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  1. i agree but none of the fuses are hot anytime....we have the larger color wiring diagram and all others in the chilton's...what do we look at? the car did not have a ballast resistor it has the resistor wire so what else could the relay be for, the resistor wire is part of that relay... resistor wire.from fuse 12 to that relay and the coil
  2. steve's putting the wiring back together on the 74....he removed the small stuff when he was painting, labeled everything...or so he thought everything that was tagged is reconnected except what's pictured...he put a new battery on the car did some checks and discovered he has no power at the fuse box, none of the fuses are hot, no power at coil, no power anywhere except the starter terminal...the pictures of what he cannot identify seems to be what's missing...the resistor wire to the coil runs from relay pictured...the other two plugs are unidentified he did not remove the ignition switch to check for power there...what are the pieces pictured and where do they go (he knows where the relay attached to the firewall but broke the plastic mounting tab)...the three plugs are the mystery...(1) black 2 wire plug with green and black wire; (2) large 4 wire plug; (3)red 2 wire plug
  3. do i need to add a wire from the solenoid to the + on the coil in addition to the resistor wire already there?...if so, which terminal on the solenoid, top or bottom or does it matter there are 2 wires, crimped together (i assume original) at the solenoid, i don't have a clue where they come from because as you said, the wiring diagram doesn't show them...these wires are both black, no blk/red wire at the solenoid...no loose or unidentified blk/red wire in the bundle going to/from the starter
  4. I'm confused now..... i'm trying to get things back in the car and connected after removing a few years ago for paint and thought i had all this clear in my mind...i have a wire from fuse 12 (the resistor wire) to the + terminal on the coil but not a black/red wire from the starter solenoid... the wiring diagram does not show the wire from solenoid to coil + you refer to #9 on the diagram is the starter, #12 is coil
  5. good luck with spray adhesive on door seals, it may work like a champ holding them in place but you may be forever regretful of all the over spray on everything in it's path
  6. i'm asking about original configuration with a black coil...what are the consequences of wrong resistance...will it blow up the coil, melt the dizzy case, fry points, etc...?
  7. how critical for a driver is precise resistance anyway?...what are the ramifications of wrong resistance?
  8. old thread i know but it never hurts to ask and learn...above, Peter says he found the resistor wire crimped to a green wire...on a 74 we are working on, the green wire originates at fuse 12 and some distance out of the fuse box the clear resistor wire is spliced to the green, fuse 12 wire...is this normal, typical? the car has a black coil now, if we changed to a blue coil i assume we would just remove the resistor wire and splice a regular wire to the green wire...right...wrong?
  9. lol...don't point to me...i barley have time to do the things i need to do around the house
  10. you can buy a small bottle with brush ate most, if not big box stores for a few $
  11. sacramento.craigslist.org-1974 BMW 2002 - cars trucks - by owner.pdf the craigs ad for posterity and later arguments
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