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  1. i have several of them...all without any issues ever
  2. esty

    Baur carpet question

    i have an old, original salt & pepper set removed from a Baur that i used to make patterns
  3. esty

    Esty's flippin old car

    you got a link...please
  4. esty

    Rear Shelf panel

    i make them $65.00 shipped lower 48
  5. esty

    Steering wheel hub

    fine splines too...o2's have course splines
  6. Nick....i love your rear seat delete...i would have never guessed that carpet color would look so great with a gobi did a really good...good job....thanks for letting me help with your car
  7. esty

    Quigg'n dirdy

    the pop or knock is the result of the wrong size pin
  8. esty

    Wheels and tire combo

    there are about 7 million 2 hundred 57 threads and posts on your subject and the forum combined with google is a great way to find the answer to your question.....merry christmas BTW
  9. esty

    Rsherwood Buyer beware!

    send the mirror to me, i'll pay to send it back to the seller for you
  10. esty

    Rsherwood Buyer beware!

    the well established standard is and has been it is your is your responsibility to ask enough questions to satisfy your urge to buy, once you've satisfied that urge, you own it... stop crying like a baby because you got what you bought
  11. esty

    Rsherwood Buyer beware!

    both of you...go sit in the corner
  12. esty

    Where's Rock Auto?

    it opened for me just now
  13. how about a BMW cars and sexy guys calendar?