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  1. Side marker lights left side was NOS and on my car for a yr $40 right side is older $20 $60 for both plus shipping.
  2. MOMO Montecarlo steering wheel. $79 USD plus shipping and PayPal cost/fee
  3. Two sensor port water divider from an e21. 59 shipped in conus
  4. Thanks gents - Brandon is sending me one next week. Pictures attached. Figuring out which side it is will be the next challenge.
  5. It appears that these may be side agnostic meaning - these early sliders all mount to the left side of the seat (Whether is driver or passenger) - Can anyone with an early car confirm?
  6. Was able to find a drivers side seat slider - looking for the passenger side now...
  7. have a buyer - waiting for payment - I'll let you know if it doesn't close.
  8. 4 trailing Arm Bushings -part number 33329061945 4 control arm bushings part number 31121112902 2 subframe mount bushings part number 31131108373 55 shipped in conus plus PayPal fee
  9. Center console: No rips or tears. Ashtray in good working order Europa Radio - good working order Realistic speaker - functional 290 for everything - plus shipping and PayPal fees
  10. Have a head from an 1981 e21 m10 - 1.8i head and an e12 head. 200 each plus shipping Message me for pictures of the e12 head. ill add thickness later today.
  11. Shermanmartinez - Your email doesn’t work. please Send pics via faq message.
  12. NOS or “new Old Stock” might as well mean be prepared to pay through the _______ (fill in the blank). It’s a bit of a risk as the manufacturers date is sometimes also not known, condition while “new” is still “old” or worse it’s something someone claims is NOS but actually isn’t. Anyway i guess the point is when buying on eBay (or anywhere online for that matter) where you can’t inspect what you are buying is somewhat risky. Sure you can buy from a reputable seller and that certainly lowers the risk but there is still some there. I opine on this subject, because I just begrudgingly shelled out way to much money for some NOS sunvisors. Pictured below. I did this because - well “NOS” to me....is a sirens song. I can’t resist. Especially, when it comes to cosmetics. So if you have some “NOS” parts feel free to PM me...I just might overpay to buy them from you. Wish me luck.
  13. I have one in Virginia
  14. I can’t see the slide release mechanism from the picture. Are these ones that have the levee in the front? Like the pic.

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