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  1. Front end is back together and ready for the motor to come off the stand.
  2. Mike G

    Wheel Identification??

    No idea but I like them. Any markings on the back?
  3. That one doesn’t plug into the harness supplied with gauge/board. Not that a little extra wiring really matters.
  4. Here’s the picture that’s in the instructions which is similar to the one already shown. If you look at my picture of the board where the sharpie is pointing there is a power and ground input. I plan to wire that to the car and use the right side of the board for the gauge. Sensor wires into left side as shown. I’m horrible with electricity and this advice is worth less than you paid, your mileage may vary, no returns, I’m not Toby, etc. p
  5. New floor and fire wall patch. Everyone’s driving updates are making me jealous.
  6. It’s worse than that, it’s candy metallic Granny Smith apple green. Much more obnoxious in person.
  7. Mike G

    Good DIY Projects on a 2002?

    A pedal box rebuild will teach them strategic profanity.
  8. Trust your gauge. If it says you’re still rich keep adjusting. If you want to verify then go for a drive and have a look at the spark plugs.
  9. custom weight reduction, nice. That’s pretty bad, I’d start cutting and welding. If that’s not your cup of tea replace it and sell that dirt cheap to one of the masochists here who are into that sort of thing.
  10. Painted my exhaust with Home Depot’s finest barbecue paint.
  11. Installed the new drivers frame rail. Floor pan tomorrow.
  12. I wish I could claim it. I saw someone else did the same on here a while ago but can’t remember who.
  13. Afr Gauge in progress.