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  1. 'Scoob I gave you a 'like' because that took courage to admit that on an online forum read by millions of BMW owners around the world in 300 countries
  2. No steel wool? lol now you tell me. I believe it but after 3 decades plus and no rust yet. Everyone thinks California is so rust free...haha try living on the coast OR up here in snow country. Maybe LA or the friggen' desert is rust free. Nor Cal is a different story My E46 is literally "bleeding rust" from behind the trim But from now on I'm goin the acid wash and buffing wheel route..and it's amazing how many used tools are on Craigslist.
  3. really? where do you live? I def' need a buffing wheel do get down in those grooves..
  4. done it! I used a plastic bag doubled up and a fat rubber band to get home What a dealer! That's beyond good customer service and a heroic effort on their part
  5. those are so shiny your drag coefficient will go down 2 points! So you used a buffing wheel? I used the Mother's Mag' with my buffer with average results. The super fine steel wool actually worked better than my buffer!...
  6. OMG....lol This is clearly the work of Derelict Classics "mechanics"
  7. I'm about to do this same job. waiting for my new buffer. What polish did you use?
  8. You need to let some air outta' those shocks!!
  9. shiny! you could shave with thos rockers
  10. done deal. got 2 tii pedals. one used and another from Blunt'. I'm now officially in full on collecting spares mode
  11. try slightly rotating the distributor a few degrees..TDC isn't always where the green light says it is
  12. wait...so your saying you have a white one now with only a few more miles? post some pics of that one for our viewing pleasure
  13. That is c l e a n! That's gotta kill ya to sell that peach! My little brother had one in silver..drove it nearly 2 decades what are looking to get?
  14. Here to renew this thread and testify this seems to be the case. 10 minutes ago I just discovered some knucklehead put a stock 2002 pedal in my 73tii!!! It totally misses the pedal stop by at least an inch if not more I have a WTB ad up but if anyone reading this has an extra tii gas pedal I'll love you long time'....
  15. Just discovered some ediot put a stock 2002 gas pedal in my tii! Need a gas pedal asap text or call> (530) 401-4600
  16. If the 3 buyers in front of me mysteriously disappear ill I'll take it!
  17. Something about a white tii with alloy wheels....
  18. I'ts all about 500+ psi to me. I'll do anything to get that back. I supposedly had mine resprung' by H&R last fall (during service). He said I should have close to factory psi. I never questioned him (It sounded so good...)

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