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  1. New pilot bearing and run it! It's a 240 after all, they can still be had for less than the price of your first born child.
  2. I would have the flywheel surfaced as well or better yet, lightened, surfaced and balanced. In for a penny,😉
  3. And are both close relatives of the "Simple Machine" family
  4. Or possibly just having a bad day. Aside from another Faqqer I sold a set of seats to here, I have only seen 1 other 02 here since I returned from Germany in 2016. It was recently, in a shopping center parking lot, a lovely roundie in I believe the "other dark green" Freshly washed and gleaming like a gem, I spotted it right away. As I passed in front of him I waved and gave a thumbs up, He did respond(waved) but appeared a bit annoyed. Probably because he was concentrating on finding a parking spot and I was after all, in my Kia😉 Would have stopped and tried to talk, flash a pic of my pride and joy but I was on the way out.
  5. In that case if its not disassembled, dont do anything with the chain, sprocket unless it was making a lot of clickity clackity rattlely noises. Do be sure the chain tensioner works ok.
  6. That definitely complicates things, you may have issues pulling the crank sprocket even with a big ass puller. And with the block still in the car?? Last one I got off was on a crankshaft strapped down on a workbench, no puller I owned would budge it, had to surgically remove with a mini grinder/cutter wheel. OK why are you in there? Was there a problem with the timing sprockets/chain or are you doing something else?
  7. $300?..F that, I will go cheaper single row stuff before I pay that. Heres a double row cam sprocket for $50 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sealed-Power-223-588-Camshaft-Timing-Sprocket-Fits-1975-1978-BMW-2-0L/184543626974 Is it OE BMW? No it's made by TRW. Will it last? Longer than me, TRW is good stuff made in Germany. Stuff like this appears occasionally on EBay NOS/surplus parts sellers sites. Cant be in a hurry though😉
  8. Absolutely. How's your oil pump sprocket and chain? Nows the time. Your stuff is double row correct?
  9. What a mess! Sorry. you could try softening the adhesive applied directly to the metal with a heat gun and scrape it off. If you are going at it in there with thinners ect use an appropriate, properly fitted respirator!
  10. 5K in (max) 40K to resurrect.
  11. Dad in shock staring at at his mangled beauty mumbles:” Should have sent that kid to driving school”
  12. My car was manufactured Sept 1975 yet is listed as a 1976, were I in CA I would try to pass it off as a 75 based on date of manufacture. Probably pointless huh?
  13. Have you considered moving instead? Or buying a 75? Might be easier. Sorry
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