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  1. Dude, dont tempt me, wish my driveway was longer.
  2. If only it was that simple. Survivor has never been registered in Oregon.That opens a totally new can of bureaucratic bullcrap.
  3. Well this totally blows. Survivor is sitting in my garage completely back together , both my parts wall and boxes are all empty. It bombs up and down my driveway good, shifts, stops, steers, electrical system checks out, everything works. Insurance purchased. Ready for a road test but OR DMV has gone catatonic due to Covid-19. No in person vehicle registration allowed, just Online (doesn't work ) and mail in. I mailed in my docs and a check July 7th thinking: "That should give me enough lead time" After numerous attempts to call I finally got through today only to be curtly informed that processing times are running 10 WEEKS! Covid has impacted me hard, wife has been stuck in her motherland since Mar, we both lost our jobs, Oregon unemployment has literally imploded and now this. I think I have had enough. Giant meteor time...just get it over with.
  4. I'm never going to use these and trying to clean house/make space here so posting here and on CL. 3 EA. E30 basketweave alloy wheels, 14in x 6.5in ET30. Tires are trash/old. 4 EA correct center caps in good condition(needs new emblems) included. $125, local pick up please.
  5. Start by cleaning/checking every ground on the car you can find. Dont forget the one between alternator and engine.
  6. Carefully,😁 I used my trusty Snap On HD side cutters. It was...pretty much a PIA
  7. Those are 1 shot clamps. you have to cut them off. I replaced mine with zip ties snugged down good😉
  8. That tank looks better than I expected, left lower flange may be porous and leaking but still, I might try to fix that tank too if a cheap replacement was not around. I recommend you replace all rubber fuel lines and try to blow out the plastic feed line running front to back with compressed air. Buy a bottle of rust treatment for $5 and treat all rusty tank areas with it prior to JB weld. Hopefully you have a 1 barrel soles carb, it will simplify things. Can we see a pic of your car?😉
  9. Well I hope it works out ok for you, It might with enough effort to get the interior clean enough for sealer to adhere. Some good ideas on cleaning/prepping provided. Still curious to see the underside.🙂
  10. What came out was probably sealer from a previous attempt at sealing the tank. Theres a good chance this tank is completely shot and any home attempts to make it usable will be a waste of time. Consider carefully your path forward. Trying to seal up a rotten tank with a can of some "wonder sealer" is not only impractical, it's also unsafe. Gummed up lines, filters, fuel leaks and fumes are likely. It's unlikely your attempts will provide the results you are hoping for. "A local radiator shop said my tank was too corroded to patch." Probably rotten/porous along the lower flange/seam, very common. Sorry.
  11. That tank doesn't look so bad but what's lurking on the underside?😁
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