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  1. conkitchen

    California Smog Equipment Needed

    This couldn't be more true, although the air resource board will make statements to the effect of poor air quality and pollution, yet when compared to the number of actual "old" cars and the miles they get driven hardly even comes close to the gross particulate pollution generated by the amount of diesel exhaust generated by the ships in the ports and over-the-road trucking. The other thing is money to the state. CA reduces the amount of tax and fees on a vehicle as it ages. Thus the older it is the less you have to pay. As I always say, 2 Million Californian's are holding the other 32 Million CA residents hostage. But what do I know. BTW: Hank if you know what you need as far as SMOG stuff, I have all the parts from two CA cars which might help out. The only thing is I have one gulp valve known to work and I am keeping it. Everything else is up for grabs. PM me if you want to discuss. Don't liter!
  2. conkitchen

    Outsourcing smaller jobs....suggestions?

    You're only one of them jerks if you wear cut-off jeans and do BJ's
  3. conkitchen

    1bbl Solex Assembly for 1600's

    Complete round port assembly as shown. Designed for 116 and 118 heads but can fit ALL. Air cleaner has all rubber bits Carb is clean and all linkages work Mounting hardware & brackets etc... Manual choke cable & throttle rod included Shipping extra or pick up in Bay Area.
  4. conkitchen

    Former 2002AD employee here, ask me anything...

    Man o Man! All this talk of cut-off shorts, BrakeJob's, and MILF hunting got's me all, well you know.
  5. While I usually reserve this pic for when folks mistake the color code, It's the only motivational one I made over the years. Not gonna lie to ya, the doctors are right when they say chemo has a cumulative effect and you are likely gonna loose even more weight and feel real shitty until it's over. The light at the end of the tunnel is once done, you can live it up, drink and eat like a mad man. That and you will have joined the survivors club which gives you the right to laugh at cancer and a life perspective that others will not understand until they experience the full tilt medical process. Don't go to the dark side. Some may consider my posts in bad taste, but what do they know.
  6. conkitchen

    Tii: Fun Alternative For NLA Part

    Way to shepherd in a new hack
  7. conkitchen

    Former 2002AD employee here, ask me anything...

    There is a good reason people have a negative connotation of "used car salesmen" when profit is the primary focus. But I'm bitter, as you know Ryan. ;-) Select Classics!
  8. conkitchen

    Filling Out Turbo Flares?

    Short answer Cutting the front fender area is easy enough as there is no inner metal well to be mindful of as with the rears. I would first mount them loosely with sheet metal screws and then mark where they fit onto the pre-cut fenders. Start by mounting the front spoiler nice and level to the ground and at the proper height relative to the front edge of the flares. Once all the mounting holes have been transferred to the sheet metal, then you can remove the mocked-up flares and cut away. You really only need to remove about 3 inches more or less of the fender lip at it's center. One can go more in the front if desired. Then tamper it back-in as you move down to the lower portion of the car. Most important thing is not to cut too deeply into the rear sections as you will punch through into the trunk. Use seam sealer to fill the gap between the inner trunk wall and fender after you cut. Some will say use rivnuts- as I do or use a machine screw and nut which is a bitch for the hard to reach spots. Then there is just a plain old sheet metal screw and least, use a pop rivet which looks like crap. BMW sells the welting # 51711831708. Measure how much you need first and then order it in total length if possible. The pre-cut sections may not be long enough from the dealer. Finally, I have run 25mm (1 inch) spacers which filled out the wheel wells perfectly when running stock ET 13" rims. Remember measure, test fit, measure again, mark your intended alterations, measure, test fit, then cut. But what do I know Heres what the factory did with the rears, don't expect to recreate the protruding inner fender lining, just cut it clean and straight.
  9. Still sour about that bacon comment I see. ;-)
  10. conkitchen

    13” EXIM basket weave/snowflake

    still looking to adopt an orphan,
  11. It's a gallery for peanuts like here on the FAQ.
  12. conkitchen

    Former 2002AD employee here, ask me anything...

    [with regards to Esty] While she is sometimes militant about posters on this forum with respects to often unsavory or nonsensical questions and rants, she is certainly not a troll. but what do I know.