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  1. He lives in Wisconsin,sheesh Esty, do a search within the thread. :-) Been waiting like ten years to tell Esty to do a search.
  2. Perhaps it's just me, I have found alternatives using "similar" hardware and by making slight alterations, you can save some dough. Check out what's commonly called "elevator" bolts. You can find them online or at a good local hardware store that has the section of misc fasteners, bolts, and doo hickies in them plastic cases all on a rack. Hand die grinder-make T-bolt. but what do I know.
  3. Crickets! Wanna throw me a reasonable offer?
  4. It's a typical adaptation when using the stock e30 S14 exhaust part. No real harm there. It does however produce some heat-sink which over time can cook the grease and dry out the rubber boot on the link end. I would put this in the PASS inspection column if done properly. Looking closely-I can't say for sure, but it looks like the link end nut has scraped the pipe. I could be wrong, but I would take a closer look. but what do I know I'm done now end of free PPI for me.
  5. and to kick a dead horse which is still in the throws of death. it may seam like a nit pick, it's just a molded indicator on what appears to be the exact same side. what's the difference right? The arrow is intended to point towards the flange. This one points away from it. At the very least the builder/representative should have bought for $25 USD a Chiltons manual. **disclaimer, I really am not in favor of impeding another's attempt to sell a car, it happens to me often as well. Many self anointed experts have free speech rights to revise history-even when you have actual documents that say otherwise. These insights being discussed are obvious faults in the assembly process.*** The free PPI per FAQ, or any other social media outlet is the new norm. Trolls and Masters hand and hand singing along giving praise and slinging trash talk. LA LA LAh, La lah la, LA LA LA, Lalala Laaaah.
  6. Whilst expressing one's opinion on obvious "shortcomings" with this vehicle may be construed as "trash talk" it is NOT supposition. There are concerns with the car ( ALL CAN BE CORRECTED) that pose safety issues and beg to ask bigger questions on what short-cuts or inexperienced decisions were made in the entire build. There might appear-again this is my personal belief; that some omission of fact is possible. If not; then the owner, seller, builder really does not know what they are working with. That again brings me back to the point of what else was done or not done with the build. Shiny paint and big engines often blind many as to the other things they need to pay attention to . For me the build quality and craft speak volumes. Especially when one can not inspect in person. Out of respect to the seller, I choose NOT to express my opinions on the auction forum directly. Not interested to buy. My issues are mine, and are free to vet on here as this is the place for that. Should an interested party wish to understand the "2002 market" perspective, due diligence starts here. That goes for both buyers and sellers. No one is saying don't buy this car if you are so inclined. It's a great foundation for going over the existing work and sort it out properly.
  7. I saw that on TV (ALA Speed Channel) about an old pre-war car in a garage being sold by the son to I think Wayne Carrini
  8. It's like what the police detectives say, if your are innocent then you have nothing to worry about. Turn up the volume and listen at mile maker 3:44.
  9. well that I suppose, but the tie rod end is backwards. What's whacked is the other side is done properly. How do you not get both to be the same?
  10. Barney, indeed this one is subject for folly, but for the money people will eagerly throw it's way, the build quality is not there. It only leads me to suspect what other major items are afoot. I.E. how did they attach the rear seats? Will they hold up to a collision if my daughter and her friend were in there? Harsh maybe, but when one alters a car it's not just about the parts list. To me it's more about the build quality. This one might be less than acceptable-for the money.
  11. Just when Cleveburgh was about to pull itself up by the boot strap and lose the "mistake on the Lake" moniker, this west-sider chims in with this bucket. He is setting back decades of progress. Long live the Buzzard, WMMS! Y'All Northcoasters know what I'm talking about.
  12. And the hits just keep on coming. Can you see it?
  13. certainly if one was to poke around deeper, this mighty awesome eye candy will surely disappoint further.
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