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  1. Here's what AJUSA.com told me when I had questions about new Bilstein nomenclature regarding Bilstein shocks. B8 performance plus shocks which was referred to as Sport. The B4 OE would be equivalent to Comfort. The B6 performance is equivalent to HD. I had a Bilstein B12 kit on order (B8 shocks, Eibach springs) for my BMW E30 in August 2019 from AJUSA. In March, this kit was still on back order with no end in sight when it would be delivered. I cancelled this order and reordered Koni sport shocks, H&R springs & sway bars from AJUSA. The suspension in my E30 was stock (with the exception of Bilstein HD shocks) and a total suspension upgrade was in order, 200K and 30 years of use, it was due. The Koni shocks and H&R components showed up on my doorstep a week later. In May, I had the new shocks, springs, sway bars, along with new sub-frame, rear shock tower mounts, diff, and sub-frame bushings installed. No poly bushings were used (except rear shock mounts) because it's not a track car. I'm very happy with Koni sports but it's hard to compare to Bilstein HD shocks due to the complete suspension upgrade. The new components make the E30 much more fun to drive in a spirited fashion then before. Sorry, no experience with Koni's in my 02. My tii has Bilstein sports, Eibach springs, ST sway bars, and poly bushings. I have nothing but good things to say about AJUSA https://www.ajusa.com/
  2. I have ST swaybars on my tii. If the ST springs have the same quality as the swaybars, you'll have no issues, quality stuff!
  3. I was on vacation in southern France a couple years ago and came across this 1 series 2 door hatchback that has a semi-resemblance to a M/Z3 coupe. Too bad BMW has not decided to sell the 1 series wagon in the US market but I guess that they want to stay in the high end market and don't want to take away Mini sales with the 1 series wagon. My rental car while there was a 1 series 118d turbo diesel 4 door 6 speed hatchback. Newer BMW's don't get me real excited but I really liked the 118d. Great car and it delivered awesome gas mileage. Pierre on this forum has a 96 E36 318ti that he did a S52 conversion complete with M/Z3 roadster rear subframe conversion. I hear it's a wild ride.
  4. I have two sets of Amil 4X100 15X7 wheels. The first pic is my recent score, 10 spoke wheels with an offset of ET25 that have been stripped and need to be refinished. The second pic is set of polished Amil 15X7 10 spoke wheels. Third pic is an Amil 15x7 10 spoke wheel painted black on a 2002. Not to sure what I'll do with these wheels yet. 4th pic is a set of Amil 15X7 ET26 6 spoke wheels. 5th pic shows the 6 spoke Amil wheels on my 91 E30 with 205/55-15 Kumho tires. 6th pic is a set of Amil 4X100 ET 26 basketweave wheels. 7th & 8 pic is an uber rare set of Amil 4X100 15x7 ET26 "Gamma" wheels. All the Amil 15X7 wheels have a big lip and the correct offset to run on a 2002 or E30. For those of you not familiar with Amil wheels, they are made in Belgium. Amil was an original OEM alloy wheel manufacturer for Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, and TVR. Unknown if they are still in business (or been bought out) or who the North America distributor was. I'm thinking they were sold in Europe and shipped via direct sale (or came on gray market cars) to the US. Several sets of Amil wheels that I've seen researching the internet have MSW center caps and owners are calling them MSW Amil wheels. Amil center caps are unobtanium and MSW center caps fit perfectly. Comments on the internet regarding Amil wheels are mainly from the VW MK1 4X100 and E30 crowd. I've never seen any ads for Amil wheels in automotive magazine's. Amil wheels are seldom seen and rarely come up for sale in the US/Canadian market. If anyone has any additional info (names of the wheels) on Amil wheels, please comment.
  5. This post needs to be in the FAQ parts for sale section in the classifieds.
  6. Not mine, no affiliation, etc.... E30 15" 4x100 style 5 wheels, they don't come up sale very often in the US market. Great offset to run on an 02, I would run 195/50-15 tires on an 02 instead of the size that is currently on the wheels. Basketweaves are seductively beautiful but they can be a bitch to clean. Marshall used to have a set of these on his 02. Do a FAQ forum search on Euroweaves to learn more. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1507705449412240/
  7. +1 on what Marshall said. Last August I ordered a Bilstein B12 kit for my E30. Delivery was supposed to be in NOV/DEC time frame. Come March, no Bilstein's and no date of when they'll be in stock. I cancelled my order with the vendor and went with Koni sports and H&R sport sport springs/swaybars from the same vendor. My new Koni shocks and H&R springs/swaybars showed up about two weeks later. Very happy with the Koni/H&R setup and will recommend them to anyone. Bilstein's are out of stock nationwide and on backorder. I've seen some posts that Bilstein's have been found in Europe and buyers have bought them and had them shipped from the other side of the pond.
  8. Tom, this E21, VIN 5420506 has the VIN on the side of the steering column. It was built in SEP 76 making it a very early US spec E21.
  9. For a firm that ships classic BMW parts internationally, WallothNesch https://www.wallothnesch.com/en/ I have nothing but good things to say about them.
  10. I'm 6'3" and a sunroof just lowers the headroom. My previous tii had a sunroof, my current one doesn't. Sometimes I miss it, but not always.
  11. Did early E21's have the VIN on the steering column or was it on the bottom corner of the dash? Same should apply to E12 since 75 was the first year that the E12 was sold in North America.
  12. The 02 and the vintage BMW community as a whole has been very good for me even before the FAQ was around. The E30 community saved my bacon about 12 years while I was deployed to the Persian Gulf area. The timing chain tensioner broke on my 91 E30 M42 motor while my girlfriend was driving it. The E30 only had 130K on it and the engine was good for a boat anchor after that. SF bay area E30 enthusiasts came to the rescue and helped her find a shop to get the car serviced. One person even offered up a replacement M42 from a wrecked 91 318is for a very reasonable price. This was all within 48 hours of the motor going south. I was 11 times zones away and I couldn't do anything to assist except put out a help on an E30 forum after she told me in an email something happened to the car. It's not only the 02 crowd but all vintage BMW owners who are willing to step up and help out. Lesson learned, if you have a M42 motor and have never changed the timing chain tensioner and have no records of it being done, do it. The upgrade is an M44 tensioner.
  13. Powder coated M10 valve cover for a carburetor 2002, not for a tii. It won't make your 02 any faster but you'll get lots of kudos at your local cars and coffee. 82-83 casting date. I'm thinking it's for a 80-83 M10 1.8L since the 77-79 2.0L E21 valve cover has an idle control valve mounting point.. Will fit any M10 motor except tii. If you have a 77-79 E21 2.0L, you'll have to find a place to mount your ICV. $125 plus shipping, paypal accepted.
  14. Not mine, no affiliation, etc... Ad says make an offer. This motor, gearbox, and diff is in the middle of nowhere. https://missoula.craigslist.org/pts/d/stevensville-1969-bmw-2002-motor-plus/7114547026.html
  15. I drove six hours round trip a couple of weeks ago to pick these wheels up. Amil 15x7 ET25 10 spoke with a big lip. Finding 15x7 wheels with a big lip and the correct offset to run on a 2002 or E30 isn't an everyday occurrence. Lots of 15" wheels out there but most have an offset for a FWD car. For those of you not familiar with Amil wheels, they are made in Belgium. Amil was an original OEM alloy wheel manufacturer for Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, and TVR. Unknown if they are still in business (or bought out) or who the US distributor was. 2nd pic is Amil 15X7 10 spoke wheels on a 2002. 3rd pic is of a set of 15X7 ET26 Amil six spoke wheels on my E30. Amil wheels rarely come up for sale in the US. They have MSW center caps because it fits these wheels perfectly. An Amil wheel center cap is unobtanium. 4th and 5th pic is of 15X7 ET25 Centra Type 11 wheel that are on my tii. Last pic is of a set of MSW 15x7 ET26 MSW basketweave wheels in my parts stash. I decided that I do like to change my shoes frequently. Unknown yet what I'm going to do with the my new set of wheels, they need to be refinished. I may paint the center part semi gloss black and polish the lip like the 2nd pic. Any thoughts on what to do with the Amil ten spoke wheels? Do I have a wheel problem?
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