple. Just stinks like burned rubber.
  3. SOLD. Going to a good home in PA. Going to miss it.
  4. This morning I was able to take some more photos of the car. I also took a couple of videos so you Can actually hear the car run. Here's a walk-around video: https://vimeo.com/471394211 Here's a ride-along video: https://vimeo.com/471395127 Interior and exterior photos: https://www.filecargo.ca/message/8G9oYc6hTxYHlrze8c6Yjd
  5. If they let me in with an E39, then sure! If not, I guess I'll have to park in the "other" lot
  6. Thanks! She's driving the best she ever has with the new electronic ignition and the weber 38/38 dialed in. That took me most of last summer to get down. I was always driving and tuning it to get it where I wanted it.
  7. Hello. Up for sale is my 1974 BMW 2002. It’s a west coast car (Eugene, OR). I have owned this car for the last 8 years. It’s got some surface rust/patina but nothing structural. She wears her 46 years well. The car also has some tasteful mods to make the car quicker and more reliable. Things I have done to the car: Interior • New high quality german seatbelts sourced from Al Erkanli, not cheap ebay specials. • 3-point belts installed in the rear • Interior dyed “Bluebird Brown” using SEM dye. (I always felt that Sahara cars needed a darker interior for more contrast versus the Gobi tan from the factory.) • Metal seat recline surrounds to replace the often broken plastic ones. (Thanks Danco!) • New carpet setFull 2-stage (dynamat + foam) sound deadening applied to the interior • Coco mats • Nardi wheel with vintage BMW horn button (original steering wheel will come with the car) • Hella Supertone horns with new relay installed. (horn still works intermittently) • The door cards were cut when I got the car with speakers installed, so I replaced the speakers in the doors with new Alpine speakers, added Alpine 6x9’s to the rear deck, new Alpine head unit with hands-free calling, bluetooth, and an Alpine amp under the passenger seat. • 2 USB charging ports were added in place of the dummy switch on the center console • New dome light • Door lock grommets were added/replaced to keep the rattles down. • Heater box has been redone. New grommets, foam, etc. Brand new heater core was installed along with a new blower motor. Exterior • Rear floor pans were cut out and replaced with replacement panels from Walloth and Nesch. • Trunk was also cut out and a new trunk pressing from BMW was welded in. I bought one of the last two available at the time in the US. • No rust on the shock towers or anywhere else underneath. This car is solid. • Euro turn signals • Fuel tank was professionally cleaned and a drain plug installed. Painted exterior with several coats of POR-15 and then finished with a top coat. • Brand new fuel sender • New fuel filler neck installed with new gaskets. • All new self-sealing OEM plastic fuel lines installed. • Fuel tank is vented to atmosphere (like Euro cars) using OEM parts (No more vapor tank) • LED bulbs in stop lights with new lens on the left rear. Tail lights were disassembled, cleaned and painted silver to provide brighter light. • Hella third brake light installed from Daniel Stern Lighting • Hella H4 headlights installed •Hella fog lights wired to dummy switch on the dash for factory look • Ireland Engineering air dam installed. There was a small amount of rust in the lower nose on the exterior skin that was cut out and new metal welded in. A skim coat of filler applied over it. Everything was painted before installing the air dam. • Bumpers front and rear are tucked in about 4 inches. Looks much nicer than the original diving boards. • New Windshield installed • New gaskets installed on windshield and rear window Engine • Engine was rebuilt by previous owner. Block was hot tanked, new pistons, etc. • 320i all metal radiator installed. Temp stays at 3’0 clock even in NYC traffic. • New thermostat • New waterpump • Port-matched Canon intake • Stainless steel headers • New 38/38 Weber with ITG foam filter • All new silicone hoses from IE • New high torque lightweight starter • Refurbished 90 amp Bosch alternator • Full electronic ignition installed (MSD Streetfire, Ireland Engineering Tii mechanical advanced distributor, with zero-resistance rotor installed) • New 8mm High performance wires • Tach does not work (needs tach adapter for Streetfire) • Top End Performance strut bar and engine brace • New motor mounts Suspension • All new rubber bushings for every bushing on the car • New control arms • New Ball Joints • New track rod • New Bilstein Sport shocks and struts • New H&R Sport springs • New 3 Dot urethane pads in the rear to level out the car • New ST Sways bars with urethane end links • All suspension parts were disassembled, pressure washed and painted before reassembly. The car corners like it’s on rails. Doing the suspension 100% transformed how this car handled. Transmission •Transmission was replaced with a good 4-speed. Shifter linkage, throw-out bearing were done at this time. Shifts smoothly through all of the gears without any slop. • New 5 series transmission mount (Beefier than stock…mmm beef) Extras Extra transmission and differential included in the sale along with an original wood grain instrument cluster to revert to stock look if desired. Original steel wheels in great condition also included wrapped in older Toyo rubber. Original steering wheel, a couple of MANN oil filters, and case of VR-1 20w50 oil are coming along for the ride to enhance your driving pleasure. I'll be taking more photos this week and posting in FB Marketplace and Craigslist, but I wanted to list it here first. Asking $14.5k Mike
  8. The IE dizzy has a pertronix type unit inside it already. I suppose you could keep the pertronix unit from the worn out dizzy as a spare. If you're running an electronic ignition (MSD, etc), you'll want to order a zero resistance rotor as well. I've had mine for several years and have been happy with it.
  9. Ireland sells a kit with copper nuts and allen key studs. They work great.
  10. I have a Top Speed one and it's pretty good. The welds were nice but the mounting holes were drilled off on two or three spots. I had to widen the holes to make it fit. It's all stainless and was pretty cheap They may still have some on ebay. I think they were around $150. Scott Sislane has one as well and his fit perfect, so maybe mine was an odd ball.
  11. I ran mine without pads but the rear end was sagging too much. I used 3dot pads from IE to even it out. Worked great.
  12. My car ran warm in NYC traffic when I got it. I flushed my block with a hose but didn't use an engine flush (didn't know about it). I got a decent amount of crud out and the drain plug wasn't very clogged. I put in a 320 radiator and a new thermostat and it's steady at 3'0 clock. This was before W&N had the high-cooling radiator. If doing it again, I would just go with that radiator because of the stock fit and no fiddling with the lower radiator hose.
  13. make sure the engine has a chance to cool a bit before pulling it apart after that drive
  14. I think what Esty is referring to is the 40+ years of paint fade on the car that will not match the fresh paint in that can, whatever the color. A good paint shop can match what's on the car now vs what it's supposed to look like.
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