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  1. This is definitely one of the handsomest square tail light '02s on this Forum.
  2. I'm not a fan either, atrocious customer service (and you pay absolute top dollar for that pleasure). Feel free to PM me for any info.
  3. Noted! I'll be back this way and will reach out next time.
  4. RIP to Tom indeed. In a related story... Awhile ago I reached out to member "2002#3" (Larry) to appreciate his gorgeous '74tii. We exchanged messages and he let me know to look him up if I was ever in Cincy. Well I was right before arriving in Columbus so we met for a two-man Cars and Coffee Meetup. Great guy, very enjoyable time, and super knowledgeable regarding 02s (he does all his own work). Larry was my first call when I ran into my issue and that too led me to Hatem... 🤘🤘
  5. You guys know your business! It was the cold start injector sending too much fuel. It was disconnected and all is now good, but where does one find a replacement? And a massive 🍻 to Tom Hatem, they are super busy but took the time to help me out at no charge no less. Sadly Tom passed recently due to Pancreatic Cancer, I donated in his honor to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network at pancan.org
  6. Hi all, I've embarked on a semi tour with my '72tii after an engine rebuild and all has been going smoothly except now on my return leg to NY I'm semi stranded in Columbus as the car is very problematic to start. I need to crank it for 30 seconds or more and then if I'm lucky it will finally kick over but I need to keep my foot on the gas or it will die. On occasion it will stay running but the idle is off so I'll correct that and all seems ok. Until I kill the engine and try to restart it and this whole sequence of events happens all over again. Any thoughts how I should proceed? Otherwise any suggestions on a local shop I might stop by or call?
  7. "PB&J" in Chicago! Drove straight from NYC, what a great experience 🤘
  8. That happened to my 318is and that car was known to have that occur but I didn't know it also happened to '02s...
  9. Even with those poor pics it looks beautiful
  10. Bravo, the most beautiful wheels you can get. Ebay you say?

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