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  1. I run MAP on my 73 tii 123> 29 kP/10 65kP/10 *The vacuum line plugs into the throttle body before the butterfly easy peasy... mechanical map> 500/0.0 1000/10.0 1500/18.0 2500/24.0 4000/30.0 8000/30.0 I'm at 6000 ft. The vacuum helps with the elevation. I have no idea how it runs at sea level ie Orange County *Ive just started driving the car with this map so it's just my starting point
  2. Give me an address..I'll send you mine...................................
  3. I have one somebody can take for free....in similar condition. I don't plan to ever put a used windshield in my tii
  4. I would treat every new set by removing ANYTHING weird and painting the hub.. primer and then with Por 15
  5. you forgot the clueless..the ones that really want a car despite the flaws.. and the collector who bids to win every time and usually does
  6. I went with a 5 series pump. I lost a few lbs. of fuel pressure when I did put a filter in between. I tossed the filter and it ran way better.. There isnt an actual filter there stock.....its just a screen. A screen is alot less restrictive than a paper filter The key is to keep the tank CLEAN and have faith in the front filter and kugel inlet screen
  7. those factory dampening panels are actually very effective! Hopefully you can save as much as that as possible. Do what you can to kill that surface rust then go to town with sound deadening and vibration kill'. but Remember that sticky mat stuff is heavy! Especially if you do EVERY surface. I was that person once. Then I realized I just put that 50 lb. box of sticky mat in my car..thus making it 50lbs. heavier...Scary! Nowadays I'm conservative with the sticky mat but liberal with the sticky foam mat. Foam that does a great job along with sticky mat 'strips' of killing both sound and vibration. When I say strips I mean using significantly less sticky mat. Like 30 percent of what I use to cram on there. I will use a ton of 1/4", 1/2" and 1" "Dyna Foam" though....and that won't add much weight at all The places make the biggest difference> Door seals (wind noise) and isolating the motor and drive train. Those factory panels will go a long way in isolating the motor and drive train I'm actually obsessed with having a quiet car. I'm so sensitive...................................................
  8. Decimate' means 1 in 10.......did you make that up Toby lol or did I just learn something new? Covid...not scared whatsoever... You wanna get rid of it? 1 drop of 'Coated Silver' per day kills it DEAD.... (Cymbiotika is the company)
  9. I just went through the pump timing deal last week. With Paul's help I also pulled the valve cover for the oil bar mark + the distributor cap and made sure the rotor was pointing at #1 It was amazing how EVERYTHING lined up ps that rat's nest of a belt is scary
  10. for 72 big ones I'd expect a nicer wiper bottle for gods sakes geez... For $72 grand I hear you can buy a mansion in Georgia these days..or a golf course in North Dakota...or a ranch in Arizona
  11. I need a strut bearing cap too. mine are black... also a tii AC pulley and lower pad on the steering column for my 73...dogs musta' chewed it up..it's bad!
  12. I got my set from him...510 psi....I installed them with my freshly rebuilt pump, cold start' and linkage... it feels like I have an extra 25 ponies!..the car will scratch the tires in 3rd (sic)..... and the engine starts INSTANTLY..cold or warm at $175 per injector after core charge refund it's a pretty damn good deal... compared to not finding that kind of PSI anywhere on the planet. I used to only dream about having factory psi injectors I've never felt this 'astute' in my life tbh'....
  13. how much for the 2000CS? Is that Malaga or faded something else?
  14. of course I was being sarcastic about the Bottle Caps...it's not that hard to replace those.. the other things mentioned are OBVIOUS. not like i'm being picky but it is a tii and they have a pretty high ceiling value wise. It doesn't take much to screw that up. Hacking a hole in the roof qualifies as a major flaw....a new nose is pretty significant. holes in the doors that's not cheap to fix... there are a few "experts" on BAT but they all seem to wait for Delia or Lytle or Les to comment so it usually ends up being a pretty fair assessment of each car
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