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  1. dirving

    Looking for opinions...EFI talk

    Here you go. At a show a couple years ago. Yeah home built not by me and it works. Budget FI.
  2. dirving

    BavAuto has Closed!

    Steve / Bluntech. Very knowledgeable and customer service. Some frills too. Can't ask for much more. End of an era though.
  3. I'm in again. Anywhere in the area although that was a good spot. Thanks Erik and Ricky.
  4. Does this mean the rear seats are different?
  5. Hi Nick V. Mine are 14. Maybe that's unusual. I found some advertising for bolts that size and turns out it was misprints. I got my Fiat wheels drilled for new inserts. Seems fine. I still would have used the proper size pcd adjustable ones though.
  6. I have no problem with wobble bolts but good luck finding them in 14.
  7. dirving

    Existential Crisis

    Everything above. Much knowledge here. You might try Sports Car Restoration in Ct just to confirm. Done many 02s nicely.
  8. dirving

    Italian Turn Signals gone chiaro!

    I've used the amber on rear lenses. Works well but you might have to remove the plastic from the riveted metal part on these. Bummer.
  9. dirving

    E21 Recaros

    Do you have a 3.64 lsd you might sell separately? Thanks.
  10. dirving

    cast aluminum DCOE velocity elbow air filter adapter

    You can accomplish the same sort of thing in a less nicely engineered way with IE 45 deg horns and some hardware store items with the Lynx setup. Works well. Adapted the stock air cleaner now too.
  11. dirving

    Speedo Wanted

  12. dirving

    Speedo Wanted

    Hi Andrew. Thanks.
  13. dirving

    Speedo Wanted

    Looking for cross hair 3.64 speedo. W=1.297. Thanks. Duncan
  14. dirving

    Interior thoughts

    I'm with Vic. At least talk with Dave at Aardvark. Very helpful and knowledgeable most 02 stuff. He upholstered in the early days too. Recaros are a bitch if not experienced. Very nice rehab job on mine for a set price.