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  1. AlfaBMWGuy

    NMNA 1972 2002

    So the seller in Oregon deserves some of the credit as well for cleaning up the car. Pity they didn't put that effort in before originally listing it on Craigslist so potential buyers had a better idea of the condition. Of course that benefited your friend in being the buyer, but for whatever reason he didn't keep it long before passing it along. I see that he deleted the Craigslist ad so apparently he was able to sell it quickly. Not too surprising for a sharp looking roundie (other than door panels) for under $15K. -Gary
  2. AlfaBMWGuy

    1976 2002 / Floating it out there

    I used this website to convert your original 3 .HEIC files to JPG:
  3. AlfaBMWGuy

    1976 2002 / Floating it out there

    I ran the three .HEIC files through a website that does jpeg conversion and here they are below. As far as advice for acquiring a garage queen, I think the price range you are looking at based on this purchase may be low for where the market is now. You seem to be fine with a big bumper, square tail light car and that should save you some money, but I'd still expect to spend $20K for a garage queen and $25K as a starting point for a roundie, maybe even $30K for one in equivalent condition to your $20K square tail light '02. Buying sight unseen on eBay is a huge risk as you've found. Remember, JohnPeter is very close to if not actually a bot that only finds 2002s on eBay, posts a single picture and a link. He's not someone who knows that these aren't complete scams for instance or otherwise contributes to the FAQ. BringATrailer adds more rigor with the number of pictures and usually added detail on the vehicle history and then lots of vetting (good and bad) in the questions and other feedback in the auction comments. You are more likely to have a positive experience on BaT, but it's still not a small risk if you are buying without seeing the car in person.
  4. AlfaBMWGuy

    NMNA 1972 2002

    Your friend did a nice job cleaning this car up. I remember it on Craigslist out of Powell Butte, Oregon last fall. It was so dirty that you really couldn't determine the condition of the paint or even if it was rust-free. The only items that detract from what I see are the custom door panels, overspray under the hood, and missing chrome overlays on the side grilles getting really picky. I do know there are typical cracks in the dash under the mat from the original Craigslist listing as well. The upholstery looks a bit off to me as well for a '72. The car has some history in Alaska as well based on the plates in the pictures when listed in Oregon. Your friend is passing it along at a really fair price as well. Unless he stole it for much less than the asking price, he appears just to be asking to be compensated for his own effort and expenses in retrieving it and bringing it to the current state. Here are some pics from the Oregon Craigslist listing last October:
  5. AlfaBMWGuy

    Early 2002 switches

    Those are Modell 71 switches (April 1971 and onward) and not Pre-71 (prior to the April 1971 facelift) as you indicated in your title. -Gary
  6. AlfaBMWGuy

    02 flasher + wiper relay

    I will take the flasher relay. Sending PM. -Gary
  7. I will take both the round shift boot and the parking brake boot. Sending you a PM. Thanks, Gary
  8. AlfaBMWGuy

    2002 sighting on Craigslist

    Ha, I sent him an email and got the exact same reply at 2:58pm Pacific time this afternoon. Since we are both in WA state, it's hard not to make a quick inquiry on things like that.
  9. AlfaBMWGuy

    What paint code is my car?

    Looks like a fun little '02 touring. Best of luck. You should put your location in your profile, but colour vs. color and bonnet instead of hood were other hints. -Gary
  10. AlfaBMWGuy

    What paint code is my car?

    Ah, so you really are looking to match the current color. Score one for @Simeon and myself, but we just got lucky in trying to interpret your original question. Definitely it's not a color that was original to the 2002. The metallic blues were Fjord, Baikal, and Arktisblau, and none of those are close. As far as a later BMW color, that was my thinking with Estoril. Any chance it is Avus blue, another popular E36 generation color that's a shade or two darker than Estoril? People tend to gravitate to the popular shades of the day when they repaint and they don't care about keeping it original. So if you knew when it was repainted, that could help--at least you would know that it wasn't a BMW color newer than the repaint year . It looks really close to that blue Mini in the background of your first pic. Since you appear to be in the UK (plates and RHD), any chance it is an Austin or other UK manufacturer factory color?
  11. AlfaBMWGuy

    2002 sighting on Craigslist

    I think Lucian is asking about the rubber faced "knee line" trim, by his phrase "horizontal door bumper guard". That's factory world-wide on all "model 71" 2002s of course. Maybe the low resolution pic he enlarged was throwing him off since he's not a 2002 newbie.
  12. AlfaBMWGuy

    What paint code is my car?

    I was assuming he was looking for the current color it was painted, as was @Simeon. But, re-reading the original post, I can see where it can also be interpreted as him wanting the original color and not caring about the current color. Only the OP knows for sure and he didn't recognize that his question was ambiguous.
  13. AlfaBMWGuy

    What paint code is my car?

    It's impossible to be sure with pictures posted on the internet because there are a number of factors, related to both the camera and its settings as well as the video card, monitor, and the highly variable configuration of those on the viewing end, that can make it appear different than real life. But, estoril blue was a really popular repaint color for all BMWs in the later 1990s after it came out on E36 models: Yours appears a bit darker, but it's never a perfect match either when it's not the factory shooting the paint.
  14. AlfaBMWGuy

    2002 sighting on Craigslist

    This should be a bit higher resolution than what was posted by the OP. You have to click on the Craigslist photos to get the resolution they were uploaded with by the seller. Click on the photo I uploaded below to get the full resolution, significantly better than the OP version.
  15. Thanks for all the great advice guys and hopefully this was helpful to the OP as well. I too am a devout believer in Steve @BLUNT and have spent more than I care to add up there in the last couple years to bring my '02 back to where it should be mechanically after buying it from the original owner in 2017. I know that IE specifically developed their stage 1 springs to match the Bilstein HDs so I'm sure that's better than I could ever do myself by ad hoc mixing and matching. I'm thinking of switching my Alfa Giulia Super over to Koni reds (which is a popular option for those Alfas for a ride that's softer than Bilstein's, but still sporty) and if I do that and like what it does for the ride there, I might consider the same for my '02. Sounds like going to H&R's with the Koni's would make for a good match to go a full step softer with the setup than what I'm running now. Given the Bilstein shortage that was starting just as I bought mine (had to switch my order from another vendor to @BLUNT to get around the backorder), I know I could always sell them on as lightly used. -Gary