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  1. iinca

    Many New and Used Parts - Selling All Together

    Damn. Deal of the Year! Well done Boston'
  2. iinca

    For Sale -- Restored 1973 2002 w/ Sunroof

    pardon my french but this 'restoration' looks typical of a flippers' Polished Turd. The only reason I clicked on the ad was 'cause of the words 'beautifully restored..omg
  3. Anna has been in hibernation down in town since Thanksgiving. There's no place for her up at Donner Summit as were getting pummeled by several feet of snow every week...3 or 4 feet on the way this week. I have a 1 car garage and that's where the xi goes Meanwhile I've got the whole front of the motor and cooling system disassembled...plus the fuel injection apart for a FULL refresh by both Fairchild and H&R (Marty is rebuilding/shimming my leaky injectors)... and meanwhile I'm doing my AC "project" parts and interior assembly' on the living room floor. My 'other' "departed" to a better place a few years ago leaving me to absolutely abuse the entire house with 2002 parts and assembly. She's looking down on me probably saying OMG lol as I watch football and play with my 2002 toys at the same time. It's all in prep for my dream drive next summer..I'll be trying to recreate my 1981 semi epic surf trip down 1 through Big Sur all the way to Cabo San Lucas..
  4. iinca

    72 2002Tii on Hemmings

    decent price if it runs as good as it looks! I'd still want more pics..and a video would be nice
  5. I'll have my uncle swing by with some fresh Ahi later today... Haiku! Cars can literally rust away in days up there it rains so much lol Someone on this forum sells BMW...Bob Marley and the Wailers stickers....
  6. Nice car and welcome back to the club'... 5 bux says your on the West Side...maybe in Lahaina....There's a 'built in' Greatful Dead fan club on that side. Back when I hung out there It was all surfers and dead heads. In 95 I was living in Mahinahina (upper west side) That summer Jerry died and during that day if you stepped outside all you could hear was the 'Dead playing. The local radio station played Dead songs for hours and hours as well...KAOI Radio
  7. iinca

    73 2002 on Craigs

    looks medium to well done to me
  8. after seeing just those pics I'm scared for you. too bad it's a 'rat'... look at those rusty swiss cheese rockers painted white!.. who paints those white? chiselin' cheep ass, corner cuttin', rust hiding, car flippin', no conscience bastards that's who. Shame though...cause' I love that green!
  9. nice car. can she remember the dealers name?
  10. iinca

    Happy Birthday ray_ !

    He also gets monthly royalty checks from our company marketing his shakes/recipes online all over the world. Last year (the first year) he made high 6 figures'
  11. iinca

    NM/NA - 5 Cromodora 6x13 wheels

    damn your smooth
  12. iinca

    This car has to be a must-buy :-)

    seller forgot to mention is was recently restored by Select Classics
  13. iinca

    Ludwig is 46 today

    Congrats! Fresh oil for a birthday present?