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  1. I put a set of chrome latches on my 74 cause they look the best. Rogers tii having internet security problems? Maybe he should have been a little more customer service friendly when they call and have a problem with an order. 🙂
  2. It's the rustless stock from Ansa, you're welcome. :-)
  3. How about an image with a turbo and a turd in a toilet bowl? 🙂
  4. Certainly some well grounded advice given here today, Gents.
  5. There was a time-perhaps it will come again when tii water pumps where NLA. Today, not so much. I just sent my used one for rebuild and it cost less than $100. Good as new upon return.
  6. The indicator relay unit up under the dash above the hood release (bonnet for you blokes over there) actually grounds itself against the chassis by the metal clip riveted into the plastic. It may be just a simple wiggle and a return to normal. but what do I know
  7. Curious minds want to know. Are those fenders flared as per Alpina? I was of the belief that if Alpina breathed on a 2002 it might have gotten pig cheeks or possibly box flares, These look enlarged but nothing like what I have seen before from Alpina. but what do I know
  8. wiring diagram = best friend asking about each wire on forum = people telling you to get a wiring diagram
  9. Mine? It's debumpered in front and is missing quite a lot of the wheel arches.
  10. When in doubt-bore it out! You can go to your local pine tree air freshener and oli change parts store and buy a DIY at home radiator test kit to see if you have exhaust gases mixing with your coolant. But given that you are losing coolant and producing steam out the pipe, it's highly likely burning water in the combustion chambers. That being said. One of three things is most likely going on in order of oh shit factor. 1) Bad head gasket 2) cracked or corroded head passages 3) cracked block At this point you could try and torque check the head to 52lbs, but unless some idiot built the motor and never did the final torque sequence, not gonna do much for you. Removing and reinstalling the head is fairly straight forward and can be done in an afternoon for the novice. However, if your head is cracked you may not know from just looking at it. If your passages are eroded away and the cause it will appear more easily with the head gasket material showing evidence of failure at the spot of the metal that has turned to chalk. At this point I will defer to others to guide you down the road of what to do given your financial means. Might be time for that eruo spec high comp build plus side drafts. Blunt is selling 90mm 10:1 pistons for $500 right now. but what do I know.
  11. How many times Ray? How many? It's Faux
  12. As the saying goes. "once you go black"
  13. They are the plastic screw mount thingies from the 74 and later cars. I may have borrowed a few off of an e21 which I think are round and not square but do the same function. The speed nut things are for the metal grills which are pre 74. As you know.

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