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  1. 1968-1973 Rear trunk panel Badge

    i'll take the brakes...sent you an email
  2. should invert $25-$30 in the stick on belt line trim...your car screams for it...JMO, i'll shut up now
  3. Gauges and sources
  4. WTB Square Tail Light chrome trim R

    Jack...what will you sell it for ?
  5. 87 e30 instrument cluster

    i found one....
  6. i need a good, working instument cluster for my 87 Ci...i've found 2 and they both were bad...i have a newly rebuilt SI board
  7. Headliner Install Help

    headliner mart
  8. Headliner Install Help

    you're gonna have mega bunching and wrinkling until you start stretching and gluing...a lot of finesse is required to install a headliner
  9. Headliner Install Help

    position it so the c-pillars fit then stretch back to front
  10. new interior carpet sets
  11. that's not a real is brown, not grey and the texture doesn't match BMW trunk boards
  12. Stuart, that's why i said it looks "closer" to tobacco...saddle, regardless of age or version is more red than brown....if there is any way that you could send me a small section of the vinyl on the door cars i may be able to find a matching color just an example -
  13. Rear euro bumper question

    no special spacer that i've ever it possible the the bracket may have been pushed in earlier in their life requiring the use of spacers it sounds like you found a solution..... i'd button it up and rock & roll
  14. but the Gahh material is closer tobacco and far from saddle...i couldn't find a saddle material on Gahh's site