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  1. My car is finally SOLD and now I have a few parts left over. My office floor is now void of parts. After many years doubling as a 2002 parts storage space it's great to see the actual floor again! *Original tii exaust heat shield, clean no rust>.. $150 SOLD! *OE working green fog light button (try finding one of these)..> $100 SOLD! *APSX Wideband kit (nib)>.. $50 (mounts on the dash in seat belt warning module) SOLD! *New barely used Bluntech Coil> $25 *tii linkage (short section) made by Paul Winterton. new never used> $20 SOLD!
  2. When I installed mine I got the green light to light up and it wouldn't start. A quick search told me to rotate the distributor slightly. Fired right
  3. I've looked at that pic for years and thought damn...Tochi looks alot like Jackson Browne...
  4. Maybe call the clever french guy at 123? He might be awake..
  5. "Incredibly Sahara"...one of my favorite 02 colors I like the Chocolate Brown idea. Like an early Porsche 911 brown... Same color group would be make sense Whip up some combos' on the computer...(somebody)
  6. I'm excited to possibly sell it to a FAQ member. I have a Craigslist ad up in Sac/SF too. I've gotten a ton of legit calls I've put on hold while Steve gets organized. The list is up to 13 very interested parties. In fact my phone is buzzing this very moment with an SF area code 415 number...
  7. I spent a whole day my first attempt at a door seal. I finally found a plastic trim tool kit off Amazon that would help with the 'channel'part and not hurt the rubber. It was slow going about a 1/3" at a time! A lot of a naughty words came out of my mouth as I struggled with the drivers' side lol. I tried all the fancy 3M glues but the seals kept peeling off in the tight sections. The clear silicone saved me. Its a for 'life' type of glue... but it did take longer to dry...I bought the C Clamps to handle that job. The results were close to perfect I love Chamonix! It's so classic. We're not talking about the early creamy Cham' but the one that looks like BMW Alpine White. It hides dust, dirt and most importantly the POLLEN....which is curse up here in the pines. Pic is forum member Lebowski's car. He's the unofficial OG Trim Ring Mafia leader. Check out his rack. Nice rack eh lol? Slots and Rings is not everyone's cup of tea but to me it's the look I wanted....classy. Another fact is that if you ding up a late model Slotted rim they are EASY to replace.
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