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  1. Scoob, You can remove the top cover without interrupting the mechanism inside and taking it out of the car? That would be an easy way to get all of the existing oil out. Thanks! Mike
  2. I had mine resealed last year and now it's leaking like a sieve. I really don't want to pull it out again. I'm thinking I might switch to a grease vs using gear oil. For now, I'm just topping off the box every couple of weeks until I get around to it. I'll have to find some type of pipette to get all of the oil out of the box first though.
  3. i registered. now to see if they give me a spot or not. I plan on checking it out regardless since it's not far from my house.
  4. had the same issue last year. i'd retighten and they would loosen over time. ended up using blue thread locker on the lugs and haven't had an issue since.
  5. My car never had one of those. Never knew they existed. Thanks for the pic!
  6. Hi Ken, I have the bracket from the manifold that connects to the dipstick tube installed. Does that help? Or does it need more support? Mike
  7. Just wanted to follow up on this thread. I waffled back and forth on the Canon manifold vs hogging the stock manifold for a while. There were pros and cons of each. I ultimately went with the Canon. Andrew Adams was kind enough to answer some questions for me and politely said that if you are going with the Canon that i should port match it to the head for good measure. So I did. And he was right. I took the car out for the first time about a week ago. The carb isn't totally dialed in yet. I'm still fussing with the idle and the mixture a bit and have yet to set the electric choke. But wow, when I hit the gas that thing took off! Way better than my 32/36. It pulled hard all the way to the redline where my 32/36 had a stumble around 4500 RPM. This thing just ripped. Two things sold me on the Canon. It sits a bit lower than the stock manifold; which gives me more clearance over the top of the ITG filter I use. It also doesn't have the vacuum ports that need to be plugged like the stock manifold. i was always replacing those things. Oh, and it was new and shiny. I have an MSD box that I'll be installing in a couple of months and will change the plugs and reset the timing after. I'm just really happy with the results so far. Feels like a totally different car.
  8. Kooglewerks is the only one I can think of (which you already know). Not sure about others. Sorry I'm no help.
  9. Don't remember MR2 steelies. I know people have fit early Scion steelies and VW steelies. I can't remember if it was Scirocco or Corrado though. I feel like it was the former though.
  10. You couldn't build this car for 40k. While some might think the price is high; I don't. Not for what you're getting. It's basically brand new. Full restorations can cost close to or over 100k. If you're looking for a fully-restored 02, this is a good deal. Everything is done!

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