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New Owner - 1974 2002


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Hello Everyone! I wanted to say hello and say that I am a new owner for a 1974 2002 which I won last week on Bring a Trailer. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1975-bmw-2002-54/ A commenter on that site suggested I join the FAQ, so here I am! 

I would greatly appreciate any advice or observations, if you feel so inclined, about the car...although don’t make me feel too bad about the extra BaT % premium I paid for it! 


I am based in the Bay Area, CA and will be picking the car up hopefully by the end of June (what with one thing and another), from where it is presently located in Portland, OR. We plan on taking the scenic roads back home and getting to know the new car on the way down. Cannot wait!


In the meantime, work will be performed by the selling dealer up in Portland to replace and repair the rust in the foot pans; I also plan on ordering some Vredestein 165 new tyres. Then I am sure I will begin investigating the Euro bumper swap! The addiction begins...


If anyone has any advice for a Bay Area garage/mechanic, that would also be appreciated. I am in Oakland, and Berkeley Motor Works in Albany seem like

a long-standing and solid option. 

Thank you all in advance or guidance...look forward to meeting you one day at a cars & coffee!


(apologies if I have tagged this incorrectly or put this in the wrong forum). 



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Welcome that's a nice looking 02 I'll let the bay area folks recommend a good shop their more than a few around the bay.

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Score, I have owned several 74 02's since the early 80's and I'll take a square tail light with a Euro bumper conversion over a roundie anyday.  Now that I've pissed off the roundie crowd. Your 74 02 looks totally unmolested except for front bumper tuck and Weber carb (good upgrade).  You have E21 wheels on your 02 and yes they fit but they are the wrong offset for a 2002.  I would spend some time in this thread before you spend any money on tires and wheels.  https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/142446-tires-and-wheelrims-fitment-guide/ and look through this thread on period correct wheels or upgrade to aftermarket wheels.  13" tires have gone the way of the dinosaur in the US market and 14" tires are getting harder to find. 02 purists who still love 13" tires are resorting to ordering 13" Pirelli CN36 tires from the UK. (not me, I left 13" tires behind in the early 80's). Welcome to the asylum, FEDEX and UPS will soon be your friend bringing gifts from Steve and Paul.



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74 tii (many mods)
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Congrats on the "new" car.  On the FAQ you will always get advice to your questions it is also the very best resource for information on our cars..  Advice will always be warranted, un-warranted, wanted or un-wanted but usually always helpful.  Brakes, tires, lights and seat belt operation are always double checked on these cars.  


Always take advice from Ray with a grain of salt or a slice of pizza.?


Safe travels!!



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Nice car, nice color, nice score.  And welcome to the '02 fraternity/sorority.  Lotsa 02 owners in the Bay area, so plenty of gatherings and help for you.  


Don't be shy about asking questions here on the FAQ--a great deal of expertise here, and we're all willing to share our sometimes hard-earned knowledge.


Cheers from the rust belt.



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Hey, I had fun watching your cars auction! It's a fine looking machine, and anything coming from Matt at Avant-Garde is gonna be a damn fine car. Well done! Enjoy your drive home, whenever it is.

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1973 2002

1985 R100RS

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