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  1. I’d rather have my ‘02, but the lookie-loos and ne’er do wells can have the Rolls or that ‘48 Lincoln in the background.
  2. From the New York International Auto Show. No vintage display this year, alas, except for a nice M1
  3. Just put the new sticker on. Every time I do it makes me glad I’ve held onto that little green box. There’s nothing quite like 02s, 02ing, and, especially, 02ers.
  4. 88th between Columbus and Amsterdam
  5. That's it. When were you there?
  6. Next to the Hudson in the West '30s is this new(ish) place that appears to store or work on older foreign cars. Tonight I was biking up the West Side Highway and spotted two 02s on lifts in their space (which appears to be a tent). Didn't see anyone in there but I will go back and suss it out. This is yet another reminder that we really should have an 02 event here, or maybe somewhere in Brooklyn or Queens with a nice view of Manhattan. I'd be happy to help organize it if there's enough interest.
  7. Mike--are you thinking of freude em fahren? Translation is sheer driving pleasure.
  8. I was the creepy guy, naturally, though I refrained from checking out what may have been written on the front, lest she misinterpret my '02 geekiness for lechery.
  9. Last weekend, while biking on Governors Island, I stumbled on this cool little Volkswagen car show. We should do something like this for '02s in New York. Check out the license plate on the bus/pickup in the bottom photo. If that's not a sign....
  10. This is the '02 that was part of the famous, yet now dismantled, Spindle sculpture outside Chicago. They're selling it on ebay. It may need a bit of attention, though it comes with a free '67 VW Beetle!
  11. Spotted this '02 in the trailer for the New York Film Festival the other night. It's from a scene in the new Mike Mills picture 20th Century Women. The movie's set in 1979 so the car may just be a background player, but you never know.
  12. Here's a selection from yesterday's vintage gathering pre-Lime Rock. That red '55 could hurt someone, though it looks like they added a padded bra of sorts for that black '57. Of course, those rear fins could certainly do some damage. Nice mid '60s and '70s examples too. No '02s in the crowd, but there were a couple of nice coupes.