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  1. Reading that just gave me a tinge of nausea. Nice to hear these people are at least outwardly receptive to your suggestions, less nice to hear that nothing has has come to fruition. I can't believe that they are unable to make them. It'd be interesting to hear what the problems they're having are.
  2. Yale! That just provided a lot of the perspective I was looking for. I think I get it now. It is really unfortunate that BMW isn't supporting by making parts for these cars, but I guess that's business....
  3. Thanks Yale. So since I am learning,... and I'm hard headed and will eventually get a Turbo, can you help enlighten me a bit on the 10% that can be a problem?
  4. Are there 02 Turbo "experts" in the NorthEast?
  5. Ok. So it sounds like the advice is - buy a perfect one, or prepare for a long rough (maybe fulfilling) ride. Seems like its not something I should get involved with until I have the time and space to really dig in on. I'm kinda bummed, but definitely appreciate the reality check. Heres the car by the way - https://www.blackbridgesales.com/1974-BMW-2002-Norwalk-CT-Westport-Darien-Fairfield-Fairfield/used_car/3E6D6QRa1dc%3d in case anyone wants to take a swing at it, or take a look and convince me to reconsider. thanks all!
  6. Hey Preyupy, Thanks for taking the time to respond. What you're sayin makes total sense. I guess the trick is finding one that's had a great owner. How much do you drive yours? How much maintenance year to year does it require? I just went to look at one and had the salesman tell me me expect to spend $100K on maintenance if I actually buy one.... I was quite surprised by the frankness, and the number he threw at me. Of course it sounds like your experience has been different. As for the car, it looked pretty good. NO RUST. Claimed was all original. Great interior. Looked like some oil leakage around the transmission ( he said it was from the valve cover). Saw a small coolant leak. He said it probably could use an engine rebuild. This is probably not the perfect car you are talking about.... Kinda bummed.
  7. I've recently started toying with the idea of purchasing what has long been my grail vintage car - a 2002 Turbo. Its a lot of money, and they're fairly rare. I love my cars, I drive my cars, and often something breaks. I'm concerned about the kind of maintenance that a turbo might require, as well as access to parts unique to the turbo(though I assume there is a fair amount of crossover of parts shared with the regular 2002). I am not a mechanic and do only the very minimal maintenance my self (change oil, change a bulb). I live in NYC and have yet to find a really good, trustworthy 02 mechanic over the last decade. I was hoping that you, the enthusiasts here could give me some very basic guidance on whether or not I should take this plunge. Do I go whole hog, or just let the dream die?
  8. Haven't enjoyed not having my '02 for the last month....and I didn't like coming in repping for the Alfisti. I'm an 02er first and foremost. Looking forward to the next gathering.
  9. Didn't get to meet everyone. Didn't get any donuts. Didn't get any coffee. Didn't get to bring my 02. Did get to see some awesome cars. Did get to expand my community and meet some great people. Once a year doesn't seem like enough. Good times!
  10. Hey harry, sounds like my friend is still in need. He's not one for forums and wants me to pick it up for him. How do we do this?
  11. I found another for just the cylinder for less, but know of another person who is also in need. Send me your friend’s info so I can pass it on....... seems like we’re in the middle of “the great Ignition cylinder drought of 2019!!!
  12. I'm looking for an ignition cylinder for a '69 02, and a lock for the trunk. Please let me know if you have. Thanks!
  13. My mechanic is having a hard time finding an ignition cylinder for my now immobilized vehicle. Anyone that has one, or has a lead on one please let me know. Thank you!
  14. Is the ignition tumbler still available? If so I'm interested.
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