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  1. Watching all sorts of movies / docs / etc during these days of cocooning (did I mention "Tiger King" on Netflix? A must see!) Anyway stumbled onto this George C Scott movie from '72 where he drives a 503, it's prominently featured throughout the film... (I know this isn't the right section but there isn't a "503" area, mods feel free to move if necessary): https://www.amazon.com/Last-Run-George-C-Scott/dp/B007Z9QMVK/ref=sr_1_2?crid=29TL6YGPEEYDC&keywords=the+last+run+movie&qid=1585501768&s=instant-video&sprefix=the+last+run%2Cinstant-video%2C156&sr=1-2
  2. The FASTEN SEAT BELT light up sign would be a nice touch! 😜
  3. Very nice car! With a period Frigiking no less
  4. Buying groceries today. Otherwise staying home!
  5. Hmm, seems to me the biggest objectionable noise is wind noise that comes from all the upright glass in an '02. No solution for that.
  6. Damn yes! Can you offer a few detail/up close pics?
  7. No but I lived in Canada... does that help?
  8. My gloves were made from baby seals... is that wrong?
  9. Dang it, I did a search before posting and found nothing relevant!
  10. You know I've always thought they were a bit "twee" and silly but I do have a pair that have sat in the glove box that were given to me as a gift when I got the '02 on the road years ago. It was a bit cold this morning and I forgot my usual gloves so I slipped them and you know what... kinda nice!
  11. The buzzer was a round unit (I'd read it was square) and was ziptied to the column so that's what led me to believe it was moved... And yeah, that is a special level of discomfort trying to get the right vantage point underneath!
  12. Had this occur to me yesterday... driving along enjoying life then when I least expected it... zing!! The buzzer of death emerged from nowhere. Seems it would activate or go away by jiggling the key in the ignition - an issue I've never had. So today I took apart the covers from the steering column only to discover someone already moved the buzzer down the column so that all I needed to do was remove the bottom / under dash cover to access the buzzer and disconnect it. Ah well got it sorted but what a special PITA it is to reinstall the two covers and have the bolts line up correctly. Tip that worked for me was to stick a thin philips head screwdriver in thru the holes to get the alignment correct and then place the bolt in.
  13. The car looks sensational as is, make it better but please don't change the color!

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