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  1. scoTTlarock

    SOLD excellent condition 76 2002 F/S in NJ

    SOLD. I told the new owner about the FAQ and you may seen him posting in here soon. Thanks to all for their help and info. It was a good run!
  2. scoTTlarock

    SOLD excellent condition 76 2002 F/S in NJ

    New ad, new pictures....... Long story short, it's gotta go. Too many cars at my house now. Will sell it for 13500k for any FAQ member.
  3. scoTTlarock

    looking for 74-76 bmw in decent condition

    sent you a message
  4. scoTTlarock

    2002 Beauty Shots

    One at the car wash a few weeks ago
  5. Bob Marley and the Wailers BMW logo sticker.... And a bmwcca and 2002faq grill badge (Oh, and I have 2002faq stickers on the Windows of my 135i haha)
  6. scoTTlarock

    "The Stance Thread"

    Where are you guys all finding these bbs rs in 15x7!?!? I'm dying for a set but can never find any
  7. scoTTlarock

    What are your 2002 plans for 2016???

    2002 to-do: 1. Dump large pioneer stereo and aftermarket EQ installed from the prior owner and replace with period correct retrosound radio 2. Somehow source some BBS RS 4x100 wheels and sell my Rotas and Zenders 3. Disconnect and delete the "alarm system" the prior owner installed 4. Replace both door seals 5. Track down and fix that pesky rear turn signal issue 6. New chrome trim strip in both windshield gaskets That's about it.... Little things really
  8. I've got a stock rebuilt engine, Weber 32/36, custom header and exhaust, and that's about it for me. I'm personally in the "it's more fun to drive a slow car fast" camp and wouldn't upgrade my 2002 further even if given a free engine. If I want to go really fast, I've got my 135i. If I want to go even faster, I drive a Tesla. But I have more fun in the slow little 2002 than any other car.
  9. scoTTlarock

    My Other Car is a...

    My other car is a 2012 135i, purchased specifically because it's the closest thing I could find to a 2002 in a modern car. It's a good time but I have more fun in the 2002