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  1. Reposting since it’s been a few months. Still on the hunt for that Malaga roundie. Not looking for a restored 02, just a low rust project to work on doesn’t even need a motor. Shells are ideal on my budget. Thanks for all the past leads, please keep them coming! Mahaloz🤙🏼
  2. Lol, now I kno!! Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be patient and wait for one to pop again. 🤙🏼
  3. So I went to check out this ‘72 tii up in East LA this morning only to be sadly disappointed with the amount of rust it had.😭 E87858FB-2838-442E-A6FF-C1B97B4138FA.MOV
  4. Don’t want to maste my time or any others if it’s not to my liking or pricing, hello it’s 2020
  5. Moderators: please take this thread down, I can’t seem to. Thanks
  6. Basically it’s a fraud, some dude calling from Pennsylvania, claiming to be in Virginia but says the cars in Cali. A thousand words can’t describe my anger for these clowns.
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