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  1. akfjord

    Cibie Oscar Plus (Reproductions)

    @Guy CocquytLove the look of your car! Agreed! Lights are great bang for the buck!!
  2. akfjord

    Cibie Oscar Plus (Reproductions)

    Great thanks!! Sending pm with details.
  3. akfjord

    FS: BMW Center Caps

    Bump $55 shipped!
  4. akfjord

    Cibie Oscar Plus (Reproductions)

    Bump $80 shipped!
  5. akfjord

    FS: BMW Center Caps

  6. akfjord

    FS: BMW Center Caps

    Bump. Price reduced to $60 shipped in us
  7. Hello, I bought these Cibie Oscar Plus replicas from a seller here on the FAQ and then found the real deal. Quality is not great... but for the price hard, hard to beat. (Fog lens with H3 bulbs). Here's a quote from the original sale: "Oscar Plus replicas: The housing is 7 3/4” in diameter (the glass lens itself is 6 7/8” diameter). One of the big benefits of this light design is that it is shallow (only 3.5” deep total), unlike most large lights, so it can more likely fit on your bumper or light mount without sticking out past everything else." $90 plus shipping for the Pair. (shipping dimensions: 6lbs, 10"x11"x9")
  8. Wow, that was fast!! Pending Sale!!
  9. Happy New Year bling!!! Manifold: NOS 2002tii Exhaust Manifold (Part no: 11 62 1 265 449, Old Part no: 11 62 0 743 100) with ceramic Jet Hot coating. These tii manifolds are identified by the fatter tube around #3 and #4 ports and also by the untapped boss that were later used for the egr/emissions port. Bought the manifold and matching down pipe over 15 years ago, and sent them straight to JetHot for ceramic coating. Been sitting in storage ever since. Add some serious bling (and temp reduction) to your engine bay! My understanding is that the tii exhaust manifolds have been NLA for a while and when they were, sold for ~$350-$400. (Current pricing from Jet Hot to ceramic coat the pair is $250 ($150 for manifold, $100 for down pipe). Down pipe: NOS 2002tii/2002 Down pipe (Part no: 18 11 1 104 684) with ceramic Jet Hot coating. $750 plus shipping (shipping dimensions and weight: 28" x 12" x 13" 24lbs.) Prefer to sell these together.
  10. akfjord

    FS: BMW Center Caps

    4 BMW Center Caps in good/used condition (see pics for condition). Part # 36131114180. I had these on a set of 14" bottle cap wheels but they fit various other wheels as well. I'm selling the set of 4 for $65 shipped. (Best price I could find online for new caps was $30 each.) Thanks!
  11. akfjord

    New S14 Idle Challenges

    No knowledge about the s14 ecu but I what Ray mentioned reminded me of similar situation I had. Different setup, running electromotive management on itbs (no icv) and was experiencing a similar surge at idle. I ended up turning off the ego authority below 1500 rpm so that 02 stayed in open loop and just referenced the fuel map when near idle. Now idle is super stable. So if 02 is switching between open/closed in that rpm zone and it’s not functioning correctly seems it could definitely be causing issues.
  12. akfjord

    1600ti intake Manifolds

    Sorry, Sold.
  13. One more data point. I’ve got a “staggered” set of borranis, both 6x13, with 2 the two different offsets for from and rear. I’ve tried both of them up front and both the R1-528 (ET17) and the R1-561 (ET30) clear the Ireland slotted volvo calipers.
  14. akfjord

    Sammy Hagar! - July 10, 2018

    Happy birthday!
  15. Damn Lisa... all around stunning!!