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  1. Yeah, not much car for $7000, even $5000. Doesn't look like it was stored very well, I would guess it spent many years in the elements.I would expect more rust than seen in pics and that dash! The interior is just trashed, headliner, panels, seats.. all toast. not even $3000 or better yet keep looking, you can find something far less nasty for $7000 that might even run and drive. That car could easily eat up your $25000+ budget and still need stuff. Keep looking and buy as much car as you can afford is my advice.
  2. The general consensus on the Faq is there will be valve clearance issues mating a 1.8 liter head to piano top pistons. The valves may impact the piano top pistons. even more likely with higher lift cam. Has to do with the difference in combustion chamber dimensions I believe. I have not confirmed this my self but think others here have. If you have decent flat tops from a 2 liter engine you should use them with the 1.8L head. They must be from a 2 liter engine. 1.8 liter flat top pistons with stick out several millimeters.
  3. I'm turning green with envy over here and just dying for a few specifics😉
  4. I myself would spend another $120 and get the new billet cam from IE, not a regrind. No need for lash caps (hate them) or oversize rockers. Match it up with the HD springs.... sweet. Good at higher RPMs However, The stock ones would be fine as well for most road driving conditions. I have inspected a lot of valve springs, found a broken one occasionally but never one that was sacked. I would have no issues reusing stock springs with stock cam or mild performance.
  5. Have to ask.. is it grounded?First thing to check is always the ground,The box needs to be grounded to the chassis. On my late model 02, the ground wire attaches to the driver side heater box mounting stud. Its the brown wires with ring connector hanging down a little on left side of box.
  6. If "diligently wrapped' means properly insulated you should be good. Even if the happen to short together probably the only thing that might happen is the fuse would blow but thats not going to happen because you properly insulated and secured them.... Right? You did what I would do.
  7. As long as the butterfly shaft itself is not excessively worn, your most frugal option would probably be to refurbish your carb yourself or have a specialist do it. Many carb kits available on Ebay from both US and Euro suppliers. Some of them include butterfly shaft bushings. Bushings are also sold separately https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-SOLEX-36-40-PDSI-CARBURETOR-REBUILD-KIT/291283557982?epid=1853317858&hash=item43d1da5e5e:g:kCkAAOSwcF9UVNLR https://www.dellortoshop.com/contents/en-us/p3203_Generic-Throttle-Shaft-Bushings-8-mm.html I doubt you will see much if any, noticeable tuning improvements with an aftermarket single barrel carb. If you are going to invest in a new carb it really should be a 32/36 Weber. Not a Chineesim knock off. My first 02 had a single barrel solex installed. Good carbs, simple.
  8. So Ray, there's at least 3 different flavors of this magic goo with big price diffs. Which one did you use? My latest attempt, I call it: " I'm not goin to the store" Taco
  9. Thanks Tom, it arrived on Friday and I downloaded the online manual. Busy today giving my passenger door some attention and this time of year there's always, The Yard. Maybe play with it tomorrow. Mikey
  10. Wait Ray, those big boys cant be real time? Seriously? I might consider using the stuff on a leaking heater core to buy some time.
  11. How long has it been? My 76 entered my garage late Jan. 2019 but I am the self proclaimed Emperor of Slow. Your subframe looks good, your approach to maintenance ( educating yourself regarding the procedure, researching and utilizing available data and resources) is commendable. Thats going to pay off for you. At this point a pic of your built up subframe would be helpful.
  12. Agreed. https://www.classiccarseats.com/sports-seats.php
  13. Rant Alert! Yeah,, I'm totally fed up with the seat game and reality has finally set in for me. I want cool, comfortable, appropriate, not black, excellent condition seats now. No more searching, no more estimating refurbish costs, timelines and shipping. No more waiting. Time for drastic measures starting with a major upwards revision of estimated cost. Reality check? Completed.
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