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  1. At first I thought he was breaking the sound barrier at 120 mph but took a second look and realized Derby has a km/h speedo. LOL!! Glad he's back up and running again!😊
  2. What a shame. Car doesn't look that bad ☹️
  3. Looks like Derby is acquiring museum status just like Tesoro!!!😊👍
  4. As Shaggy would say...."ZOIKS"😜 Good luck Derby!!
  5. I love the concealed gas filler. Very cool!😎
  6. I'll take the engine.  Shipping to 72712.  Hit me up when yuo seen this i'll get an address for drop at a commercial.

    1. Fritz1602


      Hi Andy,

      The engine is located at 2963 Monsignor Halpin Place

      Bronx, NY 10465


      This is a private residence. Weight of engine is 300 lbs. It sits on a standard size wooden skid. 


      You will have to locate a shipper. 

      Thank you,


    2. Fritz1602
    3. AndyS


      let me see what i can do


  7. WOW!! Beautiful pictures Lisa!! I see you're wearing a winter jacket. Is it chilly over there? Stay warm!😊☀️ Regards, Fritz
  8. Thank God you're safe. I'm sure Tesoro will be fine. Just think positive!!😊
  9. Stay safe Lisa. You and all the people being affected by hurricane Florence are in our prayers. I'm in Long Island,NY. If you need anything don't hesitate to contact me. God bless🙏🏻
  10. Hi! I have chrome Klippan seatbelt holder in very nice shape. No rust or pitting. It is dated 1970. I am asking $100 shipped and that includes PayPal fees & tracking. Thanks for looking!!!

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