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  1. I came across this a couple of years ago, it maybe of use.......Pelican Technical Article: VDO Clock Repair.pdf
  2. I agree the OEM/replacements are a lil over priced, given what's out there. I used non BMW fasteners with my custom door cards....I needed a firmer grip. Just be aware of the bore size and length you need.....also make sure the gap between the head of the fastener and the shoulder are the proper thickness you need,
  3. where are you located....you may want to find something local/close to save on shipping.
  4. .......the bragging rights aren’too shabby either. congrats
  5. too bad royalties weren't part of the deal
  6. ......very tasty indeed, simply outstanding Ben
  7. ,,,,,and for a very good reason....a real beauty
  8. Welcome to that long and winding road of rebuilding your classic. It will be worth the frustrations and apprehension you will undoubtedly experience along the way. When completed you will look back with overwhelming joy at everything that went into its rebirth and bask in the all its beauty. I hope you are more successful in stayin within budget than I...... Looking forward to following your progress James. Mike
  9. joysterm


    I have the same tree in my back yard ......a real PITA this time of year but i like you have put yours to a good use. Well done!
  10. show me yours.......i'll show you mine (72 stock)
  11. .....sorry don't recognize them...something not related perhaps.
  12. I wish it was closer....I’d be a player with this one but then again the PNW has more than enough Inka’s already...... just sayin’ hope somebody takes a run at this, looks promising.
  13. For the life of me why compose a description of a restoration that falls woefully short and contradicts what is displayed via the pictures.
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