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  1. That's why I bought it. How often does one get the chance to buy a nearly brand new BMW from another era? These kinds of low mileage finds go for considerably more $$ than bluebook.. One potential buyer says to me "but its a gutless 323is". I said to him yup...but... I can fix that in 3 hours
  2. In a petty attempt to annoy the scoundrel I just text Mr Scammer to send Euros not Russian $$ *I managed to avoid the marriage scam by making sure my living room and kitchen have always been BMW parts storage
  3. ok that link was an edit link...doh here's the missing link': sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/pts/d/daly-city-bmw-time-capsule/6935314209.html Yes the 323is is considered the red headed step child of the E36 world. The main reason? BMW choked the living daylights' out of the intake and exaust to pull down power #s...and that was to help sell the 328is. Stock 323is is 168...328is is 192. 328is is much quicker. BUT The E36 fanatics found out real fast you could make the 323is almost if not quicker by un doing BMW's marketing' mess...ie shitcan' that skinny ass exaust and pigmy like intake manifold. Locally I found an M50 intake for 80...and a 328is exaust (with cats) for 275...This will ad a Dyno proven 30+ horsepower!...with BMW parts! Is that not chump change per hp'? If this doesn't sell I'll do exactly that to the car and make it another fun beemer Shame 'cause that would pop it's cherry on originality..but why not
  4. This car is my other baby. My iphone 6 pics don't do it justice. In person it's a brand new looking bmw. A car that was seriously coddled by a career Navy Sub Captain who's garage is cleaner than my doctor's office. Cool old skool guy (guessing 85) and a long time BMWCCA member..... and still has 3 other BMW's + his original wife who seems to onboard with bmw's as well
  5. Is it made outta East African Monkey wood? Seems like I could make one for quite a bit less... then add a 20 dollar boot from Blunt'
  6. how much for the cool shift surround? Come with the boot?
  7. I text him back and said go ahead and paypal the $$. When the funds clear and i transfer that into my bank account then I'll release the car to your shipper. 3 hours later and no response
  8. North Nigeria most likely...that's closer to Minnesota
  9. You betcha'..I forgot about my cousin Sven in St. Paul
  10. Today I listed my 323is on SF Craigslist...which is a great place to sell BMW's.. An hour later I got this text offering to pay the asking price of $8300> " I do strictly cash deals but presently I'm on an assignment in Minnesota and that is why I am offering to pay you via PAYPAL. I have been using PAYPAL to buy and sell for years...and I have never for once had any problems whatsoever. " I also have a 90% customer rating with PAYPAL and I'll send you full payment as soon as you provide me with you PAYPAL email address.... Thanks Jordan 90% paypal rating? Shouldn't you have a 100% rating? Maybe he meant EBAY... Gotta be scam...lol...on assignment in Minnesota...Nobody is on assignment in Minnesota... He's eagerly waiting for my response as I text' him I was in a meeting and would get back to him...
  11. To be honest all the colors look good these days of 2002 resurgence.. BUT Sadly I'm still traumatized by anything resembling Root Beer.. Circa 98'. my root beer tii. Hated it then too but 8k for a decent tii... I wasn't gonna nit pick over color 2nd pic: Late model snow load test same year
  12. +1 nobody has a cheaper Malaga paint job than my Anna' lol. I call it a 50 footer' Sure I'd love to have that perfect Colorado....or Florida car...alas it's not to be. At least in the near future. There' is one color I won't tolerate> Cinnabraun (or whatever). Can't stand it.
  13. One might spend the entire summer looking for a Mintgrun car......finally finding one and it turns out to be a 'ratty' car. embrace other colors...I've got a list of 10 I could live with.
  14. If a FAQ member buys it I'll surely cut them a deal + I'll write them a Bill of Sale for considerably less to save on DMV taxes. Like ALOT less. I'm not scared when it comes to older cars.

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