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  1. Mike G

    Reuse or replace clutch

    I plan on swapping the flywheel for a lightened stock unit from IE.
  2. Mike G

    Reuse or replace clutch

    I don’t know how many miles it has now, I’ve only owned the car about a year. I drive 5,000 miles a year in light traffic. I’m leaning towards reusing it as I’ll have the engine out again within the next 2-3 years anyways.
  3. I’m putting together a list of parts I need but I’m unsure of a few things. Getrag 245/tii engine. My clutch visibly looks fine, has worn about 1mm compared to a measurement from a new clutch I found here. It has 1.5mm remaining before the rivets. Is it worth replacing now while I’m in there? How many miles can I expect from the current clutch if I reuse it? My clutch fork has some wear, should I smooth the rough spots and run it or replace? IE has a replacement for $20 which seems like a no brainer but my parts list is already into the thousands so I’d like to save a couple bucks where I can. I plan on doing seals and pilot bearing, anything else I should do while it’s apart? It shifted ok, second is notchy and I have to hold the clutch a few seconds for reverse which apparently is normal for the 245. The master, slave, and hose are new last spring.
  4. Non abrasive aluminum polish. Always wear gloves when handling ceramic coated exhausts or be sure to wipe off where you touched it before running the engine. Once it’s been heat cycled any oil from your skin that’s on the exhaust will be there forever. I still have some dirty finger prints on a snow machine pipe years later.
  5. Mike G

    320i shift platform

    On mine there’s a hole drilled in the tunnel and it was through bolted with a rubber isolator.
  6. Mike G

    320i shift platform

    I think my shift platform is from a 320i. If you want measurements (or to buy it, only a little broken) let me know.
  7. Mike G

    Roundie tailights/indicators

    Second in line for tail lights please.
  8. Mike G

    Accelerator pedal question

    I’ll be cutting off my stock knobs next week if you want them.
  9. Disconnected everything under the hood in preparation of dropping the motor. Removed the intake as well for extra clearance.
  10. Mike G

    steering box

  11. Mike G

    Mahogany shift knob

  12. Mike G

    Bike rack advice

    Suction cups https://www.seasucker.com/collections/racks
  13. Thats what I thought, but I was hoping I was wrong. Thanks for the direction guys.
  14. My drivers side floor/frame rail has been pushed up due to rust and probably poor decision making with a lift the last time it was in the shop. I’ve just noticed it now when I pulled the carpet for an unrelated repair. I have a new floor pan and frame rail, and could probably fix it myself now but would prefer to wait until next winter when I would have more time and could tackle more rust at the same time, use a rotisserie, etc. My question for the experts here is can I ignore this for now or does it need to be fixed before driving for safety?