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  1. Is that red lock tight? You can also bent over that "brass" tab to keep the nut from backing off. Good time to set your idle screw and start the tuning process. Have fun! Mark92131
  2. Most of us use the BMW 320i or 318i or E30 M3 water neck instead of plugging the 2002 water neck with the orange plug. It eliminates the chance of the plug failing and provides the opportunity to add a temperature switch for driving electric fans and such. The vent hose can be routed to the ground (not very eco friendly), or you can use a oil separator / catch can. These are cheap on eBay, see attached photo. I would highly recommend converting the cable linkage for the throttle control to a top mount linkage, it transformed the performance and made it so much more fun to drive. Mark92131 M
  3. Mark92131

    Question on Battery Tray Color

    I had an early one from a 71, painted body color (Florida). Mark92131
  4. Mark92131

    VIN metal tag font

    I'm with Andrew on this. When they look like this, it is time to replace. Mark92131
  5. Mark92131

    VIN metal tag font

    I ran the VIN Plate for my 1976 through the "What the Font" app and Town 70 Accent Thin 2byJason Vandenberg seemed to be closest to matching (6 is wrong shape). These VIN plates were stamped from the factory, but if you can find an engraver that can match that font, it should look pretty good. Mark92131
  6. They were also AWOL at the International Auto Show in San Diego this year. Mark92131
  7. BMW switched from 6V to 12V pretty early, 1967? They used the 6 fuse box until at least 1971 and then switched over to the 12 fuse box for all later cars. Someone will have the exact dates. Just because the car has 6 fuses, doesn't mean it is a 6V car. Easiest way is to check the battery, 6V cars have 3 fill holes and 12V cars have 6, unless it is a sealed battery. Mark92131
  8. Steve: Where did you get that sticker? I like your Emission Sticker ;-). You need to find some caps for those 2 brake fluid reservoir screws before you impale yourself. Mark92131
  9. Mark92131

    Fred's first drive

    I kept waiting for you to shift. Engine sounds smooth at 4K. Congrats on getting it back on the road. Mark92131
  10. Strange to see an Automatic with a Tachometer. You idle looks to be set a little low (500-600) and doesn't appear to drop much when the brake pedal is pressed. The Blue Book for the 2002 and 2002A is 25 degrees BTDC (Flywheel BB) at 1400 RPM with full advance at 33 degrees, but later models had adjustments this timing generalization for Emissions. Has your car been desmogged (emission controls removed)? What distributor # are you running (last three digits). For example, 76 cars were 25 degrees BTDC (Flywheel BB) at 2400 RPM, see picture. I would set your idle at 1400 RPM with the idle screw on your carb, hook up your timing light on #1 spark plug wire, loosen your distributor and turn it back and forth until the BB appears in the hole, then lock it down. Use the idle screw to adjust your idle to 900. If pressing the brake pedal is still smooth out the idle, bad booster, brake vacuum hose, or one way valve. Mark92131
  11. Mark92131

    Sadly, Time to move on...

    I have heard all the excuses... I'm not getting any younger. I am out of room. I have taken my project as far as I can. I don't drive it much any more. Sadly, I now am that guy. I purchased my 1971 BMW 1600 Voll Cabriolet in November 2003, shipped it from Belgium sight unseen. It had been restored in Belgium, but had been upgraded to a 2 liter motor from a 2000CS. A couple months after it arrived, I spun a bearing in the 2000CS motor and started a 2 year project to complete a total restoration of the drivetrain, including a rebuilt 2 liter motor, 245 Getrag 5 speed, 320i LSD, 320i rear brakes, ST springs and sway bars, Bilstein HD shocks and struts, rear subframe mounts, tie rods, center link. Bill Holmes at Bavarian Rennsport did most of the heavy lifting, I did most of the fine tuning (fuel and ignition). It is fast, sorted and is ready to be enjoyed by a new owner. I recently put together a video, so you can get an idea of the driving experience. It is registered and located in CA with a clear title, (not an easy thing to do now days), but I will assist with out of state transportation at the buyers expense. I am offering it here on the FAQ first, but will submit it to BAT if I don't receive any viable offers. I am looking for something slightly less than the 1971 BMW 1600 Cabriolet sold at the Gooding Auction in 2014. PM me with any questions. Thanks, Mark92131
  12. Mark92131

    1966 2000 NK for Sale on eBay no reserve

    Rey: You need to make room in your shop for this one... Mark92131
  13. Mark92131

    Getrag 245 ID

    Sounds like a 245-4 Getrag 5 Speed Over Drive Transmission, with the reverse switch on the top, not the rare 245-10 Close Ratio version. You can confirm the date by using Steve's casting date location. Mark92131
  14. Mark92131

    BMW 2002ti ,1970,colorado

    Les: I think the one on his website did sell, this appears to be a new/different car. I thought it was the same car, but the seats and wheels are different. Mark92131
  15. Mark92131

    BMW 2002ti ,1970,colorado

    I bought my Cab from Laurens, would buy again without hesitation. I have been eyeing that Ti for quite some time, beautiful car. Mark92131