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  1. @mvliotta - these guys here in Maplewood NJ, right? Thanks for the reco!
  2. Very exciting, @NYNick! What shop is helping you?
  3. Hi all! L1ESEL is still hibernating, but come April/May I should have her back on the road as well (knock on wood). Would love to join a little get-together then. Bear Mountain sounds good. If we're really ambitious, we could also try to join the opening weekend at the Glen:
  4. backeis

    Hard getting into gear

    Haven't worked on it yet since putting it into the garage two weeks ago. Hope to get to it soon.
  5. backeis

    Official Blunttech Sale Thread

    Hey Dave, what's the different between the two clutch master cylinders you have on the site?
  6. backeis

    Manual Choke Power

    Most common way to do it that I've read about (and how I did it) is to get it from the alternator. It's nearby and not hard to get to.
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  10. backeis

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Jaw dropped. That's ridiculously beautiful.
  11. backeis

    Hard getting into gear

    Oh, misidentified by me then. The brake master is attached to the brake booster, right? Higher up in the bay. Yeah I'll definitely check for fluids inside booster first, as well as all screws and lines, before ordering new parts.
  12. backeis

    Hard getting into gear

    More findings, and I'm now pretty confident that at the very least there's a leak at the break master cylinder. It's wet and dripping down from that onto the steering linkage: Will put the car up on jacks in the next couple of weeks, take wheels off, and unless I find a loose screw or leaking hydraulics line somewhere, I'll rip out brake, clutch master and clutch slave cylinders.
  13. That's a fun sunroof you got there! Also, what country is the front license plate from? Looks middle Eastern. This should also find its way into the the Registry: