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  1. No, but that’s a good idea. Definitely worth salvaging the original sticker first...thanks, will try that and update here once I get a chance. yeah, the different shop is probably the main way of getting this sorted.
  2. Sorry for the confusion...this is actually not my VIN. Mine is 4226227. This is an example sticker from another thread. Mine has been OR since manufacture.
  3. This could be the answer to be fair...get out of town a bit and find some more relaxed garages.
  4. Thanks John! Appreciate that. Be careful, I may start sending you photos of the car one-by-one to see what else is missing! I need to sort out that manky glue on the door panel as well.
  5. Thank you both! I will get one made up and see what it looks like. My guess would be the VIN Verifier I went to (who was a nice chap) would be fine with any kind of an official looking sticker on there. Happy to be the lamb, Steve...I’ve tried an initial paint scrub and it MAY work. However, I wimped out and stopped early on as I wanted to check my options. Photo attached using super-fine sandpaper with just a few early rubs.
  6. Hi All, I am attempting to get my Oregon 1974 2002 titled in California. I took it to a SMOG shop here in Berkeley, CA who is also a VIN Verifier. He would not process the paperwork on behalf of the DMV as the sticker (see attached photo) had been painted over. I have the VIN stamped in three locations, in addition to the emissions sticker. It is SMOG-exempt. BluntTech are checking for me with their printer, but does anyone know where I could get the sticker reproduced? Its the white, perforated one with the weight and dates on. If I could get a DMV or CHP appointment, perhaps this would not be so much of an issue. Any advice? Thanks to JAS for the photo.
  7. Looking to install H4 headlights, associated relays and then fog lights...want to make sure its all done correctly by a garage/individual who could handle any required upgrades. Cheers.
  8. Hello Everyone! I wanted to say hello and say that I am a new owner for a 1974 2002 which I won last week on Bring a Trailer. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1975-bmw-2002-54/ A commenter on that site suggested I join the FAQ, so here I am! I would greatly appreciate any advice or observations, if you feel so inclined, about the car...although don’t make me feel too bad about the extra BaT % premium I paid for it! I am based in the Bay Area, CA and will be picking the car up hopefully by the end of June (what with one thing and another), from where it is presently located in Portland, OR. We plan on taking the scenic roads back home and getting to know the new car on the way down. Cannot wait! In the meantime, work will be performed by the selling dealer up in Portland to replace and repair the rust in the foot pans; I also plan on ordering some Vredestein 165 new tyres. Then I am sure I will begin investigating the Euro bumper swap! The addiction begins... If anyone has any advice for a Bay Area garage/mechanic, that would also be appreciated. I am in Oakland, and Berkeley Motor Works in Albany seem like a long-standing and solid option. Thank you all in advance or guidance...look forward to meeting you one day at a cars & coffee! (apologies if I have tagged this incorrectly or put this in the wrong forum).
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