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  1. pocho

    New Turbo Flares

    I bought these in a ‘parts lot’ buy there is no manufacturing name on them but can send close ups if you like. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. pocho

    New Turbo Flares

    Flares are still available-dash sold.
  3. Picked up my motor from Ken Blasko, it will be sitting a bit while I prepare the 71 1600 it will be going in which I will post pics of soon. CD9B49A5-EE48-4520-A1CD-BBB634D3C423.MOV
  4. pocho


    Ashtrays sold bumper ends + covers sold horn button sold
  5. pocho


    Parts in sets 20.00 74-76 tail lights working or restorable 74-74 big bumper ends + covers rear ashtrays $20 4 center caps-stock rims $20 320 is horn button $20 shifter boot $20 price does not include shipping
  6. Ken Blasko @ socalvintageracing "yes please" chris
  7. pocho

    Schrick 292

    Schrick cam used although not stamped on end verified by Jeff at IE it’s a 292 $125.00 plus shipping
  8. pocho

    Rear lic plate holder

    Rear license plate holder priice includes shipping
  9. pocho

    Ash tray

    74-76 ashtray never used vgc price includes shipping.
  10. pocho

    MISC Parts

    pm sent on diff.
  11. pocho

    1600 block - VIN # 1569318

    My block was unusable keeping a good one for a future build. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. pocho

    Garage finds still exist

    A friend who owns a nice E30 and used to own a 74 Tii asked me to check out “an old” Bmw-he wasn’t sure of details because the person who let him know wasn’t sure of details. 30 minutes later we opened the one car garage which hasn’t been opened for 31 years to see a 1966 Neue Klasse, he is doing his homework for resto, nice to know they are still out there.
  13. pocho

    Radiator Tragedy

    Chris_B - this happened to me, fan met radiator plowing through gears to avoid a sticky situation and BOOM fan disintigrated completely and destroyed radiator, had a spare fan got another radiator and discovered the wire loom (poking out of your first pic top right) was pushing radiator that thickness about 3/16'' closer to fan, rerouting on top helped. Chris-A
  14. I am familiar with water choke and electric choke but what is this? Hole is threaded and dead ends. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. pocho

    320 parts car

    1982 320 Selling this as a parts car body is clean and straight motor is 1.8 fuel injection turns over but doesn’t start-minus transmission, diff and front seats. Not an is $400.00 OBO Los Angeles Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk