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  1. Love the pic of it sitting outside with all the snow piling up around it... poor car!
  2. I need a replacement knob for my light (it's missing)... anyone know if that's available solely or do I need to just replace the whole thing?
  3. I showed up today and had a very reassuring talk (it helped that I brought a case of beer ;-) Anyway, the seasonality of everyone asking for their cars was partly responsible, as was the fact that they are perfectionists and everything just takes longer because of that... anyway stopping by is always a good idea I say.
  4. I'm going to do an unannounced pop in tomorrow to try and jog a result. No choice as they aren't returning my calls/emails... did I mention this is a top dollar shop?
  5. Will do! Sorry about your accident btw, what a beautiful '74. Will you take the opportunity to put Euro bumpers on the car?
  6. Glad you brought that up: I had work done on the car last spring. I picked it up @ this time last year and let them know I'd like the remaining work on the car it needs done, (engine rebuild + other asst work) and to put me on their queue as I'd be re-dropping off the car in October which I did. When I dropped off the car I already was getting a sob story about other customers jumping in and that they'd do their best to honor having the car ready by Spring. The car sat all winter until @ Feb when they finally began to work on the engine. I was sent a vid of the engine being tested weeks ago with a promise to give me a timeline on the remaining work. Nothing since and I called a few days ago to check in. Now, what I wish happened was that they told me straight up BEFORE I brought the car in in October that they'd have trouble having the car ready for this Spring, so I could then weigh my options, rather than avoid the topic. I'm going to just pop up in the next day or so and I won't be surprised if I don't see the car in the shop being worked on... Anyway, supposedly the work is sublime so there is that, but this taints that considerably. You'd think a quality shop would know a little something about customer relations.
  7. Yup, planning on that Friday thanks Nick
  8. Engine rebuild (already finished), numerous trim fixes/front bumper alignment. Interior tweaks. Remove fuel smell from interior. Replace warm up regulator. Seal some underbody sections.
  9. What is really the worst part is having numerous unanswered emails and phone calls... did I mention this is a top dollar job?
  10. Yes! Doesn't seem to be asking for much, but it'd also wish that the timing goal posts stayed more predictable.
  11. Additional info is that this is a super high end shop... I don't think asking for updates and working to a very generous timeline (8 months!) was unreasonable. Plus I'm paying absolute top dollar to boot.
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