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  1. For like a second there thought it was this one..
  2. Back then they were called Bimmers. The extra M was for manliness as opposed to today where the E's mean entitled & elitist. But what do I know I'm bitter so I post about parts.
  3. caution, we are discussing parts here and that annoys some people.
  4. Here is the parts equivalent: I had to sell an entire e30 318i intake system with ecu and hoses plus wiring harness, it all, just to pay for those 2 little motor mounts. However around here my Porsche 924 S is more of unique ride compared to the plethora of 2002's one sees daily. but I digress and to some this is annoying
  5. Bump, If you are interested I have a three (3) bolt drive shaft I can sweeten the deal with for an extra $100
  6. Restored it would be worth $60K Is anyone buying these cars to actually own and work on or is everyone now a flipper?
  7. At least that price has not changed, we are still paying that for a cup of joe.
  8. To add fuel to this fire: The item below was listed on Hemmings last month for $3,000.00 Yes 3K out of Washington State. I communicated with the seller who was a bit veiled about the car when questioned for detailed images and condition, however forthright in the pricing. I passed and then it reappears weeks later on Hemmings again. Quick flip $10K out of Los Angeles.
  9. $40-60K for a restored 1600, Oh Yeah. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ctd/d/pleasanton-1968-bmw-1600-coupe/6889179916.html 1968 BMW 1600 COUPE - $18500 (dublin / pleasanton / livermore) 1968 BMW 1600 condition: fair cylinders: 3 cylinders fuel: gas odometer: 72068 paint color: blue title status: clean transmission: manual type: coupe Here is a 1968 BMW 1600 Coupe'. This car was what started the craze of a small and sporty german sedan. It soon led to the production of the famous 2002 which was the car that saved BMW, this car has a slate blue exterior color with chrome accents around the car, and a leather/ cloth interior. This car is in need of restoration, it is a classic and historical car. Restored 1600's go for more than 40 to 60 thousand dollars when fully restored, this is a fair price in a fair market value. Reasonable offers are welcome.
  10. Not too long ago this very rarely debated subject was brought up. I like some, have found the goings-on with price gouging somewhat off-putting. Such that I have sought out another vehicle platform to play with. Front engine Porsche's I thought are cheap and cool with that quirky German vintage style we all like so much. Right? Today I purchesed two motor mounts for a 944 engine and while at %25 off it still cost me $435.00 for two palm sized blocks of rubber and steel. Just venting and continuing the "flow" as the internet dweebs like to call blabber. but what do I know. Ray for President!
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