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  1. The buyer ended up doing a trade for some recaro adapters with someone else... so these are avail again. $95 shipped.
  2. Sold. And for a data point: the hole spacing on base of Recaro's as measured from the farthest forward hole to farthest back hole is 10.25" (260mm).
  3. I have this set of seat adapters for sale. They have the support steel welded into the channels for extra strength, and also have the welded nut similar to the original Recaro 320is adapters. Similar to the adapters available from Aardvarc, but have fewer holes. Measurements: Overall length of the adapters is 14.5" (368mm). Hole spacing on side that mounts to the bottom of seats is 11.5" (292mm) for the outer holes, and 9" (229mm) for the inner holes. Holes spacing for side that mounts to the factory 2002 rails is 13.5" (345mm). Note, I was able to confirm that these will work with most older Recaros (LX/LS) with the 10.5" (261mm) front to back hole spacing! Thanks! $95 shipped for the set. Payment via PP.
  4. I realize this is not directly related to 02, but figured there may be some on the site who also have a 320i that would have use for this. Outside binder has wear but inside pages are in great condition! $120 obo (shipping included) in USPS flat rate box. Thanks!
  5. Holy cow, that looks so good!!! Nicely done senor!
  6. Just had similar issue. Swapping out the flasher relay for a used spare I had in the tool box fixed the issue. Planning to take apart faulty one and try and fix it per Mike instructions for the win.
  7. @tommy that car looks proper! 13” ATS, Taiga, euro bumpers, shaved side markers. Just love it! And the comics could look good too!
  8. You’ll need qty 2 of #3 in the diagram (this is the round foam gasket that goes between lens and metal frame): Gasket ring 63211356945 And qty 2 of #5 in the diagram (these are the molded gaskets that go between body and metal frame) SEALING FRAME LEFT 63211356941 SEALING FRAME RIGHT 63211356942
  9. Standard Recaro adapters will work. They can be found from Aardvark Engineering and also on eBay.
  10. I wanted 205/60/13 and decided on Vredsteins Sprint Classic from tire rack. Haven’t had time to mount them yet, but will update with impressions once I get some seat time.
  11. See if you can fish that nut out of the bell housing. Could be intermittently contacting something? eBay starter maybe defective and not fully disengaging with flywheel?
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