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  1. Good event. Good people. Erik is right, lets keep this going. And thanks to Ricky too. If the 15th is not picked, I recommend going to Caffeine and Carburetors in New Canaan that day. Great event. Check out the web site.
  2. Excellent Event. Good times and good people. Beautiful venue. Couldn't ask for more. The breakfast Sunday morning not to be missed in the future. The game sausages are awesome! Thanks to Frank, Denise, Tony, Gwen, Patroon Chapter and all volunteers.
  3. Guess I should check in more often. Oh well. Thank you anyway.
  4. I will take the blank switch with three terminals. I will pm.
  5. I can use that. I'm at 06798. Thanks. Duncan. Pm if better.
  6. Hi Joe. I will take the clear Cibie driving lights if you are willing to ship to Ct. Thanks. PM me if better.
  7. I like the wheel. Would you take $125 shipped to Ct ? Just that it's not exactly plug and play.
  8. Love the wheels and center caps. I have the same and almost left them black. Ended up painting them silver.
  9. Adding myself to the list. I foolishly sent this guy $200 April 16th. All kinds of promises item was supposedly sent then promised refund etc etc. Nothing. Paid with Venmo. Suffice to say I will look to the advice of members in the future. And I'm still trusting of this group. Go figure.
  10. Nice to put the Dave Varco face to the name. He told me on the phone he got full price for his goods. And he kept screwing up his lines. Pretty funny about it.
  11. Thanks Rich. Got one.
  12. Hi Jason. Is the shift surround a metal piece? I'm not all that knowledgable but if it is and still available I will take it. If never available in metal I will take it. Thanks. Duncan
  13. Looking for good condition later manifold for regular 02 or tii. Prefer non egr. No tubes necessary. Has to have the stronger webbing. Thank you. Duncan.
  14. Darn. Believe I'll be at the Vintage. This is a good time though.

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