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  1. Driving season coming to a close getting in a fall morning stretch. Ol guy antics. Jun IMG_2760.MOV
  2. Nut Dragger

    NYC '02s & Coffee


    Should I bring donuts?
  3. Well new guibo is in.... kinda... couldn’t get one trans flange bolt in... ran out of time. Now going to send old fella to my local guys at Provostt Motorsports in morning they’ll Fix my mess and make sure drive shaft alignment is good.
  4. It was mounted by Patrick @ Midnight Motorsports over a year and some change ago. Had about 8 thousand aggressive miles on it. I don’t remember details but I think he was advocate of later style mounting with all bolts in same direction. Which I guess is point to be debated.
  5. The spare I had in my trunk... LOL not sure of brand.. my mechanic buddy gave it to me.
  6. Checked my valve clearances and pulled a grenaded guibo. will mount new one tomorrow. 144D44F5-A8DA-46BC-B3B8-0BFE0F292F49.mov
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/436279306555955?view=permalink&id=1094733174043895
  8. Nice... but looks like they will stick out a bit.. or do you intended to radius tab a bit so they bend down a bit.
  9. Dusted the Ol Fella off, freshened up of the giggly bits (engine bay) and topped off all the fluids for my day trip to Maryland tomorrow. I really think I need some red hoses...
  10. I wish it was simpler for me... turns out Brake/Clutch Master Cylinders, Clutch slave and clutch cylinder pipe all had minor leaks plus replaced pads and rotors. So $600 in parts and bit more for labor... unfortunately found crack in exhaust so won’t be stomping on the binders for another week or two.
  11. I recently had similar issue... on drive to work everything seemed fine. Stopped at local coffee spot. When I pulled up to light leaving coffe shop... pedal went straight to floor. Eased to office mile or so away. No discernible leaks, but fluid was noticeably down. Add some fluid, pump pedal a few times things seem fine. Two days later front brakes are draggin like they won’t release. Take to local shop to use their lift and inspect... they have lift down so I leave car for them to check out. Long story short they mis diagnose clutch master and slave cylinder leaks as cause only to need master cylinder in end. Not happy but now I am ordering steel braided lines to complete my unplanned brake system upgrade. new brake master cylinder, Clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, clutch pipe, brake disc rotors and pads. Rmeuropean.com had everything I needed Jun
  12. Without rear bar have you considered rear floor anchor for straps? Could be option depending upon style seat you’ll be using.
  13. Wouldn’t there be an additional bar in roll cage behind seat? Running harnesses to deck lid is long reach IMO.
  14. Cleaned and oiled air filter foam, found loose filter cap on carburetor (snugged it up) re installed aux venturi started to sync carbs but thunderstorm caught me and ended today’s activities. plan to button ol boy up tomorrow or Tuesday then taking my 91yr old uncle for a spirited ride to get some ice cream.
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