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  1. don't tempt me...i'm about 15 minutes away ....nice, very nice car & fair price too
  2. hey...you'll run me out of business.... seriously...that's great for budget minded people...looks very nice...good job
  3. https://onlyoldiesgarage.com/xcart/product.php?productid=16529
  4. not a lot of adhesive is necessary...i only glued the edges at the bottom and around the glove box....unless the dash is really trashed or has mountains on it, smooth is not a requirement...i've installed several and never payed much attention to the naysayers... ask yourself this...would alex trebeck be more handsome bald from chemotherapy or with the wig...
  5. you need to get e color chart in your hands...the colors online usually always vary...fwiw, sem does not have a color like the original...
  6. i buy it here...fast shipping and really nice folks...http://www.heelpadwarehouse.com/sem-color-coat/
  7. Earl Sheib....Maaco...???
  8. the biggest drawback about vinyl dye is that it's lacquer based and most solvents will easily remove it...maybe a trunk mat over the boards to help protect them from all the awful stuff we sometimes carry around in the trunks
  9. you might also consider buying a can of vinyl dye...or 2
  10. the vinyl on those is beyond repair
  11. feedback is all you can do these days, ebay is not helpful, that is if you can even speak to a person...leave negative feedback, that will be a noticable hit % wise against his sells
  12. no fasten seat belt hole in mine and i can't answer about the glove box..you can email the vendor...they are pretty responsive
  13. i would do it with the dash out of the car...it's very doubtful you could stretch and glue as needed with the dash in the car as easy as it is to remove a dash i would even try with the dash installed

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