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  1. I've already got the latches from you I sent you a pic of the 'cardboard' under dash piece AND yes I'd love an under the steering column padded piece
  2. how's the hunt for my under dash piece?
  3. is that a welcome mat on the passengers' side?..prayer mat?
  4. no we don't lol. I do hate this thread though 'cause it's the same ol song and dance. it's an open forum and nobody here is blackballed for modifying their 02
  5. like that alot. will help when someone quotes a post with 500 pictures
  6. Growing up in my village nobody had a car let alone a 'cart and horse'... The real world blew my mind: Borat walks in Amsterdam
  7. Stand in line in sweltering humidity at Disney
  8. i'm all good now...even getting updates!!
  9. chrome lipped rims look ridiculous on 02's
  10. i'm all about V Rated but sometimes I wish my daily was cruising on some cushy S rated' with an 80' sidewall...
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