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  1. ti wheel is my favorite over any wheel. the fake leather feels soooo good Car sold to Kaiser Kars. Who the heck is Kaiser Kars...are they going flip it ? lol...doh I freekin' hate flippers
  2. So were talking either a tii or an E9 right? OK if both cars were brand spanking new..... I would have to go with the tii. I've driven a nearly brand new tii with 3500 miles...and I've never forgotten how nice that car drove. I've never driven an E9 of any kind...so i can't comment there. Driving that tii was like> I wanted to stop real life and drive it FOREVER. I was fortunate to drive it for a precious 15 minutes during a test drive. I should have given him the 5400 bux but I did not have 5400 dollars lol. I admit I answered the ad just to drive a tii. I was SUPER careful and double clutched even the high gears I still can't believe the owner let me and my girlfriend take it out ALONE... (being 16 and 17 at the time and looking like Johnny Winter and some groupie smelling of Cannabis and Colt 45).
  3. To be honest I treasure my Pete's rebuilt 245. It's THE nicest gearbox I've ever had in an 02.
  4. would you take 250? I'm a little low on cash right now as PGE keeps draining my bank account
  5. that link won't let me view the pics unless I disable my ad blocker why not post some pics IN the thread?
  6. you can't "part out" a 2002 (let alone a tii) that looks like that. your gonna get roughed up posting this..and please for the love of all 02's put a tarp over that back window why not sell it as is?
  7. Pete's Gearshop - Manual Transmission & Differential ... Mike Pelly sold me the rebuilt 245 he had them rebuild . It had 0 miles when I got it.... So far so good with 150 miles.
  8. So your literally driving a 2000 lb. Go Kart at 111 mph..sounds crazy fun. Every time your wheel kicked back I felt like we were all going for the big spin (or roll) lsd is not good enough? Have you ever thought about mounting the go pro on the bumper? Marshall's bumper cam racing videos are close to epic by the way that was one of the best edited racing videos. The quality is excellent and the comments were spontaneous and funny. Can I ask which Go Pro and setting?
  9. those are just running lights...not the high beams.
  10. I see the wheel 'kicking' back a few times...seems like at those cornering speeds a steering damper might be nice?
  11. first off what in the hell is a ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiinger? lol and second why would you cut the roof off an 02 shell? (unless your high as fuk)
  12. that was fun riding along. who's blue 02 is that? he looks quick
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