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  1. following up on what Mark said..when i see comments like the seller posted i view it as, don't waste my time, i know what it's worth tis where value and desire to sell conflict
  2. yes... if there is no power at the end of the + wire at the starter from the battery i'd guess that you have a bad cable connection on your battery...assuming there is a charge in your battery
  3. i wouldn't want to drill holes in the side panels to attach it...and if you go with one be careful drilling a hole in the tunnel you can goof the carpet
  4. go to lowe's or home depot buy a metal strip, bend the ends to attach to the console, drill a hole in the bottoms...personally i have never owned a car that needed or had that bracket for all of the people that have never asked about it i lie and tell them yes
  5. the front seats are e21 seats, not 76 or the correct 76 pattern
  6. since those aren't pre-bent for any specific fit or routing what is the difference between tii lines and non tii lines?
  7. my opinion only on price...you asked... considering total cost with shipping and the very poor condition of the grills...your price is reaching for the stars
  8. kooglewerks panels, as pictured on his site are for a roundie which will not fit the 74-76 cars....he also confirms they are for pre 74 cars
  9. i know little about your setup but it sounds like it dumped a bunch of gas and flooded the cylinder...dry out the cylinder and plug and try to start it then check your fuel delivery
  10. i agree 100%... but how many of us have that clip? most or all of us have a screw driver... where did you get that anyway?...the file you attached above will not open on my pc
  11. you snooze, you lose...it's unlikely that you'll get much legal sympathy...generally the statute of limitations for claims like this is 3 years
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