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  1. A kind faqer (unfortunately I forget his name) sent me the measurements for the first two holes from the rear. 60mm to the first and 246mm to the second. I already had the 3rd hole along, and mine measured 412~413mm. All distances taken from the rear edge of a replacement body section part & at the appropriate height.
  2. White scarf & goggle class...…….only crop dusters will be flying soon.🙃
  3. 2790197 (close to the end of the 200) has 6 fuses and bumpers, silver $ gauges of a pre '71 model. Whilst this car has also been resto'd, it is unlikely that that a 12 fuse system would be changed to a 6 fuse one. So I'll bet on all 200 being pre '71 models.
  4. No clue how good the bumpers are, but the front overriders leave something to be desired. Why weren't they made to look original? If replicating the "Euro" overriders, then they should point directly down the road, not to the side. From 02 bumpers & per BMW
  5. Can't be 100%, but I believe your car was owned by faq board member hankeester. He ebayed the car Dec '19 but no VIN was noted (hence can't be 100%). If it is, it was a real quick turnaround by the MI shop. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/252157-1971-bmw-2002/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-1378810 Maybe send him a message.
  6. Tom, 2392592 Polaris with sunroof, was on Ebay in 2007 and was in Laguna Hills, CA. No newer news on it unfortunately.
  7. Of the ones I know of in North America, 25 are Inka + 2 Green (orig Inka) & 1 Fjord (orig Inka). So, around 20% of those in NA are Inka.
  8. Unusual gearing for a 140mph speedo. They were used on UK tiis, and at least one base Touring (mine!) and, I believe, they came with 3:64 gearing.
  9. Congratulations. You are the 104th Owner of a Touring in North America (that I know of).
  10. "Distance Pieces". They go between the rear chrome bumper and the bumper bracket on USA pre '74s & all Euros. Part No. 51 12 5 470 065
  11. Being a circa April 1972 build it would not have the "timing cut-out". So, it could well be the original car with later nose and tail panel. Updating '02s to "square-lights" was not uncommon in Europe, where many thought the model 73 was a change in the right direction, unlike the thoughts in USA due to the unwieldly bumpers. JMHO
  12. We have a winner. You are correct. That's the 2nd SC car on Ebay currently. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1976-BMW-2002/283807395942
  13. Don't know if the plumbing arrgt in the car would help any, but here's some pics from the sale of the car back in 2014. A plumber's nightmare!
  14. However, according to the parts book...….the ti had the same gas tank as all other '02 models at that time, ie no bolt-in fuel pick up hole in it.

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