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  1. Ran when parked. I love it!
  2. They were threatening to cancel but the rain held off for the first 20 minutes before the drizzle began.
  3. Thanks! Funny, I was waiting for them to get out of the shot but they were just sort of lingering haha
  4. Had to get my cars and coffee fix this morning at a local event in Camas, WA and found an empty spot next to this beast! My ‘72 on the left seems a bit dated but I’m not complaining. Happy first day of summer!
  5. Omg, all this Vega talk has triggered a memory of the 70’s when my dad was a car salesman and had access to cars. He brought home a manual transmission and tried to teach my mom how to drive it with my brother and I in the car as hostages. It took all of 15 minutes for her to completely hate the car, and to never attempt to learn to drive a stick shift. Sorry, now what were you talking about?? 🤪
  6. I bought my '72 from the PO in April of 2010. It had been sitting on his property for 12+ years, covered in moss and starting to rust. I took a chance that it would eventually start and hauled it back to Portland. the car looked decent after a wash though it had a big dent in the passenger door, profound rust along the roof panel in front of the sunroof, and various mechanical issues. After squirting some diesel into the cylinders and hand cranking the engine, all it took was a new battery, a set of points, condenser, new fuel lines and fuel and she fired right up and purred like a kitten. I later added new front rotors and brakes, had a donor roof from a non sunroof car welded in place, and a full Malaga respray.
  7. thanks for all of your help with the site, Steve. the FAQ is one of the few things in life that I can count on and even a few hours of down time has me a bit nervous and panicky haha. stay safe!
  8. For sale is a pair of FTE caliper repair kits. $15 + shipping for the pair. Pm if interested
  9. Thanks for weighing in. Indeed, I was off a few degrees and after rotating the dizzy clockwise just a pinch she fired right up with no stumble, purred like a kitten at idle and ran great on the test drive. Still plan on confirming with a timing light but I think I’m pretty close.
  10. I have a multi-meter and plan to check resistance. Thanks for the info on the timing light. I ran across that one earlier when I googled top timing lights. Looks like a good one. Best, Mitch
  11. honestly, I read so much on the FAQ before I did the swap that I was googly eyed. ultimately, I headed to Steve at Blunt for the advice on the coil. I was using a ballast resistor with the blue coil and points set up but the pertronix instructions said to keep the ballast resistor so that's what I did.
  12. yes, I figured it was timing related. thanks for the timing light suggestion. I'll be looking this weekend, if parts stores are open that is. thanks and stay safe!
  13. Hello all, I have a '72, carbureted, mechanical advanced distributor set up and have been running a points ignition system. Though I haven't had any issues with this system, I've been wanting something a bit more reliable and decided to upgrade to an electronic ignition. And, after reading way too many posts and watching far too many YouTube videos on electronic ignition I decided to go the Pertronix route (though the 123 Bluetooth ignition looks like a decent, future option). Anyway, the Pertronix went in fairly easy and after changing to the recommended black Bosch coil, I installed new ignition wires and plugs. (the cap and rotor are fairly new). I'm getting a timing light this weekend and so I didn't have a chance to check timing after the install but decided to start the car anyway. The starter labored as though it wasn't getting enough juice and then the car fired right up. it idled fairly nicely too and I didn't hear any missing or pinging. I've not had starter issues before this and the battery was fully charged so was wondering if this sounds like pre ignition and maybe the timing is just a few degrees too advanced? Thanks in advance for your thoughts! Mitch
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