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  1. A set of solex side drafts sat for a long time 45’s made in Italy I never used them but seem to be in working order obvious need of rebuild. Plus shipping
  2. yes, I was looking for steel wheels.  Thanks for letting me know.  Do you have any hoods or fenders>

    1. pocho


      no hood or fenders as i'm restoring a 71 with lots'o rust but will keep my eyes open.

  3. I'm local and will buy these if buyer backs out


  4. Steel rims from 1971 1600 dated 70 were mounted on car sitting for 20 years. Straight-rust on backside. Includes hubcaps. Prefer local pick up. $100.00
  5. In need of a working or rebuildable solex single barrel 36-40 for my 71 1600 in south Los Angeles.
  6. pocho

    Free parts

    Not highly desired but thought I would ask before tossing. 2 thermal reactors no visible cracks and down pipe.
  7. Wiper stalk with 3 settings, intermittent, medium and fast from a 320 for square lights only 74-76 includes relay. 20.00 shipping
  8. I bought these in a ‘parts lot’ buy there is no manufacturing name on them but can send close ups if you like. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Flares are still available-dash sold.
  10. Picked up my motor from Ken Blasko, it will be sitting a bit while I prepare the 71 1600 it will be going in which I will post pics of soon. CD9B49A5-EE48-4520-A1CD-BBB634D3C423.MOV
  11. pocho


    Ashtrays sold bumper ends + covers sold horn button sold
  12. pocho


    Parts in sets 20.00 74-76 tail lights working or restorable 74-74 big bumper ends + covers rear ashtrays $20 4 center caps-stock rims $20 320 is horn button $20 shifter boot $20 price does not include shipping
  13. Ken Blasko @ socalvintageracing "yes please" chris
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