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  1. So are you asking if its the same bolt pattern as an M10? Measure centerline distance between the 2 bolt holes on the flat section, has to be 12cm to fit an M10 The 2 ears on top indicate it fits an M42/ M40 and wont fit an M10. Measure it to be sure
  2. Then what was the point? Not relevant! this is a thread about more, not less or equal noise😁
  3. Can you please tell a country boy from Orygun.. where or what the schizzle is "the DMV"?
  4. Finally got both my new seats properly installed. Sport S from Stefan at GTS Classics in Buckskin vinyl with the comfort option. Pretty cool but the comfort option is about the max width to fit in an 02. Had a few obstacles to overcome but an afternoon and 2 trips to Ace Hardware and they are in. I should write an article/ review on them So, where's my checklist.... Interior : Looking pretty good, just a few finishing touches. Check out that crack free dash nudge nudge wink wink Suspension/brakes: Sorted and safe, Bilstien HDs on the shelf waiting Wheels/Tires: Steelies lookin good, Tires ok and safe Drive train: Sorted, 5 speed works well Electrical: Everything works including heated rear glass Engine: A bit tired but runs with no leaks, project engine on track Exhaust: New Ansa OE style exhaust, works for now Exterior: Yea, scruffy. The next frontier but, all glass moves, rolls, cranks as it should. Doors close, lock, unlock properly and are keyed same as ignition. Not much to look at yet but I'm still feeling proud of what's been accomplished over the last 3 years
  5. Good you are aware of it, I got caught by surprise. If you have an old OE radiator you can desolder the side supports from it and install on your brand spanking pristine new Hi Cap radiator😬 I just went with an electric fan, solved my fan to upgraded alternator clearance issues as well
  6. Did you check your box label? Sometimes shown there. Blue book shows .045mm Haynes shows .040mm Take the smaller of those 2 and run with it, .030mm may be too tight when warmed up, could cause scuffing or worse. Have to allow for expansion and a little oil film in there. Have you considered a camshaft upgrade? Nows the time. Would be sweet with those pistons tight is good until its too tight, then its very very bad
  7. Little well evolved, efficient, opportunistic, fast breeding, direct competition bastards! Killing some only removes the stupid ones. Been around longer than us and probably long after. I read somewhere that rodents consume/destroy 25% of all human food crops.
  8. Hope it comes back.... Mega corps looking to reduce costs usually look at their aircraft fleet(and personnel) first. After that who knows, If I were Andreas and staff I would be getting nervous. Reorganizing = cost cutting
  9. Say what?? look elsewhere. They dont cost nearly that much and they do wear out, buy a new set https://www.partsgeek.com/catalog/1971/bmw/2002/engine_electrical/spark_plug_wire_set.html The Bremi's have the little rubber Doughnut thingies you want but I don't use those either, got tired of fishing them out of the cylinder head. I bought the Karlyns Checking continuity with an Multimeter is pointless, need a plug wire tester that puts the lead under a suitable load
  10. It's the rubber boot that goes first on either, once its compromised and water has easy access, you can pump all the grease you want. Why install expensive ZERK fittings to a components that wont last long enough to realize a gain? Says the hypothetical big car maker
  11. For reference: Pics 1 & 2 show a block from a 78 E21 Pics 3 & 4 show a block from a 74 2002 I dont see much difference I suspect an 02 engine would fit early E21 simply by swapping over the mounts. Issues probably start at the M10s big change of life (2L to 1.8L)
  12. After what seemed like an eternity I finally picked up my E12 Frankinhead from the machine shop. New Ex guides, 2 intake valves, 1 exhaust valve and 2 seats later it is good to go. Its a good machine shop but had zero experience on 02 heads. Despite being uber busy they were patient and worked with me to ensure a good head. I printed off specs from the factory blue book for them and they saved it all on file for later. Now that I am certain this head is the one, I can start building up the block on Survivors project engine. Sweet!
  13. Yea, touchy those Deutschlander neighbors, especially the pensioners😉 That is one thing(among others) I dont miss about Germany
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