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  1. ... as for question # (8) NGK BP6ES will make your engine happier than the plugs you have now. Tom
  2. Pressure washing can be convenient, but also rude, depending on where the oily muck all winds up. I don't want it in my yard. Clean is nice, but I don't like it when the entire underside is then painted black.
  3. These look more like almonds, but I'll share the photo anyway, for the fun of it.
  4. I used foil to wrap the glass in that kerosene heater, to block off the light and one night the foil came loose over the flame, causing those little floaty sooty things to fly all over the place. I felt really dumb for doing that and even dumber afterwards, due to the loss of brain cells. I can't even stand to smell a kerosene lamp burning indoors. I've lit the wood stoves a couple of times already this year. Not so much for the heat, but to dry the air and remove the dankness. Wood heat is so dry, that I sometimes put a pot of water on the stove, to increase the humidity. I've been heating with wood exclusively for almost thirty years. I suppose I've left quite a carbon boot-print, but I try to be responsible about it and burn dry, good quality, fuel. I've been lucky the past couple of winters and all of my wood has been free. You have to be quick, but Craigslist is quite a resource when people just want it gone. This year, most of it came with free delivery! It is a lot of work to heat with wood though and doesn't work, if you are not home to feed the stove(s). Messy too. At least I enjoy playing with fire. Tom
  5. pellet stoves require the same amount of room, roughly... but require you to buy bags of pellets, as opposed to burning (free) wood. pellet stoves also require electricity to run, which sucks when the power goes out. pellet stoves also have noisy fans and make other weird noises. I have a friend who put a little tiny shed roofed addition off of his garage and put the wood stove in there, but there is a little bit of work involved in that approach. This Fisher mama bear warms my shop nicely... a baby bear would work well in a garage... with a small a addition. this photo was taken the same day... no heat in my carport(s) and heavy snow is a bit of a problem.
  6. Looks like caramel coating. Does it taste sweet and buttery?
  7. Thirty years ago I spent a PNW winter in an old RV and used a kerosene heater to stay warm. I cannot stand the smell of kerosene burning now. I wish I could have those brain cells back. I'd like to have the '67 Lazy Daze camper too, but I wrecked it. It looked just like this one, with a 318 V8 between the seats... headers and glass packs. I'd suggest putting a wood stove in there. I ran the chimney for the one I have in the shop out the window hole and up, to keep from having to go through the metal roof. I hate kerosene heaters. Protect those brane sells! Tom
  8. Stitch those jeans to match and you'd really be stylin' Do you have the center ring for that wheel? The wooden version was installed on my car when I bought it. (It is sorely in need of refinishing).
  9. Thanks for sharing that Ed. It was totally worth flipping my monitor over to watch it!
  10. mine's not. Isn't your BB around 2k rpm, Mark?
  11. Congratulations! Look at that cool old cast iron distributor!! Will it be replaced with another 123?
  12. plug wires on cap = 1342 clockwise? Do you have the original #164 distributor? Do you have a variable advance timing light? Are you running points/condenser? (all questions, no answers... sorry) Tom EDIT: just reread your post and see that you are working on a '73, not the '76 in your sig line/avatar.
  13. I opened mine up with the manifold in place, after stuffing the ports with rags. I also put a sheet of cardboard over the engine, with a cut out for the intake. That way the little aluminum shavings did not wind up stuck to every oily bit in the bay. Once it was opened up, I made my own gasket, with holes port matched to the carb and intake; instead of using the oval shaped one. No spacer for me, I need clearance for the filter. Time well spent, imho. I also believe in smoooth air entry into the carb mouth using the stock air cleaner (which snorkels in cool air). The Truth is in the details. Might as well make it fit, I say. Unless you decide not to care, that is. Your call, of course. Tom
  14. Do you mean the contact ring for the horn? This photo shows the column and an e21 wheel I had installed for a while, before finding a stock steering wheel. ( the pin is on the wheel in the 2002 and on the column in the e21, so it takes a little creativity to make the horn work ) the photo also shows the e21 signal tab... fwiw. Tom
  15. I'll join the Mint train. I Like Big Bumpers, they're cheap insurance that will help protect that nice body work and paint. I'm thinking of getting some of these Triumph overriders for mine.
  16. ... or get one of these and turn those twenty minute change over times into five minutes?
  17. Nice work Brett. My '76 has the grey ones, with the pretty black stripe around the base. No problem at all fitting them on the Meyle bearings I installed eight years ago. I did experiment with these yellow and red colored glass caps a while back, but decided to stick with stock.
  18. Concours, of course! You forgot 'a decent-daily-driver' in your list. (my personal preference) Dis-tasteful resto-mod is another popular option.
  19. Hey Bib, any distributor updates to share? Did you clean and lube the points plates? Done any pin drilling and shimming? Have you had any fun with that timing light yet? So much fun stuff to choose from !

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