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  1. In the past I was shipped a couple of these in an angled tube of 3" pvc. Not sure the cost. Arrived safe and sound.
  2. All torqued correctly and I didn't check for safety wiring but I doubt it. Preloaded before torqued down? Just a few small issue questions. I think I'd rather build my own for this kind of money.
  3. I used the basic Blunt kit to install a G245 into my auto 1975 and everything went very smoothly. I would get the more comprehensive kit from them if I was doing it again. Also ended up getting the driveshaft from them. They can probably accommodate the long nose diff but I would call about that. All parts are well designed and built, fit great and Steve is always there for customer service. I am not a mechanic by any means but this can be accomplished with basic hand tools and some enthusiasm. A transmission jack will be helpful and jack the front of the engine up if installing the engine and trans separately. there's a lot of info to search on this site but I recommend the Blunt kit.
  4. Thank you @spuriouspseudo for this and your other YouTube videos. Good stuff!
  5. I'll take those. PM'd.
  6. @danco_ Hope I'm not interrupting the thread here but just couldn't resist saying that you are bringing a very educational and entertaining story here in this time of quarantine and lack of events. Thanks to you and many contributors .
  7. Looking here before I get a new one. Anyone got an extra? Can trade preowned Bilstein Sports if that's of interest. Thanks. Duncan
  8. Hello. Are the shift boot and knob for sale? Thanks. I'll pm.
  9. The cable slid right out on mine. It was attached at the speedometer end and detached at the trans end. After some unrelated under car work I later found the cable on the floor of the garage. It went right back in. After cleaning and lube. Seems fine. The cable ends seem to be the same square shape but not certain they're identical.
  10. Matt, I should have said that I used the Bluntech trans support. It's strong and fits well. Use it and cut the existing supports out. Or drill them out and save them. Jack the trans and motor up after they're attached to where the output shaft is close to the right height. Attach the Blunt bracket rubber mount to the transmission and mark the tunnel support holes for drilling. There's some adjustment there. Nuts and bolts are supplied. Yeah the carpet and center console are in the way but it's not so bad. I used this as an opportunity to replace my carpet and am now starting a rebuild of the heater box. All good. You don't have to. Use the Blunt driveshaft. There's plenty of length adjustment built into it. Steve at Blunt is helpful. Hit him up with any questions. One thing usually leads to another but its rarely a chore with these cars.
  11. Hi Matt. I did not have a trans jack. Cobbled one up with a trolly jack and some wood. A trans jack will undoubtedly make things go more smoothly. You will still probably have to jiggle it around to engage the splines. Good advice here from others.
  12. If you're the king I'm the jester but I did the swap over the winter into an auto car. You are dealing with the right people so far ( @resra and Blunt). The Bluntech kit works well. I used his driveshaft also and highly recommend it. Wanted to retain the existing mounts just because but ended up cutting them off because they were just in the way. I was trying to credit someone for this tip but couldn't find them -when installing the new trans insert long bolts in a couple of threaded holes with heads cut off to guide and support the trans as its going in. Slot with Dremel to remove with screw driver. Bleed the slave loose with the bleeder screw facing up. Replace everything in there of course. Clutch, seals, backup switch. There's more such as removing center link and aligning driveshaft but you've read probably everything.You can do it. Get the car safely elevated. You'll be going back and forth under there a lot. Scope creep is inevitable for me anyway. Budget more than you think. I lined the upper part of the tunnel with matallized heat wrap using plumber strapping to hold in place.
  13. The single Din with those features and two knobs is nice. Porsche tax though. Lsd instead for me.
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