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  1. Ruh-roh... not sure if Jason is making these anymore but there’s some good info here:
  2. As others have said, it looks like you’ve got the top half of the scheel sliders (still mounted to the seats). So if you want to go fancy and use the scheel sliders, you need the bottom portion of the scheel sliders that mate with your rails. These also have an integrated 4 position height adjustment, and then you’d need the still need the 2002-scheel scheel seat base/adapters to make up the difference in bolt pattern width... Probably the least of the most-complicated options would be to find the early 02 factory sliders and stick those on your freshly fixed mount, and then use Recaro (e21) adapters to mount the scheels to the factory 02 sliders. (Only note there’s is that for some the seat sits too high with the added 1” height of the Recaro adapters!) I’m 5’6” and it just right... So many options!!
  3. Try emailing BBS Motorsports. When I contacted them a bit ago about 16-hole E30 barrels they still sold them. And maybe.... the H&B 16 hole barrels are the same as the BBS Motorsport E30 barrels: http://bbs-racing-wheels.com/seiten/framee.htm Happy to take measurements on my barrels if that helps make the link.
  4. Cant speak to the Campys but 13x6 Borannis (et29 & et18) both fit over the ie/volvo front big brake kit. Not sure how the inner profile of the wheel/barrel compares between magnesium Campy and the steel Borranis but I remember when I was researching 13x6 Borrani’s fitment with ie/volvo big brakes i found equal reports saying “would” and “would not” fit. Remember the caliper mounting holes on the ie/volvo calipers are moved inward a bit and that helps with clearance. Maybe make a template of your current brake setup and send to seller for him to “test fit”? You can also grind the calipers slightly if the interference is minimal... Just a thought, if you love those wheels, there’s a way to make it work!
  5. Had an issue where turn signals were not working, (but my brake lights were working) and when stalk was used, the green signal indicator would stay lit. I swapped the turn signal relay out for a known working unit and and it fixed the problem with the turn signals. May be worth a try... although it doesn’t address the brake light issue so maybe not!! Check grounds for the brake lights?
  6. I have another set of e21/320i Recaro and Scheel Seat Mounting Adapters for sale. These are in good used condition. See photos! $100 Shipped in continental US. Payment via PP.
  7. Used e21 Recaro seat back padding. Vinyl is a little tacky and could use a good cleaning and condition... like most of us. Chances are if you're looking at this, it's better than the one you currently have that's riddled with cigarette holes. $30 Shipped. Payment via Paypal F&F or please add 3% for fees. Thanks!
  8. Hey, doza59, sent you a PM. Let me know if you need these. I can ship them out stat.
  9. That seat looks like the 2002 factory option seat. Scheel model 201. I have the same seats in my 02 and love them. My seats have the same recline adjustment hardware/hinge to connect seat back and base. The Scheel model 500 looks similar until you see them side by side. Yes, they have different pleat pattern on the seats (aka "foam stitching"), but they area also a bit larger overall.... most noticeable at the leg bolster area where it extends out a bit more. The Scheel model 500 feels a bit large in the 02 cabin, whereas the model 200 fits very well. It looks like you've got a Scheel slider attached to the bottom. Sorry I can't be of help identifying that base plate. I removed the height adjustable Scheel sliders and used Recaro adapters to mount them to the 02 sliders.
  10. Bumping these up with a fresh coat of satin black.
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