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  1. Pair of ORIGINAL soft vinyl Marchal covers. Very good USED condition. Very rare 190mm ( 7") size made specifically for 880 882 889, 780 782, or 'Fantastic' 660 662 760 762 models. One color design, part number 92900922. This style and size was reproduced but in a different vinyl and with a single drain hole. These are guaranteed originals. Elastic is excellent, original removable foam smells musty. Questions welcomed, what Marchal lights are your running and on what BMW? $155 shipped within the USA only please.
  2. Inside the lights will be paper stickers with the the poduction dates of the stainless steel housing and of the reflector/glass assembly. The code gives the week and year. Opening the light is simple.
  3. Euro Yellow Marchals look so good on red 2002s! Love the body mods you did, the flares and deleting the side markers, awesome!!!
  4. Set of four Marchal 5.75" headlights for E9 or NK sedans, Bavaria etc. 2 low/high beam with H4 bulbs & 2 high beam with H1 bulbs. Excellent used condition, glass & silvering is great. Complete with bulbs & dust boots. Made in France in 1974/75. 2 have small dents in the backs but will not effect beam. The difference between these & sealed beam lights is night & day. Immaculate, complete & ready to install. Use same 3 prong & 2 prong connectors as sealed beams, plug & play, your wiring was designed to support these Euro lights. Period correct. $160 (shipping included) from NYC to US addresses only please. Thanks for looking.
  5. 1974 plate is SOLD, thank you.
  6. Original aluminum rally plate from the 1973 Rallye Lozere, a regional rally that counts toward the national championship of France. There were always many BMW entries. The Rallye Lozere is still run today through the twisting mountain passes of Southern France. Also have one plate from 1976. 1974 is SOLD. Standard 18" x 8" size. Beautifully made embossed aluminum plates are screen-printed & have only the original mounting holes. The 1976 plate has competitor number 161, the others were unissued. Made by Kroma in France. Perfect for your rally car build or plate collection. $125 each (delivery included) from New York to US addresses only please. Thanks for looking.
  7. No covers. Reproduction covers were available but I haven't come across any in a while. Original covers are very rare and I'm always hunting.
  8. Pair of original Marchal 'Fantastic' 660/760 fog lights. 7" diameter. This 'starburst' 760 glass was an update of the 660 Fantastic style originally introduced in 1955. This second version was produced 1965-1969, perfect for your Neue Klasse 2 or 4 door. As used on the 1969 Rallye Monte Carlo. Very good used condition. Chromed steel, made in France. Glass lenses are like new with zero road rash. Silver plated reflectors (most important for function) are excellent. Correct internal 'cat eye' diffusers produce a low and wide beam. Totally complete with NOS 12 volt yellow bulbs, wiring and factory mounting bolt hardware. Mount has 105 degrees of adjustment. Tiny imperfections in chrome on the backs of the housings, will not be seen when installed and impossible to photograph. Chrome bezels around glass have no dents or dings. Immaculate and ready to install. $295 includes shipping within the US only please. Questions welcomed.
  9. Just had this same issue with the same symptoms. It was the low mileage 12 year old tires. Looked fine from exterior inspection, on the inside the rubber was separating from the belts.
  10. NOS pair of SEV Marchal 810 FOG lights with covers in boxes (810 is fog, 812 is spot, 819 is driving). Production date of 1972. 5.75" diameter. Polished French stainless steel (INOX). These will never rust. Very minor storage scuffs on backs but totally free of dings or dents. Yellow glass & silvered reflectors are like new, brand new Sylvania 55 watt H3 bulbs. These are the nicest 810s I've come across in a while. 810 fogs were introduced in 1969/70 and made for over a decade. Perfect factory wiring and complete with all mounting hardware. Mount bolt has 105 degrees of adjustment. Immaculate, complete & ready to install. $325 plus $18 shipping with the USA only please or Canada for a little more. Christmas present for your 02 (or yourself) ? Thanks for looking...
  11. 'Bugeye' Subaru Impreza WRX 2002-03, AWD, 5 speed, turbo, buckets of fun.
  12. Pair of original Marchal 660/760 fog lights is excellent preserved condition. Made in France the 19th week of 1967. This exact style was made from 1964-69. Rare stainless steel versions. Wait it gets better.... factory H1 bulbs option! It gets better....European yellow internal bulb covers! 7" Marchal Fantastics were made up until 1969 but were used into the '80s because the use of H1 bulbs was way ahead of the time. These are the very first lights to ever use H1 bulbs, which Marchal invented, and H1 bulbs are still widely used today and easy to find. Marchal first offered H1 Fantastics in 1964. Stainless steel Fantastics were the most expensive, more than the chrome or painted versions. This beautiful pair is in great shape. Glass and reflectors are excellent. Brand new Philips 'Vision' 55 watt bulbs. The internal yellow cover produces the yellow beam which is best in foggy conditions. The yellow cover is painted with the cat eye diffuser pattern which produces the wide, low beam. Modern performance with period-correct looks. I use the exact same lights on my '66. The polished stainless steel housings and bezels are in great shape, the bezels have tiny imperfections which my camera can't pick up and are just as hard to notice in person. One image shows the internal INOX stamp, the French word for stainless steel, you may have seen INOX on French knives. The trim pieces at the 12 o'clock position, which usually get dented, are perfect! Factory wiring and mounting hardware, which allows for 105 degrees of adjustment. Totally complete, immaculate, and ready to install. $285 plus $22 shipping within the US of A only please. Yes, the cool stickers are included. Thanks for reading all of this...
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