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  1. 5 mm thick luan...i can cover in any color i stock, including black
  2. if bmw wanted 15" wheels on the o2 back in the day they would have used them...it is not a proper look for the o2...imho i'm not a fan of donks
  3. 2002 was 17 years ago...things change
  4. to the sellers credit, that is not your everyday, run of the mill 2002 horn part...you rarely see the NK steering wheels so i'd think it may be a fair price
  5. goliner seams are all sewn, not glued or however its done, no issues with the seams pulling apart
  6. covered in what you guys refer to as elephant skin - $75.00 fyi, i just shipped 2 this morning to the west coast and the UPS cost wass $31.65
  7. headliner mart in texas who is goliners on ebay
  8. i'm curious..is it just the carbs that make it a "Ti tribute"...if so there are a heck of a lot lot of tributes out there
  9. does RSD include boards...if so do you have any idea on shipping to east coast?
  10. primer will not protect the bare spots you sand very long...if it's temporary, buy a spray bomb of epoxy to hold you over
  11. etching primer is for bare metal...it provides a tooth for adhesion of the next coat of paint, etc google etching primer
  12. and don't forget to flush glws
  13. nice but that's a lot of $...i just removed the rubber filler neck and metal collar and turned it inside the trunk
  14. no...i have 38/38's on 2 2002's without mods to the intakes and the difference in power is tremendous
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