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  2. Thanks for the quick replies guys. The tips looked like they just screwed off, but since I couldn’t do it by hand I didn’t want to mess them up if I needed to change them out. Frank
  3. I’m sure this is a pretty basic maintenance question for the majority of you on this form, but unfortunately, I’m a little confused and haven’t worked on my own cars in 32 years I’m wondering if I ordered the wrong spark plugs…or there’s something else I’m just missing here. The tip of the plug seems to be too large to fit in the receiving end of the wires...is the tip removable? These are the Plugs I got These are the wires I got The old plugs I'm replacing (Tip is thinner and threaded) Thanks, I appreciate the help.
  4. Stevenc22 Thanks for the info about the Clamps. If I decide to not use the tube, or cant use it, where could I get the Clamps you're using? By the way, your engine compartment looks great. How did you get the valve cover so clean?? '76mintgrun'02 I went on the Kingsborne website & didn’t see the “Loom” option for the 4 cyl wires, so I was thinking of calling later today. Thanks for the reply SamAdams Sam Adams Summer, my favorite beer! Thanks for the well wishes.
  5. I’ve got another “newbee” question that I couldn’t find the right information on when I did a search…. My car has a tube that holds the ignition wires, and I was wondering if I can still use this when I change the wires? To me it looks like you can’t get the wires in/out with the connector ends on the wires… Thanks
  6. saaron Thanks for the compliment. I’m thinking I made the right decision. OriginalOwner Thanks for the info. Good to know some people go with easily available oil/filters/plugs, this way if I need something in a pinch, I won’t be afraid to use them. '76mintgrun'02 Thanks for the tip on wires, I’ll look into that brand. yeewiz Your car looks great! Hopefully one day I can get mine looking that nice. TobyB Thanks for all the info on the oils.
  7. repoman Yes, as I mentioned earlier, the body is in great shape & it’s got a crack free dash! In my part of the country it’s almost impossible to find a completely rust free original car, but luckily, I have a good friend who lives less than an hour from the car to look at it for me. The car arrived in NJ on Tuesday afternoon, but unfortunately all I’ve had time to do so far is transfer the title. My goal for this car is exactly as you stated…clean it up, get it running smooth, address the minor surface rust on the door, get some padding in the seats & eventually get a 5 speed in that thing. Thanks for sharing initial impressions.
  8. Healey3000 Thanks for the tip on the Crush Washer and the info on Sparkplugs. I had read about those plugs on the forum, and plan on getting them.
  9. Tsingtao_1903 Thanks for the Link, I’ll read it tonight. Stevenc22 Thanks for the info on oil & vendor, it’s exactly the kind of information I was looking for. jrkoupe Thanks for the kind words and Filter info.
  10. Hello to all, and thanks for reading my post. I’d been looking for a BMW 2002 for years and finally pulled the trigger on a 1975 car. The car is a rust-free California car, with some mechanical issues that I’ll need to sort out. Originally, I was looking for 3 particular things in a car: manual transmission, a/c, and a solid body. In the end, I only wound up with one…the solid body. The only issue with the body is some minor surface rust on the edge of the driver’s door where the door looks to have be opened and banged against something. To get the car up and running good, I plan on starting with new sparkplugs, wires, cap, rotor, along with changing fluids. So now starts the resurrection process, and have lots of question for the 2002 FAQ community… Recommendations on oil brand? Type? Weight? Recommendations on oil Filter? Do I need to get a new drain plug crush washer? Recommendations on Sparkplugs? Type/Brand? Cap and Rotor? Wires? I know these sound like simple questions, but it’s been quite a few years since I’ve actually done any work on my own cars, and I want to get this right. Anyway, thanks in advance for any and all help, information & opinions. Frank
  11. I’ve been looking for a 2002 for years now in the NY/NJ area, but everything I’ve seen in my price range has been pretty rusty, or gone before I was able to even go see it. Recently a friend of mine in California came across 1975 BMW 2002 with a solid body, but running real rough. He sent me a video of the car running (see below). I was hoping someone with more experience on these cars than me could help determine what the issues are, if it’s something serious or relatively simple. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks. Frank
  12. Event Title: German Fest Vintage Auto Show Event Author: fljjmarz Event Date: 09/25/2016 10:00 AM to 09/25/2016 04:00 PM German Fest Vintage Auto Show Sunday September 25th - 10:00am to 4:00pm Hohokus, NJ German Fest Vintage Auto Show
  13. fljjmarz

    German Fest Vintage Auto Show

    German Fest Vintage Auto Show Sunday September 25th - 10:00am to 4:00pm Hohokus, NJ
  14. German Fest Vintage Auto Show Sunday September 25th - 10:00am to 4:00pm Hohokus, NJ http://www.thehermitage.org/events/events_upcoming.html I don’t currently own a 2002, but have been looking for one for a while now & would love to see some BMW 2002’s up close and speak to the owners. Is anyone planning on attending this show? Hoping to see some of you there. Thanks. Frank
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