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  1. Greetings all. I am going back to the original air filter and am having one restored. I am looking for the left and right side brackets that attach to the manifold. Thanks Albert
  2. Greetings! Good luck on your restoration. I have to say that car looks very familiar. Was that Louie's car from L&R Auto in Brooklyn? The 4 light grille tipped me off.
  3.   refund sdent

  4. Very nice. What tires do you have on there? Im due for new rubber and have the same wheels. Looking for all season.
  5. Hi all. Trying to install my new Speedhut gps speedo and cant seem to get the wiring right. I tried to follow the step by step write up detailed here and it didnt work. Has anyone else successfully installed this speedo. Any wiring tips would be much appreciated. Best
  6. Whoa. I just noticed how old this post was.
  7. Im in Carroll Gardens. Red roundie sans molding and trim with BBS RMs. Its definitely the season for driving. I'll be out and about until maybe Jan or so.
  8. Greetings all. If anyone has one to sell please let me know. Thanks
  9. Thanks for your response. That explains their stopped communication. I requested a price quote for minor customization to one of their seats. I was was told someone would get back to me and they never did. Stefan is great at GTS but their prices are a bit higher than BF Torino. Sorry for the delayed response. I was not notified that there was a reply here. Cheers
  10. Greetings all. Was wondering anyone has dealt with BF Torino recently for seats. I was in touch with them recently but after one exchange, their communication went cold.
  11. Looking for screw on knobs for: –Blower –Lights –Wiper Or does anyone know a source for decals that can be applied to blank knobs. Thanks
  12. Greetings all. If anyone has these pieces for sale, please let me know. Thanks -instrument cluster light sockets (push and twist pieces that hold the bulbs) -seat lever grommets that attach to floor by the outer seat rail.
  13. Thanks for the info and pics. Very helpful. Those seats at look great. So plump and comfy. There looks to be some side bolster. What a difference new seat pads make. Only if they weren't so expensive. Regards Albert
  14. Greetings all. Im looking to refresh the original seats from my '71. Id like to replace the black seat trim that the headrest posts insert into with the chrome finish trim. I have noticed there are 2 sizes-10mm and 12mm. Are the posts really different by 2 mm? Also, how does one remove the trim piece from the seat. My guess is that the seat back must be removed. Lastly, there are several sources for seat pad bottoms. Can someone recommend a source based on the comfort and quality of the pad. Thanks in advance. Albert
  15. Looking for working Frigiking 3-way blower switch and frigiking center console panel. Thanks Albert
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