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  1. RAS-2002


    Bought new Dec 19, 1972 at Ridgefield European Motors in Ridgefield CT. Salesman was Helmut Erhardt. Wrecked car Sept 30 1973. Totaled.
  2. RAS-2002


    Car originally sold in MA; I purchased it from 2nd owner on Dec 18 2012. Now resides in NY. Mostly original; only change was replaced Solex 2bbl w/ Weber 32/36.
  3. Here's my all-time favorite ad. I was in High School, just starting my senior year in 1968, and saw this ad in Car & Driver. Yes, I'm an Olde Pharte now! I also fondly remember all those funky and hilarious VW ads from the 60s. And how about those cool "MG Mitten", "AMCO", and "Vilem B. Haan" ads from the 60s? Loved 'em all! Here's a link to a bounty of BMW ads from 1964-1974: (not sure if I ever posted this or not. If I already did, my apologies.) http://e9-driven.com/Public/Library/BMW-AdArchiveCD/html/chklist.htm Enjoy! -Bob
  4. Huge Thanks to Steve K. (and all the helpful 2002faq'ers) for the best site on the web! Great folks, great info, great great great! -Bob
  5. With temps here in NY in the 20s and no salt on the roads this past Sunday, I took Schatzi out for a spirited drive. First time since mid-October. Lotsa fun! But a loose fuel line to my fuel pump had me smelling gas... Pulled over, tightened up the clamp, and I was on my way. Disaster averted. I broke the cardinal rule: check things out BEFORE going for that drive!! Tons of snow, ice, rain and abnormally cold weather are predicted for the coming month, so that's it for any driving till Spring. You guys in the warmer climates have no idea how lucky you are! -Bob
  6. Q: How many dollars do I think it took me to get my '02 right? Do you want the actual dollar amount, or how much I told my wife that I spent? Either way, I can't answer the question, because #1, it'd make me sick, and #2, my wife would surely divorce me... I can just hear my wife: "You spent HOW MUCH on WHAT?????" -Bob
  7. Thanks, guys. If you say they're out there somewhere, I guess I'll keep looking. I might end up taking the AutoArt model I have of a tii and mod-it / repaint / remove the FI and install an air cleaner on it, then repaint it to Malaga, so it'll resemble "Schatzi", my '72 '02... best, -Bob
  8. Hi everyone, I've been looking for a 1:18 diecast model of a pre-74 2002. Not a Tii. Not a Turbo. Not a convertible. Not a Baur. Not a Police version. Googled the heck out of it; search Ebay till my fingers bled. Still no luck. You'd think *someone* made a version of their most popular model. Anybody have any ideas as to a possible source? Thanks, -Bob
  9. Got mine in today's mail. Nice job, Hal! Can't thank you enough... Best regards, -Bob
  10. Please add me to the list. Sounds like a "must-have"!!! Best, -Bob
  11. Just wondering if anyone is planning on attending this event on Sat July 28? https://allevents.in/englishtown/2018-bimmerfest-east/153184722000747 I'll be heading down there from Orange County NY early in the a.m. on Sat., so I was hoping to meet up with some of you for the trek down to NJ. Any takers? Best, -Bob
  12. I've been using the KwikLift for a number of years; very happy with it: https://www.kwik-lift.com/products/kwik-lift/ Fits in my garage with a low ceiling, gives me more than enough room to safely work under my car. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Best, -Bob
  13. Pre-Spring Dust-Off Drive After a long, nasty, wet, snowy, salty-roaded NY winter, we finally had enough rain to wash the salt from the roads. You SoCal folks have no idea how truly lucky you are! So I did a quick visual check of this and that, checked Schatzi's fluids, all seemed okay. I popped out the plugs, squirted some oil into the cylinders to lube them after her long winter's nap, waited a couple of hours to let it seep into the cylinders. Then fired her up; had to use starting fluid, Smoked a bit from the oil, but Sweet - she started! I backed her out of the garage, and let her idle / warm-up in the driveway while I checked the tire pressures (all low). I went back in the house for my sunglasses. A minute later, my wife said "I smell gas!" I go back outside, and there's a sizeable puddle of gas under the car. I turned her off, got out the fire extinguisher just in case and prayed it wouldn't ignite. Pulled off the air cleaner and saw gas dripping from the mech fuel pump outlet. The hose clamp was just a wee bit loose. But when it comes to gas, there ain't no such thing as a "wee bit". To be on the safe side, I cut an inch off that end of the hose and re-fitted it, re-tightened the clamp. Hose good, no cracks. All okay now; no more leaks. I remember someone posting an alert that the brass outlet had come loose from their fuel pump, so I re-checked that. Both brass fittings, inlet and outlet, were solid. That's when it occurred to me how severe the problem could've been. The damn What-Ifs. What if it had ignited while it was still in the garage...? Scary stuff, indeed. Moral of this story: check EVERYTHING (especially those fuel lines) before that dust-off drive. Happy ending: great ride, no problems. Fell back in love with my '02. In an instant, I shed 45 years and was 21 again! Truly a time machine!! -Bob
  14. Oh, how cool izzat ?!?! Beyond neat! Slip-slidin' away... -Bob

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