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  1. Those aren't trophy's. Trophy's had the black vinyl bolsters.
  2. I don't think this is going to go over very well for $180......😵
  3. Congrats Lisa!!! You and Derby definitely deserve a round of applause!!😊👍
  4. At first I thought he was breaking the sound barrier at 120 mph but took a second look and realized Derby has a km/h speedo. LOL!! Glad he's back up and running again!😊
  5. What a shame. Car doesn't look that bad ☹️
  6. Looks like Derby is acquiring museum status just like Tesoro!!!😊👍
  7. As Shaggy would say...."ZOIKS"😜 Good luck Derby!!
  8. I love the concealed gas filler. Very cool!😎
  9. Payment received. Thank you!! I'll get them packed up and in the mail by tomorrow. Have a great afternoon!! Regards, Demetri
  10. Sorry to hear that. I'll accept PayPal but only if you send it as a friend request. That way it will clear right away. My PayPal address is [email protected] Thank you!
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