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  1. $40 for the tin box, $10 for the T-shirt😂
  2. According to the Parts Book, there is an "outer left" & an "outer right" (item 11 in pic below) part nos 52 11 7 402 100 (outer left) and 52 11 7 402 101 (outer right) HTH
  3. He got the car from Bellingham, WA, for $4500, where it had been since the '90s if not before. I guess it could still be an original CA car.
  4. Don't know about someone on the Faq, but, on Ebay 5 years ago was a '72 Baikal tii that was converted to auto and was being sold (reportedly) by Billie Joe Armstrong of the band Green Day. The BAT audience would have a field day with it.
  5. Got any up to date pics? The ones above are from the Ebay auction 4 years ago.
  6. That's a shame☹️ Put a tii on BAT in a drastic condition and all the usual suspects/experts come out extolling its virtues in the hope of getting the Seller a better price. Put an Auto on BAT, even with impeccable history, and you can hear a pin drop. IT'S AN '02; don't we like them all????? They were once the go-to for 5 speed swaps, but, since dubious quality 5 speeds are $1k+, Autos no longer needed? Like I said, it's a shame.
  7. And this decent one that ended a day or so ago, with pretty much full history, only made a few hundred $$ more bid. I wonder why🤔 https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-bmw-2002-automatic/
  8. That sounds correct, at least for a Euro car that has the parking light (city light) in the headlamp reflector. When you switch to have the headlamp on there is no need for the 5w parking light to be on as well. Maybe it's different for US cars????
  9. Correct Steve. Pearl is a lot lighter than Nylon Brown. I have that colour in my '83 E24.
  10. This Ebay Seller does kits for E30 seats. Whilst the Ad is for a Grey set, he also does Pearl Beige. https://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-E30-325i-318i-M3-SPORT-SEAT-KIT-GRAY-UPHOLSTERY-KIT-NEW/264327006316?hash=item3d8b1e086c:g:NPwAAOSwSdZWch7D
  11. No. 27 is part # 51 11 1 815 611 also used on the rear bumper.
  12. He's had it for sale since 2008 that I know of.
  13. Hope the Pepboys struts are better than the BMW ones for my Touring hatch door. First pair lasted 30 years; I'm now on the 3rd set since 2006. No problem for Da Beater.

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