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  1. It is also one of many '02s recently, having had a ton of money spent, that is missing the side engine bay seals. Are they NLA, or is it just lack of att'n to details?
  2. The Owner has been trying to sell it for over a year (Ebay etc) with no success. He wanted $50~$55k.
  3. The last USA '74tii VIN was 2782928. I have several VINs higher that I have recorded but assume they were stated in error by the Owners/Sellers. So, in theory, the crossed out VIN 2783377 was never used.
  4. Steve, From info I got from I know not where (🤔), 1660001 & 1660002 were manufactured in 1967, so perhaps the Seller's count of 4489 is correct for Jan thru Dec '68.
  5. Ok...……. Grey wire to terminal P on the ignition switch. The only Violet-White wire I can find goes to the Reverse light switch from Fuse #6. From the Rev Light Switch the wire is Black-White to the rear rev lights. This is for '73 & up cars.
  6. Part # 51 31 1 803 265 at 3575 is the filling rubber for the Touring front screen. Part # 51 31 1 803 138 at 3250 is the filling rubber for the Touring rear door window. However, a few years ago when I ordered the above, I got two for the front screen. Perhaps, BMW just have the one part # at 3575 long knowing that it covers all '02 models. edit: FYI the part was $27.44 in 2015!!!
  7. Now the price is more realistic. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/251507-special-key-for-your-special-car/#comments
  8. I believe the Grey wire goes to the ignition switch. As for the Violet-White......no clue.
  9. Here's mine with a genuine 122k on. Not bad eh?
  10. Wonder what else is lurking under that new paint. I see another price reduction soon.
  11. The good Dr. Gary has been trying to sell the car for 3 years. Price goes up & down constantly, in the $15 to $20k range. Strange that it hasn't sold in that time.
  12. Difficult to ascertain much of anything from the 3 pics.
  13. All I have is that it was on Ebay in 2014 in Exeter, NH. Reportedly sold for $3200. It was a non-runner with rust then too. Would be interesting to hear the comments if he does get BAT agree to have it on their auction site.

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