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  1. Looks like it was painted by the same guy that painted my long-gone 1973. Similar shade of red. Nice looking car at a fair price, good luck with your sale. Mark92131
  2. When you have this issue with a output shaft from a rare Getrag 235 close ratio 5 speed, you need to get creative. I found a NOS unit in Columbia and had my old one repaired as a spare. Mark92131
  3. If your cam is lined up with the oil bar on the head and the flywheel TDC mark is in the hole in your bell housing and both #1 cylinder valves are closed, you should be at TDC on the compression stroke. The rotor should be pointing at the #1 spark plug wire. If it isn't, just change the spark plug wires so #1 spark plug wire plugs into the distributor cap at the position of the rotor and then go clockwise and plug in wires #3, #4, and #2. If you can get it started, I would set the idle at 2200 RPM and slowly turn the distributor to position the steel ball on the flywheel in the hole in the bell housing, (25 degree BTDC). Then use a variable timing light to see what kind of advance you are getting with that distributor setup through the RPM range. You should be at around 10 degrees BTDC at idle (1000 RPM) and 30 - 39 degrees above 2500 RPM according to the Blue Book for Ti's. Mark92131
  4. Already gone! Mark92131
  5. Too bad it's a 76, I would love to do another Mintgrun project. Mark92131
  6. I am about 1 for 100 in the lucky break category. I so wanted your Holley Sniper project to work out, thanks for being the Guinea Pig, saved me lots of time, money, and frustration. Mark92131
  7. Bill Holmes, Bavarian Rennsport in Ramona, CA (760) 709-2002, williamdholmes@yahoo.com 14054 Mussey Grade Road Ramona, CA 92065-7706 Once we had the box open and the bad parts identified, we used the factory manuals to identify the part numbers and ordered through BMW for the non-NLA pieces. At that time, everything we needed, with the exception of the output shaft, was still available, but in Germany. These parts were shipped to BMW San Diego and I picked them up along with the output shaft from Columbia and brought them to Bill for reassembly. Mark92131
  8. Yes, 235/5 Getrag transmissions were the only factory installed 5 speed transmissions for the BMW 2002. The were all dogleg setups with options for different gear ratios based on your application. Mark92131 http://www.bimmers.com/02/faq/transmission.html
  9. It won't pass with those side drafts. It will fail on emissions and the visual. If it wasn't a daily driver, you might be able to apply for Historic Plates and get around the smog testing, but if pulled over, you need to be on your way to a parade or car show. Mark92131
  10. I'm not sure that the pressure washing shot was the best option for the ad, but the original ad was pretty light on photographic documentation. Owner claims original Sahara paint, and if true, looks spectacular for a 1973. It is even sporting its original Solex 2 barrel carb. Pressure washing did a nice job of cleaning up the transmission tunnel before removing the driveshaft. https://monterey.craigslist.org/cto/d/hollister-1973-bmw-2002-sahara-all/6980332576.html Mark92131
  11. Bill pulled it apart, made a list of things he didn't like, mostly shims and syncros, and we started tracking down parts. Thankfully, most of the 235/5 specific parts were in good shape, sans the output shaft which is longer than the 4 speed version. Just by chance, I found a NOS one on eBay in Bogata with a BIN price of $900. Apparently, the seller had a stash, because there was another on on sale the following week for $1800. The shims and synchros were sourced from Germany, but many of the transmission parts are now NLA. If you are thinking of having Bill rebuild your 235/5, I wouldn't wait too long, he isn't getting any younger. On the Jensen, do you swap the front bell housing with one from a 235/4 Getrag? Mark92131
  12. I bought a 1971 BMW 2002 that had an engine fire for $500 off of eBay. The fire damage was pretty significant, so I elected to part it out. When I pulled the transmission, it looked different than my other 4 speeds. A little research confirmed it had been ordered with a factory installed 235/5 Getrag transmission. The bad news, it needed a new output shaft. I sourced a NOS one in Columbia and had it rebuilt by Bill Holmes at Bavarian Rennsport. it is always nice to get lucky once in a while. Rebuild it, sell it and fund your restoration. Mark92131
  13. On Craigslist, not a bad one to fix and sell out of State. Mark92131 https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/d/redwood-city-1976-bmw-2002/6968222739.html

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