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  1. The e21 shaft is larger in diameter but should not affect much other than how close it gets to the exhaust pipe. I think if you are going custom length and replacing flanges anyway it should work. Not to really throw in the monkey wrench. If for all the trouble, why not use the 1600's slip spline section and weld on the end flanges. That way you get a little fudge factor built into the length. But again, what do I know
  2. chassis dimensions are different between the two so something will have to be shortened or lengthened. That being said the end shaft bolts patterns are the same. It will all come down to where the center bearing aligns. Mostly why one just uses the original 4 speed shaft and just shortens and welds the 3 bolt flange onto it. But what do I know.
  3. conkitchen

    Been sitting since 1980, 74’ Tii

    I saw the ad too but I'm 3 deep in euro 323's right now. And it was listed for $5K But you likely did not pay him that.
  4. conkitchen

    It's back, or should I say never left

    It's like a high school kid was given an air compressor and a spray gun for his 18th birthday one summer.
  5. conkitchen

    It's done

    Not a bad idea
  6. conkitchen

    It's done

    It's a tribute stud
  7. conkitchen

    It's done

    Yeah, when I'm not riding the hood of a carjacked BMW and being shot at not once but twice, I dabble in the arts. FYI that is me in this video BTW
  8. conkitchen

    It's done

    The oil pan is velcro'd and the head just sits via "pins" where the bolt holes are. I do pull the head to blow people's heads off when they see the pistons.
  9. conkitchen

    It's done

    That's what she said.
  10. conkitchen

    It's done

    Xacto #11
  11. conkitchen

    It's done

    Another year of my life
  12. conkitchen

    Call me crazy

    All the details be in the ad folks. If you want more details message me here and not through CL so I can keep straight who the flakes are and the real 2002 people.
  13. $224.88 shipped from ECS Tuning. Dealer wants $300+ But what do I know