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  1. Do you have a link, my search turns up $2440 for the MaxJax at HomeDepot Mark92131
  2. You should also have a ground wire from the alternator case to the block. Mark92131
  3. Must be gone, but you could probably build yourself a nice 2002 out of that free plywood, chairs, and conveyor motor. 😉 Mark92131
  4. Or perhaps. "No rush to sell" = "I'm not desperate for cash", so don't low ball me, but still leaves the door open for negotiation. Significantly less douchey than "testing the waters" or "I know what I have". IMHO, Mark92131
  5. Another thought, I would carefully sand down the Vin stamp on the body just to verify that the Vin number of your original 73 wasn't grafted on to a later body with a later nose, (the stamped Vin's were taped over before painting from the factory). The Vin plate rivets one your car are also black and I am used to seeing them in silver. It would also be prudent to check for welds on the nose, to verify a later nose was installed on your original 73. Call me paranoid! Mark2131
  6. Lots of different shades of Sahara/Nevada on that car, but could be nice if the underside isn't too rusty. Mark92131 No, just a lot of E30's donated their shoes on the way to the crusher and frugal BMW 2002 owners saw a way to run a slightly bigger wheel/tire for not a lot of $$$. Stop hating on bottlecaps Steve! 😉
  7. As discussed above, Krylon Dull Aluminum with a coating of Crystal Clear Enamel (#7701) is a very good match for the original color of the steel wheels on a 2002. However, for BMW 320i turbine wheels and E30 bottlecaps, I would recommend using Krylon Aluminum (V7715) and then Clear Coating it with Crystal Clear Enamel (#7701). The Aluminum will be very bright on application, but when you clear coat it, it knocks it down to very close match to the brighter sheen on turbine and bottlecap wheels. The hard part with the BMW 320i turbine wheels is the dark grey match for the centers. Some people go black to mimic the Alpina turbines, but dark grey is original and I don't have a Krylon match for the center paint. Mark92131
  8. Good luck, change out those original front strut bearings if you get it. Mark92131
  9. I was posting a response to @Fletcherpost on bumper tucks. Although I am pretty sure I inserted a single picture of the back on my car, the website doubled them up and I was unable to delete the duplicate. Mark92131
  10. Three versions of the 235/5 Close Ratio Transmission, most had the street version according to Erik Frank and Ben Thongsai. Mark92131 street version: rally version: race version: 1st: 3.368 2.71 2.30 2nd: 2.16 1.84 1.56 3rd: 1.58 1.38 1.28 4th: 1.24 1.13 1.09 5th: 1.00 1.00 1.00
  11. My 1975 Mintgrun BMW 2002 with front and rear tucked bumpers. It looked like yours when I started. Mark92131
  12. I'm shocked it has a reserve! 😉 Mark92131
  13. If someone here buys this for parts, I would be interested in that back seat! Mark92131
  14. Because the owner graduated from Hyles-Anderson College in 2002? Which is probably why, 18 years later, they are still driving a Subaru? 😉 Mark92131
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