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  1. Good luck, should be a fun and memorable trip! I just followed your instagram account last night and I’m looking forward to seeing your progress. I’m in Bergen County NJ too, so maybe we’ll run into each other one day. Stay warm and have a safe trip! Frank
  2. This was my first Vintage too & I was amazed at the amount of 2002’s that were there! Lots of real nice cars & even nicer people. I took a bunch of pictures & here are some of the better ones. Enjoy. Frank
  3. I got mine yesterday Thanks Chad, both look great. Frank
  4. That logo is great, I love it! Put me down for a couple/few stickers and an XL t-shirt. Thanks for doing this! Frank
  5. found this on the Blunt site: https://www.blunttech.com/products/8834718
  6. Thanks for all the tips and info guys. If I were to go with the 13” turbine wheels and was unhappy with them for one reason or another, I could just have the tires removed and mounted on the original steel wheels, correct?
  7. Thanks for all the responses and information. I guess I’ll have to give this some more thought if I use them or not. If I decide to keep the original wheels on, is there a thread on how to refinish original wheels?
  8. Thanks for the quick response and the information. Are you running any spacers or anything like that with them?
  9. The wheels shown below came in the trunk of my 1975 2002 when I bought it. I’m considering putting them on the car, but I’m unsure if they’ll fit. I looked thru the Wheel Database and didn’t see these exact wheels, so I’m hoping someone on the site would know first-hand if they’ll fit? If so, what size tires are recommended for these wheels? Thanks in advance. Frank
  10. fljjmarz


  11. Thanks for all the help guys. I decided to call my local BMW dealer and I purchased their battery. Part number # 61 21 2 353 803 $145
  12. Thanks for the fast replies, and the links! According to esty’s autobatteries.com link, the group 42 looks like it is the fit for my car. Appreciate all the help guys. Frank
  13. It doesn’t look like either the Verta or Berga batteries are available in the US. I do like the idea of using the German Bosch battery, at least it looks like it may have come with the car, thanks for the suggestion Steve. In the thread that esty posted above, I noticed that people are using a few different battery sizes/groups (Group 26R, Group 42, Group 47), and was wondering what size fits the best? Any information on which Group/Size fits best would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again to everyone who replied. Frank
  14. Thanks for the quick replies guys. Thanks for the link esty, I did a search before posting my question, and came across the thread listed above, but didn't think it answered my original battery question...I must have just missed it.

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