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  1. Like what Zinz said, the brown-yellow wire goes to the horn.
  2. I went down this rabbit hole when I brought my RHD Touring over to the US. You can't put (install) a sealed beam headlight into a Euro style bucket. For LHD cars, BMW had both Hella & Bosch supply the headlamps, but, you couldn't swap the reflectors from one to the other as the adjustment parts were different. Also, for LHD you had the choice of H4 or bilux, and, again parts were different between Hella & Bosch. So, any road up, for RHD (if you can believe the BMW Blue parts book) only Hella supplied the headlamps, and only one type (Bilux). The Bilux bulbs were held in by a complicated spring loaded socket that you pushed onto the reflector and turned a little to the right to lock it on under three small tabs on the reflector (see the reflector on the right in the pic below). The H4 type was easier as there was a spring clip that pivoted over and latched in on the reflector (see the two on the left in the pic below). In theory, you need reflector part # 63 12 8 650 120 which I believe is NLA. However, Linwar in the UK, did have complete headlamps for RHD but be prepared to spend a lot of coin. https://www.linwar.com/e10_163_12005_00.html I don't know what (& why) the difference between a RHD reflector & a LHD (other than differing BMW part nos). I just thought it was the headlamp glass that differed in order not to blind oncoming traffic. However, if LHD reflectors are available & you want to try that route, you'll need to ensure you can get one matches the adjustment mechanism in your buckets, if not, it's the Linwar option, or maybe you can get your reflectors re-chromed????. FYI - Walloth & Nesch sell the H4 bulbs that will fit in the Bilux reflectors.
  3. Unless the want to get somewhere first
  4. It'll probably re-appear on BAT soon and get double the money.
  5. Maybe those "little nit picky things" noted by some, are why the guy doesn't drive the wheels off the car in the video. If they are so easily fixed we'll see if the Seller fixes them as they have now been mentioned in the messages. Some non-mechanicky BAT Buyer may end up with a real surprise.
  6. I'm surprised they put it up on a lift. Looks like they dragged it out of Lake Erie. Has a "no snorkel" nose😀
  7. Put this Bosch Silver battery in my Touring 1995-6 when the car was in the UK. Finally replaced it in 2012, but still use it now to test electrical bits & bobs. The replacement battery lasted 6 years!
  8. That distributor looks very much like one I bought from IE. It was a dud right out of the box, but having had it for 6 months before finding out, it was trashed canned.
  9. 02Les

    Vintage 2009

  10. Steve, The swept back windshield and the Hamm-ish tail, steering wheel on the correct side. Only RHD Touring Owners know the truth.....😈
  11. Interesting: 2764014 23 May '73 2764021 24 May 2764022 22 May Not the first time cars completed out of VIN sequence, but not too often.
  12. Seems to vary between $10-$14 for a 6-pack.😁
  13. 2764021 = 24 May 1973😁
  14. In respect to miles, yes, but for other measurements and temperature we're/they're metric. Miles/hr go with RHD😁 (mostly)
  15. Pictured below is a Glas 1304 CL which has been rumoured to be the inspiration for BMWs 1st gen Touring. Now, searching the internet a while back, I found an article picturing a couple of mystery Tourings. The magazine article, dated Dec ’69, shows a GLAS 1304 that is for all intents and purposes a Touring, complete with swan neck mirror, early bumpers and no knee trim. It also has a Dingolfing, Germany licence plate (where Hans Glas GmbH is/was located). The other has a Munich plate, also early bumpers, no knee trim but with a trap mirror. Whilst my German is lacking somewhat, the article appears to suggest this Touring was designed in cohorts with Bertone. As far as I know, Michelotti, named as designer for the Touring, never worked for Bertone. So, anyone have any insight to the history of this Glas Touring that became the 1600/1800/2000 Touring a few years later? EDIT: TRIED TO SORT OUT THE ORDER OF THE PICTURES...……..IT WON'T LET ME!
  16. Alexandre, No worries, use the $5 towards a beverage of your liking.
  17. I ordered two & shipping was $5.17.
  18. Terry has a few friends and that's putting it mildly. You would think Mr. Carlson would know the Touring is typ E6 and not that E10.
  19. This one was for sale in Austin, TX, 2017 & 2018. Seller wanted $18k to start and the last I saw was $10k. It has its fair share of rust. $18,500 is, as Steve said, ambitious. Also for sale/auction currently is a '73 Touring 2000 owned by Terry Sayther (also Austin, TX) https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-bmw-2002-touring-4/ He had it for sale for $40k, also, IMHO, way ambitious, but, as we know, there are some deep pocketed Buyers that lurk on BAT. It also has a "late" nose. I am wondering what my refurbished RHD '74 Touring would go for...…..perhaps I'll know more in a few days. For those interested in Tourings...…….can anyone explain this Glas 1304 CL Touring from 1969?
  20. BMW ran your VIN range up to 2380000, but, the '74 Auto VIN range started at 2380001, so they started a new VIN range (2740001 - 2745584) for the manual.
  21. Interesting! It was advertised by SCA Auctions last month as being in North Miami Beach, FL. Same pics. https://classics.autotrader.com/classic-cars/1976/bmw/2002/101309384
  22. That's what I remember. I bought my first 2002 in Burghausen in '73, but was working just over the border in Ranshofen, Austria. The locals there called it (sounded to me as) swar swaer. Boy that was a long time ago. Never heard it since.
  23. After 7 or so months on Ebay, I guess the Owner is regretting buying it, thinking he would make some money.
  24. Too many left-overs, so it was bubble & squeak day😋
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