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  1. Looked at the pic at highest magnification I could manage. Clean up that (or better yet replace) old bolt as well, some kind of crud in the threads.
  2. Yea, that would be me. Thought I would revive this thread to share some hard earned info regarding installing a 240 into an M10 engine equipped 2002. You may have it sorted by now but here goes: First off I would love to see a Pic of your complete rear trans support setup. Looks like yours is fitted up in the tunnel. Something odd is going on there for sure. Heres what I know about the center track rod clearance. Its going to hit on the square boss on the trans case when turning. Dont think this has much to do with alignment or shimming or height of your springs. Has to do with a big square boss on the 240 being directly in the path of your center track rod. I cut some clearance in mine with the rod installed. That way I could check clearance through the rods travel as I went. Started with a pencil grinder and carbide bit and switched to a mini grinder and carbide bit. If your track rod is out just remove some metal from that thing. Start at the corner and increase the radius there. My 240 is in but not road tested yet. The only aftermarket part I bought was a rear cross member mount from Blunt and a 5 speed clutch line from IE. Maybe I should write an article, tried to photo doc most of it.
  3. Install it, see if it works. The worst that can happen is it won't.
  4. Nothing to lose by trying it but a ream would give a tighter clearance. What about a roll pin? Can compress a little, has some spring tension.
  5. Are you sure its the hole in the shifter shaft? That pic shows what looks like an MTC shift joint . I found the one I tried to be pretty soft steel. Good price but might wear a lot faster than OE. Maybe a new joint with pin would help? Dont forget the little dense foam plug inside, helps dampen out movement. Not a lot of metal to work with on the shift shaft, drilling out that hole/ weakening it might just cause it to break off.
  6. Sounds like a 5 speed overdrive transmission. Don't think its factory, its a popular upgrade using a transmission from a 320i or early E30. Factory 5 speeds were the "Dogleg" close ratio transmissions and 5th gear was to the right and down.. I think. Congrats by the way!
  7. Ok now I think I get it, its an early style shift lever and rod isn't it? With the pin and set screw. I should know that having owned a 71. Those are prone to wear and most have been replaced by later year shifters. Time for an upgrade, a later year shift lever, shortened shift rod and new fwd coupler are required.
  8. That shift lever looks like no 2002 or 320i I have ever seen. Is that a grease fitting? Looks like some kind of industrial rod end. Suggest you ask this capable BMW guy what exactly that is that was installed
  9. I purchased parts from them while in Germany. I was satisfied with the service and quality of various parts for an E34 and E46.
  10. Two decades ago I pulled Franzi (71 chamonix sunroof) into the hometown gas station for first fill up after refinishing the car. Lots sweat equity in that 1st refinish prepping, masking and it showed. New front and rear glass, new rubber all around and new carpet. Suffice it to say I was a proud new Papa. Was trying to explain the cars fueling quirk to the doofus attendant who more or less waved me off with a "its ok, been doin this for a while" attitude. Sticks the nozzle barely in and puts the thing on high speed, fuel starts flowing at a high rate and before he can even get turned around to walk off it overflows and runs down the side of my fresh 1 week old paint. Dont remember much after that except everything seem to be tinged with a red haze and I seemed to be doing a lot of talking to some anxious looking people. After that, when ever I showed up in Franzi they would just hand me the fuel filler. Something for sure I dont like about OR. Its just dumb! Looking forward to some new adventures in fueling when Survivor hits the road.
  11. Probably an OEM crank, it may be an OEM crank that has been worked by someone/some shop. Oil shedding stuff is or was race engine stuff. One possible theory any way.
  12. I love a mystery, Coating was probably applied to the rod end caps after assembly. A 69 block with higher comp pistons, E12 head and Tii dizzy, someone put some effort into it. Wonder what kind of cam its packin'? What kind of fuel delivery was installed?
  13. I wonder, an oil shedding coating? https://www.highpowermedia.com/blog/2965/oil-shedding-coatings https://www.polydyn.com/crankshafts Pretty high end if it is, dont scrape any more off yet.
  14. I see it has a "rebuilt gas tank" wonder what that means? Repaired? probably. Overhauled? unlikely. Rebuilt? no way.

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