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  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=WWW.BMW2002FAQ.COM+How+do+I+take+the+ignition+switch+out&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  2. https://www.paintscratch.com/cgi-bin/select-color.cgi https://www.automotivetouchup.com/ FWIW....nothing you buy pre-packaged will match regardless of the name on the label
  3. good job...that goes to show original color may not be so important when selling a nice looking car
  4. call the new place Come Get It CGI
  5. i'd ask at least $15k if i owned that car
  6. ASAIK.... all ansa mufflers for am o2 are built the way sellers is...i've had several always had to make mods for the configuration...ansa doesn't offer, again, asaik, different versions for roundies and square tails
  7. just cut and paste the tail panel out where the factor seam is...then you'll have your roundie back in action
  8. you can just cut out the center section, where the center gill fits on your roundie nose and graft in onto the square tail nose panel and no one will be the wiser....except you
  9. the color in the picture displayed here appears to be more coral that red...maybe camera or lighting....whatever color is is and original or not, i love the color as displayed above
  10. it looks to me to be an ordinary 02 Tii, with no outstanding features or qualities...nonetheless, on the surface, based on the pictures, it appears to be clean car and it is a Tii and should make a new owner proud
  11. the carpet is not square weave wool, it is palomino colored imported loop, a nylon/rayon material...it will fit any year 1600 or 2002 that is stock
  12. email Jason or message him thru the forum...he usually very responsive
  13. i'm not a buyer so there's not a good reason for me to obsess over a car...if there is anything newsworthy on BAT someone will post a link here and i might click the link just to see the pictures
  14. if you are ready to part with it i'll send you some $ to cover a cost of mailing a small box
  15. if Paul doesn't haggle you out of it, i'll take it
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