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  1. Well I do really miss going out at night just after a big snow fall and doing my own personal rally in the mall parking lot.
  2. some people collect wheels, I like Recaros. :-)
  3. I have two of them albeit euro 323's. sitting actually in a real barn and not just a field or garage.
  4. May all depend on the direction of the check valve. Perhaps run two different ports with different crack pressure and direction. Like a blow off valve. One for idle another for boost. I ran a simple plastic check valve from the throttle body so at idle it would assist the catch can to pull gases out. Under boost it would push on it's own through the hose to the catch can. Vacuum drops when manifold pressure increases. One could always run an electric auxiliary vacuum pump to pull gases out under boost. Again could be controlled by a Hobbs switch. The M10 is not a modern engine design with EGR in mind. you are gonna have to get creative.
  5. One can purchase a brass check valve-NPT threaded or metric from the likes of McMaster Carr. The limits are referred to as "crack pressure" I.E. 1 PSI onwards. As for a valve which flows and then shuts off at a specific pressure level. Never heard of those. Perhaps you could achieve this effect with an electric solenoid or vacuum/ pressure control pod like a Hobbs Switch.
  6. I like where this is going, is this now the girl poking out through red clothing thread?
  7. I see three elements at work here. One, " will there be a replacement for the supposed terminated Shamrock" Two, if a replacement where and what route continues on the tradition Three, if not becoming the Shamrock replacement, a need for an organized drive is wanted but how centrally located can it be. I was more or less trying to appeal to the North Bay/Sacto crowd. The Volcano 200 used to exist and satisfied the fact that getting to the SF Bay Area and south from there is a pain in the ass if you live 30 miles or more away. but what do I know. I may just go and drive my route and let anyone interested meet me that day. And if they are cool we could do a little tech session in my secret workshop.
  8. I went and geek'd out using Google maps: Came up with a 150 mile A to A route starting at Sacyard Beer Garden on 33rd street in Sacramento. From here it's 30 miles to reach Old Sacramento Road off of route 16. This road continues to town of Plymouth. Pass through and take Fiddletown Road to town of Fiddletown. Continue through town til Shake Ridge make RIGHT towards Volcano. Stay on road as it turns into Rams Horn Grade and then the town of Volcano. From there LEFT onto Sutter Creek Volcano Road towards Sutter Creek the town of. Once in Sutter Creek, pick up hwy 49 back to rout 16 on back to Sacyard for craft beer and fire brick oven pizzas. one used to be able to create a route and save/share it, but I no longer have that super power. Perhaps one of you tech dot com millionaires know how to. Anyways, I did the whole route via street view-a virtual drive. and it looks just about right for a get out and stretch the wheels shake it down meet some folks. If Y'all like it let's make it happen.
  9. rally opportunity-I would be interested in helping co-organize something, but around the greater Sac area. Nice roads up in them foot hills.
  10. I believe last year was the last year for the Shamrock. But I could be wrong.
  11. Ok, it's maybe just me but I like it simple and the OEM method of trying to fit that flared end into the grommet sucks. Use a plastic angle nipple-like that found in your brake booster's master and then attach the metal line via silicone hose at both ends. #7 if ya don;t know what I mean. BTW this diagram is for the e36 but it's the same damn thing. but what do I know
  12. Firstly, ya speaking a language many here ain't gonna recognize with all them new fangled tech talk like isolator and DB37's . From my limited tinkering with EDIS running Megajolt lite controller was to get a signal to read on the in-dash tach I had to use a resistor inline out of the coil pack. Me thinks this might be a case of call tech support at the brain box company. But what do I know
  13. If you are crafty minded one could always drill, tap, and insert-with sealant a store bought nipple. Attach hard (brake) line with hoses at each end. Or for $25 buy a new one on ebay. Or maybe someone kind enough will send you a used one for the cost of shipping.
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