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  1. I learned the plastic bag method from an FAQ'er years ago and have been doing that ever since!
  2. Nice find! Sounds like a project. Btw my dad brought home a ‘74 VW thing for my 16th. Fond memories😃
  3. My ‘72 a few days after returning from paint.
  4. Those look awesome. I just started sanding on my BWA Sportstars to get rid of the curb rash and made some great progress today. Is the dewalt a random orbit? Trying to decide on paint vs polished aluminum now. Which paint did you go with?
  5. an epic BaT battle at the end. Congrat t0ddness on a great sell - I'm sure the new owner will be thrilled!
  6. definitely prefer the sportstars in the center the best - a classic look!
  7. this beautiful Colorado '71 2002 just came on BaT and with 7 days before the auction it's already up to $8000. It wouldn't surprise me to see it sell in the mid 20's http://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-bmw-2002-15/
  8. Hi MrMalaga, I would reply directly to the owner as i'm merely the messenger haha. good luck - it seems like a decent car for the price.
  9. NM/NA https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/6085976176.html
  10. Hello, I have an upper bolster and cover from an e21 passenger recaro as well as the upper back cushion. I'm told the upper cover can be adapted to be used for a driver side seat, if needed. I also have lower bolsters though the driver side is in poor shape. I have the seat bottom as well but it will need to be repaired. Please let me know if you're interested. $125 + shipping. Thanks, Mitch
  11. Ok sorry I was confusing you with another member. Here's what I have. I bought the material to replace my lower bolster and material. This is what's left.
  12. didn't that set I picked up from you have the upper bolster and bolster cover? i'll check what I have tonight and send you a text.
  13. Joel, it looks like you need that upper bolster with vinyl I bought from you recently to repair that seat haha. let me know if you can use it.
  14. Rojo - the free delivery is very tempting so let me think about that and I'll let you know! I've never finished magnesium wheels so is there any special prep involved before painting them? Thanks, Mitch
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