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  1. Some rust, but I think that’s unavoidable at your price point. https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/cto/d/poulsbo-1976-bmw-2002-project-runs-well/7017921873.html
  2. Anything is possible with enough talent or money but I have to ask why that motor specifically? Even BRZ owners don’t seem to like it.
  3. I love those seats. I’m surprised to hear SD dmv is being difficult. That seems to be the default state for titling vehicles used by Americans in Mexico. Or the entires state population heads south each winter and I don’t blame them. Alaska is notoriously easy to title a vehicle for anyone considering saving this one.
  4. it seemed like the easiest way to get him to leave me alone
  5. He had the e24 rear seats I was looking for, also wanted to communicate via email. I sent a link to this thread and asked if he had a response to these allegations and haven’t heard back for several days now but he was very prompt to respond prior.
  6. Looking for the rear seats from an e24 with center console. I plan on recovering them so rips/tears, stains etc are fine as long as the foam is all there. You must be willing to ship unless you live in anchorage alaska. I’ll pay for shipping. Thanks, mike.
  7. it could be. I don’t think that’s the factory turbo spoiler though, it looks more tipped back and the bottom corners are much less abrupt.
  8. This looks a little different than most spoilers I’ve seen, maybe it’s just the angle or my imagination but does anyone know the brand of this spoiler? It could be custom based on everything else on the car.
  9. Do I need an account to see comments on BAT now?
  10. I’m not sure if a price is required but it might help with interest. For example if you’re asking $500 someone might come take a look where as $5000 wouldn’t be worth it to them.
  11. A two owner car that identifies as a one owner car, how very 2019 😂. Beautiful car, I’m sure it’ll do well regardless of the math.
  12. I believe gear wrench makes a socket that fits without grinding.
  13. Mike G

    Yep, I own it.

    Sorry to hear about your bad luck, but I’m looking forwards to seeing the restoration.
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