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  1. not an e-21 but a 2002 wheel, my 73 came with the same wheel...the leather cover is a DIY from Jc Whitney, etc...
  2. takes 15 minutes to install and available at most corner auto parts stores https://www.amazon.com/Cowles-S37750-Custom-Chrome-18/dp/B008MT0HA4
  3. new, complete, ready to go....$360.00 plus shipping SOLD SOLD
  4. howdy, i'm just up the road from you across the street from Memphis, in Marshall County...get in touch with Mike Pugh in Raleigh, NC, he's a champ (and a super nice guy) and can get the job done right...if he has time or the desire...if you can't find him on the board to pm him, pm me for his email address...he's the closest to you that i'm aware of that knows these cars in and out
  5. they are available at most corner auto parts stores...i bought some at autozone not long ago
  6. cannot view images on instagram unless you have an account...i don't have an account and don't want an account...why not just add your images to the thread and make it easy on all of us
  7. i've never installed them in an o2 but a lot of others have..and it's my understanding they are an easy installation use the forum search for info...they're the same size as recaros...
  8. without pictures any answers to your question is worthless
  9. 73 front brackets look like this..
  10. for the past 8 days this part of the country has been frozen in place...i have 8 boxes here that i have to ship...if i could have made it to town, UPS and FedX were closed ....chill relax, Jason is a good guy and does what he says have you watched the news...see what's going on in Texas...same in all the central US... we haven't had any airplane parts fall on us...knock on wood
  11. bumper lights...are they not ground to the bumper when screwed in place?
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