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  1. Seth Horwitz

    ORIGINAL paint request. Show me your best.

    OK, so it sounds like there’s no way this is original paint, with the best case being a repaint in the 70s. If that’s the case, would you assume it’s light on rust in the atttached pics? If it were a 70s repaint, can one assume that BMW did them right?
  2. Seth Horwitz

    ORIGINAL paint request. Show me your best.

    Very cool. Is that another 2002 under the tarp?
  3. Seth Horwitz

    ORIGINAL paint request. Show me your best.

    I should add that up top. Real pretty, though.
  4. Seth Horwitz

    ORIGINAL paint request. Show me your best.

    Wow. How many miles?
  5. Seth Horwitz

    ORIGINAL paint request. Show me your best.

    I think it's original Fjord. Apparently those shots are immediately after a wash (I asked, because an interior shot looked odd), so I don't know if something could be making it look shinier than normal.
  6. What's the best looking paint you've seen on a '76? I found a car that looks great, shockingly so, and the owner believes it to be original paint. (There's some surface rust by the window trim on the driver's door.) The story is plausible (with the car indoors for long periods on end with the prior owner), and the current owner does enough body work where he'd be able to spot paintwork (I'd think). I can see paintwork on a car, so I'm not worried about getting stuck with something, but I'd be unpleased if I took a nine hour drive to spot it myself. Edit: This car indicates 99K miles, claimed not to have turned over, yet.
  7. I'm in touch with a car that might tick all of the boxes, for me. Can anyone recommend a quality shop for a PPI near Fayetteville?
  8. Seth Horwitz

    1974 Auto - 2600 original miles!!

    Gotcha. From the comment, it looked like this was a known car. I was just looking on my iPhone, and based on the price, and clean interior, it seemed possible. Too much rust for me, regardless of price. If the miles were real, I don’t want to spend another $50K+ on a car I won’t drive. With fake miles, I wouldn’t do that much bodywork on a daily driver. (Even if it were priced right.)
  9. Seth Horwitz

    1974 Auto - 2600 original miles!!

    Jeez. I hope he had insurance. That can't be cheap on a 7 figure car, if you aren't liquid, though. It's like how all of these game show winners (at least used to) had to sell the cars that they won because they couldn't afford the tax on them.
  10. Seth Horwitz

    1974 Auto - 2600 original miles!!

    Would love to hear the story on that one. That car needs a real restoration to make it perfect. It'd be a shame to drive it, as much of a shame as that is. You'd think BMW would buy it, being an auto with so few miles. How many could there be? I have a funny story about Porsche trying to buy a real old 911 with a thousand original miles on it. They (corporate) were jerking the customer around for so long that the dealer had his wife buy the car for around a hundred grand, to make it clean with the customer. Porsche did the same dance with him for six months at the agreed upon price, until he finally said "screw it" I'm keeping it. Porsche has spent the last decade trying to buy it from him, with the bid going up $50K each year. I see it at car shows now and then.
  11. Seth Horwitz

    1976 BMW 2002 E10

    Haha. Much appreciated. I'm here. That car was on Craigslist for a bit. Someone (a smurf?) got a little happy with the paint gun. If they sprayed the bumper shocks, who knows what kind of bodywork got painted over elsewhere? Otherwise, I'd be all over it, and rip it apart. It's odd that the guy spent money for paint, trying to help the value, when I'd pay him more to have the old paint, and any warts visible. It's easy to plan on fixing the warts you can see. A lot harder to plan for warts that could be everywhere.
  12. Seth Horwitz

    1972 BMW 2002

    If anyone is missing some Alpina stickers, I think I know where to check.
  13. Seth Horwitz

    Cheap 75’ 02 in the Bay Area

    As someone who spent too much time looking for a 2002 on CL, this year, that's perfect. Just needed a "I know what I have" and "I only reply to serious offers."
  14. Seth Horwitz

    BMW2002 Series 3

    Jeez. I feel like I'm running a search on eBay or Craigslist. Seems like you may have joined the wrong board. Good luck.
  15. Seth Horwitz

    1973 BMW 2002

    I don't laugh when I'm trying to buy one, but you're correct. "I know what I've got." Sure, you do. By the way, the WSJ has an article, today, about how Art, Wine, and Cars have appreciated something like 300% in a decade. A Ferrari that sells for $40MM is probably recession proof, but any car under $100K is going to take a hit if things go pear shaped. (And the interest rate curve says it will.) Gonna be a lot of cheap 911s out there, and one or two 2002s, I'd guess.