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  1. Value of an abused TII?

    That's usually the case. as soon as there is interest the price goes up.
  2. name inspirations

    Unofficially I refer to McQueen for obvious reasons.
  3. Is this Steve Blunt Petersen?

    A fashion god!
  4. Is this Steve Blunt Petersen?

    here's the red rocker
  5. 73 tii Injection Pump Rebuil

    Gus at Pacific Injection in San Fran area is the go to around here. Wes Ingram can do it, although from experience, he may not always disclose the details you may need to know about your rebuild. Like things he omitted to replace. There is also Hans at H&R fuel injection in Bohemia NY.
  6. 1972 bmw 2002 - $4400 (san rafael)

    looks like it's from the set of Robo Cop I'd buy that for a dollar.
  7. E21 3.91 LSD, $320 OBO

    Another reason old ads need to be self-deleted after a certain period of time. C'mon Steve
  8. Gouging

    gaming the system some how some way. Everyone cheats if they can
  9. updated cardboard engine build blog

    because if you have to ask.
  10. updated cardboard engine build blog

    for the picture I just laid it on top, it's actually backwards in the pic, the bolt aligns with the center bearing journal. As for impeding flow the hot glue used to pinch off the ends and the center should take care of that.
  11. Finally carved out some time. between naps and restoring a tii to work on my "engine" See all the blog entries, but I did the cam valve guides, and oil tube today.
  12. Engine Knock

    does your oil light stay illuminated during the "knocking" and go off after warm up?
  13. Windshield lock strip tool?

    I use my little craftsman flathead screw driver and "wiggle" it along the edges using silicone spray lube. Takes a little longer to install but it get's er dunn.
  14. weber sidedraft maintenance

    Dig the handkerchief around the filler neck
  15. Me? I just filled the gap with seam sealer and smoothed it over with the finger. Removing it will not likely end well. but what do I know