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  1. once I find an original chrome tip I'll make a mini bong outta this tip
  2. Only chrome latches! I have them but they're dried out and cracked + a ton of over spray lol whoever painted this car had to be high'...really high
  3. Polished up the new used rear window latches
  4. Super nice set of caps from Mintgrun and new lugs.
  5. Everywhere I check it's saying NLA...Maybe a later model tip will work? Here's a pic of the one I got from Roger's..No set screw. Press on (or should I say 'beat on with a large rubber mallet)
  6. what kind of motor is that in the Baja? Is it as loud as it looks?
  7. Thanks.. I was wrong. It's not a Blunt part. I got that tip from Roger's tii. You can find it in his online catalog pretty easy. He's having an internet security problem right now so I'm not able to post the link He's close to me and stuff gets here pretty quick. I get service items and such from him too..filters etc. The orders can get here overnight or 2 days without paying over night costs It's supposedly chrome but it's really not that 'chromy lol. I'd call it shiny stainless steel. It does look better than raw steel. Some day I'll find a true OE chrome tip OR in the meantime.. Maybe I should just google 'chrome exhaust tips' and see if I can find a real nice chrome tip from Asia
  8. Time to polish more stuff *Tore my bumpers apart and polished them. *Blasted the front and rear mounts... and 'Por 15 them in gloss black ( for easy cleaning and I like gloss for a daily driver). Then added new front bumper mount gaskets. Curiously the PO' decided they might look good in Malaga........ *Next polished the grills pretty good and added an expensive high end grill badge *'fabbed up a front license plate mount from some 'stock I had layin around. Por 15' that too *Last I added a chrome tail pipe tip from Blunt
  9. Finally my new mats from Coco Mats. com showed up Tan Sisel Mats. They're a much tighter weave than Coco.. I'm a big fan of Coco Mats but I think these are pretty classy Light Beige apparently. The pic in their catalog looked alot darker. It's quite a contrast... There's no going back as these are fairly pricey + I got all 4. I've been known to get only the fronts and use whatever in the back for filthy passengers
  10. this is a pretty good deal! i like those fancy diy trunk sides too
  11. Some butt head' stole my entire console last spring...I've found most of the parts so far. Just need the green fog light button text or call (530) 401-4600 or PM... Thanks

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