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  1. I don't plan on driving it until I sort those out. This is currently a project and not a driver until I have time to at least check everything.
  2. Right now they have 185 70s on them. Stock tire shows to be 165 HR 13. So if I go narrower it should help with steering. Maybe something like the 165 60 R13.
  3. I'll let you know as soon as I take one off. I'll definitely ask about caps but best not to put the cart before the horse. I'll secure wheels before hubcaps.
  4. Definitely on the checklist. I like the early wheels with hubcaps better anyway so I'll look for a pair before buying new tires. Thanks everyone, I'll get started on all checks this weekend and order all my tune up parts so I can work on it next weekend.
  5. I have been looking for a decent car to bring home and think I found it in this 73 BMW 2002. Paint and interior are in decent shape. Everything looks stock so far and everything needs some work to get the cobwebs out. Currently the car feels like its driving through molasses. The steering is heavy, the engine runs but feels tired, and the brakes are firm but with limited response. Worst part though is the drivers seat is frozen and seems to have broken cables and limited padding. Don't get me wrong, this is exactly what I was looking for in a project but it is most definitely not living up to it's "ultimate driving machine" reputation. I consider myself a decent mechanic and will tackle most jobs if I can find adequate instruction online. I have owned and worked on most of my cars but have never done more than replacing components, tune ups, light body work. No rebuilding of motor or transmissions yet. For this car I'll start on the drivers seat because that is straight forward and if I don't want to sit in it, I won't drive it. Next in line is a tune up, replacing all the parts because I don't know how old any of them are. The carburetor is pretty tired and the air filter does not fit well so I am thinking of upgrading to the Weber 32/36. I don't like messing with carbs so plug and play is what I want. Brakes and steering will be next on the list. I need to crawl around and inspect everything to see what needs replaced but making the car nimble again will be good. If anyone has any suggestions as to what to do to make the steering more responsive I would appreciate it. I figure I'll replace all the joints and see about adjusting the steering box. The tires are mismatched 185 70R13 on what I think are the stock rims. Those will have to go due to age and wear. So far I have been enjoying this forum and all the great advise I am seeing. It is super helpful having a large community of people that have been there and done that and are willing to share the experience. I am in Santa Rosa, CA and if anyone has a favorite mechanic that knows these cars they can recommend I would appreciate it. Sometimes the tool I want to use is my checkbook. Daniel

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