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  1. tech71

    Getrag 245 flywheel options

    In the middle of bringing Survivor 706 ( 76 base in Granatrot) back from the dead I'm making a mid course, change in plan and installing a Getrag 245. It and a shortened driveshaft will be on their way soon (Thanks Resra) Good time to do it, the cars up in the air, exhaust, driveline, 242 trans and flywheel are out to address leaks. I have a 228 mm flywheel in the shed but will probably go with the stock 215 mm wheel. That decision is cost driven at this point. $207 with free shipping from amazon for a sachs clutch kit for an 80 320i. That will work, right? Costing me more than anticipated to turn my $5000 O2 into a $20,000 O2.
  2. tech71

    Door lock repair

    If you are going that far into your doors consider installing a keyless entry system. Not to difficult from what I gather. Search "keyless" here and lots of good info comes up.
  3. tech71

    What is it about 13" wheels

    They really are, have that style on my E39 and have a collection of brushes that still dont get them clean. I have a set of basket weaves from an E30 I was thinking about using on the 02 but have decided to go with the original 13" steelies for now. Tires mounted are new 185 70 R13 Barum Brillantis. Suspect the owner needed to replace rotted away tires to get it out of storage, on a trailer or some such. His total bill for 4 of these including tax was $201 in Jan 2017. Guess I will decide if I can live with them for a while once I actually get rubber to the road.
  4. tech71

    Bad crimps

    That red wire is not happy. looks like the crimp is getting pretty hot. You have some high resistance there.
  5. Yep, Karen has lots of perfect condition wiper pivots available. Sometimes wish I could send lightning bolts via internet/text.
  6. Is a diffs ratio marked somewhere on the case?
  7. tech71

    can't open getrag transmission

    Uhmmm,if there are no other issues with the gearbox, wonder if you could install a new gasket without further disassembly or is it too late for that? Maybe clean/prep mating surfaces(contact cleaner and a bit of scotch brite) cut the gasket at the top w/sharp scissors and bed the gasket to case with a bit of gasket sealer adding a wee bit more at your cut.
  8. Me too! All hail The Ball!
  9. Following with interest, was in that area recently but was ignorant of "the ball" DOH! Now that I look at the pics, it does look a lot like a hydraulic lifter/tappet. Going back in. This is the kind of info the Haynes book just lacks.
  10. It's Granatrot metallic or whats left of it. A solid car with little rust found but many many other mechanical probs partly from sitting somewhere for like, 25 years.
  11. Thats its good side by the way.
  12. Yea, Its a 76 with the big, stick out a mile bumpers. VIN 2370706. Records I have indicate that it was last registered in 1992. You couldn't be more right about too much time under it and not behind the wheel. Soon, I hope.
  13. Cool, Thats good to know. Took them off because I kept bumping my noggin on them. Thank you Steve. Mike
  14. These were attached to the lower side of front bumper along with some hodgepodge wiring spliced directly into headlight circuit. no lights just brackets. Anybody recognize these?
  15. tech71

    2002 Restoration Tips

    This site is hands down one of the best resources available for 02/NK people. Well worth supporting for a few bucks a month. Which reminds me....