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  1. Bump for auction ending tomorrow, Black Friday, at 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern. Happy Thanksgiving to all! -Gary
  2. I debated with myself whether to include the wheels in the auction given I had original steelies with good hubcaps and newer tires on those as well--whether the end result would be enough to justify not selling the Ruspas separately or just keeping them for a while (I'm sure like most of us, I'll be back in an '02 at some point and I really love the look and uniqueness of the Ruspas). But, they are getting a lot of positive auction comments so I think it was the right move to include them. This is my 3rd 2002 (2nd '71 but the first wasn't a pre-71 like the Granada and then a '74 tii) and I've owned 4 E30s as the spiritual successor to the 2002. -Gary
  3. Yep, I'm a 5-hour drive from Boise Idaho in the dry eastern side of Washington state, but this was the 2nd original owner older BMW (the other is an E30 318is) I bought from there in the last decade. It's a great hidden gem for finding well-preserved cars and because it's not the Seattle or Portland area (also nice to not have the rain in those places), I was able to get a shot at it before being snapped up by a local. I found the original folding key in a one of those magnetic hide-a-key boxes that had fallen under the trunk panel over the gas tank. Even the original owner had no idea it still existed. Unfortunately he did not keep the original window sticker--that would have been the cherry on top for provenance. He got the car over 100K miles in just 4 years as a small business owner who had a printing service so I'm sure he was picking up and dropping off jobs all over the Boise area. After that the miles racked up more slowly to the 172K total now. -Gary
  4. This is my 2002 guys. Since 2017 I've asked a few questions on the FAQ (and did a ton of searches) to help with bringing it back to what it should be and greatly appreciate all the advice. It started as a good-bones car that was highly original, but hadn't been in regular use since the 1980s. The original owner was 25 when he bought the car new and 71 when he sold it to me out of Boise, Idaho. I completed what I call a sympathetic restoration over 3 years that primarily addressed mechanicals, but crossed over to some of the cosmetics inside and out as well. My purchases from FAQ sellers is where the most money was spent in a single place by adding that all up vs. other sources--the Ruspa wheels being the single biggest FAQ board purchase (I'm glad to see some really are liking those from the BaT comments). Right behind FAQ purchases was BluntTech with a ton of help from Steve. Please feel free to ask me questions if you are interested in the car. I'm letting Jason at Denwerks handle replies to auction comments/questions to avoid confusing people. I previously had Jason sell an immaculate BMW M Coupe a couple years ago where I was helping a family member and that turned out to be a real positive experience given how thoroughly and honestly represents the cars he sells. In the coming days he'll post a comprehensive video going over the entire car like he does for all of his auctions. Thanks, Gary
  5. What??? Next thing you'll be telling us the guy in your avatar is not you and a guy no one has heard of named Jackson Browne instead...
  6. Congrats Steve on that FAQ charity raffle win! 😊
  7. I will take the air cleaner box if you can send me a closeup of the top cover and it's as clean as it looks in terms of no rust or significant scratches in the paint. I'd take the rubber bellows attached to it and the rubber hose at the bottom as well if you are throwing those in for the $20 rather than separating those. PM me the total shipped to 99353 and your PayPal address. oops: looks like "tii bimmer" claimed the air box a couple hours ago. He's got dibs over me. Thanks, Gary
  8. I don't think he's trying to say that people are saying to list it at $15K, but that at his $7K asking price they are wanting/expecting a car that the OP believes would be worth $15K. Whether that's a lack of understanding of the market by prospective buyers, the OP, or a combination of both is up for debate.
  9. I will take it. PM coming your way. Thanks, Gary
  10. I'm thinking this must be for a later year 2002 since the middle area does not have pleats? To confirm, this is the back section of the rear seat, not the bottom or base section? If so, this should be gobbled up by someone for that price since so many cars esp. out west get UV damage where the top dries up and disintegrates from sun beating down through the rear window over decades.
  11. Who doesn't need a Snob 100 cassette recorder in their BMW? Sounds like the epitome of yuppie before the term even existed 😎
  12. BWA (see center caps). Looks like you need to spend some time on the FAQ wheels database: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/wheels/bmw2002/page/2/?d=5 -Gary
  13. Wow, gorgeous. You won't need any luck for a good result with bidding over $20K in just a few hours. -Gary
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