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  1. Nut Dragger

    Most Important Garage Addition Ever

    Nice info to share hopefully will inspire others. I have one in car, but I really like wet blanket idea.
  2. Has that s been put in FB BMW 2002 group? i think there are guys there that may not be in faq.
  3. Nut Dragger

    Finally became a 2002 owner!

    You posted someone should teach him....LOL so I was feeling left out...
  4. Nut Dragger


    No Cup Holder Needed
  5. Nut Dragger

    Finally became a 2002 owner!

    Yo, there is a “Secret Handshake”?
  6. Signed event page so guess I gotta come now... Let me know if you need me to bring anything. Coming from about hour n half away.
  7. Nut Dragger

    NYC 02's & Coffee


    About hour n half ride to get there, but I can probably make it. Want to swap my accelerator pedal but could make it either way. Visit to Nathan’s is always a bonus when in the area. keep us posted and let me know if I can bring anything.
  8. Nut Dragger

    Ireland Engineering Forum

    Thanks folks... i will I’ll keep you posted on install Jun
  9. Nut Dragger

    MIM Alpine 7x15 et25

    Those wheels melt my butta
  10. Nut Dragger

    Ireland Engineering Forum

    Just got my pedal in mail, plan to install in next few days. Anyone have tips or added mods from their installs? My my stock set up was missing bearing on accelerator rod. so my question is where should bearing contact pedal? is bearing supposed to track within bracket or just along back of pedal with rod within bracket? Jun aka Nut Dragger
  11. Nut Dragger

    Roundie spotted in Jack Ryan Series on Amazon

    Maybe the owner had to sign a hush order...
  12. Nut Dragger

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Yeah 20% is gettin in the limo privacy range... I have 3M ceramic 30% on my truck and with black interior it’s super dark...
  13. Nut Dragger

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    Full pass through center console that is really cool... I dig my car’s console delete but I tip my hat to you.
  14. Nut Dragger

    What did you do to your 2002 today !

    So you guys with the window tint... did you spring for ceramic or just classic style film? i am thinking of doing 50% ceramic tint won’t be dark but will reduce heat in my black on black car.
  15. Nut Dragger

    Homemade exhaust manifold heat shield

    When using quality parts (wires, plugs etc) In a properly functioning car how serious is heat issue. I am running headers and full exhaust sans heat shield and have driven all day in blazing heat to no ill effect.