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  1. Thank you @mike and @Andrej That's what I needed. Makes sense. Was driving me crazy.
  2. Hello. I'm having a brain cloud situation here. Hooked up driving lights through a relay to a switch on the dash on my 75. Works as it should. Now I want to use the apparently pre existing factory high beam cut off pigtail to operate the lights along with the interior switch. I'm not mentally computing how to do this and it can't be difficult. Feeling dopy but need some help. Thanks.Duncan.
  3. Just to follow up here’s the possible date stamps I referenced earlier. I’m not familiar with them but was told they have something to do with European delivery.
  4. Steve and Son make good points. I never thought to question the time lag but it does seem extra long even taking bulk shipping into consideration. As an aside there are round green stickers with some sort of time stamps under the hood that someone noticed in passing and mentioned Euro delivery. Not sure if there's any relevancy there or not. I have no history of Euro delivery with the car.
  5. According to Group Archive my # 2380012 was manufactured 11/74 and delivered 4/75 to BMW of NA. Seems a long time between manufacture and delivery.
  6. Hi Seth. The car is a 1975 and came with H&R springs and Bilstein Sports. Pretty rough ride on the New England back roads here. Three years later I had enough and found the konis. Love them on my e36. On the 02 kept the H and R springs and set the Konis at the soft setting. Car rides so much better! Still lowered and handles great. More compliant over bumps. I think I may have to stiffen the shocks a little bit to match the springs better but they're fine for now. have run Koni shocks for years on various cars and never had problems. They don't wear as well cosmetically as the Billys but I don't care.
  7. I got Koni Sports from Bimmerworld a month ago to replace my Billy sports. World of difference. Love them.
  8. Good event. Good people. Erik is right, lets keep this going. And thanks to Ricky too. If the 15th is not picked, I recommend going to Caffeine and Carburetors in New Canaan that day. Great event. Check out the web site.
  9. Excellent Event. Good times and good people. Beautiful venue. Couldn't ask for more. The breakfast Sunday morning not to be missed in the future. The game sausages are awesome! Thanks to Frank, Denise, Tony, Gwen, Patroon Chapter and all volunteers.
  10. Guess I should check in more often. Oh well. Thank you anyway.

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