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  1. There is a micro flat head screw on the underside of the knob. If that hasn't been tightened and the mounting point stripped in the past, that might do the trick and save dog noses, corks, etc. Edit: Correction, the micro screw only holds the knob to the post. My knob held firm with the screw removed. I got lucky with my fix. If someone didn't put the confused emoji, I would not have double checked and would have deleted this post. Back to champagne corks, washers, and pet noses.
  2. Looking forward to coming again but driving the right car this year. Had Anakin out yesterday for a shoot in the city. Almost done with all of the mechanical tweaks for this year, i.e., I.E. shortshift kit, replaced all rear bushings, and installed an AFM.
  3. Beautiful weather and great turnout. Thanks to Frank Greppo and the Patroon BMWCCA chapter for a wonderful event at the Saratoga Automobile Museum. Easily over 200 hundred cars, a sea of o2s, a 507, glas, e9s, e30s, e24s... Met a few folks from Massachusetts (Richard), Rhode Island, and New York (Mark B/LIC) who are active here. Also got to chop it up with Cyndi, Andrew, and Vern. Please post your pics so all can enjoy one of our few northeast outings.
  4. Hi Sherman, that's correct. I sent you an email.
  5. Thank you, Les. My usual suppliers on both coasts do not have it in stock. It's an order from Germany situation, i.e., at least one month if I'm not told later.
  6. Looking to buy the four prong relay socket holder. Please PM me. Happy new year everyone. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Brandon, I need the four relay holder from the driver (left) fender by the battery. Can you cut or drill it out intact? It was only available on 74-76 model cars. Featured in the black box in the following photo. Please PM me with your response. Thanks in advance.
  8. Next in line... My person is slow on responding to me and out of fairness to all, I can't hold this up. Wgmack, good luck with the sale and thank you.
  9. Please check PM. Thanks for the courtesy circle of the wagon.
  10. Interested in tranny and possibly booster for a friend and will PM. Just wanted to respond here first so you knew intent and order of responders for first dibs. Take care.
  11. rns7602


  12. Hi Stan, I need a CR 5 speed transfer. Sorry we did not meet last week. Chuck mentioned the possibility of stopping by next time youre in the  outer boroughs and available. Chuck can also share my cell. I will call but wanted to register my request. 


    Talk soon and keep well. 


    Roger S (e9 coupe) aka -FAQ. 

    1. Stan


      I have them. Send email to

      [email protected]

    2. Stan



      Did I take care of you yet?
      I am heading to NYC in 2 weeks


  13. Hi, the rails are for scheel seats. It is not the stock 2002 sliders found under the stock seats. I have both sides available.
  14. Bump. Comes with seat rails. Thanks.
  15. My 02 was to be featured but due to the inclement weather and a delayed radiator swap (back to 02 OEM), my car wasn't available to play. Rocan, hit me via email or PM. I attempted to join the "new" NY group but no one responded or accepted my request. Depending on when you were there, we probably spoke. My 02 was also used to launch the Microsoft Zune back in the mid 2000s when the resto was first completed. Pklym, I'm curious about your take on the show. Watch it and offer your own perspective, please. I found it as complex as life, very nuanced. I am very fond of the one season only series that explores a theme or event then closes shop. After watching the season, I would have been proud to have my 02 featured in it.
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