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  1. esty

    Steering wheel 2002tii

    i don't think so e30's have fine splines
  2. esty

    Coco Mats - front & back

    my bad...i don't know board names here vs real names...i got an email from someone last night wanting black mats to be used with the Ireland pedal... it's a small world...thanks for the info though you answered the questions i ask him last night
  3. esty

    Just for arguments sake

    i prefer cake
  4. esty

    NOS early nose panel

    which one is $100.00
  5. esty

    Coco Mats - front & back

    is that the Ireland gas pedal we spoke about earlier tonight ? ...if so no need for you to send a picture that one words great for me did your coco mats fit properly with that gas pedal?
  6. esty

    NOS early nose panel

    which one is $100.00?
  7. esty

    Rear Seat Delete

    someone get me a pattern and i'll use it...i don't have a car here to make a pattern from or i would do it
  8. esty

    Rear Seat Delete

    Martin...i'm sorry but you wore me down with all of your emails...everyday, asking the same question that i'd answered the day before...maybe when i get caught up i'll have some time to get you a piece of carpet but right time is a very very busy time for me i don't mean to be rude or inconsiderate but i spent a lot of time with you answering emails and standing in line at the post office shipping to canada, then had to argue endlessly with you my carpet was not at fault...i reached that line in the sand and just didn't want to keep on getting nowhere if it matters...i still love you Martin
  9. esty

    Rear Seat Delete

    if someone want to make a pattern i'll change mmine...i've used the same patterns for both round and square tail care for 18 years now and this is the 1st time it's ever been a problem...i used the same patterns to make myself a RSD for my 76 and a 69 i owned and i thought they were fine... look at Martin's thread from a week or 2 ago..i put pictures of 2 square tail cars with my RSD in the thread...i just don't see any problems with the fit but if i can improve things i will...i'm not opposed to changing things
  10. esty

    Rear Seat Delete

    Martin is a disgruntled rear seat deleter...his bottom section was short because he's using custom or incorrect rear side panels and blames the carpet maker... you aren't asking me especially but 3/4 thick will work without changing things...i use 10mm luan from lowes...home depot
  11. i just dug out some early and late rear panels from storage...both have pockets on rear panels
  12. Les, i've got a 74 and a 76 parked outside, each with original interiors and the rear panels have pockets on both...both of the pictures i posted above of the rear seat delete seat are square tail cars with pockets in the rear's a closeup of the rear pocket in a square tail
  13. esty


    it's been painted with texture paint?
  14. as i said and others said, the missing pockets on your rear interior panels is the problem...maybe you could find a set of correct rear panels