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  1. The current thread title is confusing. There were three ‘02 heads for the 2-liter engines: 1. 121 (generally, up to spring 1972) 2. E12 (generally, spring 1972 through end of 2002 production, except for the U.S. 1976 49-state version) 3. E21 (U.S. 1976 49-state version) (The E12 and E21 were named for the two BMW series for which they were, respectively, designed.) An “E121” sounds like the perfect combination of all three heads! I believe I see “E21” on your first photo, but a better photo of the casting identification and casting date would clarify this. Below, a photo of my ‘76’s E21, cast April 1976. GLWS, Steve
  2. 205/60R13 are, indeed, hard to come by. But there are great choices among 185/70R13 tires. A quick search will turn up lots of threads, e.g.: and... Regards, Steve
  3. Actually, they are mostly sub-par by now, which is why I couldn’t imagine going to a system with less swept area. There’s another current thread on the “slow wiper issue”. Regards, Steve
  4. The square reservoirs that BMW sells now as replacement parts were not original to any ‘02’s. I suspect it was “drafted” from a later model. And the current OEM cap for the square reservoir is too large for the original round reservoirs.... Regards, Steve
  5. +1 Thank you, Byron! I was just about to say “Let me understand the situation: you find the original wipers much too effective, so you wish to downgrade to a system that is less effective?” Makes sense to me... 😯😉😋 Best regards, Steve
  6. Great! New and improved: 38% chance of success. 😉 Best regards, Steve
  7. Yes, pull off the turn signal fixture, swap the two wires, and reinstall the fixture (it needs to be screwed into place to ground properly, if I recall). Hey, it’s only a 35% chance of success, but it’s easy!
  8. Have you tried swapping the two wires that connect to the front turn signals, Nick? This solves the problem at least 35% of the time....😉 Best regards, Steve
  9. That’s a new one for me, John! Not terrible like my ‘67’s right front fender antenna....😉 Best regards, Steve
  10. I believe, Hal, the superiority of the tii manifold is a “U.S. thing”. I believe it’s primarily in contrast to our ported and nozzled air injection versions that the tii manifold shines....😉 Best regards, Steve
  11. I believe there were at least two — probably more — different casting numbers on “authentic” tii manifolds. I don’t believe, however, that we’ve seen sufficient raw data — e.g., VIN and associated manifold casting number — to draw conclusions as to when a “...80 9” replaced the “...80 1”. Was there a changeover at a particular VIN or date? Is one a factory replacement manifold, improved in some unseen way? No idea. Regards, Steve
  12. That’s the right one. Yes, I, too, found this particular thread confusing. My ‘73 has the same manifold as you’ve shown. My tii manifolds have no drilled or bunged ports for air injection. My — admittedly hazy — recollection is that there was a very early version with thin or no webbing, and these promptly cracked. There are more recent, and more clear, threads than this on the subject. Below is my ‘73’s manifold, and its spare. Regards, Steve
  13. Impressive, Marshall! Are you using stock motor mounts — there’s virtually no engine rock when you add revs? Best regards, Steve
  14. Understood, Dennis, I must admit that, in 46 years of ‘02 ownership, I have never seen a U.S.-spec ‘02 with a trunk-mounted antenna, despite BMW’s recommendation to use such antennas on sunroof cars! So I am guessing a replacement antenna will be found outside the U.S. Not that it helps your search, I will note that, from 1976 until 197? — during the years of a U.S. 55 mph speed limit — I placed my CB radio antenna on the leading edge of the trunk lid. I was so cool! 😉 Below: my ‘76 in January or February 1977. Good luck and regards, Steve
  15. +1 The records show that 120 RHD manual-transmission square taillight cars, VIN’s 4200001 through 4200120, were manufactured near the end of August 1973. So this is a very early square taillight! The records also show that 1,208 LHD manual-transmission square taillight cars, VIN’s 3660005 through 3661212, were manufactured in August 1973. And four cars, VIN’s 3660001 through 3660004 — prototypes or production samples, I’d guess — were manufactured in June 1973. This information is available by cross-referencing data available through RealOEM.com (under the “Classic” catalog) with the following production data: Congrats on the new car! Regards, Steve
  16. VIN 2378579 was a 1976 U.S. model 2002 with manual transmission, manufactured in January 1976. The original head would have been an E12 (if California version) or E21 (if 49-state version). The original pistons would have been low piano tops (if California version) or flat tops (if 49-state version), either being low compression. The current high bathtub pistons were clearly chosen to match the replacement 121T head. GLWS, Steve
  17. My ‘76’s wipers are slow, especially when I first start them up. I generally don’t take the car outside in the rain, so they go through long periods of non-use. But after they’ve been operating a while, they appear to pick up speed. I’ve long assumed the old grease in the gearbox was the issue, but — to be absolutely honest — I’ve never bothered to open up the gearbox. 😯 Regards, Steve
  18. So, Nick, 195/60/14, at 23.2” in diameter, is very close to the original 165/80/13’s diameter, 23.6”, introducing a 1% “error,” which appears to be helping your speedometer’s accuracy! There’s a thread about the common odometer fix: one of the gears simply slips out of contact with the other gear. It was quite some time ago when I last saw it, so it might be difficult to locate with the search function. Best regards, Steve
  19. I’m guessing the original poster is in Europe (‘75 tii) and I believe European cars are less uniform in their antenna locations. I even recall that BMW, early on, recommended trunk-lid antennas for sunroof-equipped ‘02’s, because both drilling the A pillar and inserting the antenna cable potentially conflicted with the A-pillar sunroof drain tubes. (And there are any number of U.S. ‘02’s with antennas on the right A pillar, along with early cars that used neither A pillar — my ‘67 1600-2 had its original dealer-installed antenna on the right front fender.) Regards, Steve
  20. A rare bird, indeed, Nick! Original differential ratio? How close is your tire diameter to the original 23.6”? Best regards, Steve
  21. As a starting point, the speedometers were not particularly consistent or accurate. My ‘76’s original speedometer was one of those ‘76 units marked W = 1.393, but which was erroneously equipped with 1.297 gearing. The theoretical gearing error was 7%, but the actual error was 10%. I intend to send the speedometer to North Hollywood Speedometer and let them do their best to calibrate it. Given that no new car I’ve bought since the advent of the “GPS era” --including a Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Volkswagen — had less than a 1.5% speedometer error, I’d be thrilled if my ‘02 had an error of that magnitude. Regards, Steve
  22. My impression is that used examples of the non-tii hubs are relatively plentiful and relatively cheap. How about a WTB ad in this forum’s classifieds section? When I needed a set of tii front hubs, it might have taken a day or two to locate a set. And I believe those are far rarer. Regards, Steve
  23. Did you show this to them? I don’t believe they’d be happy with that either. Regards, Steve
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