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  1. seems seller wants us to guess the price
  2. Marshall nailed's easy to make the boards i use 1/2 luan and yes, it's heavy enough to sit dogs love mine the easy way to make the boards is use the carpet sections for a pattern...
  3. i'll take it...would you get in touch
  4. with a rear seat delete kit...
  5. i don't have a dog in the fight but seller should consider Prozac or a similar drug or maybe smoke a joint, have a beer and chill
  6. nice carpet
  7. now 2-11
  8. test 2 2-11
  9. test 2-11
  10. e24 seats's an old thread with a few pictures of them in an o2 e24 seats installed in o2
  11. yes's a better picture...
  12. if you want me to make one for you please email me at esty's BMW carpet and i'll give you the info to make payment to get started
  13. SOLD if anyone else wants on like it and can give me a few days, i'll make one or 2 like the one pictured
  14. does not include the shift surround - you'll have to use your own $130.00 + shipping $25.00 to lower 48
  15. if the air cleaner is for a 2 barrel carb i'll buy it for $25.00