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  1. esty

    BAT Auction '68 1600

    it has one of my carpet sets in it...and console..and trunk mat
  2. can remove it, clean both surfaces and use some good're trying to stop a slight oil leak not replace a blown head gasket....don't sweat the small stuff
  3. there's a hose that connects to the valve/rocker cover, originally running to the bottom of the air cleaner...if you don't have the hose on the valve cover to the cleaner or running to ground, you'll spray your engine compartment with oil
  4. esty

    What paint brand(s) do you guys like?

    i'm a firm believer that any paint, cheap or expensive is only as good as the prep and the skills of the guy shooting it
  5. you can swap the inlet side of the fule line
  6. esty

    What paint brand(s) do you guys like?

    if you're asking about vinyl dye, all are the same chemically, lacquer based...SEM just has a huge color selection where the OTC brands are limited in colors...i only use SEM if i want a particular color because it's 3 times more than autozone, etc
  7. a short piece of fuel of vac line with a screw in the end is my favorite approach...because i usually have some small hose around the garage
  8. someone did that..the car does not look bristol to me
  9. and there's a nipple, small tube on the front/bottom that will need to cap to avoid a huge vac leak
  10. 1st set the idle so that it runs...the lowest idle you can get is best...then turn your mixture screw all the way in, the car will die, the 1 1/2 to 2 turn out then start the with the mixture until you have the highest idle then set the idle screw to where you want it to idle
  11. everyone tends to make installing a new weber much more complicated than i've ever found it to be...put the new carb on, set the idle and fuel mix, drive it and see how it runs...don't start tearing it apart unless and until you have to... every weber 32/36 that i've ever used on any of my o2's was plug and play and ran very well, out of the box, without messing with it
  12. esty

    Show me your.... Trunk

    i've never called her anything else - she's my Beamer
  13. you said, "I am prohibited by ebay for advertising elsewhere for a lower price" i don't care one way or the other, i'm not a buyer but your statement simply is not true...there are 1000's of ebay sellers that have retail establishments and1000's of internet businesses that sell off ebay...and list prices both places...ebay and other sale prices absolutely do not have to be the same i do and have for 15 years...imho... if you're advertising here, you should list the prices