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  1. no re-drilling needed for the bracket but new fender holed will be necessary to attach the bumper ends...you can get flush plugs and paint the plugs for the original holes
  2. for front you need a right and left of these http://www.rogerstii.com/bmw-1602-2002-euro-front-bumper-bracket/ rear you need a pair like this https://www.ebay.com/p/1023015928?iid=233199501798
  3. you should be able to get the job done with any contact cement readily available....be sure the substrates are clean of any paint, rust or old adhesive....imho...spending high dollars for specialty glue is not necessary and an added cost
  4. sorry, you're looking for the 1st edition hardcover...my bad
  5. isn't FAQ, as it is, a form of e-book?
  6. i do have a square weave wool NK set in about the same grey color as the wool set listed and shown in my other carpet thread...i have a matching trunk mat as well...if interested email me at esty.anderson @ Gmail if that's not a good color i can make one in any color i offer see www.estycarpet.com
  7. all are new, ready to ship $325.00 + shipping ask for #1 for this set
  8. i have a grey german square weave wool carpet and a german imported loop carpet in salt & pepper...you'll never find these sets at this price....get them while i have them...complete and ready to ship + shipping 1st two pictures are the imported loop, next two are the square weave
  9. would someone be considerate and delete this gentleman's thread for him

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