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  1. Pair of ORIGINAL soft vinyl Marchal covers. Very good USED condition. Very rare 190mm ( 7") size made specifically for 880 882 889, 780 782, or 'Fantastic' 660 662 760 762 models. One color design, part number 92900922. This style and size was reproduced but in a different vinyl and with a single drain hole. These are guaranteed originals. Elastic is excellent, original removable foam smells musty. Questions welcomed, what Marchal lights are your running and on what BMW? $155 shipped within the USA only please.
  2. Inside the lights will be paper stickers with the the poduction dates of the stainless steel housing and of the reflector/glass assembly. The code gives the week and year. Opening the light is simple.
  3. Fun fact about Mr. Alain de Cadenet who you chatted with, he almost won the 1975 LeMans race in a Lola. The same 1975 LeMans where a 2002 won the Touring class.
  4. I have a set of old Marchal 660 fog lights that need new rubber seals.

    Is there anyplace that makes 160mm seals?



    1. Schickentanz


      Stan, I am not aware of any source for new seals or any easy alternative.  Are your seals perished or is it just a staining issue? 



    2. Stan


      staining mostly a little bit of dryness

    3. Stan


      I just got a replacement set from Enoz and they need just a little cleaning.  I will try sof scrub



  5. That bumper (combined with deleting the side markers, license lights and rear red reflectors) really let the lines of the bodywork speak for themselves. Great choices, looks beautiful.
  6. Schickentanz


    Anthony, congratulations on the great fabrication work! I'm biased, but I think every car looks better with fog lights. The yellow lenses really pop with the Verona red paint. Beautiful car, and thanks for posting these great photos. Cheers, Gavin
  7. 'Mr Toots: Dent Detective' coming soon to Velocity.....
  8. Crumbod, 

    some photos of the Cibie Z beams I have with imperfections. 


    Light #1:  corrosion at 3 o'clock position,  corrosion at 10 o'clock



    Light #2.  Defect hard to see.  It just above where the bulb is, close-up below:



    Both lights made in France.  Glass free of cracks, H4 bulbs fitted, but untested.  Correct internal Z beam diffusers. One spare glass lens included. 






  9. Thank you, these are sold. I have other similar lights and covers available.
  10. still available, still NOS! Also have a pair without covers for less money....
  11. I have these 162 soft vinyl covers with removable foam inserts. They are in good used condition, clean but with a little wear. Period correct and very rare. 7" diameter. Cheers, Gavin
  12. Pair of Marchal 810 fog lights. NOS in boxes. Polished stainless steel with yellow glass. 810 is the fog/cornering model. Pair of soft vinyl covers, NOS in original package. 5.75" lights with 6" covers. H3 bulbs included. Mounting bolts have 90 degrees of adjustment. Almost 50 years old but still like new. Just like your BMW..... $305 plus $19 shipping from New York to US addresses only. Please see my article on period-correct lights in the 'Electrical' section of 'Technical Articles'.
  13. SOLD SOLD SOLD Pair of Cibié 45 fog lights. 7" diameter, depth of 2". H3 bulbs. Very good used condition with NOS covers. Stainless steel housings are dent free. Yellow fog light glass is free of cracks. European design covers are genuine NOS. Complete with wiring and mounting hardware. Mounting bolt has 105 degrees of adjustment. Period correct for all 2002s. $225 plus $15 shipping from New York to US addresses only please.
  14. SOLD, thank you, going on a member's 1972.

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