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  1. Lol, now I kno!! Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be patient and wait for one to pop again. 🤙🏼
  2. So I went to check out this ‘72 tii up in East LA this morning only to be sadly disappointed with the amount of rust it had.😭 E87858FB-2838-442E-A6FF-C1B97B4138FA.MOV
  3. Thanks Rich, I’ll let you know!
  4. Don’t want to maste my time or any others if it’s not to my liking or pricing, hello it’s 2020
  5. Moderators: please take this thread down, I can’t seem to. Thanks
  6. Basically it’s a fraud, some dude calling from Pennsylvania, claiming to be in Virginia but says the cars in Cali. A thousand words can’t describe my anger for these clowns.
  7. Not sure how to delete this post, maybe moderators can. I should have posted the pic below.
  8. Why people?? I’m just trying to find a car to buy but apparently faq doesn’t screen it’s members too well.
  9. Thank you, have that on my radar
  10. Looking for a minimaly rusted roundie shell or project Malaga. Let me know if anyone knows of a lead.
  11. Yeah, I called him out on it when I responded to his ‘bay listing. He responded back with “wrong car!” He eventually admitted it was the same car from VA when I called him out on the pictures. Dude, u can’t just black out the license plate and have the same brick building in Virginia in the background. Your previous message So it’s not the wrong car! That was the buy it now price listed. sfeuropean: It’s the same car from VA, but it wasn’t on eBay last week. I bought it, now it’s in California and for sale! Your previous message Sorry that’s the same car from Virginia, same mileage too. Maybe some one is scamming someone here. sfeuropean: A non-running one of these with engine matching with plenty of rust will cost you more than that Your previous message Buy it now last week was $11,500. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks Geoff! Thought I’d never find that search again!
  13. Thanks for the quick response guys and yes Geoff, it was you! Thanks for the links as well! Cheers
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