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  1. Hi Joe. I will take the clear Cibie driving lights if you are willing to ship to Ct. Thanks. PM me if better.
  2. I like the wheel. Would you take $125 shipped to Ct ? Just that it's not exactly plug and play.
  3. Love the wheels and center caps. I have the same and almost left them black. Ended up painting them silver.
  4. Adding myself to the list. I foolishly sent this guy $200 April 16th. All kinds of promises item was supposedly sent then promised refund etc etc. Nothing. Paid with Venmo. Suffice to say I will look to the advice of members in the future. And I'm still trusting of this group. Go figure.
  5. Nice to put the Dave Varco face to the name. He told me on the phone he got full price for his goods. And he kept screwing up his lines. Pretty funny about it.
  6. Thanks Rich. Got one.
  7. Hi Jason. Is the shift surround a metal piece? I'm not all that knowledgable but if it is and still available I will take it. If never available in metal I will take it. Thanks. Duncan
  8. Hi Diego. I have the same set up. Got it used but I don't think it actually was ever used. Worked great right out of the box. No paperwork came with it regarding choke or jetting sizes. I have no clue and I'm hesitant to take it apart it runs so well. Linkage was creative to put together and could use some improvement. Definitely adds some punch compared to the old 32/36. Gas consumption is not improved but I don't care. Enjoy!
  9. until
    Come to downtown New Canaan, Ct and see an amazing display of classic and high performance vehicles. People come from miles around to participate and observe. Not unusual to have 3 or 4 hundred cars on display. I want to see more classic BMWs! Bring them on! Get there early! Home for lunch. Check out the website.
  10.  Hi. I will be in the warehouse next week and let you know.


    1. dirving


      Have to get it by Monday if you have it. Thanks for getting back to me. Duncan 


  11. Hi Christian. I pm'd you

  12. Must try Columbian Club connection. Thanks! Also, my '75 2380012 pops right up on Realoem Classic
  13. Sounds like a fun time! Wish I was closer. Andrew driving cross country in the M5 to the Vintage?
  14. I'd almost rather watch cup racing at this point. And I only watched some of the road course racing in years past. F1 is pretty boring. Watch the Rossi Lorenzo 2009 GP in Spain videos if you want the real deal. OK the pit strategies in Weathertech can be interesting too but I'm old enough to remember true innovation in F1 ( 6 wheel race cars ??) and the innovation among teams today is arguably relevant but kind of subtle and restricted. I like soccer too but I'm probably not watching a game getting excited about nuances. I'm all for one design racing and let the best driver or skipper win but this flag to flag victory parade is hard to watch. At 1:00 AM anyway . I admit I'm no expert. Just my .02
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