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Newbie and a 1971 2002 Project


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Hi all,
I just bought a 1971 BMW 2002 project car and am “glad to be back” (after owning a 1976 ’02 back in the 1990s). This new adventure will be a Father-Daughter project, and we’re very thankful for this community as we learn… well, everything. I purchased the car in Northeast Ohio from a seller who had stored it for five years after rescuing it from the crusher. He had been told that the engine had run a few years before; that’s all I know of the car’s history. Many thanks to the unknown people who got it this far, in rust-filled Ohio.




From info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com:
   The BMW 2002 US VIN 2571026 was manufactured on February 19th, 1971 and
   delivered on February 24th, 1971 to the BMW importer Hoffman Motors Corp. in
   New York City. The original colour was Malaga, paint code 021.


Any observations or insights are greatly appreciated. The car will remain untouched for the next month as we continue our research and work on our garage; then the plan is to take the body down to the shell and see what we have. If you’re in the Cincinnati area and willing to give us your observations and advice in person, a gift card to Skyline Chili or Greater’s Ice Cream awaits.


We’ll be at Mike Self’s “50 Years of ’02” presentation tomorrow in Noblesville, Indiana, where my daughter will finally get to see an intact ’02 in person. In May, we’ll check out The Vintage in North Carolina to take inspirational photos. We may not know what we’re doing yet, but whatever we do will be well-documented!




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Took a look at more of Eric's pictures today at the Hoosier CCA  Chapter gathering and it's an interesting anomaly.  It carries a 257xxxx VIN (albeit an early one, 1023) but has none of the "modell 71" changes.  It has short rear bumper ends and no rubber trim, no knee-level side moldings (and no evidence of filled in holes either), has silver dollar instruments, a six fuse box and the old style 4 way flasher switch.  Supposedly the factory began all the modell 71 changes with the beginning of the 257xxxx VIN run.  Apparently not, as Eric's car is the 1023nd built and has none of the later features.  Looks as if once again the factory was using up the old parts before starting to install the later ones. 


Anyone else on the board have a similar car--a 257xxxx VIN with some or all of the early features?  This all goes towards documentation for future owners.






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14 hours ago, mike said:

"Anyone else on the board have a similar car--a 257xxxx VIN with some or all of the early features?  This all goes towards documentation for future owners."   Sorry still learning how to just this message board...meant to quote this in the post below.




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16 hours ago, Dionk said:

I just bought Vin number 2570065....Believe it was originally Colorado orange....


There's no need to "believe": you can know for certain.  Send an email to BMW Archives (info.grouparchiv@bmwgroup.com) with your car's VIN and request their data for your car.  No charge.  You often get a response within 24 hours.  You'll also get the precise manufacturing date.






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21 minutes ago, laundromatt said:

Interesting that you all have '71s (as I do), but my VIN is not in the same range.  Mine starts with 167xxxx...  


And that was a portion of Mike S.'s point above.  In April(?) '71, there was a very visible, but mostly cosmetic, change in '02's: knee mouldings appeared, long-tailed rear bumpers appeared, rear reflectors appeared, etc. (a.k.a., modell 71).  Some of us -- Mike S. above and certainly I -- thought that the shift from 167XXXX VIN's to 257XXXX VIN's was timed to coincide with this change.  But the two 257XXXX numbers above appear to prove otherwise, both from a trim level (which, I suppose, could have been altered by prior owners) and from a date standpoint.


So...what's the manufacturing date for your 167XXXX car?  Have you requested Archives' data yet, as illustrated above in  Dionk's last post?






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Here are a few more pics of mine (gauges, rear/side, pedal box, stereo/speaker, rear sub-frame, left rear rocker)


Trim has been removed and the previous owner rattle can sprayed it red. Sigh. 


I have been looking at pics of 71's on google image search and did note some of the differences Conserv mentioned.  Something else I noted: I only have a drivers side, side view mirror.  Did the first owners get to pick options?


I just got a big box of parts today from Pelican - awaiting a few more pieces and the shop that has my car will being the engine swap. My original m10 was only running on 2 cyclnders and the timing was off. I found and engine and transmission from a 73 - it ran.  I rolled the dice, bought it,  and in about two weeks you will know the rest of the story. Some rust on the car so once its running, ill take it to my body shop pull it apart and get a repair estimate.  If the car is salvagable I'll rebuild/upgarde my original engine and trans







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