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  1. Like many others out there understand, auctions, while bringing into the light helps drive interest for our cars, it is a fantasy world where fools and their money go separate ways too often. Plus it gives the wrong perception on values for non comparable cars. Whilst kicking a dead horse further. I would expect a somewhat stock appearing build like this to be 100% original ( and or come with all the parts to replace custom add-ons) for that kind of money. And that all of the commonly worn out- replaceable parts be done such as the hood rod lock down side seals. Who knows what lurks beneath and what other omissions. But what do I know
  2. My rusted out twice over repaired color changed, no original anything, missing most of the fiddly bits square tail light with a cracked dash and non #'s matching 2002 should be worth at least half that amount now.
  3. +1 Sucks, but the internet has enabled so many wrong a thing. I always go by the rule if I send money to a stranger, it has to be money I can afford to lose.
  4. speaking of sun roof panels! https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/270907-sun-roof-panel/ How about that cross pollenizational thread jack pimp action?
  5. Priority to local pick-up in Norcal as shipping right now would be difficult to manage. Needs exterior restoration. Rust as shown is surface scale. Small dent in bottom which can be massaged into shape before installing. Appears to have a small repair as shown. I'm including a can of Red-Kote tank sealer just in case.
  6. There is a black/white (BL & WT) wire up under the steering column attached to the ignition. The needs to be bypassed and plugged into the back of the ignition tumbler. Now I will confess it's been a while since I did this last and had a wiring diagram out. Your issue is there. Look up the diagram and find the black wire. Then determine which spade terminal it needs to plug into. Good luck you can do it.
  7. If I didn't have a completely rebuilt one with new valves unused on my shelf right now, I would.
  8. Never ask a wagering man if he'll make a bet, cause it ain't nobodies business how much he has won.
  9. The capper of who done it. I think it was Mr. 442stang, in Dallas, with the ham fist
  10. Certainly don't Select a Classics operation in your area who does not do the best work.
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