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  1. Sent - sorry for delay have been out of the country.
  2. No I’m looking for these wheels for a friend. He has those two in the picture and I’m trying to help him hunt down another pair. These are not for my 1600.
  3. All - looking for 2 Gold exim wheels. As pictured thanks
  4. Yes. Interested- my friend has a c&c machine and can fab me a new bracket to replace the larger one I have.
  5. Do you recall whether you removed the old trans mounts?
  6. Well there you have it - thanks for confirming what I just figured out.
  7. Apologies - should have mentioned I’m installing the getrag 245. The bracket is one from a kit.
  8. I was trying to mount my transmission bracket when I noticed it was to wide
  9. Does any one know if the transmission tunnel on a 68 1600 (sept 67 build) is more narrow then later models - i just measured my 68 and it’s about 8inches where my 71 is closer to 9.5 - hard to measure and take a picture at the same time. 71 2002 picture (dirty ) 68 1600 (cleanish)
  10. Found one - thanks all.
  11. Wow - I found the original post of this and was looking at it an hour ago! Thank you Thank you
  12. Any advice on wiring an e21 fog light switch? I will be using a relay - i assume +31 post is positive in but then there are two “S’s” one I’m thinking is the remote wire to the relay and the other a ground?
  13. Happy Easter to those who are celebrating. the particle board that was holding up my dome light was sagging as most of fasteners were broken or had pulled through the particle board. I flipped the particle board over and riveted the light and wire holding clips. next I plan to redrill holes for those black screw in clips. 1. no sure what these are called so I have been a hard time searching for them? 2. anyone have a recommendation on a replacement option?
  14. $20 plus shipping
  15. Dionk

    E21 intake

    40 plus shipping from 81 320is have most of the rest of the engine in parts as well.
  16. This came off my running 73 engine weber 32/36 intake manifold 1257727225 Will sell separately as well 80 for combo or 40 each plus shipping-
  17. Shipping of an engine can be calculated /estimated going to your favorite shipping co and entering in the weight and zip codes. I have used uship to get some estimates. count on it being $400-600 usd. Local pick up preferred
  18. Good Working Cluster. $200 shipped OBO
  19. Dionk

    M10 1.8i head

    Once more for the win! Bump
  20. Comes with clock wiring harness
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