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  1. Never saw it for $3k, but in Sep '18 the WA Seller wanted $9500, then in January he had come down to $4500. BHCC have wrecks & strangely enough, a couple have ended up in Europe.
  2. I think it looked better before Ed. Well, maybe not the chrome things on the arches🤨 Was that Atlantik blue?
  3. Thanks for the VIN. Unfortunately I do not have a record of that car, but, you never know, someone on the board might know of it.
  4. You might mention the VIN/mtr #, just in case the original car is still around. In that unlikely event, the mtr may have more value for the original car Owner.
  5. His English is worse than a Nigerian with a smart phone.
  6. C'mon Ray. You know you should have 1 post per part. Before you know it, everyone will be posting like this and we'll have the front/first page back again.
  7. This came up a week or so ago from another guy in the UK. Maybe of some help. BTW, nice Touring. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/225800-1602-brake-mst-cylinder/?tab=comments#comment-1275761
  8. I wonder if that's one of the CKD cars assembled in Portugal?
  9. Forget rumours, the Touring was designated E6, as can be seen on the sticker above the VIN plate below.
  10. Never heard of Maize Gelb, but Condor Gelb was used on cabs/Targas up to 1971 I think.
  11. The only place I have ever seen red rear blinker lights is in the US. All other Countries I have been to have amber rear blinkers.
  12. Thanks Steve So, even though the VINs on the early cars were mixed in with the Euro car VINs, those that were destined for the US direct from the factory had differences. Thus, there was a US spec Euro car then 🤨
  13. I am curious if the early "Euros" that were delivered new to the US had the Euro headlights with the side/city light feature and the "flat" blinker lights that only blinked (no running light).
  14. Red centre taillights might be a clue!
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