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  1. Here is a snap of my late 69 circa 1973 - the rear Alpina flares had already been ruined in a rear ender and replaced with ones made from VW bug fenders. Campy 7x13...
  2. Here is an unused one that came from Maximillian in the early 90s. I like how the one being sold by MikeG looks - nicely smoothed down from use.
  3. All dressed out in Verona with Gennie trim but hey Wes, it’s dropped on H&Rs. So the perennial question remains: Wes, Billy sports or HDs?
  4. Interesting: The car has the center clamp for the front lid but early style rockers without trim molding and a baldy cam cover.
  5. Inka Orange on a 2002 is the magic color.
  6. When I first went to the dealer to buy a new 2002 in September 1969 they were sold out. That's right, they did not have a single car to sell. About two weeks later when they received an allotment of five cars from Hoffman, Dieter phoned me and I went over right away to pick out my new car from among those five. The 2002s were in tight supply and the next allotment was weeks away. The cars were still in the service area in the back and the tiny one car capacity showroom out front was still empty. The mechanics were busy preppping the cars when Dieter accompanied me to make a selection. Only one of the five cars had a sunroof and that was the one I picked. But not a one of them had a radio installed yet. I picked a Blaupunkt AM FM from among the various models offered and the $100 plus charge was added to the total price when Dieter wrote up the sale. Remember, in those days a Blaupunkt was an exotic item as we had all grown up with AM only Philco and Delco radios in our Fords and Chevys. I loved my new 2002 but the expensive Blaupunkt never worked properly. That lovely 02 was parted out in the early 90s. But I still have the darn radio.
  7. A metal eyelet is included in the kit to guide the fuel line from the fuel pump.
  8. JGerock may be interested in the hose clamps here. They clamp the end of the bellows to a rubber donut that encircles each air horn. The long, angled metal air horns are out of the Weber parts book and funnel air to the carbs using BMW 1600ti rubber bellows. The other end of each rubber bellows connects to the air can.
  9. Fuel lines are fabric covered and have crimped metal ends attaching them to the Weber banjo fittings. The T shaped nylon inlet fitting that feeds gas from the line from the fuel pump acts to split fuel supply to the carbs.
  10. Here is another post for Alpina-AO who inquired about the firewall bracket in the Alpina kit. There are two brackets that are included in the kit. One mounts to the firewall and the other mounts between the two 40DCOEs and acts to center and guide the cable to linkage joining the throttle shafts.
  11. This post is for Alpina-AO. The throttle linkage included in this kit is the original Alpina cable set up. Here are some images of the hardware on the two end sections of the throttle cable. The overall length of the cable is shown against the tape measure and is just slightly longer than 27 inches.
  12. To follow are some detailed pics of a March 1971 Alpina Weber kit for BMW 1600-2. The intake manifolds are 1600ti parts and have casting dates from 1968. Note the carburetors are both the Weber TIPO 40DCOE19. Serial numbers 9702 front and 10586 rear.
  13. "Any suspension will work as long as you don't let it." Ken Miles Alpina 2002ti track set up at work on a right hand sweeper.
  14. 1966 Caribe 1600 with lots of original"surface" ...but very little paint. Only a thin oxidized layer remained on the lids but almost none on the roof where it had been rubbed for 54 years right through the paint and primer down to metal.
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