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  1. 15X7 ET 25 is the perfect offset for a 15X7 wheel on a 2002, no modifications needed if a 195/50-15 tire is mated to the wheel. Read here for more info. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/142446-tires-and-wheelrims-fitment-guide/
  2. The wheels were in a Craigslist ad from months ago, I passed on the wheels, I'm trying to no longer be a wheel whore.
  3. Not mine, no affiliation, etc... 13X5.5 ET 18 steel wheels. Obviously the tires are dry rotted. https://baltimore.craigslist.org/pts/d/manchester-1977-bmw-original-wheels-and/7055261086.html
  4. Why go back to an original 400mm four spoke "bus drivers wheel" ? A E21 380mm sport wheel is a very desirable upgrade for your 2002. Try driving your 02 with the original wheel and then the E21 wheel and I'm confident you'll like the E21 wheel better. I have both a E21 380mm sport wheel and a Nardi Classic 390mm wheel that I alternate in my 74 tii. The wheel pictured is a factory 2002 sport wheel, it didn't come on US spec 02's but could be ordered through the dealer, part # 32331113738, sorry but it's NLA and if you find one, it won't be cheap. Notice that it's very similar to the E21 wheel in your 02. Look through this link to view some great steering wheel upgrades for your 02. There is some serious eye candy in this link. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/126575-steering-wheel-thread/
  5. I always thought that anthrazitgrau metallic was a 75-76 color, I've never seen a 74 02 in this color. I would imagine that there is only a handful of tii's in this color. Very cool!
  6. Welcome to square tail light tii ownership. If you have problems getting it started, send your injectors and injection pump to Jerry Fairchild http://www.fuelinjectioncenter.com/index.htm Quick turnaround and great pricing. There is lots of info in the FAQ pages on making an 02 roadworthy after a long term storage. I assume you've already found this page and soaked up the info.from someone who's been there, done that. http://www.my2002tii.com/ Here's my 74 tii, needless to say, Keith inspired me to do the diving board to Euro bumper conversion.
  7. +1 on keeping it Verona and ditch the idea of metallic red on your 02.
  8. The panels have been remanufactured if you care to go that route. http://www.coupeking.com/shop/product/2002-under-dash-panel-kit/
  9. IMHO, square tail light 02's look so much better with 13" factory alloy FPS or Mahle wheels compared to steel wheels. I would start searching for these wheels before spending money powder coating steel wheels. This advice coming from someone who has 15X7 ET25 alloy wheels on his 74 tii. You have to think of wheels as a fashion accessory for your car. The right wheels will make your 2002 stand out.
  10. I have a Bilstein B12 kit on back order since August for my E30. I was told when I ordered them that the expected arrival was last month. Now I'm thinking I'll be lucky to have them by this spring. I won't hold my breath that I'll receive them anytime soon....
  11. Not mine, no affiliation, etc... Bonus, it's in VA. I expect it's 149K instead of 49K as claimed. Look closely for rust. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2662378620471878/
  12. I like the look of your 02 with the side marker light/reflector delete but interesting that you didn't convert from diving board bumpers to Euro bumpers during the repaint.
  13. -Big brake upgrade, I've got all parts except for one E12 brake caliper. -Reupholster (cloth inserts) my E21 Recaro seats and back seats, thinking of a tan hounds tooth material, thanks David Kemether for the inspiration. -Finish Euro back bumper. I'm going from the current look to the bumper with no guards/license plate lights in the bumper. -Drive it to the Vintage P.S. Install a cardinal red leather interior in my 91 E30 sedan. I have all door cards, front seats and back seats with uber rare rear headrests.
  14. You can always delete your side marker reflectors/lights for a true Euro/ROW 02 look. US spec 02's are the only 02's with DOT mandated side marker lights/reflectors.
  15. Post in the Parts Wanted section of the FAQ Classifieds pages.

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