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  1. Pretty sure I have one. I'll check for you if $100 works for your budget.
  2. The driver is not steering into the skid. That's why he is loosing them packages.
  3. in my opinion-of which lately has been made overtly clear to many lurkers of this site as unwarranted, I believe a "retorque is not gonna help you. That being said, the sequence is to begin in the middle and work your way outward in a crisscross pattern. Start up, then down, then up to the right, then across to the lower left, and then the lower right, and then across to the next upper left. etc... sounds perhaps weird without a visual diagram. Me? I would just pull the head and see what's really going on cause you could have bigger issues to deal with. OR if you just are planning on selling it to the next schmoe for more than you paid and don't want to disclose anything, Throw a can of fix a leak in there and post it on Craigslist. Oops there's that hard hitting truthful realization of fact about many sellers that hits a nerve with many lurkers on this forum. But I digress.
  4. I agree, and for the record I never said anything about the price.
  5. You're welcome, and I never said or implied "selling for too much" But I do have other personal beliefs (as a direct result of your copy writing style) which I chose not to post. You can thank me for that as well. Good luck with the sale. And as the realtors-who game the home buying process like to say location location location. With used car salesmen-it's condition condition condition.
  6. Seller: you are stirring up the natives with words like tii parts and blue recaros.
  7. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/d/redwood-city-turbocharged-1974-bmw-2002/7016424705.html NOT MINE, NO AFFILIATION. COPIED THE CL AD AND RE-POSTED HERE FOR DISCUSSION. I have my thoughts but gonna just leave this as is. The last time I posted this, I was a bit swamped by interest and had to take it down. In light of that, I will be taking a different approach to selling the car this time. This Sunday, 11/10, I will be showing the car to interested parties at the Woodside Plaza Center in Redwood City, off of Woodside road. Folks can sign up for 30 minute slots, and I will take you on a drive up Woodside into the hills and back. During that time, you can ask as many questions about the car as you like, and I will be as honest about it as I can be. The link to sign-ups will be at the end of this posting. Here are the reasons to buy this car: - The M15 engine with mechanical fuel injection and turbocharger makes the car run like a rocket, or the closest thing to an ultra-rare 2002turbo. The previous owner ran at 8psi, but I run it at 4-6 because it scares me. - The drivetrain has thus far been exceptionally reliable, and I have daily driven it for weeks at a time with virtually no issues. When I bought it, it barely started and would regularly blow intake runners off. Most of my energy has been spent getting this thing running really well. - It handles exceptionally well for a vehicle of its age and is a great 'sleeper' car. - It does have a 5-speed swap, so one can cruise at 2-3k RPM comfortably on the freeway. - All major work on the car the past 25-ish years (including the turbo install) has been done by Motorspeed West in Santa Clara, so the car is by no means a cobbled together monster. There are people who know exactly how to work on it if you ever get out of your depth, as I have. Here are the numerous 'bad' things about this car, which I am trying to be as honest and straightforward about as possible about: -The engine numbers do not match the chassis. -The body: --- Unknown to me upon purchasing the car, the rear end was grafted on from a 1976 model after a rear end accident back in the late 70s. The base color for the rear is blue, whereas the car itself was originally 'Malaga' and is now black. The title is clean and the VIN matches a 74 tii. --- The previous owner paid for 1/2 of a good paint job, so the front of the car has a high-gloss black, and the rear is a matte black. --- There is surface rust on the hood, roof, and behind the rear left wheel. There does not appear to be any structural rust anywhere on the car. There is cracked paint falling off of the hood because the old owner used to back fire and blow intake manifolds into it. --- There is panel damage around the rear left taillight. --- The hood is difficult to raise and impinges with the right door a little bit. -The interior: --- There is an upgraded stereo system that needs some tuning, currently it only outputs sound from all speakers when the volume is cranked. I believe this to be an issue with the amp and that an audio shop could fix it easily. --- The dash is cracked. --- The front seats are non-original and do not bend forward, as far as I can tell. --- Seals all hold but don't look great. --- Windshield fluid container and pumps were removed for the intercooler mounting, and never re-installed. Here is what I think the car needs: - Full frame strip-down, light body repair, and re-paint. - Moderate amounts of interior work. This car is for you if: - You laugh in the face of danger. - You think you can make all of the above into something great. Please, please, please, read the above carefully and look at the pictures and try to decide if you actually are serious about buying this car before signing up to come see it. I would really appreciate if you did not waste my time or take away someone else's spot if you don't think you are in a position to buy this car. If you are still interested, please continue reading: Here's how I will be selling the car: - I will show it to as many people as I can over 8 appointment slots for 4 hours on Sunday 11/10, in the Woodside Plaza Center parking lot, near Pet Food Express. See the photo for reference on where I will be. Navigate to 372 Woodside Rd, Redwood City, CA 94061. - During your slot, you can ask as many questions as you like as we cruise around the foothills. I will drive and try to put the car through its paces as best I can. - I will not entertain any offers in-person during the day. I will not sell the car to someone who signs up to see it before you. - Those who appear very interested will be able to schedule time to drive the car themselves at a later time. - I will send out a google form to everyone who came to see the car, and sell it to the highest bidder via silent auction. If this sounds good to you, reply to this ad with the subject line "74 TOOTII" and the following in the body of the e-mail: - Name: - Phone Number: - Preferred E-mail address: - Preferred Appointment Slots (please give a range): The appointment times can be seen here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZFJBUdz70vFkaZ6FVuyMdvOZEXYKZYTthy0_GYa_OME/edit?usp=sharing I will update slots as full as I receive replies, and they will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
  8. Okay Gents, While I'm not such a cheap ass as to not spend $25 for 24 GREEN OEM style clips, but for $6 I can buy 30 of what appears to be an alternative which should work. Anyone have anything to say that is helpful, unlike Ray who will, well you know be Ray.
  9. Have both a 4 speed (longer) and 5 speed versions- for which the 1983 variant was somewhere in between the other two in length. I have all the other bits too if needed. Located in Sac but can ship flat rate likely USPS.
  10. $200 each Both have a rusty area which is through the metal as shown in pictures. Nothing a little metal patch can't take care of. Hey their not cut for speakers which is something. The undersides and everywhere else is surface rust only. I have the inner mechanisms for the one door shown without. Both have clear glass. Pick up in Sac.
  11. Perhaps this could be a stable mate to the F-bomb and call it the cougarvagon
  12. MY UPDATE: So after crunching the numbers 1) Ireland Engineering: All aluminum (non factory look) high efficient unit $325 + tax + ship ? 2) Ebay China made aluminum ( suspect fitment and performance) $220ish with shipping 3) W&N OEM style $280 + $54 shipping 4) Re-core my date correct factory unit with high efficient core; $350 out the door from the local guy. I chose #4 and if you want to use them here ya go. Sacramento Radiator Sales & Service 6430 Franklin Blvd # 4, Sacramento, CA 95823 (916) 392-1149 But what do I know
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