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  1. rns7602

    WTB: 74-76 Relay Socket holder - driver fender

    Hi Sherman, that's correct. I sent you an email.
  2. rns7602

    WTB: 74-76 Relay Socket holder - driver fender

    Thank you, Les. My usual suppliers on both coasts do not have it in stock. It's an order from Germany situation, i.e., at least one month if I'm not told later.
  3. Looking to buy the four prong relay socket holder. Please PM me. Happy new year everyone. Thanks in advance.
  4. rns7602

    For Sale: Tons of 2002 Parts - Check It Out!

    Hi Brandon, I need the four relay holder from the driver (left) fender by the battery. Can you cut or drill it out intact? It was only available on 74-76 model cars. Featured in the black box in the following photo. Please PM me with your response. Thanks in advance.
  5. rns7602

    Getrag 245 5 speed and tii brake booster

    Next in line... My person is slow on responding to me and out of fairness to all, I can't hold this up. Wgmack, good luck with the sale and thank you.
  6. rns7602

    Getrag 245 5 speed and tii brake booster

    Please check PM. Thanks for the courtesy circle of the wagon.
  7. rns7602

    Getrag 245 5 speed and tii brake booster

    Interested in tranny and possibly booster for a friend and will PM. Just wanted to respond here first so you knew intent and order of responders for first dibs. Take care.
  8. rns7602


  9. rns7602

    Driver Side Scheel Seat.

    Hi, the rails are for scheel seats. It is not the stock 2002 sliders found under the stock seats. I have both sides available.
  10. rns7602

    Driver Side Scheel Seat.

    Bump. Comes with seat rails. Thanks.
  11. My 02 was to be featured but due to the inclement weather and a delayed radiator swap (back to 02 OEM), my car wasn't available to play. Rocan, hit me via email or PM. I attempted to join the "new" NY group but no one responded or accepted my request. Depending on when you were there, we probably spoke. My 02 was also used to launch the Microsoft Zune back in the mid 2000s when the resto was first completed. Pklym, I'm curious about your take on the show. Watch it and offer your own perspective, please. I found it as complex as life, very nuanced. I am very fond of the one season only series that explores a theme or event then closes shop. After watching the season, I would have been proud to have my 02 featured in it.
  12. rns7602

    Driver Side Scheel Seat.

    Driver side seat in working condition, original padding in great condition, webbing is strong but the seat needs to be reupholstered. The headrest is included, two of the "eyed" c-clamps are missing, and both of the plastic gear covers are broken but repairable. I just fixed four today using a plastic welder. PM if your interested with your cell or email and I will send pictures. Scheels don't become available often, if you need a seat, make an offer. Seat is located in NYC. I don't have images on the device I'm posting this ad from. Thank you. Location: NYC, USA<br />
  13. rns7602


    Hi Bryce, I'm interested in the sunroof crank. I also texted. Thanks, Roger
  14. We had approx ten guys in the mid 2000s who communicated regularly and others who lurked. Some sold their cars or just busy with life. I will hit you offline with all their email addresses. I still have my 02 and will come out and play. Good luck to all with your projects. I have a never ending e9 project. It would be nice to drive it one day.
  15. Although the image is of an American car, we will have a good number of BMW's including e9s and my 2002. We are only featuring 150 cars in the inaugural year. The venue is Roy Wilkins Park, which is adjacent to Addisleigh Park, the historic community known for the many Jazz musicians that resided there, and its tudors, which were developed in line with the Garden City movement. Pre registration is strongly encouraged. We will use three-four parking lots on the 54 acre property. Cars will be loaded between 7 - 10:30 am; the show is from 11am to 5pm. Your support will benefit the upkeep of the park and youth programs. Please visit www.sqpa.org for more details and/or call 718.276.4630, ext. 100. The PDF advertisement for the show is too large to attach, so I've copied a link to an M5 board posting. (http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/usa...gust-13th.html) Although the post is on the M5 board, this is a vintage show. Thank you for your support and consideration.