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  1. Well done Andrew, best never to engage a troll on their terms. Stay classy!
  2. No affiliation, worth a look: https://www.pcarmarket.com/auction/dealtank-1974-bmw-2002/
  3. Thanks for the heads up! Cool posters too, got a E30 M3 for my garage 👍
  4. The engine was rebuilt but to stock spec more or less, pulls with no trouble and compared to the stock diff is slightly slower off of the line but like I said now I can ride 1st gear longer (5-speed 1st gear is a stump puller) and IMHO works better overall.
  5. I went 3.45 LSD and love it with my 5-speed. Makes 1st gear much longer, and highway cruising is great (less than 4k rpm at 90mph).
  6. I've had experience with most of the local shops not listed here, and some that are. Not super keen on Little Garage, Matt is a good guy and has lot's of BMW knowledge but for in depth specific repairs (say tii related) not recommended. 2 cents.
  7. Nice! I've got @ 13k miles on mine, how long to they tend to last?
  8. Got "Marmalade" back after 8 months installing an external oil cooler and upgraded Griffiths A/C. I love this car, maybe as much as the tii.
  9. Liking the new site, feels modern. Thank you! - Rich 🤘👍
  10. Huh I was watching that and didn't see it, guess I tuned in for just to see the endless parade of muscle cars... boo! Never would have expected to see an '02 on a Mecum auction, no wonder the reserve wasn't met.
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