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  1. They were actually stuffed in further back, I took the pic with it out in the open to remind me later where they went.
  2. Like others, I do not recognise those pieces. The only foam parts I have found (see pic) are the ones stuffed between the rear fender & wheel well. Perhaps they are a chunk that's come loose from these?
  3. Yeah, what Hal said. Can't imagine Germans using anything but metric, but, where did W & N get it made?????
  4. If it's #4 & #7 on the pics below, then #4 is M10 x 30 and #7 is M10 x 50.
  5. Reportedly sold second time around. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-BMW-2002/163887675983?hash=item2628777a4f:g:728AAOSwqd1ddZNE
  6. Juan, I have around 20 pics from the 2015 auction, if you would like them, PM me your email.
  7. No clue on the km/h speedo, but it was there when the car was on Ebay Aug 2015. It showed 79k km even back then. The Ebay Seller (2000m5) was Evan Esterman of BimmerBros fame and he stated it was an older repaint and a two-Owner car. The CA black licence plate would (I believe) indicate the car was first registered in CA and stayed there until 2015. The Craigslist Seller in MA (Apr-May 2019) bought the car from Evan in 2015. Pics from 2015 auction.
  8. 51 11 5 670 106 is for the left (DS) 51 11 5 670 107 is for the right (Pass) If you look carefully at the pics, there's a difference left & right (chamfers are opp hand). BUT, which is the Dr side & which is the Pass side???? I did get them back on my Touring during its re-assembly 2 years ago, but never had the sense to mark my spare set.
  9. Quite a few '02s that have been for sale lately (BAT, Ebay etc.) are missing the two engine bay/hood left/right side seals. Owners/Sellers spend heaps of $$$ on restos & go-faster bits, but can't spend a few $ on a couple of seals.
  10. Spoken like a true car salesman😀 If you have a Title with your name on it, and previously there was Title with another Owner's name on it, then it has had (at least) two Owners. Nice car by the way.
  11. The other side is $31 https://www.pelicanparts.com/cgi-bin/ksearch/PEL_search_2016.cgi?command=DWsearch&description=51115670107 And, if they are not marked, how do you tell the right one from the left one?🤔
  12. When it was on Ebay in 2015, it was stated to have 1k miles on a rebuilt motor, a 292 cam, 38/38 Weber, 5 speed, big brakes & upgraded suspension & a matching green valve cover.
  13. Aha, yeah that's annoying; I'm guessing the cables are metal spiral things and that is probably the source. Maybe it has too much clearance to/against gearbox driving gear. Does is ever slip when moving the sunroof?
  14. I can understand the motor being quiet with nothing attached, but, I can also understand it being noisier when it's attached and under load. Are you sure the motor refurbishment was done correctly? I have several window motors for my E24 that work wonderfully quiet when on the bench, but, they are either very noisy or just don't move at all when attached to the window mechanism.
  15. Thoroughly clean the windshield of any waxy build up.
  16. Correct, the top of the black part was just about through the centre of the rocker/sill trim holes.
  17. Thanks for sharing. I miss not seeing the old cars from my Homeland. May not have set the World on fire but I grew up with them. Those 6 digit licence plates are worth more £££ than some of our cars!
  18. That colour looks very much like BMW Topaz. Used on the E12s & others.
  19. If you read some of Dosky's earlier posts, this is the 3rd or 4th 2002 he has bought recently.
  20. Seller posted the motor VIN. Didn't know M10 mtrs had 8 digits. 4600001 & up was a 518!!! Sep 29 at 9:09 PM mark_starr (The Seller) 1,180 @Flunder I sent a photo to BaT but it hasn’t been posted. Please post BaT……..The number is 46274674………
  21. Try this guy, he has sun visors for RHD cars. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/248729-sun-visors-new-old-stock-for-02/

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