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  1. Schickentanz

    1975 LeMans stickers & 1973

    Original stickers from the '75 LeMans and the '73 Castrol Challenge. $10 each mailed within the USA only please. All the stickers are self adhesive and go on the outside of glass or bodywork. Gitanes cigarettes were the main sponsor in '75. ONE SOLD, 1 remaining. Europe1 is a radio station. ONE SOLD, 2 remaining. The Automobile Club of the West are the organizers of the LeMans 24 hour race. 2.5" round, rare. Castrol is SOLD Ten bucks each Classic ACO logo on transparent background. 2.5" diameter. Self adhesive, goes on outside of glass. 2.5" x 7" Gitanes stickers were given out free along with free packs of cigarettes. 3"x7.5" Really nicely printed, crisp LeMans logo in metallic silver, yellow and blue. Of course you would listen to Europe1 while at the track.... SOLD 3"x9" rare sticker, great stylized 2002.
  2. Fun fact about Mr. Alain de Cadenet who you chatted with, he almost won the 1975 LeMans race in a Lola. The same 1975 LeMans where a 2002 won the Touring class.
  3. Schickentanz

    1973 racing decals ORIGINAL

    Original race stickers for your racing BMW. Self adhesive, go on outside of bodywork or glass. Original backing paper. Not copies or scans. 'Correct' German printed Bilstein 9"x5" 'Rare' French printed Marchal 11" x 2" 'Super rare' Castrol French touring car race series 9" x 3" $20 each or all 5 for $80. Mailed within the US only please.
  4. Schickentanz

    1972 Marchal yellow DRIVING lights NOS

    Okay, got my plane ticket to Monterey, now I need to sell these before I tell my wife I bought the plane ticket...
  5. Schickentanz

    1972 Marchal yellow DRIVING lights NOS

    These awesome lights still need a new home and I need the money to buy a plane ticket to Legends of the Autobahn in August, see you there!
  6. Schickentanz

    Rear Bumper installation

    That bumper (combined with deleting the side markers, license lights and rear red reflectors) really let the lines of the bodywork speak for themselves. Great choices, looks beautiful.
  7. Schickentanz

    1968 69 Marchal spot lights

    These lights are sold, they have found a perfect period-correct home with a 1600.
  8. Schickentanz

    1968 69 Marchal spot lights

    Enoz, I think because the headlight is 7" of glass area and the Marchals are 7" diameter total, but the glass area is only 6.25" that they appear slightly smaller. It also depends a little bit on the angle of the photo. The fog lights here are the 1965-69 'starburst' 660/760 design. If anyone is looking to replicate this 4 light look I have perfect fogs available for $460. these are early 660 glass design fog lights but the same size 7" 'Fantastics'. Used on many '60s Ferraris costing millions. cheers, Gavin
  9. Schickentanz

    1968 69 Marchal spot lights

    Rob, great question! Apologies for not including that important information! You are totally correct, they are 7" diameter. cheers, Gavin
  10. Schickentanz

    1968 69 Marchal spot lights

    SOLD SOLD Pair of original Marchal 'Fantastic' 662 762 long distance (spot) lights with H1 bulb option and rare yellow bulb covers. H1 bulbs were offered 1965-1969. Perfect for your early 2002 or 1600. Chromed steel housings and bezels are very good. Only minor imperfections in the finish on the back side, hard to spot when installed. Bezels are free of any dents, even the trim pieces at the top are free of dings or wear. Silvered reflectors are excellent, these are very effective lights. 12 volt 55 w H1 bulbs included but you can fit higher wattage bulbs if desired. Glass is perfect. Complete with all factory wiring and mounting bolt hardware. Bolt has 105 degrees of adjustment. Immaculate and ready to install. Ready for Legends, see you there! $260 plus $15 shipping within the USA only please. This is the best deal on 'Fantastics' anywhere. A matching pair of perfect fog lights is available for $460. Thanks for looking.... As used at the 1969 Rallye Monte Carlo.
  11. Schickentanz

    1972 Marchal yellow DRIVING lights NOS

    these powerful lights are still looking for a good home on the nose of a 2002......
  12. Schickentanz

    Marchal FOG lights

    Thanks for your interest Matt, but those are sold. Are you looking for yellow glass 810 fog lights in particular? Next time I come across some I will contact you. cheers, Gavin
  13. Schickentanz

    Marchal yellow FOGS 1974 NOS

    SOLD! Going on a Pastellblau beauty.....
  14. Marchal 709 IODE Starlux DRIVING lights with Euro yellow glass. 8" diameter light. These are the biggest lights Marchal made. Use H2 bulbs, which are inexpensive and available up to 100 watts to melt the asphalt. Bulbs not included. The driving light lens design is a hybrid of fog and spot light. NOS, never on a car before. Factory painted steel housings and chrome bezels. Mounting bolt has 105 degrees of adjustment and the hot wire goes through the bolt for a very clean installation. Production date of the 16th week of 1972. Kooglewerks makes a bracket for bumper-less late models which would be perfect for these. $240 plus $15 shipping from NYC within the USA only please.
  15. Schickentanz

    43rd Anniversary - 2002ti victory at LeMans!

    Sadly the car was parted-out and the body shell scrapped. A sister car survives today in private hands, has the same internal spec. engine but with injection, not carbs. Some guys in Europe built a pretty good replica of the LeMans car.