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  1. Drove it for the last time this year. On to winter projects.
  2. You waited to tighten the front suspension up until the car was back on the ground right?
  3. 215/40 16 is almost identical height as 195/50 15
  4. I have a spare tii injector that matches the psi of the set in my motor perfectly so I’d like to keep it in good condition should I ever need it. I’ve heard the number one reason these injectors go bad is from sitting, while I assume that’s in the engine I’m still looking for advice on how to properly store my spare. Glass jar with silica beads? Spray with fluid film and wrap in a rag? I’m open to any ideas since the current sandwich bag probably isn’t ideal.
  5. Those roads are perfect for a 2002 as well.
  6. The fixed camber plate idea would raise the front about 1/4” which should help as well as tipping the top of the tire in a tiny amount which could help. Going to a 195/50 would decrease sidewall height by about 3/8” which could be all you need. Losing weight off the front might help but not likely. Could just take your bumper off and go for a ride to check.
  7. You need a new drivers side frame rail and they are hard to find. The passenger side looks bent but it could be the light. Probably new front floor pans. Possibly lower a pillar/firewall patches. I’d budget around $5g for what we can see if you have a professional do it. If you can weld or want to learn and have a space to work on it you can do this yourself.
  8. Remove and regrease remove and replace with rubber turn the radio up
  9. It sounds like your cold start injector leaks a bit and the car was tuned to compensate. I’d go down the tii tuning flow chart step by step to return the car to a known good baseline and then adjust the tune as needed with an afr or reading plugs. It seems like a lot at first but it’s pretty simple once you learn where to make adjustments and how everything works together. Running cold. There are three thermostats available, 70c, 75c and 80c. I’d recommend installing an 80c, they are inexpensive and easy to install. Im no help at all with electrical. If you’re feeling overwhelmed take it to a pro, they’ll be able to sort out all the problems not just tune it.
  10. Backing it out would lean the mixture and fix the tight gap between the stop. I wouldn’t adjust it without an afr gauge.
  11. That’s rough, glad you’re ok.
  12. What’s the asking price?

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