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  1. Pretty interesting. Different world. What is the illegality based on? Is it political, religious, tax based? I feel ignorant about this. Glad you can get parts anyway. Thats another thing.
  2. Love the project. Nice to see you doing such a thorough job. What color will it be? I've been contemplating changing mine from Malaga to a Mercedes silver after always telling people to repaint in the original color! Oh well.
  3. Congratulations! Wow! But that front diving board. Gotta swap that out.
  4. Andrew you're a font of vintage Bmw information and people. Always interesting and appreciated.
  5. I've read that Bmw had a problem with the look of implied association and wanted some separation.
  6. Not selling one but there is (was?) a no space cca grill badge on eBay. Ive been looking but $400? Hope he gets it. Don't know how to post the link unfortunately.
  7. I did the swap from auto to five sp last winter using the Blunt basic kit and Steve's excellent driveshaft. EBay for the other manual bits. Cost was approximately $ 1800 in parts excluding the transmission. The wider tunnel definitely helps. If you have a four speed and can reuse the clutch, pressure plate, clutch cylinders, pedal box, console shifter etc it is a lot less expensive. The auto to manual swap can add up dollar wise.
  8. @Mike SelfHi Mike. I had read that the Ford Focus door weatherstrip is a usable alternative to the available real ones and bought one. I didn't like the interior overlap but cut pieces of it to replace the B pillar sections of the original. Contact cement. Works for now. Big improvement noise and draft wise and doesn't look bad to me at least. The top corner is a little squished. I did the tubing addition to my trunk seal. Not needed with this window seal.
  9. Looks good. I just replaced the b pillar window roached weatherstripping only and it makes a big difference. With the cost of good proper seals it makes sense to be creative. By the way, what tires are you running? Sounds like a scary moment.
  10. Interested in the shift knob if push on. Price? Thank you.
  11. Very nice. Happy Birthday. Love the no rear quarter lower trim, no front side marker and no sunroof. I should recognize the engine but don't. What is that?
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