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  1. Flunder

    Mounting Cibie Oscars

    Side pieces made from flat stock and mount same as bumper brackets and joined by a length of round stock with tabs welded on to mount Oscars.
  2. Flunder

    Wiring harness tape

    Example of early wiring loom wrap
  3. Flunder

    Old air horn came with A4

    Lars Thanks for solving what has been a mystery to me for 35 years! Best regards
  4. Flunder

    Old air horn came with A4

    I suspected it was meant to be mounted somehow at or near the. radiator support panel on the end of the flex hose to feed the air box. Spun aluminum anodized black,
  5. Back in the early 80s Miller & Norburn sold me an A4 with the nice cast alloy air cleaner box. This air horn came in the kit. The multi butterfly went onto my tii (long gone) but this was left over. Has anyone seen one like like before? Maybe it was for use on a 320i and not tii?
  6. Flunder

    Can someone ID These Wheels?

    Maybe the Nissan design team was inspired by this early Campy 5 1/2x13 for BMW 1600 2002
  7. Flunder

    Canadian ti owners

    Andrew This is the OEM shift knob for a 235/5 as shown in the 2002TI brochure. i believe the shift knob is still available. This one came from Maximillian in the 90s. The hand written part number on it is: 23 41 1 666 170
  8. Hi Sebastian do you have a good 68-70 style instrument panel to go with this? Tom
  9. Flunder

    2002Ti Info Thread

    BMW 2002 TI brochure
  10. 1968 polaris 1600ti 1969 malaga 2002ti
  11. This is a late '66 dash with the clock replaced with an early Gossen tachometer.
  12. Not just Haan, MG Mitten; ALPINA too.
  13. The artwork for the BMW roundel on this Personal horn button appears similar to that on the plastic insert on the Personal shift knob.
  14. Flunder

    early Alpina carbs

    Actually Bovensiepen's racing experience convinced him to use the center pull cable linkage as the most reliable. i like the feel of the OEM BMW ti linkage better but that view was not shared at Buchloe where their thinking aligned with the old endurance racer's mantra "in order to finish first you must first finish."
  15. Flunder

    early Alpina carbs

    Here is a used but complete Alpina kit like the one in the publicity photo with a pair of Solex sidedraft 40 and the neat one piece intake for 3 Series. The kit survived intact.