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  1. describe to you "what the right" car is
  2. it's a personal preference issue...i like the darker color in the wheel wells, regardless of paint color because it tends to hide the suspension behind the wheels, making the wheel and car body the attraction rather than the colored wheel well
  3. it's a fact of life...if Yugo prices increase rapidly over the never few years you will see the same reaction...scammers, flippers and dealers and bring-a-trailer hawking mint Yugos maybe there will even be a YugoFigure website for the fans
  4. in my worthless opinion, this is the best site for buying and selling...nothing but BMW owners & far less BS caveat...BE CAREFUL regardless
  5. you,ll be asked to leave for posting for sale ads unless you pay...i posted a carpet set for sale there a few years ago and the post got deleted and i got a harsh letter from admin...haven't been back there since
  6. one piece sets may still be available..i don't know but they are what caused me to start this crazy carpet business in the 1st place.... i bought 2 different ones for my 76 years ago and never got over the installation frustration or the poor fit it is sorta like wrestling a bear and glue it to the floor
  7. metal is metal whether it is a car or lawn chair...naval jelly is also good and you can brush it
  8. thanks Nick that's what i need. i can allow for carpet thickness...thank you very much
  9. Paul, have you seen our parts for sale forum...Parts For Sale
  10. thanks but i need the side to side including over the hump...i need to cut a piece of carpet that covers side to side, under the seat
  11. Can someone that can access their car that may have the back seat out take 2 measurements for me…please 1st - from back side of rear seat bottom support to rear wall 2nd as shown in picture…inner rocker to inner rocker at floor thanks a bunch
  12. i'm still here...and i answered your 1st email tonight Pouya
  13. rattle can will not last much longer than your prep work and spraying it,,,home depot or lowe's buy a gallon of hi-gloss epoxy, they will match it to a color you take them, it dries rock solid and is unaffected by chemicals under the hood of our old cars put it on with a small felt roller and a small brush...buy some of the stuff to go with it that eliminates brush strokes been there and done it...cheaper and as sturdy if not more so than exterior automotive paint
  14. this is what i see when i see 15' wheels/wheels or larger on an o2 with the rubber band tires...
  15. the kidney grill sucks a big one..it isn't even close

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