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  1. My heater fan stop working last year so I pulled the heater box and took my fan to an old school auto electric shop in Baltimore that rebuilds alternators/starters. P&H rebuilt my fan, new bushings, and balanced the fan, all for $50 plus tax out the door. It works great and it is so much quieter than before. https://phautoelectric.com/
  2. I had Jerry Fairchild rebuild my pump 18 years ago and it was a three week turnaround. No issues since. Can't remember how much it cost to have it rebuilt back then but I do remember that Jerry was cheaper and had a much quicker turnaround than the other FI pump rebuilders. http://www.fuelinjectioncenter.com/index.htm
  3. All tii's sold in the UK came with a 140 MPH speedo.
  4. The 71-73 black cluster looks so much better than the faux-wood cluster 74-76 cluster. I put the 74-76 crosshair gauges in my 71-73 Euro spec cluster. First pic is a 71-73 cluster Euro spec 2002 cluster with a clock. 2nd pic is my US spec 71-73 cluster with crosshair gauges. Last pic is the Euro cluster after I transferred the crosshair gauges and swapped out the glass from the clock. You can see the differences between the US and Euro spec clusters in these pics (besides speedo).
  5. I have no issues with running these 15X7 ET 25 Amil wheels with 195/50-15 Yokohama Advan Fleva tires. My 74 tii has Bilstein sport shocks, Eibach springs, ST swaybars, and poly bushings. I had no issues when I was running Yoko S-Drives (same size tire) on my previous wheels, 15X7 ET25 Centra Type 11 wheels. I like wheels with a big lip.
  6. I hope that was a typo error since an 02 has a center bore of 57.1
  7. +1 on what Steve said regarding original 13" steel wheels. If you think your wheels are ugly, there's plenty of wheel eye candy in the FAQ wheel database that will motivate you to start searching the FAQ parts for classifieds, your local Craigslist and FB Marketplace for wheels for your 2002. Decent 13" tires are going the way of the dinosaur in the US market. Pirelli CN36 are available but they aren't cheap. One point to consider, lots of 4X100 wheels out there but most are for FWD cars with a high offset. Read this 2002 wheel/tire fitment guide before spending any money on tires/wheels if you decide to upgrade. I upgraded from 13" to 14" E30 wheels in 1984 and haven't looked back since. Now I'm running 15X7 ET25 wheels on my 74 tii, no regrets. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/142446-tires-and-wheelrims-fitment-guide/
  8. I have 15X7 ET25 wheels on my tii and my brakes are stock. Tii brakes are great in stock form. In my parts stash, I have the 02 vented brakes upgrade kit (1977 E21 vented rotors, E12 calipers, E21 hubs) Not ready to upgrade just yet but I'm ready if I decide to do it.
  9. Totally agree with Steve, importing a vintage BMW into any state but California should not be an issue. Here's my horror story of trying to register in 2009, a 1981 Euro spec E12 in California that had been imported into the US in the mid 80's. I would rather have hot pokers in my eyes than deal with the CA Air Resources Board (CARB) again. My story is 12 years old and I've heard that CARB has even gotten stricter on their requirements regarding registration of direct import vehicles. http://www.firstfives.org/carmonth/may2009.html
  10. FYI, new E30 steelies are less than $60 each. https://www.turnermotorsport.com/p-65388-36111178826-genuine-bmw-part/
  11. E21 15" wheels in my experience have an offset of ET 12. I had a a set of 15X6 E21 Alpina replica's on my tii. They didn't last long due to the offset and rubbing issues with 195/50-15 tires. I do admit the Alpina replica's looked awesome on my tii but the offset issues is why I sold them. Now I have 15x7 wheels on my tii with the proper offset (ET25) and no more issues. Recommend you spend some time in this thread and learn from those who have been there and done that. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/142446-tires-and-wheelrims-fitment-guide/
  12. Aftermarket LED lights are the worse for blinding oncoming drivers. Highly recommend Hella or Cibie E-code H4 lights. If you have a roundie, you'll need to install relays for the headlights. It's plug and play for square tail lights. This is a great deal. https://www.busdepot.com/0301600118
  13. I come from the school of always find the best body you can when it comes to an 02. Mechanical work is child's play compared to rust repair and body restoration. If you have welding skills and auto body experience, the tii is what you are looking for. I admit, the temptation of buying a tii for cheap is appealing but caveat emptor!
  14. Living in California in the late 90's, all 02's had to pass smog and the 25 year exemption rule was just coming into effect. Suddenly your 02 became a year or two earlier and you became smog exempt. The VIN swap wasn't done for a bad reason. You did what you had to do to pass smog. Just ask anyone in CA with a 76 2002, it's a bitch to pass the CA smog test if your 02 has a carb.
  15. Here's a great write up on wiring up Euro bumper lights. https://www.my2002tii.com/spring_2005/rearbumper.htm
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