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  1. best practice is, DO NOT BUY from anyone that has no content on the board...whose only posts are in the classified section it isn't the scammers fault that you were starstruck by what they were offering for sale...it was your decision to buy from an unknown source, if you do and lose, live with it, i'm not concerned with your carelessness pay with paypal, do not pay via friends and family...file a claim before 30 days period if you don't get the part...or suck it up
  2. Steve, does your car still has the smog system?
  3. better than rust...at least you can hammer dents out without chopping the car and welding
  4. that's normally how hack shops and people handle things
  5. Rich, i pm'd you again about the e24 seats, everything sounds good to me...let me know....email me please at esty.carpet @ gmail
  6. i'm inclined to believe that as long as the holes are on a straight line, front to rear the exact distance between the brackets is not so relevant as long as you use enough
  7. they are hard to find these days, you can find a petri easier and the price will vary from seller to seller... to answer your question as simply as possible....one or the other will cost more or less
  8. those are 75-76 seats without original upholstery
  9. my opinion, you being a new guy on the block you might find it difficult to sell for cash or money order...i would suggest that you open a paypal account i'm sure you are a nice and trustworthy guy but because you have no selling history here paypal offers buyers a bit of insurance
  10. any solid 2002 or 1600 is the best
  11. thoughts on Amazon...i cleaned and polished the top of the trunk, now i'm not sure if the color is Agave but maybe Amazon...now that i've bought a gallon of Agave paint

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