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  1. walkinfool

    Bad crimps

    halboyles, are you sure that wire on the left isn't superconductive black titanium?? just kidding, that looks bad! I did cut back my wires before and after the crimped section and found healthy looking copper. but, as Einsprintz suggested, I'll just make up a new harness for that area. Thanks, Mitch
  2. walkinfool

    Bad crimps

    Einspritz, I ended up cutting the crimps yesterday just to have a look at the copper strands and understand the harness more closely and decided making up a new harness is best so I'm in the process of sourcing new tabbed spade connectors (possibly from Belmetric) and primary wire (wirebarn?) and will make up the new harness. But, as I mentioned, immediately before the bad crimps, the brown, blue and black wires are 14g (1.5mm) and coming out of the crimps, they are 16g (1mm). I agree the red, 10g (4mm) wire shouldn't be crimped though I did expose both sides of the crimp and the copper looks good. Cheers, Mitch
  3. walkinfool

    Bad crimps

    Funny, I’ve YouTubed the crap out of both options, read numerous arguments for both and felt that soldering/shrink wrapping would’ve been a cleaner look. But ultimately the more compelling evidence suggests that crimping is king! Thanks for for your thoughts and the perma-seal recommendation! So the one thing I can’t figure out on my harness...from the alternator plug to the really poor splices the wire is 16g but from the splice down the harness the wire is 14g. And, the b+ red wire is of course 10g but prior to the burnt splice, there are two 14g wires. Is this standard?
  4. walkinfool

    Bad crimps

    Yes tech71, that’s what I noticed as well. It should be much happier once I finish!
  5. walkinfool

    Bad crimps

    Thanks halboyles- this is helpful!
  6. walkinfool

    Bad crimps

    A few months back I wrote to ask for help diagnosing an intermittent charging issue. Several faq’ers wrote with great suggestions and though the immediate problem was a bad ground that was easily fixed, my alternator eventually gave up the ghost. Rather than go the rebuild route, I decided to buy a locally sourced reman’d unit from Bosch for just a few bucks more. My plan was to install it this weekend but after looking at the wires going to the plug, and the questionable connectors/crimps from the previous owner, I decided it’s best to replace that section of the harness first. I know the alternator wire size is 10 gauge but can someone confirm what the correct gauge size of the D+, DF, and D- connections to the plug should be? Here’s a pic of what I’m replacing. Thanks!
  7. It’s an honest car and Colorado seems to automatically bring a premium.
  8. walkinfool

    Centre BMW hub stickers.

    https://3dcarstickers.com i just bought a set for a project and they’re pretty decent!
  9. Did not know that - thanks for the bonus intel!
  10. You offer them to a buddy who’s been dying to find a set for his ‘83 Chevette. These wheels were in rough shape and were headed to the scrapper. But, after some serious sanding, polishing, and paint, your ‘83 Chevette just got a whole lot prettier!
  11. walkinfool

    Late green 2002 on "The Good Doctor"

    Noticed that as well but wasn’t initially sure due to the blur. I seem to remember last season that the woman and glassman were discussing their passion for cars on a first date.
  12. Great write up. I may be ordering one of these set screws this spring as I endeavor to remove an old fan blade from a dead motor and replace onto my working one. thanks!
  13. There’s a driver side door on craigslist in Tacoma for $120. No glass but looks pretty good otherwise.
  14. walkinfool

    4 Yokohama A539 185/60r13 tires (nearly new)

    Hello, I'm interested in these tires and sent you a pm. cheers, Mitch
  15. One of the funniest things ever for me happened at a gas station. A woman parked next to me in her SUV jumped out of her car and asked if it was okay for her to poke her head in and smell the interior. She had owned three of them back in the day and loved that oil/fuel smell!