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  1. Sorry for leading you astray with the oscillating tool. I thought it worked well but maybe I had low expectations after reading some of the horror stories on here about removing that stuff.
  2. Wrong, there is a price...he just won’t tell you what it is...
  3. I realize that Miata Is Always The Answer, but I wonder what question you asked yourself to get that answer. A m42 is a straight forward swap and similar to a Miata engine, if you want more performance there’s the F20 which is pretty well documented. If you just want to be unique and like a challenge go for it.
  4. Replaced the drivers vent window seal. Suddenly the passengers side looks like it has a couple years left in it easily.
  5. I’m a little envious of those who get to drive through the winter.
  6. Remove my temporary afr gauge and wire in the one I installed in the fasten seat belt pod last year. Repair the broken drivers seat so I don’t have a gangster lean while driving. This has the added benefit of making the gear shift easier to reach. Install e24 rear seat and make new parcel shelf, recover both. Might pull the rear suspension and pretty it up but that seems like a lot of work right now.
  7. Is your sway bar upside down?
  8. I haven’t tried dry ice but an oscillating tool with a straight blade works very well on factory sound deadener
  9. I think with your budget you’re looking at a used m20 or a rebuilt m10, so not exactly apples to apples. You mentioned use as a track car, would swapping the engine put you into a different class or are you racing for fun? I think your best option is to buy my tii engine so you can easily drop in 130hp, and I’ll take on that headache of an m20 stroker project 😬
  10. BPP7ES is a cold plug. 6 is appropriate for a new motor, lots of guys switch to 5’s on older motors.
  11. I think they’re actually made in Taiwan with Japanese parts.
  12. I usually replace with new and see if the symptom changes
  13. Maybe the master bypassing internally, maybe the slave, maybe a leak you haven’t seen. The reservoir stays full?
  14. The breather hose going to the intake looks kinked, it might help to shorten it.

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