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  1. Standard 14" Steel Wheel for BMW 318, BMW 325 and Volkswagen models. Available new here... Mark92131 https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/14-black-steel-wheels-set-of-four/36111178826kt/
  2. Saw this in my feed this morning. Nice to see one of our own getting some much deserved recognition at the Hilton Head Concours d'Elegance. Mark92131 https://www.historicvehicle.org/lincoln-continental-prototype-and-bmw-2002-take-home-hva-awards/
  3. My favorite green, Reseda Green. Only found on 1502, E21, E12 and E24 models, such a pretty metallic. Looks very classy. Mark92131
  4. That Blue Bosch Coil should be internally resisted and should not require a ballast resistor or resistor wire. Where do all the other wires go? Mark92131
  5. Ed: Are the pictures of your car on your computer? Just click on the pencil at the bottom of your ad to edit it. Scroll down to the bottom where you see the paperclip and click on "choose files..." This should launch internet explorer or a dialog box that should allow you to select the location of your pictures on your computer, (Hard Drive, Folder). Highlight the picture you want to load on your ad by clicking on it and then click the "Open" button at the bottom of the dialog box to initiate the load process. You will see a thumbnail (small picture) at the bottom of your ad when it is loaded. Save your ad and the picture will appear at the bottom. Good luck with your sale. Mark92131
  6. It is a Jewel! Nice find. Mark92131
  7. Your AC Compressor drive belt is missing to start, but I suspect it may have been removed when other AC issues were discovered. You could try turning the compressor pulley by hand to see if it is locked up as a start to diagnosing what it will need to get it operating again. Mark92131
  8. Never a factory option on the BMW 2002, optional alloy "turbine" wheels from a BMW 320i. Car does look nice in my favorite color. If this was a factory Polaris car, I would be calling you. Good luck with your sale. Mark92131
  9. Steve: This 71 in Florida paint had a factory installed Close Ratio 5 speed and doesn't appear to have any shift pattern stencil on the dash. Mark92131
  10. On my 1600, the Horn Relay was next to the voltage regulator and the wiper relay was left of the distributor on the firewall. Mark92131
  11. That's pretty messy, you should sell it to me ;-). Mark92131
  12. Having owned both models, I would probably put myself squarely in the neither camp. I was seduced by the shear sexiness of the E9 coupe. The lines on the E9 car beautiful and the overall presentation intoxicating. Mine was a CSi, so it had its mechanical challenges, and like all E9 models, some worrisome issues with keeping the rust prone areas clean and rust free. The ride on the E9 was perfect for cruising the autobahn, but after many years of 2002 ownership, I missed the predictive tightness of the 2002 on twisty roads and was put off by the amount of chassis flex and suspension float the E9 exhibited on those same twisty roads. The E9 and I parted ways a short time later and I never looked back after scratching that itch. My Tii ownership experience was with one 1973 model and short lived. I purchased it in the bay area and drove it back to San Diego. The drive down the 101 was memorable and I loved the way the Tii motor seemed to rev endlessly through the gears and put a smile on my face as I passed every car I could. What was missing for me was the search for improvement. I would open the hood, stare at the motor and think, there is really nothing I can do to squeeze some additional performance out of this engine without some very radical and expensive mods to the motor and k-fish. I just wasn't happy with the "drive and enjoy it" ownership experience with the Tii, I needed the never ending project of modifying a standard model to perform as they were originally envisioned by the BMW engineers. So I sold the Tii and continued my search for the ultimate 2002 canvas to paint my Polaris masterpiece. The quest continues to this day. Mark92131
  13. When you pulled the EGR Valve, I am assuming you plugged the line that runs to the intake manifold, that would cause a massive vacuum leak. Just a quick peak at the emission components on your engine look as expected for a 75. If your car is a manual, it should have a vacuum retard/advance distributor, automatics in 75 only had advance distributors. In any case, it looks like it isn't hooked up right, with one line I can see running from your red-top electromagnetic valve to the pod on your distributor. If your distributor has 2 vacuum connections, you need to identify which one is advance and which one is retard, if only one, then easy, that is the advance port. Next check to see if it is operational, take off the cap and rotor, connect the vacuum hose and suck, you should see the plate for the points move slightly counter-clockwise. If it doesn't move or moves clockwise, the pod is defective or you are connected to the retard port. If it doesn't move, replace the pod, if it does move, run a vacuum line from the advance port on your distributor and connect it to the port on the passenger side of your weber carb, above the throttle plates, cap the retard port on the distributor if you have one and cap any other ports on the weber. To get it running correctly, I would tackle these steps. Adjust the valves Pull the plugs and do a compression check Which the cam lined up on the oil bar and TDC in the hole on the flywheel, note where your rotor is pointing, that is #1 plug wire Verify that the plug wires are in the correct firing order on the cap and spark plugs Set the point gap/dwell Restart the engine, disconnect and cap the vacuum advance line from the weber, set your idle on the weber to 1400RPM and use a timing light down the flywheel hole to find the 25 degree BTDC steel ball by turning the distributor back and forth. Reconnect the vacuum line to the distributor Set the weber idle and mixture adjustments according to the Redline instructions. You should be good, then we can tackle the desmogging of your car. Mark92131
  14. Here another source for that rear clip. Mark92131

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