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  1. RAS-2002


    Bought new Dec 19, 1972 at Ridgefield European Motors in Ridgefield CT. Salesman was Helmut Erhardt. Wrecked car Sept 30 1973. Totaled.
  2. RAS-2002


    Car originally sold in MA; I purchased it from 2nd owner on Dec 18 2012. Now resides in NY. Mostly original; only change was replaced Solex 2bbl w/ Weber 32/36.
  3. Tom, Who's the mfr and model# of that tool? Looks super heavy-duty... Thx, -Bob
  4. So my buddy gets a Mini Paceman. Nice ride, loves it, tons of fun. Claims it's almost as much fun as the '73 2002 he had eons ago. I took a look at the Paceman logo on the trunk and decided it needed a little something extra. I found a "Sports" logo on eBay, cut off the "ports", leaving just the "S". See the attached pic for the end result. He and his wife love it! -Bob
  5. Oops; try this: https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/2107-help-with-rear-shock-installation/?do=findComment&comment=914603 -Bob
  6. Using the good old SEARCH function, I found this. Hope it helps. -Bob
  7. Even though we had a fair number of BMW dealers in the Tri-State area (NY/NJ/CT) in the early 70s, seeing another 1600/2002 on the road was cause for blinking your lights, waving, and even stopping to "talk BMW" with the other driver. When I was 21, I had scrimped and saved enough to buy my first 2002 (a new '73 Sahara) in Dec '72. I soon discovered that owning it gave you automatic 'membership' in an unofficial 'club'. Not a bunch of elitists, by any means. Just a common camaraderie of people passionate about their '02s. Those were the days when they were just cool cars, not yet yuppy mobiles (now I know where FAQ member PREYUPPY gets his moniker!). They out-performed damn near everything else, especially on the twisty-turny roads of Rockland County, where I grew up. Brit sports cars (MGs, TRs, Sunbeams, Healeys) just couldn't keep up, and American iron didn't stand a chance. Commonly heard question after they'd catch up to me was: "Hey, what kind of car IS that?" I'd repeat what was told to me the fist time I rode in one, a new 2002 'way back in '68: "It's a German car, a BMW: stands for Barbarian Motor Works" I still say that at car shows, always garners a laugh. And at these car shows, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE!, now says one of two things: either "I used to have one of those" or "My neighbor used to have one of those." So it seems like EVERYONE had one or knew someone who did! And now, here we are in 2017, and history is repeating itself: once again, the uber-rare occurrence of seeing another 1600/2002 on the road today is once again cause for blinking your lights, waving, and stopping to "talk BMW" with the other driver. What's really cool is that I'm now seeing some younger drivers falling in love with these great little cars. And that's what we need; new blood; a new generation to keep these wonderful cars on the road as us Olde Phartz start to fade away. And speaking of Olde Phartz; I'm 21 years old again whenever I get behind the wheel... The fun never ends. -Bob
  8. Cool ... ordered! Love your unique writing style. -Bob ps: how'd you get Eric Clapton to pose for the front cover...?
  9. I've got to make darn sure my wife doesn't see this article!! She already thinks I am afflicted with "The '02 Hoarder's Curse" and I've only got one car and 'just a few boxes' of spares. Okay, maybe it's more than 'just a few boxes' and maybe they're well-hidden in the basement, garage and barn to keep them from her sight. And maybe my response to her "So, how much was THAT thing?" question (when she spies yet another suspicious package) is always, "Oh, that thing? Not much; it didn't cost much at all, My Dear..." Denial. It's not just a river in Egypt. Oops; gotta go: UPS is at the door with another BMW package... (kripes; now where am I going to hide this one...?) -Bob
  10. For you language experts, which would be grammatically correct: Das Bimmer or Der Bimmer? Maybe some of our faq friends from Germany will help... thanks, -Bob
  11. Whatta buncha sick bastids you all are! I LOVE IT!!! -Bob ps: I assume you're planning on adding a Bosch CO2 injection system?
  12. That's the new Invisi-Rotor from Barbarian Motor Werks. Gotta get me some of those!! They claim the brake pads will never wear down... -Bob
  13. And this might be of interest, too: http://www.exx.se/techinfo/bolt_heads/index.html -Bob
  14. Just saw these sets advertised; do our 2002s use any of these? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ribe-Bit-Sockets-13pc-Polydrive-Set-1-4-3-8-1-2-Drive-Wrench-6-Point-Brake-/261585313274?hash=item3ce7b31dfa:g:KsMAAOSwnNBXUIST http://www.ebay.com/itm/131772193559?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Thanks, -Bob
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