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  1. Seth Horwitz

    Good DIY Projects on a 2002?

    I’m in NY, and they’re in NJ. That’s a long drive.
  2. Seth Horwitz

    Good DIY Projects on a 2002?

    Man, I miss college. I never did anything quite that impressive in my dorm, though I got good at throwing things at my roommate who insisted on reading the newspaper on his bed at 8AM when my first class was at Noon, but I still miss it.
  3. Seth Horwitz

    Good DIY Projects on a 2002?

    I’ve intentionally avoided all talk about this project? I thought fixing this was usually due to rust repair. (I’m hoping this doesn’t jinx me into needing it done.)
  4. Seth Horwitz

    Good DIY Projects on a 2002?

    Maybe when they both 1) get really good with a welder and 2) do something in desperate need of punishment.
  5. Seth Horwitz

    Good DIY Projects on a 2002?

    You left out, “list on Craiglist/EBay with ‘I know what I’ve got, so don’t try to lowball me.”
  6. Seth Horwitz

    Good DIY Projects on a 2002?

    Good stuff. Thanks, guys.
  7. Given how straightforward the 2002 is, compared to modern engines full of computers and left in hermetically sealed plastic cocoons, my friend wants to help teach his boys about working on cars on something simple. We can show them things like oil changes and tuning carbs, maybe a brake job, but what other projects would you use to teach the mechanics of a car to a younger aspiring gear head? We won’t be machining parts, have access to a lift for weeks at a time, nor work with spring compressors that could bust loose if not used properly, but what would you do? I haven’t gotten my hands dirty in a while, definitely not in an 02, so I’m looking for input. Thanks. Seth
  8. I have an ankle issue, so I can’t drive stick anymore. I’m looking to swap the 3-speed auto to a 4-speed auto from an E30 325i. Someone on this board did the swap a little while back, and wrote it up, but I don’t think anyone else has even tried. That said, he did it while retaining the M10, so I’m guessing his tranny was from a 318i. I want to do the tranny AND an M20 (plus AC), because I have a habit of keeping things complicated. Thanks, guys.
  9. Since I’ve got all of you New Yorkers in one spot, any recommendations of a shop to swap a tranny and possibly do an M20? My mechanic is a great generalist, and I’d happily let him rebuild anything, but I want a specialist for custom work. (He also doesn’t have a ton of time, as many used dealerships send him cars.) I’m willing to go out of town if it’s worthwhile. (I’m located in either NYC or LI, depending on the day.) Thanks. Seth P.S. I’d love to meet some 2002 people if you’re having a meetup. I may need to bring a different car, though.
  10. Seth Horwitz

    Stainless Steel 1600/2002 Bumpers

    Wait. Chris, you make belt line trim?
  11. Seth Horwitz

    Anyone have (or, seen) an M20 w/ AC?

    Yes sir. There's one post on here where someone fit a 4-speed auto from a 1985 318i to the M10. I tried to PM him, as some later posts seemed like he may have had an issue or two, but no luck in getting a response. People seem able to fit the Getrag 5-speed to fit with an M20, and I believe the auto is a shorter tranny, so I'm taking a guess that if someone has a manual M20 with air, it may fit with an auto. I may eventually wind up buying the parts in ragged condition, see if they fit, and if so, rebuild things. If not, there's always back to the scrapyard.
  12. Seth Horwitz

    Anyone have (or, seen) an M20 w/ AC?

    Doesn't the tranny tunnel need some loosening to allow for the shift, also pushing the gear shift back a touch? I thought that was the case, but hoping I'm wrong. Thanks.
  13. Seth Horwitz

    Anyone have (or, seen) an M20 w/ AC?

    I'm feeling a bit foolish, but I took delivery of the car at my mechanic, yesterday, and didn't poke around or take any pictures of things I wanted to do beforehand. The car sat in a garage from '91 til '17, at which point the latest seller bought it and made it drivable, but I wanted my mechanic to do a once over to make sure the work is actually good and the car is safe. Anyway, the car has the port/dealer installed Behr AC, and it actually still works. I know that an M20 pushes a bit further into the cabin, and I won't know what's behind the console face until I get the car back and start tinkering, which spurred this question. I think my question therefore has two parts. 1) Will the package fit in the engine bay? (Condensor, etc.) 2) What about inside the passenger compartment? I'm no mechanic, but I did some work in software a while back, and used that time and money line quite a few times. "Can you do this?" "I sure can. Can you afford it?"
  14. Seth Horwitz

    Anyone have (or, seen) an M20 w/ AC?

    Thank you, Sir. (And, well played. I should've been specific.) I'm just trying to figure out what's possible, before I head down any particular path. Is there any online resource for measurements of various engines and trannies? I'm guessing there aren't a ton of freely available CAD files of 45 year old parts.
  15. I'm just looking to see if anyone has any info. I'm happy to do the research, but I've found nothing on the search function. Thanks. Seth