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  1. Gang, I have a chance to buy a set of 4X100 15X7 ET25 ACT wheels, made in Germany in the early 90's (93 build date). I did a forum search and didn't come up with anything so then I did a Google search and it seems ACT wheels are very rare in the US. They seem to be similar to ATS Classics. I wonder if they were part of the Ronal major wheel manufacturer acquisition phase of the early 90's. Ronal bought out Centra, Eta Beta and I wouldn't surprised if they bought out ACT as well. Does anyone here know anything about ACT wheels? If so, please enlighten us.
  2. I have a 390mm Nardi Classic like the one in my post on page 3 in this thread. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/126575-steering-wheel-thread/ IMHO, a 370-380mm is the right steering wheel size but individual tastes different. Some factors to consider are wheel/tire size and suspension upgrades on your car. With a smaller wheel and bigger wheels/tires, slow speed steering can be a bitch in parking lots. Who needs to go to the gym when you have "Popeye" arms driving your 02. The above linked thread is full of steering wheel eye candy that will give you some ideas. G-Man
  3. I've been a 02 owner for 38 consecutive years. I started the first couple of years pf 02 ownership with 13' wheels before I upgraded to 14" wheels for nearly 25 years (E30 bottlecaps and basketweaves). Then on to 15" wheels (Alpina replica's, Rota RB and now Centra type 11) with 195/50-15 tires. No regrets, much better tire selection in 15". All my 15" wheels (3 sets) have an offset of ET 25 or ET26 and are interchangeable with my E30, just swap out the tires. I'll take my 15" Yoko S Drives on twisty roads over 13" tires. Now the purists hate me....
  4. If you still have stock headlights (sealed beams), this is the best safety upgrade for night driving. http://www.busdepot.com/0301600118 After you install the H4 lights, drop your POS sealed beam headlights in the trash. If you have a roundie, invest in some headlight relays before you install them. G-Man
  5. I'm leaving from the Baltimore area early tomorrow headed down I-81. I'll go as far as Roanoke VA and then bail off the interstate and take back roads from there (US 221, 58, etc...) going through Boone NC on the way to Asheville. It will be longer route but interstate's just bore the hell out of me. You need to get off the beaten track, especially when you drive a car that's fun to drive on the NC, VA backroads. See everyone tomorrow
  6. Sorry to say but E21 values have risen significantly in the past few years. Call it supply and demand but the days of the cheap E21 are behind us. Most E21's have gone to the crusher. E21 5-speed gearboxes, LSD and Recaro seats are now going for 4 figures. I can't remember the last time I saw a E21 in a pik-a-part yard. If you find a cheap E21 5-speed, buy it because if you hesitate, it'll probably be gone when you come back for it.
  7. You need to drive a 91 E30 318i/is with a DOHC M42 (timing chain) and that motor will change your opinion on E30's.
  8. These turbine wheels were common on late 70's and early 80's E12 and E23. They are OEM factory 14X6 Et22, 5X120 factory alloy wheels. As the ad says they will fit on the following BMW models. E3 E9 E12 E24 E28 E23. I had a set on my former 73 E3 Bavaria with 195/70-14 Dunlop tires.
  9. Jerry Fairchild rebuilt my pump in 2003 and zero pump issues since then. I will highly recommend Fairchild to anyone looking to get their pump rebuilt. Great price and fast service. G-Man
  10. Seller tells me they are 4x100, 14x6, ET 35 (same as a E30 bottlecap) and came off of his E30. Seller can't find any markings on the wheel that will ID the manufacturer.
  11. If E30 M3 rust is worth $88 a jar, then 2002 turbo rust must be unobtanium??? 😁 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2335451419839886/ G-Man
  12. Bare skin does capture your attention. Back in the 80's, much more common than the PC era we now live in. Now if I can only find some of these vintage steering wheels at these prices...
  13. Highly recommend you bookmark this page from someone who has been there, done that. Trust me, you'll refer to this site often. http://www.my2002tii.com/ Also recommend you start a blog on your restoration efforts on the FAQ blog page so we can can up with your restoration efforts and offer helpful advice along the way. Welcome to the insane asylum! G-Man
  14. My 74 tii also has a 72 tii motor in it, 2762096 bought from Jeff Ireland in 2003. Jeff parted out a rusty tii that was imported from the midwest to So Cal. I had Jack Fahuna rebuild the motor to Euro tii specs (9:5.1 comp ratio). It came with an E12 head and plastic runners. G-Man
  15. Not mine, no affiliation, etc... Saw these on FB Marketplace in case anyone is interested. https://www.facebook.com/groups/504724836326144/permalink/1557411654390785/?sale_post_id=1557411654390785 I've seen these Momo wheels on John Barlow's former 2002 and they awesome. Ad doesn't say the width of the wheels but I would assume they are 15X7 but check with the seller to make sure. Here is more info on Momo Quasar wheels. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/wheels/2002/momo-r136/
  16. 195/60-14, ran that size on E30 bottlecaps and basketweaves for years on my former 02 before I upgraded to 15"
  17. My second 02 had a 5-speed conversion done in 1984 and all of my 02's and tii's since then have had 5 speed conversion's as well. No regrets, would do it again in a heartbeat (but would hate paying the going price for a Getrag 245 gearbox). If there were two identical tii's like yours for sale, one stock and one with a 5-speed, I would buy the 5-speed tii (and pay more for it).
  18. I'm with you, I also had E30 basketweaves on my former tii and every six months or so I was losing (or getting stolen) centercaps and they were $70 each ten years ago. Being the wheel whore I am, I had nine extra basketweave wheels in my parts stash in my quest to find centercaps. Enough with the madness, I went with 15X6 Alpina replica's with no center cap issues. The other option is to go with an aftermarket (MSW, Ronal, etc...) open lug basketweave wheel. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/wheels/2002/msw-r102/
  19. Are you talking 14" or 15" E30 basketweaves? BMW basketweaves also came in 15x7 ET 24. These wheels are commonly called Euroweaves but they are BMW style 5 alloy wheels. You can still order these wheels at the dealer, BMW part # 36111179066. You can find used Euroweaves for sale frequently on the BMW E30 forums. Click on this FAQ link to learn more about Euroweaves. Here is a pic of Euroweaves on Marshall's 02. http://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/109366-15-inch-basket-weaves/
  20. Gordon


    Sorry to bust your bubble but your wheels do not look like E21 Alpina wheels but instead look like standard E21 13X5.5 wheels. Look at this website to see the difference https://www.bmw2002faq.com/wheels/2002/ The below discusses E21 wheels. The key difference is E21 wheels have little or no lip and Alpina wheels have a noticeable lip.
  21. Looking forward to updates of your tii restoration. How does it look underneath regarding rust issues?
  22. Nardi classic black spoke with leather. I prefer the black spoke over the silver spoke version. The pic is not my steering wheel but my Nardi is just like this one (390mm). I found this pic on the web. I also have a E21 Sport wheel (380mm) in excellent condition. I alternate between the E21 and Nardi wheel every few months. G-Man
  23. Jim, welcome back to the fold. Reference our conv at the Vintage, you said that you hoped the deal would come through and I'm glad it did. Look on the bright side, no diving board bumpers to convert to Euro bumpers now that you have bought a roundie. As you well know, Sahara rocks! G-Man
  24. Carl, you are killing me. I'm having taco withdrawals ever since I moved from the left coast to the right coast. There is no good Mexican food here that I've found yet here in VA. I remember many a time going up hwy 1 from work and stopping off at La Chiquita market in Guadalupe (N Santa Barbara county) on Taco Tuesday ($1 tacos) and picking up a plate of them to go. Don't get me started about breakfast burrito's. Now I'm hungry. G-Man
  25. My dread meter goes in the red thinking about replacing the heater valve on my tii. Right now it's in the closed position so it will stay that way to fall. Being 6'3", I hate getting under the dash and pulling the heater box. One of the suckiest jobs in the joys of owning an 02. G-Man
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