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  1. Flunder

    Ti clock tribute

    Wonderful! Would love to see this installed on the dash in a follow up post.
  2. Flunder


    Ti pistons Alpina 300 Sport cam Alpina big valve special 121ti head Weber 40 DCOE on ti manifolds Alpina 4-2-1 header Alpina red dot struts and inverted shocks Alpina progressive rate springs Alpina adjustable sway bars F&R Alpina 4 wheel vent disc brakes CS master cylinder ZF 3.64 75 pct locking limited slip Quick steering box Getrag CR 235/5 transmission Alpina hard rubber bushings Alpina boxed trailing arms with lowered spring perches Alpina three spoke Momo black anodize Alpina four gauge instrument pod Alpina rosewood shift knob Campagnolo 7x13 elektron wheels Alpina pig cheek flares Recaro race bucket and sport seat 20 years/135,000 miles
  3. Model: Racing Magnesium Diameter: 13 Width: 8 Offset: unk Type: Aftermarket Country: England
  4. Also: check rubber fuel line for cracks, splits or perforation as they will suck air.
  5. Conserv Thanks for reminding me that Anders02 posted the early sales brochures on his great 66 Bible. I took a look at the engine compartment photos and they seem to confirm a few details of what properly should be omitted: 1. No wiring loom metal clips mounted by acorn nuts on cam cover to route ignition wires 2. No under the bonnet insulation pads 3. No paint code sticker next to VIN plate i tried in vain to get a copy of the engine image cropped and downloaded...
  6. Thank you for all the feedback. Mike, TobyB: the VIN is low 151xxxx Jerry, Paul: will work on getting the German hose clamp, black upper strut covers, paper summer/winter hose and silver wiper blades Mark; agree the upper radiator hose with the bulge is an interesting piece on the early cars; anyone have a extra one? Simeon; will get more photos from different angles. Does anyone have a a factory engine compartment photo? Image here is a restored 150xxxx series car. Thanks again to jgerock, BeMyWay et al.
  7. Welcoming all feedback on improving the originality aspect of this early engine compartment. Production date is mid-December '66. Please feel free to provide detailed feedback, for even the smallest detail(s). Parts Paint colors Hardware Finishes Wiring Stickers and tags All of it! Thanks to all for the help.
  8. The owner should clean clean clean and then clean it some more... and then offer it on BaT. It is just too special a car for eBay...
  9. Wonder if negative camber plates would help to slightly move the top inwards a skosh and away from the lip in front?
  10. Looked up the VeteranCompany at 620 Gladys in Los Angeles. This looks like a great resource. Lots of glowing testimonials and reviews...thank you for the reply!
  11. Mike Thank you for the link! The Keyston RCH595 material looks like a very good match for the color and gives a correct appearance . Did a local upholsterer sew the covers? Did you fit new horsehair pads? That is really nice, straight, clean work on the seats in your 1600. I would like to get mine done by the same upholsterer if possible. Please pm details. Did your early dash have the area ready to cut for a ti clock? Looks good. Have you fitted a console? Here is a pic of the console with three band Blaupunkt (ivory push buttons!) in the Caribe car. Thanks again; much appreciated.
  12. This Caribe 1600 survivor could use some attention to its front and rear seats. It is a German delivery car from Dec 1966 production and has the two tone seats: black vinyl bolsters with gray cloth inserts, as was standard for Caribe. The cloth panels have pretty much reached the end of their service life and really should be replaced. Does anyone have a recommendation for the most suitable replacement material and a source for the yardage? i understand that the original gray cloth is no longer available. It looks to. be the same as used in similar vintage NK sedans. Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
  13. Definitely it is simply NOT worth getting involved with any car that rusty. You will be very very sorry to waste your money on that one. Be patient and only look at running driving cars with little to no rust. Fried paint on a dry car is OK but rust buckets are off limits. Again, be patient. My advice: Find a small bumper car with round tail lights in its original color. That will be something you can spend money on and not get killed when it comes time to sell.
  14. Agree, there are iterations and styles of genuine ALPINA 02s to suit many different tastes and give builders like Alan717 lots of options. And even very early, narrow body cars can play. This narrow 66/67 1600 shown in the pits at Nurburgring works for me. note BMW ALPINA lettering above RR tail lamp. Son of Marty: did the Otestrand call at the AWS facility in Tacoma?
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