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  1. No reverse and a sequential trans will get old real fast. Also you'll eat clutches and I'm not sure how the K100 engine would handle life in an upright configuration vs flat like on the bike.
  2. I think this could be really popular with the hotrod scene and compact builds that always use electric fans. You could prototype this fairly easily with an Arduino, a bluetooth board and use an iPhone/Android app to manage.
  3. @Mark92131 yup, same car. Its new home is in New Jersey.
  4. Thanks all, looks like I have E30 seats plopped on top of stock mounts. Should they bolt up directly even if they just sit up too high?
  5. Hi, recently bought my first 2002 and I'm looking for shop recommendations in the area. I can handle most issues with these cars myself but looking for a shop to handle some more restoration-related issues (mounting E30 seats, heater box rebuild, weather stripping etc)
  6. Hey'all. New 2002 owner here and I'm just getting acquainted with my new-to-me '76. She's been partially restored, some things done better than others. I'm trying to figure out what these seats are from and why they aren't bolted to the floor properly. I know they've been re-upholstered but I'm not sure if they were originally from a 2002. Also, how were the original seats bolted to the floor? I've looked at a parts fiche, but having trouble visualizing. Would like to do some research before I go ripping up carpet and drilling holes to fix them.
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