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  1. does this mean our privacy and personal info will be more readily available on the dark web? When will the auction feature go live?
  2. Buy the front trim piece and get the car for free as the seller stated.
  3. Sadly there are likely more engines laying around than cars. This could be a good candidate for the 1600 on BAT out of Santa Rosa, CA. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1970-bmw-1600-3/ but what do I know. I too have a 1600 engine laying around in a driving parts car. So much easier to move an engine around when it propels the car.
  4. +1 brake boost support bracket While you have the boost mount accessible, grind away some of the metal near the one nut that is closest to where this bracket mounts. SO you can get a box end wrench on the nut from atop and not from underneath where you can't see what you are doing and your arm don't bend backwards. but what do I know
  5. Ok maybe you got me there, I'll throw in a flag mirror for the right person.
  6. You know the part that connects the corner trim to the center piece. Useable quality needed. Willing to trade "usable" trim pieces- have almost a complete set so I should have what you need as long as you don't want very nice. Can trade for other bits perhaps, let me know what you need that is comparable in size and value. This is all part of my super low budget build using what I have on the shelf or in boxes and what else I can barter for.
  7. SO what you are saying is I should buy them all and charge double on eBay.
  8. Wow, A Mercedes Gullwing fuel pump from this sale is-compared to one on eBay for $22,5000.00. I am thinking that if you already own a G wing you it might be less expensive to have that one rebuilt. Surely there is an orphan out there in the world without a pump, right? I wonder how much for the obsolete X-Box?
  9. Who's car ya working on? Why not stop trolling over at that high brow website and yuk it up with the rank and file back here on the FAQ?
  10. Al is the man there. Looks at you sideways when you start to talk his business, but they do a good job. Just had a shaft for a 5 speed shortened for $160.
  11. an easy quick way to diagnose grounds at the cluster is to take an alligator clip/wire and attach it to the threaded mounting posts. Then clip the other end to the chassis. but what do I know
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