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  1. Bought a new 2002 in Oct '69 from Dieter (his partners were Harald and Walter) at Great Neck Import. About 20,000 miles and 18 months later the factory shocks were changed to Koni.
  2. Alpina rosewood knob on Tom Goddard's period hot rod, built from parts supplied by Motortech, and next the BMW factory knob supplied on a 2002 CR equipped car. Dan we all wish we had your choices to make...
  3. Bought this off the parts shelf from Phil at Alpina dealer Motortech in Silver Spring in '72. Couple things to note: 1. tabs on both ends are drilled for two mounting screws each 2. front has no notch Dan I see on the image you posted that your dash has the RIB properly notched to accommodate an unnotched original gauge panel. It would look good to use an OEM dash clock in the normal tii location and a three gauge Alpina panel. And maybe re-use the shift pattern appliqué that was on the dash to fill the screw holes if nothing else. But if there is a four hole gauge shaddow on the dash then use the four hole. To me it looks like the three gauge was on there. i would try to recreate how it was most likely configured when that beautiful Verona left Bovensiepen's.
  4. Combined with an OEM dash clock in the factory Alpina race 2002ti
  5. A 74 German market 02! with dogleg delivered new to Bovensiepen's had the Allpina rosewood shift knob and no stencil. Perhaps Bovensiepen figured that if you knew enough to buy an Alpina you could certainly remember your shift pattern👌
  6. The beautiful Golf for sale on E9 is showing pending.,But take a look.
  7. Julio Nice Personal 360 with leather ! Thanks
  8. Very hard to find a good Turks and this has a matching engine. Needs proper 2002 side grills and a trapezoid mirror. Thankfully the owner did not shave the DOT side markers to make it look Euro and there are no unsightly non original accessory lamps up front. Re-do the seat centers with Black/White houndstooth (or black vinyl basket weave) and this tii will look uncontroversial. Not as good overall as a total package perhaps as the recent Ceylon on BaT that went to Monterrey but Turkis is to many an eye a real jaw dropper, a top shelf 1970s candy store color that melts the retina far better than Ceylon. Those bolt on easy fixes listed above plus a set of FPS or properly date coded five inch tii wheels and an engine detail would make this a winner. IMHO Has anyone had a look?
  9. Beautiful Baur! Best in Realm in my book. Looks like a frosty day-perfect weather for manly top down motoring. Any more pics?
  10. Better to fix than just squirrel it away! Besides that interesting and old school repair tag from the rad shop in Memphis placed on the top tank it also has the BMW build date and part number. It's the Rosetta Stone of your '02.
  11. Nothing better than a short bumper Polaris '02!
  12. Steve I've had that photo for 25 years but never recognized how the enlarged forward air box bracket of the 1600ti differed from the more familiar 2002ti mounting brackets until your initial post in this thread. Here is a nice image of a clean 2002ti example to illustrate the difference:
  13. This Polaris has a black interior. Is it likely that it came with black rather than the usual Polaris/Blue combination?

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