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  1. Brisbane bound so I will have these with me tomorrow 👍
  2. I am selling a really nice set of BHS 15x6 ET12 Alpina Reps. Fitment is perfect for a 2002. I'm asking $900 or TRADE for a set of BBS RS or RM. these are VERY rare and from what I found online BHS made the OZ rep as well. Sorry, no center caps I prefer local sale/meet in the San Diego area. I will bring these to Brisbane with me on Saturday if they have not sold. . A
  3. Thank you! It was an honor to illustrate Vern for you!
  4. ibjettin

    as bought

    I think this is my old car
  5. I love these shots Pastel_Blau took of my 69 1600-2 at Brisbane.
  6. Thank you! I'm still looking for the right home and buyer.
  7. My '69 1600-2 came with the vent tubes in the trunk so I used those to run my sunroof drain hose. It seemed the easiest way to run the hose to the exterior without drilling. Just another option.
  8. I agree about Jeff's 1600 and thought it was the nicest And purest I have seen, not to mention also a huge inspiration when building mine. I was flattered to have his parking spot at Brisbane ?
  9. Hank you! I used this image often when I was building mine ?
  10. The miles are not accurate since the odometer has been restored, but theres been about 160 miles put on it since the paint and assembly.
  11. It was great meeting you as well and a pleasure talking with you throughout the day. I appreciate your kind words about my 1600-2 thank you and hope to get together again soon!
  12. I don't think this is the one even though it did come from California but ended up in Colorado. It was never brown, always Florida
  13. Hi Guys! This is my 1600-2 and I appreciate the positive comments! It's been a great project for me and by far my favorite build! It was a challenge keeping this one original and the most obvious is the interior change to black instead of tobacco. I also changed the steering wheel to the NK wheel wrapped in leather. Call them my need to be different but it also came down to availability and keeping it "original", by that I mean the factory black interior is in perfect condition and not a kit or remanufactured. This 1600-2 not over restored, I struggled with wanting to do more but stuck with only what it needed and in the end it is a truly honest car. The body and paint was done by Bart at The Resto Shop (a fellow FAQer) and his quality of craftsmanship is amazing! He helped me really bring this to new or even better than new condition. I couldn't be happier with how well it turned out and I'm glad it present itself so well.
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