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  1. conkitchen

    Flippidy Flip flip Tii

    package deal?
  2. conkitchen

    Flippidy Flip flip Tii

    And so the world turns, I never knew Utah was considered the West Coast as the Jersey guy states. But then again the Utah guy likely never titled it since he sold it 2 weeks after buying it. so the narrative remains the same. Maybe this time it will get the attention it deserves. As of 3/20/2019 Who knows what he paid, just another opportunist. $10,000 when it first hit CL and then relisted a second time for $7,500
  3. conkitchen

    e30 water neck

    Well I have it here, however it's part of the whole system. Perhaps buy everything and sell the rest? Some folks are looking for the bits like intake and rail or the ecu etc... It may be the long way to get there but then again here it is waiting for you. SHIPPED.
  4. That's what I did when I put a 1600 motor into a 76 chassis. I used a smaller dia tube and welded into the larger dia tube making a step transition for both size hoses. smaller hose out the back of the 1600 head to the transition part. larger hose from the transition part to the heater valve, unless you have a smaller early heater valve. but what do I know, I use a double row timing chain master link on a single row chain.
  5. conkitchen

    Need Patch Panel Left Turn Signal Housing

    less work to replace the fender completely and will likely cost you the same since the "patch" panel yields a useless fender afterwards. What body of water did you retrieve this car out of?
  6. conkitchen

    timing chain replacement "tricks"

    IF, anyone listening out there has a single row master link WITH A CLIP, I'll replace the double one. Otherwise the only single master out there I can find has to be smashed by a hammer to secure it. Which is rather difficult to do in the engine.
  7. Elude/allude Mets/Yankees its all semantics, unless you wish to start an argument.
  8. conkitchen

    Just for arguments sake

    Man!, I never knew Neil Degrasse Tyson played for the Mets under a different name.
  9. conkitchen

    timing chain replacement "tricks"

    On a final note-for any of you who are concerned. Just did the Shamrock rally today and something in the hood of 200 miles with shift points above 5K RPM. No mushroom cloud.
  10. conkitchen

    Just for arguments sake

    screw'em if they don't like cake.
  11. We have moved our usual thread jacking piss on each other to entirely new threads of their own. So far my post is getting more views and replies than his poll. Take that Ray you twit.
  12. conkitchen

    Just for arguments sake

    of course it is
  13. This what happens due to Steve ruining the original chat feature.