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  1. yes it does cause it's a licensed product for the JDM. See the other markings in the center and see #3 below. but what do I know
  2. Hows bout dis lil gem from from the JDM? If Y'allz know your stuff, you may just notice the Japan markings On my 2002, aint never seen another nowhere.
  3. don't believe the hype. Ireland sells an in-line rad hose sender unit that mounts after the water divider onthe head. Same as what BMW did with the e21. It's a good no nonsense solution to running a sender. Although, many will argue that the sender needs to read the temps going on in the radiator to accurately decide if the fans need to run. But what do I know, I have been drinking tonight
  4. This site http://davidsclassiccars.com/ has always intrigued me with cool cars, although I find it hard to know with these cars the price and if still available.
  5. Now that's an attention get'r Like many of you, I buy and sell items and cars to fund my addiction to BMW's That being said, It has become increasingly less desirable to field the scammers and flake's on the rank and file online venues such as Craigslist. While eBay is a paid format intended to vet the BS it no longer is the go to market place. Far too many sellers setting unrealistic prices for the condition of a used part, and a lot of stuff is from out of the country etc... Just a turn off in general. Face Book market place is just okay but I find it's more about others pimping their life style than a true hobbyist forum as the FAQ is. While the FAQ is as perfect a venue as it is, the audience is often subdued by budget conscience self doer's wanting the lowest price for anything. Bring a Trailer was founded on this premise to improve the auction experience and make it a better place. So far it has succeeded to a point, but not exactly, as it does not directly serve the parts and wrench turners. Hemmings, and the like are just the classified formats. Where else do you go, not talking Rockauto or Rogers Tii, for parts and cars? Places like 2002AD is an example of a niche entity.
  6. conkitchen


    Lewboski, Clifton, whatever it takes.
  7. conkitchen


    What condition is his condition in?
  8. Hey Swizman, before you sell anything else let me know 🙂
  9. CA since new, no salted roads. Could be one of "only" no chassis rust 323's in the country.
  10. How's about dat riding mower?
  11. Too funny in a sad way. Moron says it's in good working condition.
  12. I have one that is not for the 1600 but for the 2002 and e21. Have much of the hardware too like bushings and maybe the tensioner bracket. PM me with contact info and I can send you a text/email with an image. Either way $25+ shipping
  13. While I'm not a proponent of listing non-2002's here, but since a lot of others do it, I'm gonna play along. At least I am a big contributor to the site as far as wisdom goes whether it be good or bad. but what do I know. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/d/sacramento-1982-bmw-323i-euro-grey/6929589581.html

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