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  1. Any wheel looks good on that super fabulous red tii.. I've noticed many 2002 'flippers' go for Bottle Caps and love to brag about the classic BMW lightweight alloy wheels. Obviously they don't hang out here on the FAQ with the 'cool crowd' or they'd be hip to just how un cool they are...............................................................
  2. see lookie there. somebody loves them...not that there's anything wrong with THAT
  3. My local BMW' family would 'cast me out' if I showed up with 'Caps lol. The stigma is undeniable even though they aren't that bad looking... However I do like the idea of super 'cheap wheels' in case they are stolen (fat chance) or damaged. That fact is one reason I like late model 'slots ( but mostly 'cause I have a serious fetish for them and OE trim rings..) Run whatever for awhile 'till you figure out something you really like...
  4. I stopped getting updates... PLUS I took my laptop to my cousin...a super nerd computer wizard who wiped it clean and spotless......no difference..still hangs up on 02faq. I'ts like a 10 second delay..buffering whatever
  5. It's the square tail light curse. Once he stripped it and went all in on body and paint with a late model (with the intentions of creating a full blown $$ concourse car) he was losing $$ I like it alot but if I was my usual OE picky bitch I'd want stock seats, wheels and shocks etc. It's like Pamela Anderson..she had tasteful upgrades...yup...but weren't her stock OE parts alot nicer? when ads says "tasteful upgrades" my red flag goes off and I just know the next words in the ad will be BILSTEIN SHOCKS. Everyone loves them I know..and every restoration uses them.... But.for me if they'd made the effort to find OE shocks and springs I'd be more impressed... In layman's terms which Pamela Anderson would you want..the OE Pamela Anderson impossible to replicate model.... or the Tommy Lee designed "tastefully upgraded" version?
  6. the interior of that white car is to die for
  7. on my current tii the first thing I did was replace the small "hard to turn" steering wheel with a stock 'ti' wheel Doing so saved me $$ on gym memberships and cross training
  8. that caster discrepancy is scary.. Actually looks to be more than an inch *Poly' Bushings, low profile tires, Bilstein Sports and stiff springs on the street> 1) Forget about tunes 2) Date nights are out of the question 3) Kidneys will be shot after a week 4) Carry a 'pee bottle' 5) One positive..you won't be able to hear her complaints If you want a quick answer to your 'strut/radius rod washer placement question google > 2002faq strut/radius rod washer placement. Every answer to 2002 questions (including the Bav' control arm question) is easily googled.......................................
  9. you'll know within 15 minutes of fast driving and shifting on any kind of road short of fresh pavement that your dental work is going to vibrate out...literally
  10. Dr. Adams D.S. (Differential Specialist)
  11. Listen to Dr. Adams and Dr. Marty's Son. Source your side drafts, sort out your linkage and 'dizz' (consider a 123 Bluetooth...) *plus you can't come on here teasing us without posting pics...jeez louise'
  12. nice story...so true ski corps' are buying EVERYTHING. My favorite old school hill..Homewood on Tahoe's west shore...was recently bought up by an evil faceless conglomerate who's collecting ski resorts..... Then converting them into fancy shmancy uppity' better bring your American Express boutique resorts. They bring in lots of "J-1's"...usually people from South America...to fill out the work force. The local kids get shut out of precious ski resort jobs... The litter the mountains with expensive condo's...it's truly a crime against the whole soul of skiing. Sad...it used to be financially very reasonable for anyone including families to ski there. Tickets were CHEEP!!! I put cable chains on an 02 one time. That's it. Of course they made a bunch of noise and drove me crazy the 20 miles over Donner Summit lol. It was a stock car so there was plenty of room for chains but they still banged on the wheel wells the first day of this season I drove my tii to Sugar Bowl to ski. It's 3 miles away from home and the pavement was dry....awesome
  13. Very nice! Consider keeping the period correct Overrider bar. Fairly rare and a nice place to mount accesory lights If you really don't want it I'll buy it Also we're gonna need more pics of this beauty....
  14. terrible! my personal fav'> "Working Man" by Rush (Time Machine Tour: Live ... - YouTube Red Barchetta> Rush - Red Barchetta (Live (1980/Canada)) - YouTube
  15. AC! I've been gathering components for a year. I hope to make my car 'Desert Proof '
  16. I like the Koni's better than Bilsteins....better dampening curve.
  17. my uncle loves his 225's...but he's a body builder who can bench press 700 lbs and squat 900'
  18. slightly silvery' grey. google it you'll get more info > 2002faq stock rim color
  19. Sparkles? Nah...leave it Verona. To me Verona is one of those colors I wish I could have. Top 5 in my world
  20. they painted all the easy high spots and left all the tight areas rusty Are those bolt heads painted black on the subframe? I don't remember tie rods being black...🤷‍♂️ Fast Tricky is right it's rare color in decent condition. A real pretty car. They just half assed' more than a few areas
  21. Looks decent. Why did they not paint the full underside? Curious to what shocks those are? Monroe? PepBoys? Wondering if those axles were refurbished, rebuilt or just cleaned up and painted It all still looks to be the work of a 'flipper'..cutting corners after dropping so much $$ on the fancy seats/interior and nice paint job If you asked me what it is worth TODAY I'd say 30k tops
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