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  1. dirving

    cast aluminum DCOE velocity elbow air filter adapter

    You can accomplish the same sort of thing in a less nicely engineered way with IE 45 deg horns and some hardware store items with the Lynx setup. Works well. Adapted the stock air cleaner now too.
  2. dirving

    Speedo Wanted

  3. dirving

    Speedo Wanted

    Hi Andrew. Thanks.
  4. dirving

    Speedo Wanted

    Looking for cross hair 3.64 speedo. W=1.297. Thanks. Duncan
  5. dirving

    Interior thoughts

    I'm with Vic. At least talk with Dave at Aardvark. Very helpful and knowledgeable most 02 stuff. He upholstered in the early days too. Recaros are a bitch if not experienced. Very nice rehab job on mine for a set price.
  6. dirving

    Opinions on these Strut Towers

    Theres an eBay one in Maryland that looks pretty nice. I live in Ct and would probably drive there if I was seriously looking. I bought a Cali one and had it shipped three years ago. The seller was very engaged though. Turned out good. This seller doesn't strike me as accommodating and as nice as the car might be this person doesn't inspire confidence. I admire your persistence. I'd have passed by now. Maybe I'll see it if there's another meet at Rick's in Queens.
  7. E36 non M with LSD and four snows. Have one for 14 years now. Sure its starting to rust around the jack points and rear wheels but it should last another couple of years. Get one with a good body from down south. Still easy to work on and pretty cheap to own. Closer driving experience to an 02 than many mentioned here.
  8. dirving

    Single side draft Weber

    Hi Diego. I have the same set up. Got it used but I don't think it actually was ever used. Worked great right out of the box. No paperwork came with it regarding choke or jetting sizes. I have no clue and I'm hesitant to take it apart it runs so well. Linkage was creative to put together and could use some improvement. Definitely adds some punch compared to the old 32/36. Gas consumption is not improved but I don't care. Enjoy!
  9. dirving

    Ofest 2019

    Good to know. Just thinking ahead. Thanks all.
  10. dirving

    Ofest 2019

    Ok I know it’s early. Just curious if anyone has been able to make a hotel reservation? I think it’s the downtown Hyatt. Early but time marches on. Specially at my age! Any info? And if this is the wrong place for this my apologies. Duncan.
  11. dirving

    Pair of e21 Recaros

    Also fit in a 24x24x30 box from uhaul. Good deal.
  12. dirving

    Which AC system is the best?

    @Simeon Project Binky! I'm mesmerized by that show. Holding off on episodes 18 and 19 just to enjoy the anticipation.The fabrication is crazy. Say what you want about having all the tools. I want a Bad Obsession onesy. My car came with working Behr ac ( LHD) but if I was to retrofit, the compact unit from the Classic boys in Texas looks effective and quite universal. Duncan
  13. dirving

    pedal box

    PM'd you
  14. dirving

    pedal box

    I'll take the pedal box. Thanks. Duncan. Duncan Irving 536 upper grassy hill rd Woodbury, Ct 06798