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  1. Hello everybody! A few days ago, I received some original/used parts from 2002AD to fix that annoying red “BRAKE” light on the dashboard. I ordered the brake reservoir float and the rubber grommet, as my reservoir cap was still working and I had all the other parts needed. Here are the results...no more annoying light on the dashboard!!!! Thank you 2002AD! Frank
  2. 2002#3: Could you please post a link to this “new latex-coated ‘horsehair’ material” thread you were talking about in you above post? l also need to re-do my seats this winter. Thanks! Frank
  3. Hi Everyone, I have a 1975 automatic transmission 2002. Is there a preferred ATF that people are using? I appreciate any and all recommendations. Thanks Frank
  4. Hi John, I looked all over and couldn’t find the blue braided hose. I even called the parts department at my local BMW dealership and they didn’t have it. Finally I called Blunt and they supplied me with the gray braided hose. Frank
  5. Yesterday I finished my brake refresh! Over this past summer I redid both Front and Rear brakes, and posted to this thread as I finished each project. All I had left was to install the new master cylinder, fill and bleed the system which I completed yesterday. I bought the brake master cylinder and plastic angled connections from FCP Euro, and the braided brake hose from Blunt. I purchased a pneumatic bleeder from Harbor Freight, which made quick work of bleeding the brakes. Doing this brake job gives me a huge sense of accomplishment, as this is the first time I’ve done any real automotive work 35 years! Thanks to everyone on this site for all your posts and for sharing your knowledge! Next up is the first test drive. The car isn’t registered or insured yet, so it’ll be a short one, but will definitely be a milestone! Thanks Frank
  6. Hi everyone! I’ve watched countless videos on paint correction and detailing and read lots of articles before I decided to give it a try for myself. I was pretty nervous about working on 45 year old paint, but after a little while I became comfortable using a polishing machine for the first time. Here are the steps I used: 1. Washed the car 2. Clay Bar (Mother’s) 3. Soaking Paint with Meguiars #7 Show Car Glaze (for 24 hours) 4. Compound (Meguiars Ultimate) 5. Polish (Meguiars Ultimate) 6. Soaking Paint AGAIN with Meguiars #7 Show Car Glaze (for 24 hours) 7. Wax (Meguiars Carnauba) I’m real happy with the results, not only does the paint shine, but it has depth. Before: After:
  7. Hi everyone, I’ve been meaning to post my touch up results for anyone doing a search and coming across this thread. I looked into “Automotive Touch Up Paint” but they didn’t have Sahara as one of their color options for the 1975 model year, so I wound up trying “paint scratch”. It took about 3 weeks to get the touch up pen, which seemed like a long time to me. When I finally got the pen and was able out to the garage, I have to say, I was kinda disappointed. I’ve attached some pictures, so you can judge for yourself. I tested the color match before applying to the car. It did seem darker, but I decided to give it a try anyway: One of the scratches before the touch Up: This is the results: Hopefully this information can help someone in the future make their own decision. Thanks, Frank
  8. Hi everyone! I’ve been trying to get back in the garage since the end of July but just couldn’t find the time. So I took advantage of the Labor Day holiday, to get back out there and get the rear brakes done. I changed both Rear brake hoses, both wheel cylinders, shoes, and drums. The system hasn’t had brake fluid in it since before I got the car 3 years ago, so I don’t know the condition of the master cylinder. Without filling the system, is there any other way of knowing if the master cylinder is good? Thanks, Frank
  9. I’ve been following this thread since I first signed up to this site 4+ years ago. Today I finished a project that I feel is “worthy” of being posted here with all these other great accomplishments. I started rebuilding my brakes quite a few weeks back, working mainly on weekends when I had available time. I rebuilt both front calipers, replaced the bearing & races and changed the 4 front brake hoses. Next up, the rear brakes, which I hope to start next weekend. Frank
  10. Thanks for your response Toby. So the first picture of the seal faces inward toward the bearings, correct? I just want to confirm because the rubber seal seems to protrude more on the side with the one pc metal shell (the second picture of the seal). Thanks. Frank
  11. Hi Everyone! I removed my hubs a couple weekends ago to rework the entire brake system and change the bearings, but probably didn’t take enough reference pictures. I’m not sure which side faces inward towards the bearings...Can someone tell me which way these Timken seals go in? Thanks in advance. Frank
  12. Thanks for the info. I love the look of white lettering on the tires, it takes me back to the early the 80ies!! Although this seems like a relatively wide tire, are there any issues with rubbing? Thanks. Frank
  13. Thanks for the Link Steve! Thanks rcf925, appreciate the info!
  14. Thanks for the quick responses and info Esty and Steve! My car’s paint is far from perfect and has lots of places where it’s been touched up already. I’m just looking to get any of the scratches/dings, where there’s visible metal showing through, covered up with a decently matched paint. So one option I have is to bring it to a paint shop and have them color match me some touch up. Unfortunately my car isn’t 100% roadworthy...still accumulating $$ to completely redo the brakes. The second option is to have it spot sprayed...sounds expensive, see above 😉 Anyone else have an ideas where to get a decent touch up paint? Thanks again
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