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  1. for anyone that might be seems like a good price 1963 and 1964 Austin Mini Pair.pdf austin mini craigslist memphis
  2. please tell us the price of the car..........
  3. my 2 cents i would either replace the carpet or leave it as is so any potential buyer can see for themselves...i don't agree with dying...some say they have done so with good results, i've never dyed a carpet that didn't look worse are painting the carpet with a can of lacquer based spray paint, not dyeing the makes the carpet stiff...hard
  4. i have a new center exit and a side exit original equipment muffler...never installed...either $105.00
  5. the one piece carpet will be cut the carpet in newer cars...unless something's changed with the manufacturer original BMW carpet was loop style carpet
  6. i've dyed a lot of long as you don't clean it with lacquer thinner or other hash chemicals it will look good forever provided you properly clean & prep the material
  7. pictures included
  8. 74-76 gobi tan
  9. that was my car...sold to a texan a couple of years ago 1969 BMW 2002.pdf
  10. as far as i know, all original console side panels were made from particle board, not solid are pictures of an original side panel i skinned to show the this instance it appears BMW or whoever made them even spliced to pieces together, using staples i only use 5mm cabinet grade are some pics of my panels before covering the face panels i make as of a couple of weeks ago are made out of 22 gauge sheetmetal
  11. dude, you are insanely've practically pushed everyone else off of the 1st page why not be more polite and considerate of the other people selling and put all your crap in one thread
  12. looking at Resurrection Road unless your car has had significant plastic surgery performed on its nose and butt, your car is a roundie...i suspect someone swapped out the original interior for that of a 74-76 car
  13. maybe if we all flag the hucksters threads they will be removed....