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Parts sold on FAQ peer review please.


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Esteemed members.  


I recently sold a used steering wheel to another here who was in search of an OEM 74-76 unit.  


It shipped and days later received a follow up message. The claim is I did not disclose the cracks or provide pictures which showed all cracks in the wheel.  


Attached is the thread exchange. Certain personal info was redacted.  


QUESTION: from the original pictures contained, can you see or not the cracks in the plastic? 


I have looked at them on my phone and two other computers and they show.   




But what do I know

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    I just removed mine from a 76 which is the same for 74 to 76. 


    good used condition nothing majorly wrong or issues. The one thing is you will need a spring loaded horn contact. I needed it for the replacement wheel. They are sold new on ebay and through BMW.  




    I want $150+ship and if you works for you I can send you photos.  


    $150 is a little out of my budget but send pictures and I will think about it. Are you firm on price?



    I should have a couple of heater box clips I will throw in for that price, how's that sound? 

    getting closer but i need to see pictures to judge the condition. thanks and look forward to the pictures. if it has no cracks we probably have a deal

    If you need a horn ring I have that as well. You would then need to buy a horn contact "button" from BMW or Rogers tii. 





    It looks really nice. Is the crack in the back plastic the only crack? It is more than I hoped to pay but I have been looking at the materials needed to repair the few cracks in my wheel and the cost is not that different. You are asking $150 plus shipping? What would the shipping cost to zip 98236? If the shipping is not too bad I will take. Thanks for the pictures.


    There are other little cracks in the foam hand hold area near the horn buttons. Not all that noticeable but there. I can't imagine there is a used wheel out there that is 100% crack free anymore.  


    Shipping, if it fits in a flat rate box is $23 going USPS. However, might be safer to ship in a larger box going UPS which could be like $25.  I just shipped a transmission front housing to LA for $22.  


    Let me know as I take Paypal or can do Zelle too.  

    Now I am nervous about the fine cracks on the wheel but I will take a chance. I will take the heater housing clips and the horn ring. Seems the guy I paid for clips is a scammer so I will take what you have. Zell is easy for me so give me your information. My shipping is below and I show both for postal and ground. Thanks and look forward to getting it. it will be modified for bluetooth buttons to operate the radio, GPS and music. They blend right in but give modern function while keeping the traditional look. 




    Attached is the QR code for my Zelle account.  Let me know if this is going to work for you.  


    I will be sending you the followingitems:


    1) steering wheel

    2) 3 heater box clips

    3) column horn contact


    $175.00 total with ship 




    If this is a pain, my PayPAl is ********@comcast.net and send it friends and family if would. 



    Ok money is sent via paypal. i only use my smart phone to set up wifi home automation devices so my phone does not have any bank associated with it. how will this cone postal or ground. i need to know as i am in a rural area and my gate is far from my house. the post office is also very small so i need to be able to follow up so as not to have a delicery get rained on. This is Washington State and this time of the year rain is the norm. please send tracking info and thanks.



    Ok stay tuned for tracking etc... 

    Likely it's going UPS due to size but I'll let you know what's what later.  



    Thanks and I look forward to getting it.



    So today I boxed it all up in a 16 x 16 x 4 box weighing 6 pounds. Took it to the UPS store and they quoted to your address $40 or $35 for USPS priority mail.  


    I can refund you the 175 or send me another $10 and I'll ship it USPS.  


    Sorry, I just shipped a box 3x's the size and weight for $25 just the other day.  Your location being an island may have something to do with the price.  




    No location should have nothing to do with the price. I may be on an island but i get ups daily, mostly from amazon and they get the best rates. nothing to do, on for a penny in for a pound or i think that is how it goes. i will send the $10 and thanks for your help.

    USPS Priority # 9505 5141 4656 3075 9304 75


    So as is typical. I go to the post office and the amounts are very different than at the UPS store. 

    Look for a refund from Pay Pal. 



    Thank you very much! Many would not bother to refund anything. Speaks volumes as to your integrity. appreciated as i got ripped off by someone on this site.

    I just got the steering wheel and frankly I am very disappointed. In fact disappointed is too mild. There are deep cracks at every joint on the front. I do not think it can be repaired at all. One horn button is broken and can not be repaired. For all intents and purposes it is useless with one horn button broken. The wheel I have now has only one small crack on the front than can be repaired. I have looked at your pictures and in the lighting you used no cracks on the front show up? as far as I knew the crack on the back side was all there were. The broken horn button also does not show up or was mentioned? Honestly I feel taken advantage of. How do you want to remedy this?



    Not certain what device was used to view these original images I sent. Perhaps your color/light setting were too dark. The images I sent clearly showed the cracks on the back and front.  I was under the impression you acepted that when I sent the images.  If you felt the images were deceptive, I am sorry as they were not. we can verify what others on this forum see as I believe the cracks were not omitted.  Now as for the horn button, what exactly are you referring to? is this one of the 4 push buttons?  I did mention the missing horn contact button which makes contact with the ring inside the column.   


    I can be reasonable and will work with you however those cracks were there from the start.  





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But what do I know

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I can see the 2 cracks on the front of the wheel in the bottom of first picture.


I clearly see 2 cracks on the rear of the steering wheel in the second to last photo and 2 more cracks on the front in the last photo.


Sounds to me like the buyer misunderstood a few details and didn't look the pictures over enough.


When buying used parts you're taking a gamble and gambling doesn't always pay.


Caveat emptor!


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it's impossible to please some people, that's why i hate selling stuff...when i do offer something for sale, i cringe and cross myself


except for carpet orders, what i have started doing is having the buyer buy a shipping label and emailing it to me...anyone, anywhere can buy UPS, FedX or USPS labels online and attach them to an email to me for printing...if someone can get a better shipping rate for a carpet they have the option to do the same, buy a label and email it to me



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4 cracks front, 2 at the back. Lh lower (as in car) push button - this i can’t see well enough. Adjusted device lightning and zoomed as usually do if i’m about to buy used parts. Then i’ll ask better pics if still in doubt.

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The cracks are all visible though some images appear darker...still, with enlarge feature, you can see everything. and you were quite descriptive/transparent. I hope there is a decent solution to be had!

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You guys must have better computor or eyesight than me.


Cracks not obvious in pics 1 or 2

Cracks obvious in pics 3 & 4.


Only way I could really see cracks in pic 1 was to 'enhance' the pic (see below), but, not everyone knows how or can do this.


Perhaps use better lighting next time, but, what do I know!


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I can pick out all four cracks in the first photo on my IPhone. The top two are less obvious unless I zoom in, but knowing these things frack there that’s the first place I looked. 

in photos 2,3,4 the cracks are very obvious. 

sorry this happened. Used parts are buyer beware IMO. I thought your description of the condition was honest.  Refund him if he agrees to ship it back to you.  


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The cracks are obvious on my Macbook Pro.  Most today use their phone but that would be on him.

No disrespect but I wouldn't call those cracks small.

One mans junk is another mans treasure.  

Best I would do is he pays for shipping both ways and refund for wheel only. When you get the wheel back.

Or tell him to pound salt,  caveat emptor 


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