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  1. conkitchen

    Daniel Coopers Tii?

    Those tires have the wrong valve stem caps.
  2. Push button switch in the manual choke location, done! You drinking yet Ray?
  3. conkitchen

    My big 2002 career move!

    those were the days. in a strange twist of irony, Edith-Jean Stapleton drove a 320i back in the day and was owned and sold right near my house circa 2009
  4. conkitchen

    My big 2002 career move!

    One might just have to bring the road show out to the Bay Area in May for the Brisbane show. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Max acquire another supplier once called Greenleaf or something to that effect back in the day? Who all recalls Bimmer Parts Supply in Pottstown? But what do I know I'm old
  5. what's so bad about a momentary push button switch wired directly to the injector? It never gets that cold in CA where one needs a cold start timer anyway.
  6. While not exactly the lens treatment, but improves the visibility from within. I sandblasted the tail light inner housing and then painted it white and then silver on top of that. Once the outer lens is installed it looks and works as good as the vac-metalized coating from the factory. but what do I know
  7. conkitchen

    Esty's flippin old car

    The seller maybe speaks English
  8. conkitchen

    Esty's flippin old car

    Agreed. Don't doubt there will be a suitor though. It's a nice car, Esty does good work, but really?
  9. conkitchen

    Esty's flippin old car

    Bought 2 months ago, now it's twice the price. What's with these Mike Brewer, Wayne Carini types. It's giving people the wrong idea about values. Oh the humanity! Can't wait for the next recession to hit soon.
  10. conkitchen

    73 2002 on Craigs

  11. conkitchen


  12. conkitchen

    73 2002 on Craigs

    you guys do realize we just amuse ourselves with accurate observations.
  13. conkitchen

    1974 Auto - 2600 original miles!!

    No offense to you sir, but here in lies the issue with many cars being bought and sold today. People are one, looking at tiny images (often intentionally omitting important info) which make cars appear better than they are and two, few people actually go see the car in-person. Compound this by the fact many folks just don't read/understand the descriptions. Trusting another's depiction and going on price only set's it up for disappointment. So many a flipper dealer type know this fact and pray on the unknowing. Thankfully we the self-anointed experts here on this forum do try and police this for some, but every year there is a new class of freshman buyers paying the inflated prices for lessor cars. Mr T and Delia say it best when it comes to the separation of fools & money. Off my soap box.
  14. This is a good inspiration video. I did my sunroof car and the real trouble spot is the rear C-pillar and getting them not to be wrinkled. Otherwise fairly straight forward. Take your time work the material from the front and rear and then stretch the sides. ALL glass out is best and don't trim until you have it all glued and clamped in place with binder clips. That's all I know. Starting around 33mins in is the headliner bit.
  15. conkitchen

    Tii for sale info requested please.

    Insert a bleh nothing special statement here. Looks prepped for resale purposes for sure. Could end up as one of those cars that repeatedly tours the flipper dealer douche circuit. but what do I know, I'm bitter according to some here.