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  1. Maybe you might perhaps possibly try adding a stock air cleaner with snorkel, to suck c00l air through that intake. You don't have one of those stubby fuel pumps installed, do you? I don't like the way they sit on that coolant hose, it seems like a fuel pre-heater to me.
  2. So you are saying you need three bungs, instead of two? Could you remove the nipple on the right and weld that hole shut and then weld another bung between the two you have? I am wondering if it might be possible to shorten the (now) extra nipple and tap it for another little sender like the one you added. If it worked, that'd be a fun way to convert the stock divider for side drafts. Assuming it would be okay to install a sender on its side. It seems like they are usually vertical.
  3. They put WASHINGTON off to the left side, leaving room on the right for the tabs. No tabs needed up front, so I used the paper cutter to slice WASHINGTON out of the plate; then put two holes in it and put it back on in the middle; with the height of the plate reduced by that amount. I also made an 1/8" aluminum plate in that shape to screw it to.
  4. Thanks. They are 2002 wheels then, not e21. Same offset as the earlier style wheels, so steering wheel feel will not be affected much with the changeover.
  5. I gave the one that came on my car to a friend who needed one and upgraded to the reinforced variety. Speaking of windshield seals, does anybody know where I can get a new bubble? The lines on mine are getting hard to read. I don't see it on realOEM.
  6. I like the early wheels/caps too. Let me know if you're in need of hubcaps, assuming these are correct for a '73. (PM if interested) I am interested in what's stamped on your wheels. If they are indeed e21 steelies, the difference in steering effort will be noticeable when going back to the stock offset. Save your old ignition tune up parts. Chances are good they are still fine and it is nice to have spares on hand. Tom
  7. Those are stock BMW wheels, but not for a '73. That style was used on the '74-'76 cars and also the e21 series. There are date stamps near the center of the wheels and the width and offset will be stamped there too. If they are e21 steelies they will be 5 1/2" wide and have a wider offset, which makes the steering feel heavier; due to the increased scrub radius. Early and late 02 wheels have an ET29 offset, but the e21 wheels are ET18. Early 02 wheels are 4 1/2" wide, except for tii wheels which are 5". The late 02 wheels are 5" also. Mark mentioned his preference for a smaller steering wheel, but that will increase the effort required to steer the car. When I bought my car it had e21 wheels and a little wooden steering wheel. Now that I have a stock steering wheel and wheels, the car feels much lighter. ( I upgraded back to the stock configuration )
  8. The seller has had two negative feedback ratings within the past 90 days Vehicle was not as described. The car has rust and damage. Do not buy from SELLER (Private listing) Buyer: a***- (232) Don’t buy!accident bad body work needs rebuilt Engine,top lost $1000 deposit sum (Private listing) Buyer: 4***t (735) I went to the bidding results for each of the two times this car sold, to see if the buyer matched the feebackers, but the bids were kept private, so that info is not there. 32 bids the first time it sold. 2 bids the second time. (While I was checking out his feedback, I accidentally clicked on "leave reciprocal feedback". I am not sure what that means, since I was not the one that left the actual feedback, but I hope I don't hear from him).
  9. Looking at the sellers "sold" listings, it has been auctioned off twice already this year https://www.ebay.ca/itm/1974-BMW-2002-Tii/264597652959?hash=item3d9b3fc5df:g:QXMAAOSwWwReHIFa https://www.ebay.ca/itm/1974-BMW-2002-Tii/264618538974?hash=item3d9c7e77de:g:QXMAAOSwWwReHIFa The ad says "non refundable deposit". Be careful. Just a quick observation, while we wait for Les... the overspray on the windshield rubber is a red flag considering the condition of the seal
  10. John, the wheels have a date code (yr./mo.). I forget where it is now, but I was tickled to learn that the wheel Teelinger sold me has a date that matches my car. You might be able to see it if you pull the pad off. I dug up this picture and don't see it on the back side. I'd like to add another question to this thread, having to do with the rectangular pad in the four spoke wheels. I recently noticed this ad in the classifieds, which shows a pad that is different from the one on my wheel and I am guessing it is from a '74. Is that true? The pad in that ad appears to be injection molded rubberized foam (or whatever you call it), as opposed to a rubber cover over a plastic backer; like in my wheel (shown in the photos below). (I borrowed these photos of coloincaalpine's pad from the ad. I am surprised it has not been sold). The first photo below shows the two piece pad from my wheel. -- with an e21 wheel off to the side. That wheel is entirely rubber/foam, with a non removable pad in the middle. It is also a little bit smaller, fwiw (and does not have the horn contact button... and requires an 1/8" spacer). (I added some foil backed sound dampener between the layers on mine and it eliminated the hollow sound when you touch it) The last photo shows the inner/outer and an assembled pad. I'll also ad that my pad had opened up a bit, with the top flap not sitting as flat as it should, so I warmed the plastic backer with a heat gun and gently bent it back down. I am content with the original plastic/rubber pad... but that foamy one is tempting! Tom
  11. This is one of the oldest topics on this forum... literally. Go to the very first discussion page from Christmas day in 2001 (6318 pages ago) and the topic at the top of the page is:
  12. Wow Jim, I think you have resurrected the earliest thread on the topic. Good job! This is the first one I have seen from 2001... and Merry Christmas.
  13. I'd bet a nickel he cut out the domed oval hole and welded in a flat plate that fits the top of the Weber. It looks like he used the stock mounts, which is a brilliant aspect of the design, imho. Very supportive. I am a fan of the dome in the middle and made a little oval flange whose ID is a press fit on the OD of the original, from which I removed half an inch of length. The new flange uses the old seal, once you shorten it a bit. Unfortunately the aluminum adapter I have is NLA and also required a little modification. (I like this topic)
  14. FWIW, I also used a piece on the fuel pump outlet, in order to use 5/16" fuel line to the Weber.
  15. I remember when the owner posted a photo of that air cleaner. He made it alright. Nicely done, I say. I believe he was concerned about getting enough air to a 38-38 Weber. It is fun to see the '76 filter painted a shade of grey that is similar to the earlier years. Several years ago Paul Wegweiser said he was thinking of making a faux snorkel piece for the F-Bomb. That idea inspired me to make a paper pattern of mine and then transfer it to some thin sheet metal. Turning the pattern inside out made it fit the driver's side of the car. It was just held in place with a couple little magnets for the photos shoot. That was five years ago. I make use of the snorkel now.
  16. The easiest thing is to dribble or shoot a little oil in there and I'll bet that does it. Grease will be a longer lasting solution. I was relieved that it was such a simple fix. Don't shut up... please keep the updates coming.
  17. You did try adding some grease to the end of the push rod, right? Mine started clicking and TobyB offered that advice and it did fix mine. Not wanting to slow your momentum though. Go man Go!
  18. Malaga implies an OEM shade of burgundy, but white does not necessarily mean Chamonix.
  19. Also be aware that early cars had clear windshields and the later ones were tinted. I am not sure where the cutoff happened. Most of the glass you will find will be lightly tinted, like the later style. Another thing to keep in mind is that many people have reported fitment issues with the URO seals, so the BMW rubber is probably worth the extra expense.
  20. Okay, I'll say it... what if someone upgraded a Ti to a Tii? It has two eyes, it must be better, right? Numbers please. Are the fender tabs for the air boxes the same? (dreaming vicariously)
  21. Well, it'd be nice to know both of those numbers, as well as the one stamped on the boss above the starter... since we're playing detective. If there is a color sticker, that'd be fun to see as well. And more photos! ( )
  22. Yes, but the details that they mentioned (fender style and fuse count) are earlier than 1972. Please share the VIN, you may be in for a surprise
  23. Nope. Sounds pretty good about now though. Sunshine cheers me up and I could stand to dry out a bit! I do not understand the date cutoff. Is that when they started installing factory air conditioning?

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