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  1. This article explains why you have a E21 wheel in your tii. http://www.bayarea02.com/2000/05/01/get-off-the-bus-upgrade-your-02s-steering-wheel/ I alternate between a Nardi 390mm black spoke leather wrapped wheel and a E21 380mm three spoke sport wheel (pik-a-part yard find) in my 74 tii. No regrets except I'm still in the hunt for a vintage 380mm Momo Prototipo or Alpina wheel. This thread of steering wheel eye candy will give you some more ideas to spend your money. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/126575-steering-wheel-thread/#comments
  2. I was at Sembach Air Base near Kaiserslautern from FEB 79 - AUG 82 (but worked at Hahn often). Been back several times, worked in Berlin for seven weeks in 1989, left two months before the wall came down. I worked as a contractor for six months at Ramstein Air Base in 2004 and was deployed as a Reservist to Stuttgart for four months in 2008 (after I spent six months in Qatar, I was asked to stay on active duty and deploy to Stuttgart, twist my arm.). I agree, fell in love with German engineering.and I haven't looked back either. I have a owned a 2002 consecutively for 38 years. bought my first one in 1981. Here is some of the rough duty I experienced in Stuttgart. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/71274-im-off-to-the-nurburgring-historics/
  3. With ET 20 wheels, you are putting a square peg into a round hole. I would vote on keep looking for a set of 15" wheels with the proper offset. I had a set of 15x6 ET12 wheels on my former tii, they lasted about six months before I had a set of wheels with the proper fit (Rota RB ET25). Just my .02 cents worth.
  4. Being in the Air Force stationed in Germany as a young airman in the early 80's got me hooked on 2002's. I knew very little about BMWs but in 1981, I bought a 75 Euro spec Sahara 1802. I drove that 1802 to many countries in Europe and owning that 02 is all it took to get me addicted. I brought back from Germany a 74 2002 (very rusty, totaled by a red light runner in 1994) and have owned square tail light 02's ever since. I wanted my current Sahara tii to look like the first 02 (except 13" wheels) that I owned. The Euro bumper conv was done and side marker lights/reflectors deleted. Being in the AF gave me many trips back to Germany over the years to gather 02/E30 parts in my spare time, i.e. Euro spec crack free one piece dash, red tip antenna, Italian turn signals (sold), instrument clusters, etc...
  5. Score! Granada is an awesome color. Here's my former 70 Granada E3 2800.
  6. No one is mentioning it, but I'll take a E3 over a E9, sorry but I already have a tii. I have had three E3's, a 70 Euro spec 2800 4 speed, and two 73 Bavaria's that were converted from auto tragic to manual gearbox. At least with a E3, you don't have to worry about it rusting if you drive it in the rain like you do with a E9 coupe. G-Man
  7. In the past few years, the selection of available tires in 195/60-14 has significantly decreased. I'm partial to Yoko S Drives but Yokohama has stopped making S Drives in 195/50-15 so I'll soon be looking for an alternative tire next spring. I'm currently running this Yoko tire size on a 15X7 ET25 Centra type 11 wheel. Before you spend any money on tires and wheels, spend some time in this thread from those of us who have been there, done that in regards to tire/wheel upgrades. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/forums/topic/142446-tires-and-wheelrims-fitment-guide/
  8. M42, the M10 to M42 conv has been well documented in the FAQ. Read this thread to learn more about some HP upgrades to the motor. Do you really need outrageous power in a very lightweight car??? https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/project-cars/1991-bmw-318is/project-bmw-318is-engine-teardown/
  9. I live in MD and I use Castrol 20-50 but the 02 is garaged and not driven in the winter when their is salt on the roads. It is not a daily driver but more of a weekend fun car and occasionally drive it work car on nice days. No issues with 20-50 but have been considering 10-40. Recommend you don't drive your 02 in the winter in MD, road salt and 02's don't mix well. Find your self a cheap winter beater car and park your 02 over the winter. The peanut gallery will second me on this issue. G-Man
  10. I heard back from the event organizers and they cancelled the Oktoberfest car show for 2019. Hi Gordon, Unfortunately we weren’t able to get enough commitments to hold the car show. Thank you for being willing to come, but we had to cancel the car show this year.
  11. John, Now you need to convert from diving boards to Euro bumpers to complete the Euro 02 look. 😀 Your pics show how much Italian 02 turn signals blends in with light colors. That's why I went with amber Euro 02 turn signals in my 02. Different strokes for different folks.
  12. Anyone have any additional info regarding the German car show at the Vienna Oktoberfest on Sat 5 OCT? The only response I'm getting from the organizers is to ask me a few weeks ago "Are you with a car club or just an individual with your own car." I replied that I'm an individual with my own car and they told me the following If you can get a group of at least 5 club members together that will commit to coming, and act as the point of contact, we’d be happy to have you. Since I only moved to the local area last year and I'm not in the BMW CCA, can I tag along with my tii with anyone going to this event? It sounds to me that the event organizers are biased toward club members but that's my opinion. https://www.viennaoktoberfest.org/ G-Man
  13. FYI on the Classic Velocity article.https://www.classicvelocity.com/1976-bmw-2002/2019/9/29/turn-signal-economic In 2004, I scored a set of NOS Italian 02 turn signals for about 120 Euros at an automotive flea market in Ludwigshafen Germany. I also scored a set of used regular Euro 02 turn signals in very good condition for cheap (40 Euros if I recall). Fast forward to 2010, the restoration on my tii is complete and the Italian 02 turn signals look out of place on my Sahara tii. I installed the regular Euro 02 turn signals and it looked so much better. IMHO, Italian 02 turn signals look much better on a dark color 02, they look out of place on a light color car like Sahara, Chamonix, etc.... I posted an ad on the FAQ and sold them in less than a day for $300. I'm sure they are now worth more than double that now. Here's a pic of them, no regrets selling them.
  14. I run 55/100w bulbs in my Cibie lights. No separate relay for my Cibie's. I've read that square tail light 02's have upgraded headlight wiring compared to roundies. I've been running 55/100w bulbs in my 74 tii and previous 74 02 for years with no issues. Spend some time in this article to learn more about installing relay's for your high beams. https://www.bmw2002faq.com/articles.html/technical-articles/electrical-and-ignition/headlight-and-fogdriving-light-wiring-upgrades-r340/
  15. Gordon


    What was the original color?
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