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  1. Ah ha! VIN helped. It was hiding in plain sight! Sep '06 on Ebay in Newville, PA. Jun '10 on Ebay in Moorpark, CA. Apr '13 on Craigslist, Imperial Beach, CA. I haven't come across it since. 2579889 5a.doc
  2. I guess I missed that one. I thought I had it, but, it was a later car ('75).
  3. Your apparent reluctance to divulge your location is not helping you find doors.
  4. W & N have them for $6 each (Euro 5.25). So if you can order lots of things to save on their shipping cost, it might be worthwhile.
  5. 02Les

    51711813507 Door weatherstrip (2) - new

    I thought item 1 referred to the part that attaches to the bottom of the door, but I realise now, looking at the profile in your picture, that this is not that.
  6. 02Les

    51711813507 Door weatherstrip (2) - new

    I think that part # is a new one for a part that went NLA years ago. The original part # is 51 21 6 454 224 and that is shown (old parts book) for all Euro (incl Turbo) & US '02s except the 1502. My first '02 (Oct '70 Euro LHD) had these on, but I have never seen another '02 with them.
  7. 02Les

    Original Zender Rear Spoiler

    Do you not think the market has spoken yet...….?
  8. These are the only ones I have ever seen. HTH
  9. 02Les

    Not my car, not related...

    His 35k orig miles is a bit of a stretch. Ex Oldenzaal Classic car and they said 135k km (84k miles). Prior to that it was in Italy complete with roll cage & Black interior, so assume it has been used.
  10. 1530514. Manuf 30 Jun '67.
  11. 02Les

    Rally casualty

    Reading that made my day. A great write up with the "English" humour that I miss. Thanks for sharing.
  12. 02Les

    WTB Round taillight plastic nuts and covers

  13. 02Les

    Installing a 5-speed dash decal?

    When Keith Kreeger was making these decals way back, I believe the decal just went over the top of 4 speed decal (thus hiding the orig decal).
  14. 02Les

    matching numbers ?

    1522790 would be a 1600-2 motor from April 1967. Your car would be November 1967.
  15. Ah B.S.A. https://youtu.be/F2DJLVWZASw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2DJLVWZASw One of the links should work!