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  1. W & N sells part no. 36 13 1 113 134 for both OEM alloy wheels. BMW specified part no. 36 13 1 108 928 for the early alloys & part no. 36 13 1 113 132 for the later ('74) alloys. Which infers there was a difference. No clue what the difference might be.
  2. I had this one stashed away. HTH. OEM Pistons Guide.doc
  3. Not real sure how linear the gauge is, but halfway should be around 90C. At your 200F (93c) you're pretty close to that.
  4. With the price of old dirty parts these days, I can't believe it's not already sold & gone.
  5. Supposedly $40 here.... https://www.pelicanparts.com/catalog/shopcart/BOOK/POR_BOOK_BMWBK1_pg23.htm
  6. Walloth & Nesch have the covers & the Euro rubber (no holes). https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/karosserieanbauteile/bmw-1502-2002-turbo/katalogbild-51-05.html
  7. Wow, 5 whole pics. I think prospective Buyers would want a few more.
  8. Well done Robert, always good to see a Touring Owner here. The car has a great lineage, Andy Stuckey, Mike Pugh and Bob Breed. Look up member BlueDevils (Al Erkanli) for refurbishing your existing seat belts; they end up like new. He did mine for my Touring; great job.
  9. Thought I recognised it. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/245253-bmw-1600-for-parts/?tab=comments#comment-1353751
  10. This one is mentioned in an old post...…….scroll down to the bottom of the page for another picture of it. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/117187-a-bmw-collection-in-maine/?tab=comments#comment-154941
  11. Wonder what value it would have if there was some proof it came from a 2002 DIANA. This is the only pic I have showing a steering wheel in a Diana, and it looks similar.
  12. It actually looked quite solid when it was on Ebay 6 years ago. Good luck with the refurb.
  13. USA style front blinkers were part of the "sport paket" which could be ordered with your new '02 Touring back in the day. Internally they are the same as the normal flat Euro blinkers. I like them as they are way more visible when blinking than the flat ones.
  14. Did the VIN on the car match a Euro tii or a USA tii? USA '02s also end up in other Countries.
  15. Steve, I just posted the BAT auction as there were more pics and info. However, ……. Apr '92 - Roundel Seller, Frankfort, KY. Apr-Jun '08 - Craigslist Seller, Russ Reynolds, Lake Stevens, WA (owned car 5 years) Jul '14 - Ebay & Craigslist Seller, Bremerton, WA (owned car 10 years, so assume same Family as previous Seller??) Aug '16 - BAT Seller, Ryan, Menifee, CA (owned 2 years) Aug '17 - BAT Seller, Adam of 129Euro.com, Maryville, TN - car sold to current Owner-Seller Current Owner has had it on Ebay several times since Jul '18.

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