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  1. Gordon

    Vintage Momo Motorsport Steering Wheel

    The hub pictured is for an E3/E9. A 2002 hub will have the "plunger" for the horn button. A hub is easy to swap out. Good looking wheel. GLWS.
  2. Gordon

    E30 Bottlecaps, set of 4

    A set of 4 Bottlecaps for $40. Typical fading and minor curb rash. Center caps included. Don't make me take these to the scrap metal yard.
  3. My former 70 (built 12/69) Euro spec E3 2800 had the original ZF 4-speed manual gearbox. I scored a getrag 265 5-speed but I could not convince myself to do the 5-speed conversion. My other 73 Bavaria, when the autotragic died, I did the 5-speed conversion and I never looked back. My former 2002 and tii all had 5-speed conversions. If I had an original unmolested early 1600/2002, I would probably keep the 4 speed. My 2800 was a time warp, it was unmolested so I decided to keep it that way. All my 02/tii's have been square tail light cars so I had no issue with doing 5-speed conversions in them. If there were two identical 02's side by side that were for sale and one of them had a 5-speed, I would buy the 5-speed. In my book, it's worth more.
  4. Gordon

    e21 Recaro bucket repair

    The E21 drivers seat in my tii is tweaked. I really don't notice it when I'm sitting in it but the pic definitely show that it's tweaked to one side. That will be next winters project while my tii is in hibernation.
  5. Gordon

    Installing a 5-speed dash decal?

    Only US spec 02 dashes (with a manual gearbox) had a gearshift pattern on the dash. For some reason, the federal govt thought we were stupid and needed a gear shift pattern to know where the gears were. Euro spec 02 dashboards did not have a gear shift pattern (or fasten seatbelt billboard on top of the dash). G-Man
  6. Gordon

    15x7 ET25 Intra wheels

    Not mine, no affiliation, etc... Perfect offset for a 2002 or E30. Never heard of Intra alloy wheels, had to do a Google search on them to learn more. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/306435593317539/ G-Man
  7. Gordon

    74 tii Rebuild Questions

    Why go with a 292 cam? A higher duration cam works best with a M10 motor with carbs (if you no longer have your Kugelfischer FI system) and as Mark said above, it will not work well with a Kugelfischer FI system. If you have your Kugelfischer system, best upgrade is to go with higher compression pistons (9.5:1) to bring it up to Euro tii specs. A US spec tii with E12 head has 9.0:1 comp ratio. Also recommend you send your FI pump and injectors to Jerry Fairchild for rebuild http://www.fuelinjectioncenter.com/ For more info, check out this page http://www.bimmers.com/02/upgrades/engine.html#fuel_injection G-Man
  8. If a truck or SUV rear ends your 02, you won't have to worry about your bumper. The truck or SUV bumper will clear your 02 bumper and impact the rear panel. 25 years ago, my stock former 74 2002 with diving boards was rear ended on a So Cal freeway by a Chevy S10 pickup and the rear panel took most of the impact. The damage was so severe, the 02 was totaled by the insurance company. There are a lot more pickups and SUVs on the roads now than there were 25 years ago so 02 bumpers won't be of much help if you are rear ended.
  9. Gordon

    76 2002

    Not mine, no affiliation. etc... Obviously a repaint, guessing that the original color was Sienna Braun. https://richmond.craigslist.org/cto/d/tappahannock-bmw/6816221399.html G-Man
  10. Great score for Nbristow01. I scored a crack free one piece Euro spec 02 dash at an automotive flea market in Ludwigshafen Germany in 2004 for 120 Euros. I mailed it back and carefully cut a hole in the dash for the tii clock before installing it in my tii. I love the look of the no fasten seat belt billboard on top of the dash.
  11. Gordon

    WTB: Under Dash Panels

    CoupeKing shop in Los Angeles has remanufactured them. http://www.coupeking.com/shop/product/2002-under-dash-panel-kit/ G-Man
  12. NM/NA, etc.. While we are on the subject of 4x98 wheels, the below linked CL ad wheels would look so awesome on a 2002 but so close yet so far... pass this on to your vintage Alfa friends https://allentown.craigslist.org/pts/d/nazareth-alfa-romeo-wheels/6809138713.html G-Man
  13. Gordon

    WTT 390mm Nardi Classic for 370-380mm Momo

    Momo Monte Carlo wheel, comes in two sizes 320mm or 350mm which is smaller than what I'm looking for so I'll pass. The hub on your wheel is for an E3/E9, E12, E21, early E24 and early E23. On 1600/2002, the spring loaded horn contact plunger is on the back of the steering wheel and the contact ring is on the steering wheel column. An E3/E9, E12, E21, etc...is opposite, the plunger is on the column and the contact ring is on the backside of the steering wheel.
  14. Gordon

    32K for a non tii 74 2002

    Not mine, no affiliation, etc... Wow, I'm speechless but hopefully the seller has lots of receipts to verify the claimed 42K original miles. https://nh.craigslist.org/cto/d/southington-award-winning-1974-bmw-2002/6822194791.html G-Man