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  1. Lovely, just lovely. Seats are great and I like the center console "delete"
  2. Those are all good questions but you can narrow it down to one: "Can I take it to my machinist and have it checked to ensure it's usable"? Oh, maybe not possible on a refurbished ready to go head, never mind. What vendors provide this service?
  3. I'm going with Granat Rot metallic. Looks kind of familiar.
  4. Looks like quite a bit of corrosion in the jacket around there. May not be a suitable candidate for welding.
  5. You can find one down there and a new one from Paul would still probably be cheaper than trying to fix that head. Which probably wont work anyway.
  6. Oh for sure it would have worked but the auto style had a little more clearance from the Getrag 240 across the tunnel (not up inside) mount.
  7. I know! and its actually gone down $3 since I bought it in Sept. I bought a complete Ansa exhaust from them. Sorry vendor guys here on the Forum, I love you but since Ireland Engineerings Stainless Exhaust system seems to be NOA I went with lowest possible cost. Its not the sport set up. That way if I really don't like it I won't be out too much $$$ Speaking of not liking it, I never ran Ansa before. Am I going to not like it? Heard they can be "rappy"
  8. That B9 is just lovely, your 02 is awesome as well. I understand,it would be very difficult not to rationalize that car into your garage. Welcome back and good on you! Another 02 on the road!
  9. Bought one recently but ended up going with a stainless steel automatic style from IE. It provided a little better clearance for the 5 speed conversion. Nothing wrong with the Ansa though, good welds and it did fit quite well. Its $20 cheaper here: https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/bmw,1976,2002,2.0l+l4,1010822,exhaust+&+emission,pipe,10038
  10. Thats a bummer if the AL116X is going bye bye. I am uncertain if any other Bosch Alternator will just "drop in" Higher output alternators fitted to later E21(?) and early E30s(for sure) are bigger and the mount boss is slightly wider. You need the mounts off one of those vehicles. I did find possible AL116X clones/non Bosch on Amazon. Remy, Delco
  11. I like the balance it creates also, as well as the utility. It's on my list.
  12. Actually it's the first time I have installed them. In my last 02 emanation, I always had Bilsteins. They seem very snug and the remnants of the old ones similarly installed, were still attached.
  13. The available OE ones are just big pieces of fairly heavy rubber tubing. Looks like giant size heat shrink tube. To install: fold about 1/4 to 3/8 inch of the tube inside itself, helps if it's warm. With a couple of angle picks or cotter pin tools, stretch the tube over the center of your strut cap. Seems to work, pretty sure I got that method maybe here on the forum. Sorry, should have snapped a pic or two.

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