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  1. Doesn't look bad to me.... a rare color car in decent condition.
  2. I like when threads don't have the sassy language and attitudes this one seems to have morphed towards. Plenty of that elsewhere... just sayin'. But Wizard stuff (and especially Centaur stuff) I'm all for ;-)
  3. I'll add I'll enthusiastically continue to watch the work you guys do on your cars, so entertaining and I wish I had the time, inclination, knowledge and ultimately patience to do what you guys do!
  4. 2019 was THE year I did all the work on the car, it just got finished for the final leg of work a few weeks ago and I'm going to keep it at the shop until the salt is off the roads. So for '20 the plan is to just drive the snot out of it.
  5. I think the days where you got a PERFECT tii that needs nothing for under $50k are well over. Regardless of the money spent, you're going to have to sink in even more to get things *right*. Consider what others here have put into their cars (I know some well over $50k in repairs alone). I think if the price of this car was negotiated down a bit, and the engine and suspension / chassis check out you're looking at a fair deal. 2 cents!
  6. This was my take too, looks like a worthy car if the price was lower. But need to see the underneath / chassis and hear more details about the condition of the engine (compression etc). The interior reapholstery isn't to my taste, but it looks like a quality job.
  7. Curious to hear the issues you guys are finding to educate myself... All I can see are: - No underneath shots - what lurks? - Cracked dash - Questionable reupholstery - A bit of sloppy paint in the engine bay (in the wiper motor compartment) - Optimistic price
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-BMW-2002TII/114026403938?hash=item1a8c80d862:g:exYAAOSws5Fd~svX Interesting?
  9. What no Barney post today? Someone is slackin'... 😁
  10. Would love to see more pics including the interior.
  11. Ha Nick! I can speak from a recent August trip where I drove in one direction straight from NYC to Chicago with operating A/C, and then had to do the majority of the return leg with the A/C no longer operating. Both drives were at a solid 80-85 mph (where there wasn't construction logjams). When I got to Chicago I was reasonably alert and relaxed. Back to NYC I was tired and shot. I guess it depends somewhat what kind of driving you plan on doing but for me trying to drive at high speed with windows open is not comfortable, very noisy and ultimately very fatiguing.
  12. I'm a huge fan of A/C in an '02 with modern compressor, etc - a game changer for this camper.

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