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  1. conkitchen

    Sure quiet here - something going on?

    Ouch! And you still managed to get my carpet kit done and shipped. You are super girl.
  2. conkitchen

    72 Tii on BaT

    Hopefully by the time I post, the thread will die as a result. Let me just say all your points well taken. nothing more to say, but what do I know.
  3. conkitchen

    Sure quiet here - something going on?

    10,000 of them where about Denver tii and people not doing a search before asking questions. In these quiet times I find myself doing water colors. Want to see?
  4. conkitchen

    Looking for a nice automatic 02 for my wife

    That would have made Esty very happy
  5. conkitchen

    MOMO steering wheel

    As seen in images plus shipping
  6. conkitchen

    Looking for a nice automatic 02 for my wife

    he may be thinking of a 318 e30 which would bolt up but no speedo drive but what do I know
  7. conkitchen

    Looking for a nice automatic 02 for my wife

    Do the unheard of switch from a standard to an auto.
  8. conkitchen

    Jammed E Brake Cable

    This is the trick, but with my own experiential trick. Drill a minor hole near the spot where the molten plastic will flow from so it don't get stuck and hardened inside the tube. Best to apply some tension on the cable (or what's left of it sticking out) whilst applying the torch. It should slide right out in a gooey hot smoldering mess. best of luck!
  9. conkitchen

    headlight bulb retainer ring

    Thanks for what you can do. Chrome is nice to have, not required as the other is black so it will get painted. Utility is the name of the game here.
  10. conkitchen

    headlight bulb retainer ring

    It's the 7" metal retainer with 3 screws to hold the bulb into the bucket. NE1?
  11. conkitchen

    PRICE DROP: Weber 40 DCOM carbs, Made in Italy

    I believe those are the main jets and emulsion tubes but what do I know.
  12. Not the 49 mile drive again.
  13. conkitchen

    72 tii Inka project car on Ebay

    aren't all shill bidders welshers? Aduh?
  14. conkitchen

    Here's an odd one.... '74 2002tii

    Not surprising at all. Far too many fools trying to game the classic car thing. It smelled like fish when it first listed with it's vague details. The guy sounded like a kook. An out of touch Californian with a weird sense of entitlement. Insanity bolstered by a childish belief that if he does not get his way. well damn you all as he makes idle threats to destroy the car so no one else will own it. Like that is motivation to deal with his insanity and over pay in order to save a poor BMW from pending doom. He should take it to a cliff and hold an auction, if no one bids to his desired amount, then roll it off the edge. Hopefully with him behind the wheel. Typical around these parts, He states in his description the following: "I drive this car constantly and hate to part with it, but honestly I am tired of it. Seriously, I know what this car is worth, but I will trash it if nobody buys it. Somebody will miss a good deal!" I have seen and heard in-person many times this unrealistic expectation of an owner/sellers who will say they would rather junk it than sell it for less than they want. Why not just do it already or list the buy it now price and stand firm. but what do I know, according to Ryan I'm just bitter. 🙂
  15. conkitchen

    FS. Loads of 2002-2002Tii Rare Parts

    Your account says it can not receive messages? Interested in a warm up regulator.