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  1. What is that on the trunk floor? Looks like old cow hides.
  2. Well I'm lost. Anti dieseling solenoid? What kind of carb?
  3. The carb spacer/gasket looks like its falling apart should probably change. Your engine bay looks way better now
  4. Just wondering how do the hub splines look? Hows the fit between them?
  5. The 245 is quite bit longer than the 240, I doubt an E30 shaft would work for that. Stock smock.. its my car and its not like I'm cutting and welding and putting in stupid horsepower engines. Drilling 4 holes max and completely reversible to stock config. The 240 is considered inferior to the 245 for swaps but is it really? Based on price point, availability of transmissions, parts and performance.. that can now be debated. I gathered up everything I need to do a 240 swap with E30 DS for $1132.00 add a good GPS speedo and its still under $1500. that includes new trans seals, center bearing, guibo, trans mounts ,required bolts, locknuts and prefab rear trans mount (thanks BluntTech) I would be lucky to get a hold of a serviceable 245 alone at that amount.
  6. Unless its super hard to close I would wait bit before doing that and let the seal take a "set" Just close the trunk and let the seal conform to the space
  7. I actually looked for an appropriate shouldered bolt but just surrendered to the reality of it all. It works and will probably outlast me.
  8. Got mine at BluntTech https://blunttech.com
  9. Still available. Sorry, too heavy, too bulky, too much time and effort to ship.
  10. Just installed this kit. Its pretty cool, took out tons of side slop. Recommend you smear a bit of grease on the bearing surfaces before install.
  11. These seats came to me as part of a "have to buy it all deal" I made to get a hold of a decent set of saddle brown seats for Survivor 706. Seats take up a lot of space and I don't need them really so, I will sell them for $100 as is you pick them up. If you were driving through Eugene area on I5 I would be willing to hook up off the freeway. Front and rear early style seats in black .Dirty, were stored in carport for many years. Driver front has a couple of panels missing/torn, the rest of the vinyl is intact and seems to still be flexible. All pads are toast (literally) Some sun bleaching on tops. Complete with tracks, missing a couple of adjust knobs but otherwise all there. Barter is good, what do you have to trade? Kinda looking for an E21 shift platform, doors .
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