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  1. Any luck selling these? I realize i'm a year late but i am in need of a pair.
  2. Andrew- Are you all done with making these? I see they're out of stock (permanently?) on the Ireland site. Thanks- John
  3. I think the quote was around $400, which isn't all that much, but the guy didn't seem like he had done this kind of job before, and as noted above and elsewhere on the site, powder coating can cause problems. SCR does museum-quality work that I can't afford...
  4. Another one that I went back and forth on, searched, read, called SCR, got quotes for powdercoating, etc. Finally settled on this because its quick, and relatively cheap and painless. I found a local place to sandblast the parts, then found this 2K Epoxy spray that was hella expensive but super convenient. I followed that with the 2K Aerospray satin black from Eastwood. Both of these products have an inner chamber that gets activated/broken to release hardener. We'll see how they do. It took me 3 bottles of the primer and 2 of the satin black to do what you see here. One coat of each. There are a few thin spots that I would cover with more satin black if I had another bottle but I'm not going to crack another one and waste most of it. Covered in Rust and Ziebart and 40 years of dirt, sand, and mung. Paint booth or Abattoir? Blasted. Primer. Done. A few things- I probably should have hung the parts up but I just want to keep things moving and I am trying to avoid trips to the hardware store during Covid Lockdown (I'm working in the ICU with COVID patients and am at this point more worried about transmitting to innocent bystanders than about getting it myself). The blue stuff is disposable OR drapes. If you know anyone who can collect this stuff opened and unused (it would otherwise be thrown out) I highly recommend it as dropcloths and help masking. I didn't paint the steering links as those are newer and in much better shape so I'll just clean those up. In retrospect I should have done the springs, too, but I'll probably just touch those up as they are also newer.
  5. So I stared at these for years before I finally figured out what to do with them. I have two complete subframes so I did it four times in the end just for fun. First I had to get the drums off, which was a nightmare that I didn't document. Heat with a MAP torch, a mallet, those royal oil sticks that Rob Siegel recommends, and pry bar and eventually i got them off. Then I got this handy little puller from Autozone. The assembly was off the car so I had to stick the big adjustable wrench in there to keep it from spinning. I also put 3 foot or so extender on the breaker bar. It took some time and effort, This is halfway or so off: Off: Then i put the castellated axle nut back on backwards to drive out the stub axle, which dit not come out even remotely willingly. I realize its cross-threaded here, I think I got it on straighter later. The MAP torch in question: The end of this one.
  6. Andrew-- Just found this: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-divider-11531261528#fitment Looks like this is the one for the E21...does it work for DCOE installation? (I know Ireland has one but this is less than half the price and I need a bunch of other stuff...)
  7. Ah, thank you so much! I have been away from the board and my project for a while and I am trying to do some catch up here and on the car! John
  8. Where/what is Andrews Autosports? Curious about what this brake kit might be but I can’t find them on Google. Thanks!
  9. I don’t have a press but I can get the other stuff together and figure it out. I was just hoping I wouldn’t have to, but the FAQ has spoken. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. All right I’m firing up the torch this weekend then... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Jesus Christ is there really not a suitable press for this job? I'm not burning them out and I'd prefer not to spend time at Lowe's sourcing threaded rod and washers when I could be doing other things to this car. Every search leads to either burn 'em down or weld/thread a bodge'd up tool together. Rant over. John
  12. Used sets are around. I just bought a used set, and another was posted on the Facebook 2002 classifieds today (not a complete set but nearly so I think).
  13. johnny02


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