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  1. What no Barney post today? Someone is slackin'... 😁
  2. Would love to see more pics including the interior.
  3. Ha Nick! I can speak from a recent August trip where I drove in one direction straight from NYC to Chicago with operating A/C, and then had to do the majority of the return leg with the A/C no longer operating. Both drives were at a solid 80-85 mph (where there wasn't construction logjams). When I got to Chicago I was reasonably alert and relaxed. Back to NYC I was tired and shot. I guess it depends somewhat what kind of driving you plan on doing but for me trying to drive at high speed with windows open is not comfortable, very noisy and ultimately very fatiguing.
  4. I'm a huge fan of A/C in an '02 with modern compressor, etc - a game changer for this camper.
  5. I love everything about these tires, they are even great in rain.
  6. Agave + tobacco interior is one of the great '02 color combos.
  7. One of my favorite color combinations, I love this car!
  8. Wow so are you pushing the car, jumping in and popping the clutch yourself?
  9. No you're right about that, that's a classic move. The thermo switch is a different item...
  10. I had a very perplexing cold start issue that was making me crazy - I'd replaced the cold start relay, cold start injector and cold start themo switch and was still experiencing the issue... well the problem was when the cold start thermo switch replacement was installed the leads were connected opposite of how it was, this fried the relay. So now with the thermo switch hooked up correctly and a repaired relay it works flawlessly.
  11. OK I stand corrected. But I stand by my Budget Inn commentary!
  12. Take a southern route and you should be fine. Do it! But do not under any circumstances stay at a Budget Inn. 🤤
  13. Impressive! Blunt is a fantastic resource 🤘
  14. Welp Mr Airbag did indeed back up his talk and bought it. That I didn't see coming!

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