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  1. I JUST traded in a White over Blue ‘76 Auto in NY. It shows 60-70K miles, I believe, and I was told that’s original. I found it on Barnfinds, bought it, brought it straight to the mechanic to make it 100% safe to drive, but he delayed doing the work for so long that I lost interest and just turned it in as part of a package on something new. I, literally, haven’t driven it one inch since the mechanic finished. The dealer went and picked it up. When I got it, I was told that the front clip was painted in the ‘90s, and the car was pretty much put to bed inside of a garage a few years after that. It’s got newly reupholstered Recaros, AC (the blower works, I don’t know beyond that), brand new German seatbelts bought from BlueDevils on this board ($$$, not the cheap ones from many sources), brand new custom OEM door brakes from Ray on this board, plus whatever it took to make the car run well. (A bit over $1K paid last week.) There’s some rust on the rear passenger side lower quarter panel, but that’s about it. Make no mistake, it’s a driver and not a show car, but it seemed to be a solid car, so I paid up for it planning on doing a full Restomod, but like I said, I lost interest. It doesn’t look like it’s up on the dealer’s site, yet, so I guess he’s waiting until they detail it. I won’t make any money if you buy it, and wish I’d seen this a week earlier as I’m sure I would’ve done better, but below is his web site. I’m sure he still has it. The below pics are from the original ad. The video was the mechanic moving it when I was in for work on a different car. FC7C6DE3-941C-4AE7-B1CF-EA3D5A07E60B.MOV https://www.eacautos.com/used-vehicles-plainview-ny 7BFEFCDE-4EE3-4112-88F1-2646C1750444.MOV
  2. After what is probably a dozen arguments with my mechanic on Long Island, where he’s worked on every car but mine, I may be going to Saratoga for the summer and would gladly have the work done there. Are there any locals that have 2002 speciality mechanics that they like? I don’t need it, yet, but experience with swaps and fab work would be great. Thanks for any info. Seth
  3. Could be, but I don’t think that the two companies were quite as tight back then. Half of the engineers had come over from VW to form Porsche, and they were doing joint projects that were engine plug and plays, but they weren’t quite as tight as today.
  4. Yup. For about five minutes I thought about trying to go that route. I can’t imagine that would’ve been easy to find, as a drivable one is probably at the Porsche museum or worth a ton. Getting replacement parts wouldn’t be cheap/easy/possible? if necessary.
  5. Porsche had an old sort-of-automatic around that time period, too. The German makes tried a lot of interesting stuff using nothing but pencils and rulers, back then.
  6. It’s funny, as the thought had crossed my mind. I saw some guy did a hatchet job of a DIY. If done properly, it’d be interesting, but I think that the reinforcement needed to make the car not turn into a pretzel would be enormous. Sure, you pull the engine (and sometimes transmission)), but you’re adding a whole lot of weight and torque if you want something with a range over a hundred miles. Putting that in a forty year old chassis may get messy.
  7. Good info. Thanks, Barney. I know on older posts you came up as thinking about going with the 4hp22 swap. Did you go ahead with it, or keep the 3-speed? To your point, I had an A4 when they first came out with the 1.8T in 1997, an engine that Volkswagen still uses in a modified form to this day. The car was REALLY slow, but felt really fast, which was an amazing combo. I felt like I was flying and I was barely going over the speed limit. It got dangerous when I got out of that and climbed into my mother’s A8, assumed I was going about 70, but was doing 120. The actual speed isn’t as important as how it feels on the road. I’m not racing or looking to set any records.
  8. Thanks, Henning. Much appreciated. I just made the mistake of going to my friend’s dealership where I always walk away thinking about maybe shaking around my cars. I’m not sure where the 2002 fits in, but I’m still working forward.
  9. Just to be crystal clear, which two trannies do you have on that cart?
  10. The car is an Auto, so I’m thinking that helps. It also has A/C, but that may need to be sacrificed. It makes sense, and your picture illustrates it perfectly, but you read about all of these guys with M20s and 5-speeds that they make fit with a bit of hammering, and it “feels” like the M20 and 4-speed should fit. That auto sure is fat, though.
  11. I’m wondering if a 4-Speed Auto and M20, so the whole drivetrain from an E30 325i, may be the best option, or how much hacking would need to be done. I’d be pretty pissed if I bought the 4-Speed from a 318i to mate with the M10, not be happy, and then go source an M20 and new housing for the tranny which will probably be a huge hassle. I’ve seen a running (>200K mi) 325i that I could probably buy for around $1K. (If it weren’t so far away, I would’ve already bought it.) If the parts don’t look like they’d fit, I’d bring the E30 to a scrapyard. If it’d fit, I’d get it fabbed up, pull them both out, then rebuild both.
  12. I’m thinking of a local shop that does all of that stuff (hand controls, custom vans, ...) who would be worth a call. I think they’re more of an installation of other products type shop, but maybe they know of something or possibly have an engineer on premise. Good idea. Thanks, Steve.
  13. I haven’t looked at switch operated clutches in a long time, but all of the ones that I found were for big rig truckers. Do you know what your friend used, or which Bugs had parts that could be scavenged? Much appreciated.
  14. Good stuff. Thanks, guys. It seems like it may be possible if I rebuild the whole tranny tunnel. As the budget gets bigger on this car, it makes it a bit harder to justify over just getting something else, too. (I need more parking.) Henning, have you seen those digital to mechanical adapters? You’ll have to hack a bit, as they’re usually made for American trannies, but that should get your speedo running properly.
  15. I could spend an hour showing old videos of me driving a “proper” stick and explaining in medical detail why I need an automatic, but let’s just assume that I HAVE to drive an Auto and I’m not pleased about it. (It’s been 20 years, so I’m used to it, but it still sucks.) Ok, I’ve seen someone on here who swapped in the 4-Speed auto from an early 318 onto the stock M10, but I saw a post or two with some issues, and haven’t been able to contact him. If he reads this and wants to give me a shout, it’d be appreciated. More to the point, guys on here have done both M20 and M42(M44) swaps with 5-Speed Manuals, but has anyone put a 5-speed Auto next to a 5-speed manual just to look at the dimensions? How big of a difference are the housings? (I wish I lived near a junkyard.) Is there a 5-speed Auto that could mate to the M10? I have no issue with getting a custom drive shaft made, so the question is “will XXX tranny fit with YYY engine to make the car a lot more fun to drive?” I’d like to keep it all BMW. I’m not looking for a monster, as I have another beast with 600hp to the wheels in AWD, but something a little more fun than an M10 with a 3-Speed slushbox. I don’t have a ton of great roads, so a little more power (even the same with more gearing) is needed to have fun in these ‘burbs before I find a rare turn I can hit hard. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks. Seth
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