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  1. Yes I think I can get away with a new chain and and another shim if need be. The Pump itself is in good working order and the gears are not worn. I hope the chain I ordered is the correct length. The BMW one was on back order and the after market one I ordered a few years back was too long. Apparently it was a known issue with the after market ones at the time. Thanks for the clarification. I find it odd that my oil pump is not found even in the parts book I got from W&N for bmw 1500-2000tii
  2. Yes its out of an NK. Same pumps as the 2002's. The internal workings are not the same as the diagrams on realoem. Even the sprocket is different. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=3357-EUR---NK-BMW-2000tilux&diagId=11_2581
  3. I can’t find any BMW logo or part number anywhere on pump. Only thing I see is this logo.?? https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=3357-EUR---NK-BMW-2000tilux&diagId=11_2581
  4. I ordered a new rotor inner, chain and sprocket for my oil pump. The new rotor is threaded therefore I can use the later sprocket. However, when I look at the diagrams on Realoem my oil pump looks similar to the 2 versions outlined but definitely not the same. The rotor in my pump has 7 teeth and The design is different. Can anyone tell me if they have seen a pump like this? Also, there is no pressure hose assembly the feed connects directly into a hole in the block. See pics.
  5. I’m interested In the entire package but I’m on the other side of the planet practically. it would have to be picked up on a pallet. Would you be willing to pallatize it and I can have it picked up?
  6. Naseem Jarjoura

    2000ti Wrapped

    Changing up her look for a while using removable paint and car wrap.
  7. Ill have to pass. Just discovered that the valves on #1 and #4 may of touched down so off she comes.
  8. I thought the bushings would compress yes. However once I put them in i quickly departed from that idea. I don’t think it’s going to compress them enough, if at alI. was about to return them and order the ones that come with the steel sleeves but the fellow thats selling them closed shop until Jan 7th. I want to finish the project and reassemble every thing so I decided to epoxy the bushings in place. Those overpriced sad examples of a bushing are not going anywhere.
  9. 😂 lol i know it sounds like stupid question but I have same ones for my 14” rims and they measure 11” across.
  10. I’ve done this many times and this time I’m second guessing myself. Which way Is correct when attaching fork to throw out bearing? Pic 1 or 2?
  11. I Have the 6 fuse box. I pride myself in having only 6. It’s laughable.
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