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  1. Does the AC work and did it run when parked? Good to know so we FAQr's can go troll ya over there on the BAT channel.
  2. Well that's capitalism for ya. Good for whomever, but the separation of fools and their money is what BAT is best about.
  3. it is time for you to leave-says the man without a marble in his hand.
  4. $10K seems to be that mythical line in the sand for most who want to "get into the car hobby". In reality, the montra goes more along the lines of " buy the best car for the highest amount you can afford". Bottom line I always say is whatever your budget is for both time and money, if you triple it, you will be close. Now that being said, in and around the Bay Area, prices are inflated partly due to the regional and BAT effect. See my recent post to the effect. If you are interested in my car at market value, I'm more than happy to discuss with you. in my opinion, for $10K and less it's a project car. Albeit some you can get in and drive around. However, once you start doing that problems not obvious quickly appear. If you are paying the man to fix it, then you will be paying more in labor than the part cost on average. The $10K will quickly become a $15K car, but you will at least know what you have. But what do I know.
  5. How ironic, your car and it's valuation is very similar to my recent discussion to the effect. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/282039-hagerty-values-really/
  6. I used DAP contact adhesive (not the low VOC shit for CA) and it worked. Albeit I have not left my car in the hot sun and I noticed it is looks like it wants to lift around the sunroof edges. I was thinking of redoing mine-with thinner headliner material for one and maybe trying the 3m weather strip glue in a squeeze tube. The best stuff I have ever seen was some nasty goo from China we used in the factory to glue kids PVC toys together. but what do I know, I have been sniffing glue for way too many years.
  7. I know! the top side is all banged up so I flipped it so I could flip the car.
  8. Yeah, like most I troll all the sites and then slum it on Facebook and every now and then Offer Up. Just to see how the other half lives. There is a regional effect not captured by the all encompassing Hagerty tool. Here in the Peoples Republic of California I see cars, mostly on CL asking for WAAAAAY too much money. Then again, cost of living here and the price of admission in CA is so high it raises ALL boats. Even the banana boat. but what do I know. I just listed and sold a 1987 FX 16 GTS-non runner for $1,500.00 cause I did not want to deal with it. The guy is picking it up from out of state on Saturday. Ad is up still with SALE PENDING script. The emails have been non-stop with fools asking to be second in line if the deal falls through and or can they come and see it before the guy picks it up. I guess I sold it too cheap. Hot hatches are the next big thing!
  9. SOLD! naw just kidding, I would take that offer though. Just can't decide if I should replace the trans and ask for a little more to cover my labor or just throw the replacement box in the trunk. Come selling time whenever that is.
  10. While I can see a #1 car, especially a tii go for the money, the bottom rung seems ambitious. Hagerty lists #1 = $59,200 #2 = $33,400 #3 = $17,900 #4 = $11,600 -15% for Auto +15% for sunroof All that being said, I'm trying to get my head around the car I have. It's a 75 with documented miles and service records back to 1980. Was owned by the same lady for 25years. She had it painted (although the paint is clear coat peeling now) and rebuilt the engine which has 20K miles since 2001-have the receipt. Car is straight no rust except a dime sized bubble in the middle of the rear quarter. Runs great with little to no oil soak or drips. Suspension could use maybe new ball joints and tie rod ends but that stuff is decades old and maybe original. Shows actual mileage on a working odometer of 187K. The one thing, and this really is the only downfall is the trans makes a lot of noise in first gear. The input shaft or layshaft bearing is going. Anyways, for the purpose of this discussion, I'll include some images to better give you an idea. What is this car's ranking in your mind? Clearly not a #1, what could it be ? It has a sunroof.
  11. always rather thought of it as a pond as they say, cheerio!
  12. well there is this possibility https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nottingham,_New_Hampshire
  13. how ironic, I just did this task today Was not too bad, although I did have to use a floor jack and block of wood to position the fender so the top horizontal screws would line up with the holes in the fender. That and beat the headlight surround area with a small hammer to make fit into that socket around the headlight. All in All no big deal. but wait till I install the doors and find out it's all whacked! but what do I know
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