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  1. I am posting this information on behalf of a friend who is not a member, He is parting out a early production Tii 2761xxx. He purchased the car as salvage a couple of years ago and has just recently striped of what he needs to start his project. The car has been rolled and has extensive damaged to much of the metal work. However the car was in very good condition with very minimal rust issues so there is a lot that is salvageable. I will endeavour to post pics ASAP as he wants the carcass off his property within the next couple of days (to keep the neighbours happy). If there is any interest in any of the pieces listed please DM ([email protected]) PLEASE DO NOT USE FAQ Messaging as I will not be monitoring the messages.....USE the email address I will put you in touch with the owner to work out any logistical details or payment arrangements. In the meantime I will try to have prices placed on these items by noon tomorrow. The following is available: If not listed its not available or damaged beyond repair. Metal Both rear towers Passenger door complete (ONLY) Floor Pans NO rust Rear window sill Spare tire well( some minor rust present in the bottom but sides are solid ) Rear trunk panel Front bulkhead (NO SNORKEL) Gas Tank(f Filler tube has been bent) Interior 2 Pc Dash Upper has cracks lower some minor bruising (pics to follow) Carpets are in good condition, drivers side excessive wear but the remainder is in good condition.....needs cleaning Rear bench and back, (black) One crack in the beach upper is in excellent condition. Door cards (back)(no speaker holes but mylar trim is worn) Headliner no rips, needs cleaning Long Conole (no ashtray or speaker grill Front Seats (Tan) Wiring harness Heater I will update parts availability within he next 24hrs if there is anything else to be added. Preference given to local buyers or anyone in the PNW for pick-up. Prefer not to ship at this point more to follow
  2. For what is worth while adding my 2 cents to the conversation. I would suggest that you take the car apart given its condition, salvage what you can that is usable and/or saleable. (Caution: you may activate your inner hoarder) It will also provide you an opportunity to learn a lil' more about how the car is put together and what are some of the issues to look for as you move forward to the next one. Regardless how much you paid for this one, I think there is a valuable take way from this. Although it did not workout the way you may have anticipated you can take some comfort that you will be more knowledgeable and confident when that next one comes along, Finally I would suggest you get lost in the forum. It contains a wealth of knowledge and more importantly a long list of owners that are quick to offer advice should you have specific questions. welcome to the madness and good luck with your journey,
  3. Looks pretty kool.....if @steve k. doesn't want to take this on I would be happy to help get this off the ground on behalf of the group.
  4. Location: Waterfront Park, North Vancouver, BC Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Every car entered will receive a 22nd anniversary BMW Car Club Anniversary dash plaque. There is a cost to entering your BMW in the event. Display $10 Judged $20 This is one of the Club’s events that is open to the public. There is no requirement to be an official Club member for this event however to get the full appreciation of the BMW Car Club of BC it is recommended that you join. The BMW Car Club of BC Concours and Heritage Celebration is an annual event to celebrate the BMW marque. We are fortunate to have a high proportion of well maintained older cars in our club, many of them are excellent condition daily drivers. The purpose of our ‘Concours’ is as a ‘gathering’ to recognize and appreciate the various BMW vehicles manufactured for over 100 years. It is meant to be a fun social gathering for club members and the public. Participants are encouraged to bring their BMW and show it at this event by entering it in one of the two categories. The Display category is for the showing and appreciation of your BMW. We recognize the beauty and value of these cars, and are encouraging every BMW owner that attends the event to display their BMW on the grass for others to view. For those that have a competitive nature, we have the Judged category. Here we have a variety of classes and trophies for the top 3 cars in each class based on how clean and detailed the owner has kept their BMW. The judged classes this year will be: – Classic BMW pre 1998 – Modern BMW 1998 – 2018 – M Cars The judges will consider 21 factors of each judged car’s exterior, interior, and engine bay. Points will also be awarded for age of vehicle and mileage. Let it be said, “garage queens are at a disadvantage – these cars are meant to be driven.” In addition to viewing all the cars, this is a great event to meet fellow BMW owners and socialize. It is an event suitable for the entire family. We’ll have a unique hot dog vendor on site available at a reasonable price, or you can bring your own picnic lunch, or head over to Lonsdale Quay for something exotic. Participants that won their category last year are not eligible to enter their car in the Judged category. This gives others a chance to win the top prize There is no need to register on Karelo – just bring your car and your entry fee. For those wishing to enter their BMW in the Judged category it is recommended that you show up closer to 9:00 am so that your vehicle details can be recorded for the judging that occurs later in the day, and to give your BMW those last finishing touches.
  5. until
    Sponsored by Weissach Performance of Vancouver .....this well be the last event of the season, it so should be well attended.
  6. Nope....not an issue at this point.
  7. they are 195/50 Bridgestone Potenza's wrapped around 15" e25 Rota's . ..the spring H&R 401's dropping it about 1"
  8. pulled the trigger on a garage mate for my "colorado"
  9. a couple of shots for the program of an upcoming Concours event my car was invited to .....pretty excited
  10. the next one is Sept 14 probably the last event of the season....hope ya can make it
  11. Have not come across anyone having issues with the areas you have highlighted, maybe the longer serving members will weigh in. IE offers reinforcing plates for the left motor mount and plate for the under side of the cross member.
  12. I have a 72, and the separator tank under hat tray was deleted and the gas tank/filler tube is vented thru the trunk (Euro style) I have no issues with fumes in an enclosed garage....(touching wood)
  13. Her estate was very happy that she did not, that paint job netted the estate 1.7 million at auction a few years back....go figure
  14. Monthly event held at Gerry Point Richmond, usually well attended.

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