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  1. mac

    Cont'd PM msg:


    my email is macitz@gmail.com

  2. mac

    Can we talk about Tii vin 2761332 privately?



  3. 02Les

    Rally casualty

    Well written. Keep Calm and Carry On.
  4. 02Les

    WTB Feeler - Square Tail Light Mintgrun

    Ah! Yes it's $10k more than the CA Seller wanted in 2016, and the car has motored a little over 200 miles since then.
  5. 02Les

    WTB Feeler - Square Tail Light Mintgrun

    Don't worry, it is not a Select Classics car.
  6. 02Les

    1976 BMW 2002

    Considering he wanted $14k on his first Craigslist Ad (a week ago!), I don't think he'll sell for $7k. It's also on Ebay again with no reserve, so we'll see what happens. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1976-BMW-2002/123589567040
  7. 02Les

    Esty's flippin old car

    The Seller is maybe English?
  8. Words fail me.☹️
  9. 02Les

    2002 Number plate for sale

    His price is around 3 times its worth. https://www.regtransfers.co.uk/search/searchresults?criteria=200 I checked to see what "cherished" plates are available for LES. See the results. I should have bought that bloody Spitfire! https://www.regtransfers.co.uk/search/searchresults?criteria=LES
  10. I wonder too. For sure there are more Tourings motoring around the US than one would think.
  11. Shame. I know of 86 Tourings in the US, but that's a new one to me.
  12. Who owns the Dutch Touring?
  13. 02Les

    02 Touring seat belts

    I believe from model 73 (Sep~Oct '73)
  14. 02Les

    2002 Number plate for sale

    I had a chance to buy a Triumph Spitfire with licence plate LES 444 for £300 back in the ‘60s. However, I was living on a college grant at the time, which was as useful as the UK pension is now. Couldn’t afford it. You might try 02forum.co.uk, but, £10k, really?
  15. Yeah, I really need to get a hobby😁 The reason for doing it stopped when I retired from travelling all over the place for work......problem is, I can't stop!