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  1. With welding and paint prep is everything. You need to clean the area to be welded. Watch some YouTube videos for pointers and turn your wire speed up.
  2. it’s right there on the passenger floor board
  3. Le Tran at 2002 garage werks is always highly recommended but I have no personal experience. jack at pro bimmer knows tii’s and would be worth a call as well.
  4. If you just want to rebuild it that’s fine but there’s a lot of things that could be causing it to run rough that don’t involve a rebuild.
  5. If you’re able to separate and Easton doesn’t take it I’ll buy the tumbler.
  6. Since you’re taking the valve cover off might as well adjust the valves while you’re there.
  7. Great looking car, welcome!
  8. Here’s what Andrew has told me on this topic in the past. “ Also keep an eye out for an E21 or E30 brake fluid reservoir, when running a tii or e12 brake master cylinder, you can then ditch the fender mounted reservoir in favor of the E21/E30 piece that mounts directly onto the BMC. ”
  9. Video doesn’t work for me but I’m on mobile.
  10. Do you remove the small factory plate from the bottom of the subframe before adding another or just go right over the top of it? If the latter, any concern about creating a pocket for rust to form between the two plates?
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