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  1. backeis

    2002 Beauty Shots

    If you remove the trim, you'll basically need a repaint - you'll have lots of clip holes to weldshut. Like, dozens all around the car for both upper and lower trim.
  2. backeis

    Silver tii spotted at The Bridge

    If it's a FAQ member, I'd love to see the car again at our 10/6 NYC C&C My '76 used to be Polaris, but I had it redone in Anthrazitgrau. Seeing this impeccable example gives me a tiny bit of regret!
  3. Original steering wheel from my '76 base model. Has a few minor cracks, but general appearance from where you're sitting is still great! Buyer pays shipping. Comes without the horn switch.
  4. backeis

    Hard getting into gear

    Nah it's warm and humid here. 75F/25C today. The fluid (MTF) is a white bottle with a yellow label. I forget the brand.
  5. backeis

    Window Regulator Install

    Yep. The big washer is probably retaining the spring. I could see it making sense for the small washer to go on the other side of the window. The circlip is the last piece and holds it all together. The small washer must be small enough to fit through the keyhole. It the slides over the narrower part of the slot, so that you have a washer on each side of the slot. And scratch my comment on the plastic tube. It's metal on metal, not metal on glass, so you probably don't need one.
  6. backeis

    Window Regulator Install

    I believe nothing goes behind. Basically the spring and washers press against the glass and keep the metal arm away from it, and then the slot attached to the glass just slides on the washers. I think in mine I have a plastic tube too though that wraps the metal pin coming off the arm and prevents it from scratching the glass.
  7. backeis

    Hard getting into gear

    Thanks guys! Will do. It somehow resolved itself for now (all gears engaging smoothly again), but I'll definitely check the fluids next.
  8. backeis

    Hard getting into gear

    Yeah it was grinding a bit. Clutch disk was replaced in 2010. It engages only on the last third if pedal travel, i.e. first two thirds of pedal press is just loose nothing. Not sure if it's always been like that (since I owned it).
  9. Just took the car out after it sat for 2 weeks. All of a sudden it's hard to get into second gear. Why could that be? Do I merely need to top off transmission fluid or could anything else be wrong or broken now?
  10. backeis

    IE SS full exhaust

    I have it too on my 76, including the exhaust manifold. I agree it sounds pleasantly "full" but never annoying. I'd say you can't go wrong with it, especially if your current one needs replacing anyways.
  11. backeis

    Hurricane Florence! - September 13, 2018

    I think Greer SC should be both far enough away from the coast (for winds to die down) and also outside of any flood risk areas. Hopefully will be fine! I want to go see the exhibit later this Fall.
  12. backeis

    NYC 02's & Coffee

    Let's get together for a FAQ Cars & Coffee! If you're in or near NYC, come out for a morning on Saturday, October 6, 2018. We'll meet at 9am in the big public parking lot at Jacob Riis Park on Rockaway. It's free off-season and easily accessible for Long Islanders too. If we feel like it, we can hit up Rockaway Brewing Co afterwards, or maybe cruise to Coney Island for some hot dogs? Rain date is Sunday 10/7. Location: 157 Rockaway Beach Blvd Parking