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  1. Mark92131's post in Trunk emblem refresh was marked as the answer   
    To remove the anodized coating chemically, use a 2.5% solution of Drain Cleaner (Caustic Soda).  You can buy this at Home Depot (100% Lye) and mix it with hot water until you get the 2.5% solution.  Stick your part in for 30 minutes, rinse with white vinegar to stop the reaction, then clean water.  After drying the aluminum will be dull white.  Polish with Mother's Aluminum polish until nice and shiny.  You can then wax it or clear coat it.

  2. Mark92131's post in WTB 3 way return valve fuel 1973 BMW E10 was marked as the answer   
    Post an Ad in the Classifieds "Parts Wanted" section, someone will have one.
    I haven't seen the thick ones, but RogersTii sells a replacement.
    BMW 2002 License Light Gray Base - rogerstii
    WWW.ROGERSTII.COM BMW 2002 License Light Base  
  3. Mark92131's post in Clutch line for BMW 2002 was marked as the answer   
    Maybe here...
    Long Clutch Line for 5-Speed Conversion – Ireland Engineering | Racing & Performance Parts for BMW & MINI
  4. Mark92131's post in Im going nutts, steering wheel lock nut and washer size? omg was marked as the answer   
    The large nut is a M14 x 1.5 and the small nut is a M12 x 1.5/  You will need the corresponding wave washer based on your steering spindle.  You can use a modern locking nylon nut or a conical lock nut from Belmetric.
    Nuts - Lock Nuts All Metal - BelMetric
  5. Mark92131's post in Turn Signal and Washer switch was marked as the answer   
    @Seb may have the switches you need.
  6. Mark92131's post in Trunk elephant skin reinstall was marked as the answer   
    3M Adhesive Spray 90 on both the material and the surface should do the trick.  Let it get tacky and then stick it on.  I assume you have the original boards.
  7. Mark92131's post in Roundie roundel? was marked as the answer   
    Or maybe E9 "C" Pillar roundels.  The originals were threaded, the replacements have the long pins.

  8. Mark92131's post in 1976 BMW Motor Replacement - BoJo was marked as the answer   
    Either one will work, but I would use the top one which has the water fitting to the intake manifold integrated into the water neck.  Save the bottom one if you decide to go dual carbs, it seems to have a plug and will allow you to bypass the water connections to the 2 barrel intake manifold.
  9. Mark92131's post in Under dash panel was marked as the answer   
    That one goes behind the center console.
  10. Mark92131's post in Clutch help was marked as the answer   
    If you are strapped for cash, you could just replace/fix the things that need replacing/fixing.  Pull the radiator, have it pressure tested and see if they can seal it.  Pull the 4 speed, remove the flywheel and clutch, and see if the main seal is leaking.  New pilot bearing, new main seal if leaking, clean the flywheel, inspect the clutch for wear and replace if needed, replace throw-out bearing and re-install the trans.  Save the 5 speed and cooling system refresh for another day when you have more cash.  Back in the day, I would daily-drive mine, so repairs were pretty much limited to what I could do in a weekend.
  11. Mark92131's post in Newly Available Starters was marked as the answer   
    Yes, not the smaller, lighter weight M starters, stock OEM rebuilds.
  12. Mark92131's post in parts listing help!!!! was marked as the answer   
    Go to Parts for Sale in Classified section.  Press the Blue Create New Topic button.  Provide the required information, Title, Location, Description, Price.  Have all your photos loaded on your computer.  In the description box, use the chose files link to find the photos of your parts on your computer and add them to your listing.  We appreciate you selling all your parts on one listing, because multiple listings push other people's listing down the list and off the first page.  Have a list of your parts and the price.  People will send you private messages or ask questions directly on your post.  Usually people will claim an item with an I'll take it response, or will ask questions about the item.  You need to direct traffic on who responds first and list what items are sold, pending payment or still available by editing your original post.  As things sell, you can delete them from the list with the pictures.  Good communication is key!
  13. Mark92131's post in Remove early style steering wheel was marked as the answer   
    That black plastic cover inside the chrome horn ring should be carefully removed, which will expose a large nut holds the steering wheel on.  Unfasten the nut, but leave it on with a few threads remaining and pull the wheel up sharply with your hands at 3:00 and 9:00.  This will prevent you from hitting yourself in the face when the wheel lets go.
  14. Mark92131's post in Torque Spec Question - basic was marked as the answer   
    @1 means Note 1, the car needs to be on the ground with 150lbs in each seat, a full tank and 46 pounds of luggage in the trunk on the left side.  The 51+14 are min/max in foot lbs for the nuts in question.  Some torque guides (like the one for head bolts) have an initial torque in ft/lbs and then a torque angle in degrees.  You use your torque wrench to set the initial setting, then a torque angle gauge to complete the final torque setting.

  15. Mark92131's post in Wiper motor picture needed was marked as the answer   
    On my early wiper motor, I have 3 wires that come out of the body of the motor and are soldered to the top of the tuna can lid.  One in the darker sheath connects to the yellow wire, the other 2 in the lighter sheaths connects to the Black wire, nothing on the Green wire.  One of the lighter sheath wires is hair thin and the other is a thicker gauge.  Hopefully this will help you with this issue.

  16. Mark92131's post in Lower, as in the bottom, trim was marked as the answer   
    Rocker Trim in US.  Sill Trim in US is the piece that trims the carpet in the door opening.
    Manufacturer of Vintage Car Parts,MVP,BMW2002,BMW,bmwclassiccars,bmwclassic,bmw2002classic,bmw02club,mvpvintageparts,recreate a legacy
    WWW.MVPVINTAGEPARTS.COM Manufacturer of Vintage Car Parts,MVP,BMW2002,BMW,bmwclassiccars,bmwclassic,bmw2002classic,bmw02club,mvpvintageparts,recreate a legacy  
  17. Mark92131's post in Identify these bolts was marked as the answer   
    They look to small to be Diff to Subframe bolts (M12).  If the are M8 with 13mm Socket Heads, my guess would be the 2 bolts that attach the steering column to the bottom of the dash.

  18. Mark92131's post in Reverse light switch Getrag 235/5 was marked as the answer   
    It is just to the left of the output shaft's connection to the Guibo, under the shift plate, see picture.

  19. Mark92131's post in Header and exhaust source - stock? was marked as the answer   
    To make what you have work, you need to reposition the muffler so the outlet shifts towards the notch, reposition the hanger and fab a new exhaust outlet.  Doable with the right equipment and skills.

  20. Mark92131's post in Plug wires.Conflicting info was marked as the answer   
    To be sure, take off the valve cover, turn the motor over until the line on the front of the Cam is lined up with the oil bar and both valves on #1 cylinder are closed.  Pull the #1 spark plug and stick a piece of wire down the hole to verify the piston is at TDC (Up position).  Pull the cap on your distributor and the rotor will be pointing at the terminal on the cap for #1 spark plug.  Install the #1 spark plug wire in this terminal and work clockwise from the #1 terminal to install #3, #4, #2.  #1 spark plug is at the front of the engine, #4 is closest to the firewall.  Don't forget to check your spark plug gaps before installation, points gap (Dwell), and timing after installation.

  21. Mark92131's post in Coolant bypass Pipe for Single Side Draft was marked as the answer   
    Apparently, this isn't a 320i or 318i bypass tube, it doesn't have the extra hose connection that typically needs to be plugged for this application.  So what other BMW's bypass the intake water jacket?  Of course, all the dual carb NK models (1800Ti, 1800TiSA, 2000CS, 2000Ti, 2000Tilux), and 1600Ti, & 2002Ti.  Duh!  RealOEM provides the part I need 11531274591.
  22. Mark92131's post in Need Help Identifying The Year And Model Of This 2002 was marked as the answer   
    The Columbian VIN Decoder says it is a 1972 Model...
    V.I.N. 1066357 Modelo /VN BMW 2002 (CKD) Región Portugal Versión (LHD) Volante a la izquierda Transmisión Mecánico Carrocería E10 Generación Modelo 71-73 Año 1972 Producción ene-72 - dic-72
  23. Mark92131's post in Help W/ Solex Idle Jet was marked as the answer   
    The round solenoid with the wire attached to it should be your primary idle cut off, (left side of picture).  If you unscrew it, the idle jet should be in that hole.  The secondary idle jet is on the opposite side under a brass screw.  You need pictures of the sides of the carb for exact placement.
  24. Mark92131's post in Gas Cap Flange Position was marked as the answer   
    That is the correct position as verified on my 1971 1600.  I am assuming that it will locate the gas cap in the correct horizontal position when attached.  I have a locking gas cap and spin it to the correct horizontal position after locking.
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