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  1. A case could be made for the "stock" non-Tii 1973 model. Last of the Roundies, 2 barrel carb and no smog pump. But I love them all! Mark92131
  2. Mark92131

    Non-BMW in tank EFI pumps.

    Are you planning on running the Holly Sniper 2300? I thought this might be a great complement to the 123 Ignition distributor for upgrading fuel delivery and spark. Looks super easy to install, do they have an adapter plate for Weber 2 barrel? Hopefully you will document the process for others to follow. Have fun. Mark92131
  3. Mark92131

    Types of Dashboards

    I have seen several Cabs with Tii clocks. I am assuming a popular upgrade for the Euro crowd? Mark92131
  4. Mark92131

    Types of Dashboards

    Here's a picture of the chrome-trimmed 3 piece dash with soft binnacle for reference. Some of the early 1600, had chrome treatment around the panel holding the instruments, but I don't know if this was a feature of the hard plastic binnacle, or something that was featured on the soft binnacle cars and later phased out when federal regulations didn't appreciate the reflective nature of the chrome. This early Hoffman ad features the chrome instrument face plate. Mark92131
  5. Mark92131

    Non-BMW in tank EFI pumps.

    I'm sure you could find an in-tank pump with the right depth and PSI and with a little grinding and welding, adapt it to your existing tank. I, for one, don't have the welding skills to pull that off and will likely use the BMW 318I in-tank pump for my S14 conversion. Hopefully, someone has already done a non-BMW in-tank fuel pump conversion and can share their knowledge. Mark92131
  6. I would try mounting the E21 13" steel rim on your assembled subframes to see if they will clear the 323i calipers. I believe the E21 rims were ET18, same as the turbine alloy for the 320i, but should fit without suspension or fender clearance issues (I run the turbines on my cab). As for widening the E21 rims, others will most likely share their experiences and caveats with this process. With the possible caliper clearance issue and lack of 13" tires, maybe widen 14" steel wheels from a BMW E30 would be an option. If you need more 13" steel rims, I have an extra set in San Diego. Mark92131
  7. Mark92131

    Non-BMW in tank EFI pumps.

    Couldn't you use in-tank EFI pump from a BMW 318 or early M3? Don't forget the inertia cut-off switch in your plans. Mark92131
  8. Mark92131

    Possible Brake Booster Leak??

    Sounds like booster issues. Search is your friend. Mark92131
  9. Mark92131

    Help me assign a value to my 1600

    Roundie, check. 5 Speed, check. Dual Webers, check. Polaris Paint, check. Turbo flares, check. Runs and Drives, check. I would say adawil2002 is light, more like $12K to $15K on BAT. More pictures would help. Mark92131
  10. Mark92131

    2002 Starter Motor question

    Before you buy a new starter, clean all your ground points. If it is still spinning slow, lots of options including a starter for a early S-14 based M3. lighter than stock 2002 and should spin with more torque. Search is your friend. Mark92131
  11. Mark92131

    BMW 2002, 1973 fuel filter

    He didn't buy that battery at Pepboys :-). But yes, you are correct, the 73 model emission diagram describes this configuration for cars without air pumps, the "EGR" valve #14 is described as a "Diaphragm Valve" is found in the same position as the Check (Non-return) Valve on cars with air pumps and the "EGR" filter #6 is described as a "Cyclone Filter", not visible in the pictures. This configuration was radically different from 72 cars with the 1 barrel Solex carbs and I am assuming was designed in conjunction with the introduction of the 2 barrel Solex carb. Did this change occur at the beginning of the model year (October 72) or did it phase in as they ran out of 1 barrel Solex carbs? Mark92131
  12. Mark92131

    BMW 2002, 1973 fuel filter

    Interesting smog control on that Euro model, looks like a thermal reactor connection from the exhaust header to the intake manifold with a vacuum controlled check valve, but no smog pump or EGR Valve or filter. The 2 barrel Solex carb still has its throttle dashpot and fuel return valve intact, most are long gone with Weber carb conversions in the States. Mark92131
  13. Mark92131

    I think I found it! Help needed..

    I saw this car on San Diego Craigslist (Oceanside) and was tempted to go take a look. It looked nice in the limited pictures, but it was obvious it was never going to pass smog in CA without some major time and money. I thought it could be a decent candidate for an out of state buyer and posted it in the Classified section. After seeing the pictures of the frame rail repairs, I still believe that this car could be a very nice driver for someone out of state, I would want a PPI done just to know the extent of the rust and the quality of the repair, but if this area is now solid, you could drive it and enjoy it for years without issue. Mark92131
  14. Mark92131

    Austin Healey 235/5 dogleg

    Bill Holmes in Ramona rebuilt my 235/5 Getrag. A long drive from the bay area, but a fun roadtrip. Mark92131
  15. Car used in rehearsals with Mackenzie Phillips, very nice original door panel and trap mirror. More reading here... Mark92131