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  1. Recently had pleasant experiences with these two shops: General mechanic: Andre DiSalvo, proprietor at Barnett Auto Repair in LIC. Wheel alignment: Marbren Tire, also in LIC.
  2. Hey all, CarPark NYC is putting together another cars & coffee, this time at Industry City in south west Brooklyn. DM them on Instagram to ask for a spot. Their last few editions were really fun - here's some coverage on Petrolicious from the May event: https://petrolicious.com/articles/rain-or-shine-carpark-nyc-puts-on-an-excellent-car-show-in-the-heart-of-brooklyn Maybe I'll see some of you guys there! Cheers, Erik
  3. backeis

    CarPark NYC

    To RSVP, DM @ https://www.instagram.com/CarParkNYC/
  4. Event Title: CarPark NYC Event Author: backeis Event Date: 08/04/2019 08:00 AM to 08/04/2019 12:00 PM To RSVP, DM @ https://www.instagram.com/CarParkNYC/ CarPark NYC
  5. Does anyone know of anyone making and selling wooden parking brake handles? I see that Forrest offers some, but I'm looking for something lower cost. Plus, I already have a nice shift knob from Paddock and would love to match the wood and finish of the brake handle. Couldn't find anything out on the web.
  6. Thanks Greg! So, the slim washer on the left is closest to the strut, then the dust cover, then the big flange, then the stuff on the right? Like, basically turn this image 90° the left and you'll have the proper stacking order? Dumb question: If I go in there and do this myself (still debating whether I should make the mechanic do it) - do I need an alignment again afterwards? I assume yes.
  7. Thanks both! While we're on the topic of him (mechanic) probably having done things incorrectly: is it normal for an IE stage 1 spring to be too short when the shock is fully extended? He told me that when he jacked up the car, the new spring dangled in there loosely, and only connected to both ends of the shock under load. The stance of the car is fine, though I honestly had expected a bit more lowering. IE says stage 1 takes off 1.25". I can barely see the different to how it stood before. Here's an "after" picture:
  8. Event Title: CarPark NYC cars & coffee Event Author: backeis Event Date: 06/09/2019 08:00 AM to 06/09/2019 12:00 PM Event at Industry City in south-west Brooklyn. Contact them on Instagram for more info and to register: https://www.instagram.com/carparknyc/ CarPark NYC cars & coffee
  9. backeis

    CarPark NYC cars & coffee

    Event at Industry City in south-west Brooklyn. Contact them on Instagram for more info and to register: https://www.instagram.com/carparknyc/
  10. Anyone else got accepted and will be there with their car this Sunday morning? Weather is looking dry and decent. I met up with Jeff (who organized it) at a happy hour over at Zürich Classic Motors this week. He said about 100 cars are registered, with plenty of old BMWs in the mix. I'll see you there!
  11. Hi! Recently had all stock springs swapped for IE stage 1. Before that, the car steered well and ran pretty straight (minus the usual on-center vagueness/play in the steering wheel). Now, after the springs were replaced (by a mechanic who I've trusted—so far) and have settled, the car doesn't want to drive straight after I make a hard turn (e.g. getting out of garage). It'll bind to that side until make an equally strong counter steer movement. The car is drivable, just requires steering force on the wheel to keep it centered. I hear (tried searching the forums) that the primary cause for that could be some sort of bushing having been put back in the wrong way when the shock was re-assembled? How can I go about investigating this? And, dumb question: will I be able to remedy without needing an alignment job again afterwards? Thinking I want to put it back on my mechanic to fix it. Thanks much! Erik
  12. Mystery (partly) solved: mechanic who installed the springs and shocks hadn't done any alignment yet, because he wanted the springs to settle first. Will get that sorted this weekend.
  13. Thanks @uai and @AustrianVespaGuy - car has following modifications from stock: Front Bilstein HD inserts IE stage 1 springs* IE strut mounts IE sway bar, billet mounts, urethane bushings and new links New radius arms/rods and hardware Rear Bilstein HD shocks* IE stage 1 springs* *only these were installed by my mechanic recently, after which the issue of randomly veering to either side started happening. From reading this thread I understand that camber and caster aren't adjustable with stock domes unless I add specific top mounting plates. Car veers without braking, so I want to rule out imbalance brake pressure for now. So, I guess, step 1: take it back to mechanic and have him fix the toe on both axles, then take it from there?
  14. Quick question here. If I understand this thread correctly, then: a car not wanting to drive straight, and alternating sides it wants to veer to, and all of that after I had a shop change out springs in the front, and shocks and springs in the back means my toe isn't "in" enough? Taking it back to the shop to fix that for me, and want to use the specs in this thread for guidance. Toe in between 1/8 and 3/16 of an inch (is on the higher end "better"?). Thanks!

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