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  1. I wanted to use Hagerty. Their premium was low and the coverage was good, but they balked at the storage setup (I had to send them photos). There’s a locked gate and the car isn’t visible from the street, but their concern was that others in the building could have access to it.
  2. Thanks, Mike. Will try them.
  3. (I searched past threads about this topic, but none seemed to address my specific issue) Has anyone here been able to get classic/vintage agreed value comprehensive/collision coverage if your '02 is your only car, and it's not stored in a private, stand-alone garage? I've been unable to find an insurance company that doesn't require both that you own another (i.e. primary) vehicle, and that you have a separate, locked garage for your classic. It's frustrating because I live in New York (where I don't need a car) and my car lives in Los Angeles (long story) so even though it gets driven very little and is in a secured, albeit shared, parking garage (under an apartment building), companies like Hagerty and Chubb classify it as a daily driver if you don't own another car, and they don't consider a storage situation like mine to be sufficient. This is a desirable problem, as '02s are only increasing in value, but right now I'm only one accident or theft away from a total loss. Thanks
  4. What about doing the opposite, i.e. is there a way to get it to light up when you start the car? Everyone who rides in my car loves the old-schoolness of that thing.
  5. Really? What gave you that sense?
  6. Tom Cleave is also at Checkpoint. He and Jack Fahuna (aka JFPro/Probimmer) are both great.
  7. Classic cars and classic shows never get old!
  8. Additional options: A1 in San Rafael is great. Talk to J.P. https://a1autoworks.com/services/bmw-auto-repair-san-rafael-ca/ I've also heard good things about this place in Santa Clara: https://motorspeedwest.com/contact/ Both do a lot of '02 work
  9. What about that third, non-visible, rubber seal? Does that tend to need replacing, and does it attach to the panel as well?
  10. Good idea. Surprised it wasn’t on there already.
  11. George Segal plays an LA divorce lawyer trying to get his ex-wife back. Spoiler alert: she gets the house, but he keeps the ‘02. Not a bad deal! It’s on the TCM app til the end of the month.
  12. The Little Garage is now on Long Island, about an hour from town. The owner, Matthew Meng, is a great guy and has been working on ‘02s since 1974. http://www.littlegarage.com/index.php?ID=8
  13. Not sure but my car is in LA so that's less of an issue
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