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  1. Wow. If I was in the market for a nice tii I'd go all in on this. GLWTS!
  2. I'm in for sure! Pls PM when ready thx 👍
  3. So who repairs these things btw?
  4. I was expecting to see some pic of a spider that eats birds or something along those lines... Some out there creatures Down Under!
  5. I think you need to live with the new setup for awhile to get used to a new shifting pattern (riding out 1st gear further so each subsequent gear is in a good torque zone - this works really well for me with the 3.45, plus I especially like how downshifting into 1st gear while rolling is now an option), but for sure this is oriented towards long legs and not jack-rabbit blasts.
  6. I am so loving this setup (3.45 + 5 speed). Car feels so much better at high speed. This was at 92mph FYI, speedo is off due to the conversion.
  7. Installed the 3.45 diff in my tii (original was a 3.64). IMHO the combination of the 3.45 and the 5-speed is outstanding, just what I was hoping for: it dropped the cruising revs by 250 - 275 rpm. MPG is now @ 30 from 26. Much quieter experience at high speed and the added LSD feels great. I also far prefer how the car launches from 1st gear now, which with the 3.64 I found to be too short a gear. Only catch is the speedo is now off by @ 4mph at high speed.
  8. I'm currently going from the stock diff to a 3.45, what is required to have the speedo/odo read correctly? I should note I already have a 5-sp in place (and speedo is perfect now). Thx!
  9. Thanks! It's similar to the chart on the FAQ which is what I went by to get my info...

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