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  1. Hope it helps. Not perfect, but was a father son build..
  2. These engine noises, were you running the ansa sport exhaust? haha awesome post dude
  3. Rosheee


  4. Hey burndog,


    It was a pleasure meeting you. thanks for all the info too. I was thinking about the rear bumper... to clarify, you did drain the liquid from the shocks? Or did you substitute something else to go into the shock tunnel?


    If you did drain the shocks, any advice on how to do it to minimize the mess?


    Thanks man!




    (it wouldn't allow me to message you)

  5. So we're going to go show up in our 02's and embarrass the new school exotics? I hope my goodies come in time so i can partake. Trying to get my brothers 02 ready to go as well. Hopefully +2 from my end -Roshee
  6. Alright lets shoot for a meet up in the weeks to come.. what date is good for you guys? Seems like the farther out we kick it the easier itll be for ppl to commit..yea?
  7. Definitely! This weekend isn't ideal for me. Hoping to get my 02 out soon tho. Let me know when works for you... there's never TOO many 02 meets.
  8. I'm down but I won't have my 02. Let ne know if hondas aren't allowed...lol
  9. Join the Sacramento group on the FAQ site. I just posted something for a meet up and some members want to do this weekend.
  10. I love the precision. I would love to do this weekend BUT my cars sleeping for the time being. (Taking care of misc issues) If the group does a meet before my 02 is set, I'll still come out. I want to meet this Sacramento family. Lets get a discussion going guys. Roseville meets work for me.
  11. Shall we plan a Sac town 02 meet? -Roshee
  12. So this did indeed solve the problem? Im glad i could help trigger this walk down memory lane..
  13. Man i hope this helps me fix the shake... great post
  14. Ahhhh, the 3:20 mark made me giggle. Man i wish i had a turn at that...
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