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  1. There were lots of different steering wheels offered by BMW during the 68 to 73 timeframe for the 02. It seems that most of them have been pictured and discussed previously in this thread. For some of us the factory bus wheels look right for an 02 and there are certainly lots of good OEM choices. One of my favorites is the wood rim Sport Wheel variant that came standard on the 1600 ti. It has the Bauhaus good looks of the slotted steel three spoke pleather rim 2002 ti wheel with the big center horn pad combined with the old school charm of a pretty wood rim that makes this bus wheel a good choice for a short-bumper 02
  2. BMW 2002 ti wheel ID Manufacturer: KPZ Size: 5Jx13 Date stamp: 6 70
  3. Here is the Sport Wheel with a smooth horn pad, original "pleather" covering and metal open spokes. The sales brochures for all years of 2002ti show this variation but perhaps only the early cars were actually equipped with the smooth horn pad.
  4. Is that the driving lamp switch in the center of the lower dash? Remarkably original interior.
  5. Yes that is the very memorable 1600 ti - Turf and Black with really w-I-d-e Limmers and pig cheeks. Oink👍
  6. The paint scheme must have been inspired by the beautiful and historic 1600 ti vintage race car in this same very cool Turf Green and Black livery. Can't load a pic but it will show up on a web search. Good luck!
  7. Scheel race bucket 67/68 as seen on passenger side of Alpina renn 2002 Ti in the image
  8. Very early Scheel circa 66/67 pulled from an early 1600 in Cali
  9. Mix of Recaro race bucket and Scheel recliner
  10. In terms of quality of restoration be mindful that Seller spent $ to redo the failed Oldenzaal paint job on one entire side of the car. Perhaps safest to consider this a commercial grade paint and body restoration on a story car with non matching block and wrong interior - but certainly photogenic in Riviera.
  11. Jason Here are the factory jetting specs for the Weber 45 DCOE 15/16 sidedrafts on the 165DIN ALPINA Spezial Motor. But, as you say, these are guidelines only for other engines. Best to keep a sharp eye on plug color and an ear out for pinging if the mixture leans out somewhere in the fuel curve. Too fat is better than too lean! Perhaps useful for your tuning guide.
  12. Here is the ALPINA factory dyno sheet for the 2.0 Spezial Motor with 300* Cam, big valves, hemispherical combustion chamber head, 10.5 CR, and rally air cleaner/exhaust. In a letter signed by Herr Pagel it is specified that the timing is 34* at 4,500 RPM. O
  13. We used to stay in Pacific Grove - motels, B&Bs - on the other end of Del Monte Drive from Carmel. Check out Victorian Corner in PG for breakfast before heading out to LS
  14. This mage shows the Alpina description of the RA 1 kit in their Chassis and Brakes catalog ca 1973.
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