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  1. iinca

    Air conditioner compressor bracket

    that's a nice ass AC bracket right there
  2. iinca

    Nothing like a fresh wash and wax!

    that's an equally as nice shade of 'mint'
  3. iinca

    Nothing like a fresh wash and wax!

    whatever color it is it's pretty damn nice! 2002's look good in green for some reason.....💚
  4. iinca

    1600 pulley work on 2002 engine?

    that's pretty funny...I'd toss it for a later model pulley without a spider
  5. iinca

    1973 BMW 2002 Tii - sold for $60K

    In a heartbeat. My 73 clicks ALL the boxes. ie I don't have a late model interior etc. I've got 32 into it and I'm sure for 60 large I could find a more original tii than that painted pony... I like that car...... but things like that late model steering wheel in a roundie tii chaps my hide'
  6. iinca

    WTB: 2002 or 2002 Tii

    Sniped!! Next time that "car for sale" suggestion should come as a PM... It's like the Parts for Sale section or anything for sale here on the FAQ> Moves so fast you can't blink
  7. iinca

    2002 sighting on Craigslist

    Could that be Agave? I had a 72' Agave' that was badly faded and it looked alot like that
  8. iinca

    74 Tii exhaust

    Chasmrider your stock exhaust should have a long center 'resonator' along with the rear muffler. That's what you want with a stock tii motor Use BMW copper nuts for the manifold and downpipe to manifold connection...
  9. iinca

    74 Tii exhaust

    Step 1: Remove Header Step 2: Sell Header here in the For Sale section (probably sell within an hour if it's nice) Step 3: Attain a stock tii manifold in the For Sale section..(they go for 100 to 200 bux....always look for cracks) Step 4: Install tii header mating it to a stock exhaust
  10. iinca

    Tii engine $595 (not mine)

    ^ great story. I wish I could go back to the future and find my 'ol tii from '78
  11. iinca

    WTB: 2002 or 2002 Tii

    Didn't find an 02 in Philip Pines? I like that iinca colored car over the square tail
  12. iinca

    Modern battery in a tii

    cool!. easy access to the fuel filter too..
  13. You should be amazed. Whoever bought it must have been really high' on champagne and caviar' . Nice car for sure but jezus krist it wasn't worth that much
  14. iinca

    25 years of bmw parts

    need a drivers' side rear window chrome latch for a 73