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  1. @2002ScoobI had to cover mine with a stock air filter box:-) Looks better now with the top on of course
  2. Now I really don’t like the seller. I don’t blame him for wanting to make a profit but to outright lie and cheat his way to the buy is heinous.
  3. @BrandonHi. Are the bumper accordians for the front? If so what it the price? Thanks
  4. Hello. Looking for front diving board bumper accordion pieces in good condition. Help appreciated. Thanks. Duncan
  5. Bought a set from Longstone a month ago. No Declaration and arrived in three days. Shipping was $84. Bought the four tire set. Smooth sailing
  6. And new ones are black so if you want silver there is some prep and paint to do. Also mount and balance plus cost of tires. The euro center caps held on with lug nuts would be a nice add on. I think this is a good deal specially if you can pick up.
  7. dirving

    Very sad day

    Ruh Row. The extras
  8. If you had been in your 02 his reaction might have been friendlier. Sounds a little high on the standoffish scale though.
  9. Wow that's beautiful. Thanks but not looking to spend that much at the moment. Will probably try tapping out the dented parts on mine at this point.
  10. Hi Duncan, I have  sets in stock ready to ship,  If you would like to order a set cost is $155.00 shipped to any USA address you can pay through PayPal to  [email protected]  please make it a personal payment ( friend/family) saves on fees and allows me to give you free shipping,  also send me your shipping address. I send a email when shipped with tracking info. If you need to do a regular paypal payment please add $7.00 for shipping or $162.00 .  




    1. dirving


      Sent. Thanks Harry. I don't ever send friends and family so this feels nice:-)

  11. Hi Harry. This will be a spring project when it warms up but if you have a pair I will buy them now. Thanks. Duncan
  12. @Tdh Thanks for the advice. I swapped auto to 5 sp last winter on jack stands and the hardest part was connecting the bell housing to engine. Not hard but frustrating until it happens. Now have to study up on hood removal and reinstall.
  13. Dropped the subframe sans engine for rebuild three years ago. Cake. Now time to take engine out. You've got me thinking. Maybe out the top is better in my case. Leave trans in car. Mmmm. Thanks.
  14. Cool video. Thanks for sharing. Thought I saw a US bumper car.
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