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  1. Mike , the early 1968 1600-2s had the roundel and smaller 1600 badging above the trim as seen on this car. Mine has the same and I bet Steve has decent guess as to when this badging was changed to below the trim.
  2. ^ I’m assuming he is referring to the process of applying vacuum to the ports to verify the valve is sealing in the seat. I could be wrong.
  3. I did this once and went back to stock because the heims would buzz at certain engine rpms and drove me crazy.
  4. Electric fan override switch. The burning question here is where did you source a Left Handed toggle switch?! ..
  5. Does 14x7 ET25 clear the tie rod end the same as the 15x7 that is being compared? 13x7 certainly does not and I’m thinking the 14 inch wheel might be affected to some degree.
  6. The orifice between the reservoir and the master cylinder bore is blocked by one or more of a few possibilities. Not enough free play at the pedal is the usual culprit.
  7. I looked the tires up and they are available in 13 and 14 inch so that doesn't help...
  8. Those look like 14 inch wheels to me, am I seeing that right ? Nicely done on the paint but I still prefer Ryan’s blue car resurrection (RIP) from a few years back.
  9. I placed my first order with Ireland back when their engine mounts were made from rawhide and bone.
  10. There are zero timing events happening on an M 10 engine assembly until the cam chain goes on.
  11. Thanks. My experience is purely street cars but mirrors yours. In 30+ years ive probably installed 20 standard pertronix units without failure. Great product.
  12. Thank you for this first hand information. Are you using the simple, original type of pertronix igniters or the newer ones with more bells and whistles?
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