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Lower, as in the bottom, trim


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Been searching the forums for what I would have assumed is a common question - but apparently not.  Does anybody what the name is for the trim that goes all the way at the bottom of the doors and fenders between the wheels?  (see photo) Not the knee trim.  Lower than that.  Also be great if anybody knows a good source for where to get it.  Mine never had it, so I have nothing to refurb in this case.


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Rocker Trim in US.  Sill Trim in US is the piece that trims the carpet in the door opening.





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The MVP set doesn't include everything. It appears to include the front fastener each side (lower front fender hole) but not the other 6 or 7 per side plastic clamps (which are possibly NLA).

Also not supplied is the 3 synthetic strips item 18 (or the glue!!)

front part # 51 72 6 440 147

middle    # 51 72 6 440 148

rear         # 51 72 6 440 149



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22 minutes ago, 02Les said:

but not the other 6 or 7 per side plastic clamps (which are possibly NLA).


Maximillian has the proper clips, the only ones that work!  Wallothnesch for the synthetic strips.  The proper glue, TBD.





The hardware kit includes 15 black clips, 15 retainers and 2 metal clamps. Free Shipping. No Returns


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