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  1. I have that same one. I like it. Easy to use, pretty good picture quality.
  2. I have a journal I keep on top of my tool box. Every time I replace a part I right it down and the date. It’s more for my own records but I’ll include it with the car if I ever sell it. I don’t save receipts but I received a binder full of them going back 25 years when I bought the car and it is fun to look at what things used to cost, including labor rates.
  3. Exhaust tip properly spaced from the body/bumper?
  4. $2000 +\- 500 depending on condition/completeness.
  5. You can rent an engine hoist for about $40. They also fold up pretty compact for storage if you decide to buy.
  6. Attach a strip of metal to the holes to the right of your brake reservoir. Attach relays to that strip. This is how midnight motorsports set up my car prior to me purchasing it.
  7. Slavs “ideal” 02. Could pull “big cart”.
  8. Larger wheels allow larger brakes. 15” wheels allow a much better selection of performance tires. Stock wheel size is certainly more comfortable with all that sidewall to bounce around on but thinking they handle better than a newer wider tire with a thinner sidewall is incorrect.
  9. Here’s a thread comparing the blocks https://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=285315
  10. What’s your budget? A turbo might be the cheapest way to achieve your hp goals. I would get the b25 since you’ll want the 885 heads and most places have a $300 core charge on those anyways which offsets any savings you had on the b27. I don’t think there’s an advantage to the b27 block but I’ll defer any technical questions to ace Andrew as he’s the resident M20 guru.
  11. The only reason to start with a b27 is if you want to turbo it or build a cheaper stroker as seen here http://www.strictlyeta.net/technical/328i_1.html You can still build a cheap stroker with the b25. If you don’t want to do more than bolt ons get the b25. It has something like 40 more hp stock.
  12. #vanlife would like a word
  13. Economists have correctly predicted nine of the last five recessions.
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