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  1. Euro Yellow Marchals look so good on red 2002s! Love the body mods you did, the flares and deleting the side markers, awesome!!!
  2. Fun fact about Mr. Alain de Cadenet who you chatted with, he almost won the 1975 LeMans race in a Lola. The same 1975 LeMans where a 2002 won the Touring class.
  3. I have a set of old Marchal 660 fog lights that need new rubber seals.

    Is there anyplace that makes 160mm seals?



    1. Schickentanz


      Stan, I am not aware of any source for new seals or any easy alternative.  Are your seals perished or is it just a staining issue? 



    2. Stan


      staining mostly a little bit of dryness

    3. Stan


      I just got a replacement set from Enoz and they need just a little cleaning.  I will try sof scrub



  4. That bumper (combined with deleting the side markers, license lights and rear red reflectors) really let the lines of the bodywork speak for themselves. Great choices, looks beautiful.
  5. Sadly the car was parted-out and the body shell scrapped. A sister car survives today in private hands, has the same internal spec. engine but with injection, not carbs. Some guys in Europe built a pretty good replica of the LeMans car.
  6. Schickentanz


    Anthony, congratulations on the great fabrication work! I'm biased, but I think every car looks better with fog lights. The yellow lenses really pop with the Verona red paint. Beautiful car, and thanks for posting these great photos. Cheers, Gavin
  7. On June 14th and 15th 1975 a BMW 2002 took on the greatest endurance race in the world. For the full story please see 'A BMW 2002 Takes on LeMans' in the History and Reference section of Articles. Setting off for the fuel economy run, which was a complicated prerequisite for qualifying in '75. Note the extra lights have not been installed yet. On the starting grid on Saturday afternoon. It was a hot summer day. On the grid just before the start. Note the high intensity rear red fog light and twin tanks. In the paddock before the sponsor decals were added. The TS sticker on the door indicates the 'Touring Special' class.
  8. 'Mr Toots: Dent Detective' coming soon to Velocity.....
  9. The '68 1800 looks incredible with French license plate and those Marchal 660/662 Fantastics! I'm just a sucker for period correct lights....
  10. You do all 2002 owners proud with your beautiful Koepchen car. Your period correct livery is magnificent. Bravo on your lap times, look forward to the videos. Sounds like on Sunday's video we'll only see the competition in your rear view mirror....
  11. Tour D'France Automobile Rallye Factory M12-engined rally prototype. The sister car won TS title at '75 LeMans. 1969 Rallye Monte Carlo. Spa Francorchamps, Belgium Rallye of Poland Hockenheim test day Rallye of Ireland 84 Hour race at Nürburgring Start of the 24 hour race at Nürburgring, Germany. June 1972. Nürburgring 24 hour race 1972. Keeping up with the first AMG race car, the 6.8 liter V8 'Red Sow'. 1975 24 Hours of LeMans Endurance race driver change at Hockenheim. 1966 Rallye Monte Carlo 1970 World Cup Rally. London to Mexico City. Tour D'France Automobile 1971. Dirand at the wheel. On the way to Touring Class victory at the '75 24 Hours of LeMans. Coupe des Alpes Rallye Albi, France 1971 Monthlery, France 1971. 2002s finish 1,2,3 in 'Groupe 1'. Rallye Bordeaux Sud-Ouest 1971, Gourrin drove his ti to 4th overall. Note the photo is printed backwards. 1971 Rallye De Touraine, France. Depnic in a 2002ti. The Greek Rally Acropolis, 1972. In a publicity stunt, all cars competed on Sears white wall tires.
  12. Archive photos of competition BMWs. Rallye, track, endurance racing, and hill climb cars of the early 1970s. Not a 2002, but the '70s fashion is priceless...
  13. Crumbod, 

    some photos of the Cibie Z beams I have with imperfections. 


    Light #1:  corrosion at 3 o'clock position,  corrosion at 10 o'clock



    Light #2.  Defect hard to see.  It just above where the bulb is, close-up below:



    Both lights made in France.  Glass free of cracks, H4 bulbs fitted, but untested.  Correct internal Z beam diffusers. One spare glass lens included. 






  14. Bruce, ah yes, that Franco/German thing. I hope the UN gave you a blue helmet to protect you from the flying wrenches. I wonder if that clone car will ever make a trip to America, I'd love to see it. cheers, Gavin
  15. Good points. The state of tune for qualifying versus the race would have differed. 260 would have been peak, at the crank horsepower at a full 8500 rpm with race gas. During the race the preferred redline for longevity was undoubtedly lower. The winning Gulf car had a Cosworth DFV V8 that made 410bhp and up for qualifying, but was tuned to 350- 380 bhp during the race for longevity and to meet the fuel consumption regulations.
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