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  1. fastricky

    3d Printing interior/exterior bits?

    I threw the shift surround out there vs the Koogle version (which is great) for those of us that have all the Frigiking items except for the surround... Unless Koogle sells just the surround which is to the same spec?
  2. fastricky

    Wipers getting "air" at high speed?

    Hmmm, maybe the spring tension needs to be higher. Yes I have the foil/deflector on the drivers side btw.
  3. Hi all, wondered if this was a common occurrence and if so could be corrected - at high speed (above 70mph) my wipers start to float above the windshield with the air steam going across. So they don't really wipe much anymore at high speed... what say?
  4. fastricky

    3d Printing interior/exterior bits?

    +1 especially the shifter surround...
  5. fastricky


    Finally remembered to enter "PB&J" here. Completely restored and the 2nd love of my life.
  6. "PB&J" (my tii) should be back from the shop by end of April 👍
  7. fastricky

    Low compression band-aids?

    Great post and offered a laugh. 👍 (I like the dad-in-law comment)
  8. fastricky

    Low compression band-aids?

    What he said 👍
  9. fastricky

    Low compression band-aids?

    My compression numbers were a bit worse than the OPs, still I decided to hold off on a rebuild until I discovered fuel was being added to the oil (you could clearly smell gas on the dipstick) so that was that and off to a rebuild the engine went. So keep an eye on your oil and if it's being diluted with gas...
  10. OK here's another related question: Once you do the 5-speed swap, is there any value in keeping the 4-speed tranny (in the event you sell the car) for someone that wants the numbers matching orig transmission - Does that ever occur?
  11. fastricky

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    I thought you were talking about me there for a second but then I remembered that happened to me on the way home from a Zappa concert. True story tho', and it was a Ford mondo station wagon from that era...
  12. fastricky

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    Haha! I'm basing my opinion on my dad who had a penchant for behemoth station wagons when I was a kid - he drove a Plymouth Fury (with optional third seat) and loaded 4'x8' sheets of wood in there every weekend. But can you imagine paying $46k regardless of the fond childhood memories (which has gotta be the reason it sold for that much)?
  13. fastricky

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    One more thing - I don't know what the condition is of the mechanicals. I'd say $60k is a decent price IF all is sorted (engine in strong condition, suspension & ancillary engine stuff (water pump/cooling, starter, etc), no leaks, brakes in good nick. The description leaves a lot necessary to research that's for sure. But I still say when you consider the bonkers prices for some cars at Gooding auctions, the buyer did OK. Heck look at this turd selling for $46k!
  14. fastricky

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    This is where I'm at too, I think it was a good price for a nice tii. Behr A/C, sunroof, 5-speed, new paint (looks to be a nice job) throughout the car (trunk/engine bay, etc), mint interior (point taken about the wrong material etc but hey it looks good, not restomod-ish), clean dash. I'd be very happy to drive that car and I consider myself a bit of a stickler for "stock" appearance - it's all within a fair spec for me. IF it were to the perfect level folks pointed out, it'd be a way more expensive car. I window shop all the time for nice tii's, finding a nicer one than this for $60k is just not out there that I've seen in this day and age. 2 cents.
  15. fastricky

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    Anyone have a link?