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  1. I think I could present a pretty good argument considering it's a chandelier.
  2. The blue is pretty subtle and frankly I've never heard of such a law. When you say it however it makes sense. The LED under the seats are meant to go inside the wheel well. I'm well past midlife crisis. I am going through a crisis however. Just can't be clearly defined. Check out my chandelier rear view ornament I've been working on. I've addded real rubies, emeralds, diamond ect. I have tons of gems and I'm always looking for ways to use them. I used a diamond on the flywheel as my timing Mark but I can't really see it. I see the ruby in the Z position though. Haha 25k$ rear view ornament on a 10k$ car
  3. I got fed searching form items dropped on the floor. So dark in these cars. I installed led lights under the seats ..loving it now. Installed led lights behind the original stereo.to light up the dash a bit more and a few blue lights behind the front grill. Lit up the rear badge. Lowered the car 1/2 " all around as well. Next on the list will be a wooden wheel and rims maybe. Thinking to take it to the next level and chrome blue wrap the entire car. like the one in the pic.
  4. Early style 6 bolt crank shaft with pressure plate and flywheel. Plus 6 bolt bearing housing. Crank has been polished and it's ready for install standard size bearings. $100 for the entire lot plus shipping.
  5. pull up the bus because Paul posted this https://www.ozautoelectrics.com/hella-matrix-led-high-level-brake-lamp-sedan.html i am missing a few links in my timing chain so I must be missing something.
  6. I'm looking to pick up three 1960 700's one of them is a coup and the other two are not. My vision is to convert all three of these cars into electric vehicles. Has anyone done a conversion on one of these? I think I'll stick with a 45hp electric motor for the sedans but for the coupe Im going to go bigger and build it with my daughter. I Don't want to keep a single thing mechanical original. I will definitely be focusing on incorporating more safety features before I let one out the door. I'm Doing my research into what EV kits would be suitable as it will be used as a daily city driver. Great EV for a student or anyone that wants EV with a classic twist. I'm not sure how much an E version 700 could possibly sell for. I'm thinking somewhere in the 25-35k rang?? Canadian dollars. What do you think?
  7. Oops, they look like they would work for my application. I'm not familiar with this part obviously. Sorry Rick. Was thinking it was an adjustable selector rod.
  8. Am I missing something here? 90$ Through the group buy but if I just order online it's 75$
  9. I could of used one of these a couple weeks back when I put a new 4 speed in the car. The selector rod coming out of the gearbox was longer in the 72 than in the 66. So I shortening the linkage. I ended up shortening it too much and brace yourself for this. I used a couple metal pipe fittings to extend the linkage. Worked ok and I had super short shift action for a while until the pin holding it together popped out while I was driving. I like what You have made here and it looks like the length is adjustable. I'll try and pop by and say hello next week and maybe pick one of these up.
  10. I’ll Take the heater core and the heat shield
  11. I spent the last couple days trouble shooting power issues in the 2000ti. The red charge light came on and would stay on solid red. I opened up the alternator checked and cleaned brushes. Replaced some wires and tested power regulator. Everything checked out ok and Was in working order. So why is my battery dying on me and why is it not charging? I replaced the battery, still same problem. I decided to replace the alternator and order a new power regulator. I figured it must be the alternator. The multi meter I own is pretty useless making my tests unreliable. I punched my visa number into the machine in hopes that it would take my troubles away. boom! Hit enter! Salvation would soon be at my door in the shape of a Bosch alternator and regulator of unknown origin. Sadly, my credit card didn’t work. Technical issues...I was tired of working on the car so I called it a night without placing the order. When I woke the next day I couldn’t stop thinking about why the red charge light won’t turn off. Then I remember reading that the dash warning light is actually part of the charging circuit. When the light is on the system stops function. Alternator will not charge battery. To make a long story shorter. ..I discovered that the warning light had grounded itself inside the instrument panel causing it to stay lit at all times. A piece of electrical tape wrapped around the bulb housing and my charging system is operational again. Amazing how this little bulb crippled my car and tormented my mind. luckily I didn’t order a new alternator. I did however pull the new battery out and put the old and fully charged old one back in. 20% restocking fee on the new battery when I return it. No biggie...just glad I didn’t have to fork out a bunch of dough to fix it. Instead I ordered a short shift kit. My makeshift version using some plumbing connectors came apart 2 blocks from my house. Good thing I was in 2nd gear at the time so I managed to get her home.
  12. I’m running the original steel wheels 14” 195/60 R14 tiger paw.I don’t think you can go any bigger. I tried 15” but bigger rims start to make it look more like a truck I found. Plus I don’t think it’s safe to use spacers on a vehicle that was never intended to have big tires. The suspension was not designed to handle such big tires and it doesn’t do you any favours in the performance department either. Just my HO based on experience.
  13. I spent around 3 hours maybe more removing and polishing the brass that was hiding under the black paint. Love the look of the brass.
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