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  1. I did!, i took apart both lights and looked at them to see if there were any differences and saw it like a sore thumb!
  2. Turned out it was the ground that touched went from the bulb to the frame had come lose and was touching one of the positive wires for the running lights.
  3. Wow! Thankyou so much! I'll go through the car tomorrow and see if I can find anything out or order according to the diagram and what you advised. Thanks -kid
  4. i should have elaborated, im very new to cars, and i really dont want to fry or screw up any electronics on this car (im 18). i would rather bring it to my friend who is a mechanic and can help me diagnose this. I checked the grounds that i could find and cleaned them, that didnt fix the problem. i took off the connections on the front and rear lights and made sure they were on right, that did nothing. i just want to play it safe and not make an expensive mistake.
  5. Yeah it seems like a short, im going to bring it to my local mechanic
  6. I'm very new to electrics and the wiring on these cars, where would the ground be for the fuse?
  7. Just looks, it's blown! I think I have some replacements at home, I'll let you know if that fixes it. Thanks!
  8. Turn signals work fine but the front and rear running lights on the driver side don't illuminate, any idea why this would happen?
  9. Thankyou everyone for your help, ill be sure to keep you guys updated on the process of the build and restoration of this car!
  10. It was orignially from germany then imported to someone in new jersey, then my father bought it i believe.
  11. 2002kid


  12. It hadn't sat for too long but I'll definitely check them out. As for the carpet/interior (the headliner is pretty shot too) where can i get replacements for both? Also if you know, is it hard to do a "reskin" on these interiors, I really love this car in black with the chrome accents and was thinking of doing a black or darker brown interior to match(if I can, and my wallet won't hate me). Thanks -Jaden
  13. Great advice thankyou, I was going to buy a kit of liquid moly from FCP is that ok or is VR-1 the holy grail of oil for the 2002. Definitely want to learn about the timing on this car, so much different than modern ones so I'm very interested. Otherwise everything should be good since most parts we replaced a year or two before, just might need a few adjustments/upgrades.
  14. Good point, do you have any recommendations as to painting these cars? Is it something I can do in my driveway or should I pay a shop to do it?
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