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  1. Thank you very much, Robert! Do you know if this electrophoretic immersion is the same as, or similar to, what we now know as e-coating, which is sort of Iike electroplating with paint rather than metal? Even-ness of coat, which finds every crevice, is the strength of e-coating. The only contradicting evidence we have for BMW’s is that the rusted so badly even after they had the immersion! Best regards, Steve
  2. Thanks, The point I would make is simply that some of our names and labels mis-lead, especially newer ‘02 owners. I continue to be surprised by the number of people who erroneously believe, for instance, (a.) 2002’s use a substantially different body from 1600-2’s, (b.) tii’s are substantially different from 2002’s, in far more ways, e.g., windows, sunvisors, doors, hoods, and seats, than they are, in fact, and (c.) ‘02’s were originally outfitted with 14” or 15” rims. It’s probably a quaint and antique thought of mine, but I believe someone owning a classic car should, at minimum, understand the starting point for that car — regardless of where that car is headed today. Using “tii wheels” — and I’ve heard it for the last few decades, although I don’t recall the term from the 1970’s — leads some ‘02 enthusiasts to think that “tii’s must have come with these wheels”. They didn’t. They were a dealer accessory for all ‘02 models. My contention, however, is that “those rich guys”, who could afford new tii’s, were also most likely able to afford the OEM alloy rims. And, hence, more tii’s ended up wearing the OEM alloys. I wasn’t in that group.... 😢 Best regards, Steve
  3. The woodgrain bezel is only on square taillight cars. And square taillight cars also use the “cross-hair” faces. @borgpj’s instrument cluster appears to be April 1971 through August 1973 (Modell 71) with simple black faces and the black-textured bezel. Below: 1974 thorough 1976 instrument cluster Regards, Steve
  4. Thank you, John! Best regards, Steve
  5. This is an e21 differential rear cover for forum members less familiar with ‘02 (or e21) covers. GLWS, Steve
  6. OK, Steve, Without a lot of work, I could turn my old thread on engine block casting dates into an article for the articles section, and... add in a head identification and dating component. It could be entitled “Identifying ‘02 Engines” or something similar (something that pops up easily with searches). I’ve actually wanted to do this for.... about three years, but needed a nudge... 😉 Best regards, Steve C.
  7. Looks like a very honest and fairly original car. The flaws in the 30-year-old paint give me considerable pause at the $26K price level — if only because I suspect “touching up” 30-year-old paint might be a bridge too far. The seats in the car today are 1975-76 seats, but the location of the windshield washer reservoir appears to confirm a 1974 model year. I don’t believe the likely buyer of this car, however, is someone looking for a factory-stock example. Regards, Steve
  8. Thank you, Mike! Much appreciated. And wishing you a terrific weekend! Best regards, Steve
  9. Yes! Anders would do this justice! Best regards, Steve
  10. Clearly playing to a better-heeled audience now.... 😉😳 Best regards, Steve
  11. I believe, Mike, it’s an attempt at Resale Red! Tom’s “lipstick red” is apt because the quality of paintwork and the particular color truly look like “lipstick on a pig”! But are we overlooking good bones, and an otherwise great car, simply because someone applied a $2,000 paint job. I find it shocking that even I couldn’t muster the enthusiasm needed to examine the 53 photos — it’s a ‘72 tii, and my bar for tii’s is very low! Best regards, Steve
  12. OK. This thread is shaping up! From one hot topic to the next... 😉 Best regards, Steve
  13. You guys get all the fun assignments! 😊 Best regards, Steve
  14. My tii’s Exide Classic 26RC battery fits and has a “rear shelf” to catch the hold-down, but I believe that Tom has previously pointed out that my hold-down clamp is not correct for a ‘73 tii, but is simply a non-tii clamp (intended for mounting on the battery’s long side) screwed into the tii’s short-side location. It may not be technically correct, but the battery fits the battery tray perfectly and, at least, has a rear (short-side) shelf to engage the battery with a hold-down. I need to locate a correct tii hold-down and see if it also works with the 26RC. Note: Exide makes at least two other 26R models, neither of which has a rear (short-side) shelf like the Classic — that’s the “C” in 26RC. (And, yes, I’ve tried to get Berga and Varta batteries shipped to me in the States — but failed!) Regards, Steve
  15. You’re certainly correct, Les. Bristol appears in the July and December 1970 paint brochures. I’m missing any 1971 versions, but it’s gone by September 1972, when my paint brochure collection Re-commences... Best regards, Steve
  16. This car remains available at $33K, at least on eBay. Did anyone examine it and reject it for good reasons? Or has no one even examined it? This is a drivable ‘72 tii, at what appears to be a sensible price. Despite its flaws, it should find a good home. 👍 Regards, Steve
  17. VIN 1515981was probably manufactured in February 1967, so that’s an early ‘02. It’s a six-volt car which retains many of its original features. The outside rearview mirror was originally mounted at the leading edge of the door, so the original door has been re-drilled for the later mounting location (rare) or swapped out (probably less rare). Reportedly a Manila car originally, with, I’m guessing, a chocolate brown interior. Retains lots of original details, but there is definitely some significant rust present. Best regards, Steve
  18. I believe the small Euro bumperettes, as in the first photo, were used up until April 1971 (introduction of the Modell 71). Then Euro-spec cars adopted the larger, pointy bumperettes, which were used through the end of ‘02 production. U.S.-spec cars used the early Euro bumperettes during 1966 and early 1967, switching to the larger and taller U.S.-only bumperettes, in your second photo, until the end of the 1972 model year (August 1972). U.S.-spec cars adopted the pointy, “late-Euro“ bumperettes for the 1973 model year, but bumperettes disappeared on U.S.-spec cars with the advent of the square taillight. I’d vote for the U.S.-spec bumperettes on your ‘69, @69Bimmer02. Why? Because it has the other U.S.-spec attributes, such as sidemarker lights and reflectors. Regards, Steve
  19. Any time, Steve. I frequently wish the Registry had fields for all the common data we get from Archives. What’s currently missing are: I. Date of legal delivery (to an importer or dealer) II. Importer or dealer time whom delivered III. Country to which delivered IV. Paint code (largely redundant, but helps avoid some confusions, e.g., Polaris 057 vs. Polaris 060. There are other common data we come across, ones that would be cool to sort or search on, but which don’t occur that often. For instance, I have 50-ish window stickers. For these cars, we know the U.S. Port of Entry. For these, and many others, we also know the delivering dealership. And for some, we even know the date of initial delivery to the first owner. More later. Best regards, Steve C.
  20. Like horsepower, Dave... Just because your ‘02’s got 98 horses on tap, doesn’t mean you need to use them all. Oh, wait, bad analogy there... 😯😋😉 Best regards, Steve
  21. Thanks, Steve, and Thanks, Rick, But besides having too many projects on my hands — outside FAQ — I’ve set my sights on fleshing out the Registry! Best regards, Steve C.
  22. At the risk of sounding like “some grumpy old guy” — which probably describes me aptly — $7,500 sounds like a lot of money for a 1969 1600-2 that needs absolutely everything, and neither runs nor drives. This car does hold out the possibility of having a low-rust body, one requiring little bodywork. And that would be a big plus — if it truly is true! The chocolate brown door cards are from an early car, but maybe not this one: I haven’t seen a documented chocolate brown interior dated after April 1968. The lack of side marker lights and reflectors suggests a pre-January 1, 1969 manufacturing date (I supposed they could have been shaved with the awesome black paint job!). So if the car truly is a 1969 model, it would seem to be a September through December 1968 car. But $7,500? I’d opt for the O.B.O. option.... 😋 Regards, Steve
  23. +1 Maybe manufactured in very late 1967 or early 1968? Everything in the interior has been swapped out except for the dashboard itself. Doesn’t look like a rust bucket. VIN 1562xxx-ish? I suspect Bristol disappears some time in 1968 from the color offerings... Price seems... ambitious. Regards, Steve
  24. Today’s “Man of Few Words” award goes to Chaprobman.... 😋😉 Regards, Steve
  25. One hose attaches to a nipple on the underside of the windshield washer reservoir. The other hose attaches to hoses connected to the two windshield washer jets, which are mounted on the top of the firewall. Regards, Steve
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