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  1. pocho

    Free parts

    Not highly desired but thought I would ask before tossing. 2 thermal reactors no visible cracks and down pipe.
  2. Wiper stalk with 3 settings, intermittent, medium and fast from a 320 for square lights only 74-76 includes relay. 20.00 shipping
  3. I bought these in a ‘parts lot’ buy there is no manufacturing name on them but can send close ups if you like. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Flares are still available-dash sold.
  5. Picked up my motor from Ken Blasko, it will be sitting a bit while I prepare the 71 1600 it will be going in which I will post pics of soon. CD9B49A5-EE48-4520-A1CD-BBB634D3C423.MOV
  6. pocho


    Ashtrays sold bumper ends + covers sold horn button sold
  7. pocho


    Parts in sets 20.00 74-76 tail lights working or restorable 74-74 big bumper ends + covers rear ashtrays $20 4 center caps-stock rims $20 320 is horn button $20 shifter boot $20 price does not include shipping
  8. Ken Blasko @ socalvintageracing "yes please" chris
  9. pocho

    Schrick 292

    Schrick cam used although not stamped on end verified by Jeff at IE it’s a 292 $125.00 plus shipping
  10. Rear license plate holder priice includes shipping
  11. pocho

    Ash tray

    74-76 ashtray never used vgc price includes shipping.
  12. My block was unusable keeping a good one for a future build. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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