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  1. Assumings that is Cecotto senior. I remember C senior driving for BMW in the '80s Touring Car Championship.
  2. Steve, VIN is 1565768 which would put it late July or early Aug '68.
  3. I've only seen the low fuel level light come one once......a nano second before I ran out. Won't do that again. The handbrake switch is under the cover at the back of the handbrake; it might just need adjusting if it's still there.
  4. If your '02 is a Euro, the red light comes on with Choke on, Handbrake on & low fuel........unless it's been messed with.
  5. My Touring had one and the spare console (pic'd) also. LHD part no. 51 16 1 808 633 RHD part no. 51 16 1 808 634
  6. There should also be a support angle to attach the rear right (LHD) (rear left for RHD) to the underside of the dash. Holes outlined to your pic.
  7. The car was for sale in March also in Denver (pic below). The colour looked more like Verona & the Seller was asking $22k. Seller stated the car had 86 orig miles and the paint on the roof needed attention. As the old Title (shown on latest Seller's ad) shows 84,880 miles in '87 I guess we can assume the odo doesn't work. Priced now at $34k due to the detailing?.
  8. Seller had it for sale last July for $4k and it didn't sell.
  9. Steve, Bristol was still available in Europe in 1970. My first '02 was 2618464 which was Bristol.
  10. Should be returned to its original Bristol colour.
  11. '02s that I have pics of from Portugal (the CKD ones) had a slightly different approach.
  12. Totally agree. I worked for a Company supplying Rolling Mills & Process Lines for the metals industry. Any order we got from a Chinese Co must have 51% of the parts manufactured in China. QC was paramount. I would oversee manufacture before moving on to oversee installation & start up. Any Co having manufacture in China must (IMO) have QC involvement, preferably by ex-pats.
  13. This one has been for sale 4 times in 3 years, with ever increasing $$$. Not saying there's anything wrong with it, but why does it keep coming up for sale?
  14. Were Cosmic mk11 wheels available in 1970? I thought it was more like '72 when they phased out the mk1s.
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