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  1. It's very dense stuff but light weight. When it's cut there is no coarse edge. Can't think of what I would liken it too, but I have been drinking. It's worthwhile stuff albeit not black but matches the other sound insulation material used on the backside of the fire wall near the heater box. Y'allz should use it.
  2. is that what it's for? I thought it was kindling for fires.
  3. I found a benefit in the density of the foam makes it easy to clean if/when they get dirty. Think of it as an upgraded aesthetic feature over the open cell foam used way back when.
  4. If there becomes a fire under the hood, well all is trashed anyways. I have used these on previous builds and the stuff holds up fine under high ambient heat.
  5. Because I am a do it yourself kinda guy, I find the quest for alternatives that cost less and may even be better than original fun. Harbour Freight padded floor squares. 4 pack costs $9.00 and with a discount coupon you save some scratch for the contact cement. But what do I know. Yes Ray, they are tribute pads.
  6. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/d/sacramento-bmw-2002/7088099929.html
  7. Well, being the sorta guy I am I went and just made my own. Thanks to Paul for providing the diagram as inspiration. I searched through my bin of "metal bits" and found a door shim from an e21-PERFECT!
  8. I do what I do! BTW, anyone have the insulator ring/bracket that holds the positive cable to the dip stick? I shutter to think what improvements I could make to it by fabricating one. Seriously willing to buy one if you got's.
  9. Or- cut them off and re-weld them in pace for the 5 speed like I did. I bought the bracket relo kit with the bolt in tabs and then I realized I would have to remove those 4 speed tabs anyway. Why not reuse them for the factory look. Having a welder makes fabrication easier.
  10. A little thicker than the original item and not made of spring steel, but it works just fine.
  11. Those arrows show the direction of the disc as it relates to the flange.

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